DJ Soundcaster
DJ Soundcaster
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Glass Poltergeist
WolfMask, Humans
Boombox Monster
6 ft. 7 in.
Hey there Wolfy! The name's DJ Soundcaster and I will be station for the hour! I hope you like the sounds of your own screams; because that's will you'll be hearing tonight! „ 

— DJ Soundcaster to WolfMask

DJ Soundcaster (DJサウンドキャスター, DJ Saundokyasutā) is a radio-themed DJ monster elite kaijin and a RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


DJ Soundcaster acts like a rocker and loves to jam and play loud music. However, he's also a pretty boisterous and deranged brute, who loves the sound of his own voice and causing trouble.


Debut and Death: The Wolf of Salvation vs. The DJ of Doom

DJ Soundcaster's appearance was very sudden, as he immeadiately appeared to ambush WolfMask when he fired soundwaves at him. WolfMask was confused as to where the kaijin came from, only to find out that Glass Poltergeist had unleashed him upon WolfMask. Glass Poltergeist then laughed and disappeared, leaving DJ Soundcaster to fight off WolfMask.

DJ Soundcaster started the fight off by firing some CD-like projectiles at WolfMask. WolfMask managed to dodge them in time though. DJ Soundscaster claimed that the show was just getting started however. Flares then went behind DJ Soundcaster; with two giant boombox stereos appearing behind him as a guitar-looking laser gun. DJ Soundcaster then fired soundblasts from the his two giant stereos at WolfMask. WolfMask attempted to use his arms to block, but the force of the soundwaves pushed him back

DJ Soundcaster continued to fire soundblasts at WolfMask while reeling in laughter. WolfMask then regained his footing and leaped up, doing a Rider-esque kick on DJ Soundcaster. After destroying DJ Soundcaster's boomboxes, WolfMask then fired more dark blasts at DJ Soundcaster. DJ Soundcaster then got enraged at the fact WolfMask destroyed his boomboxes, but WolfMask charged a dark blast from behind, and shot it at him. DJ Soundcaster counteracted by firing a laser blaster from his laser-guitar at WolfMask; WolfMask retaliated by by firing a series of dark mini projectiles at him.

DJ Soundcaster then went berserk and turned his laser guitar into an axe-weapon, charging at WolfMask. WolfMask leaped to the side, DJ Soundcaster and WolfMask got into a weapon duel between WolfMask's katana and DJ Soundcaster's ax. WolfMask then kicked DJ Soundcaster in the stomach hard, sending him back, also causing some sparks to fly out. DJ Soundcaster got back up and then transformed his microphone into a mace, lunging at WolfMask. Before DJ Soundcaster could harm WolfMask; WolfMask grabbed his hand at his mace, then kicking him back, sending DJ Soundcaster flying back aways, letting go of his mace.

DJ Soundcaster's attack came to an end when WolfMask began to immediately charge dark energy in both of his palms, swirling them around and putting them together, before finally performing a different variation of Wolf Beam, firing a big energy projectile directly at DJ Soundcaster. As let DJ Soundcaster made his last breath, DJ Soundcaster then fell over and exploded, finishing him off once and for all.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Seismic Stereos: DJ Soundcaster could project soundwaves from his chest stereos, capable of blasting/knocking down his opponents off course.
  • Boomboxes: DJ Soundcaster could summon up giant boomboxes from the ground and can use them to fire larger, more powerful soundwave blasts at his opponents.
  • Razor CDs: DJ Soundcaster could fire out a barrage of glowing CD-like discs from his chest.
  • Laser/Axe Guitar: DJ Soundcaster's main weapon, a guitar-like weapon that can shoot out powerful laser beams as well as capable of transforming into an axe that can be used for battle.
  • Microphone Mace: DJ Soundcaster had a microphone-type weapon that could transform into a mace.


  • DJ Soundcaster was the first "elite" kaijin to appear.
  • DJ Soundcaster was based off of the Gorma from Gosei Sentai Dairanger.