Used by
Gevaudan (employer)
Mecha-Mobsters, Sadler
SquidMask, FoxMask, Lazaron
2 meters
Condorman Character
I can not wait to kill you. „ 

— Dangan to FlamingoMask

Dangan (ダンガンマー, Dangan) is a hitman kaijin with a golden-bullet motif and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Dangan is a deadly and cold hitman, pure and simple. He'll gladly except in killing anyone as long as it's for a certain price and shows little to no emotions.


Debut: Challenge of the Bullet Hitman

Dangan made his debut when he called forth upon by Gevaudan to eliminate FlamingoMask. Gevaudan said to Dangan that if he were to succeed in eliminating FlamingoMask, he would be rewarded 12 million. Dangan gladly accepted to do the hit and then flew off to FlamingoMask's location in Yokohama.

Sometime later, Dangan then finally reached Yokohama and dropped down to FlamingoMask's area, smoke and fog rising around him. FlamingoMask went over to see this figure; and then was greeted by the figure who revealed to FlamingoMask that he had some "business" to take care of with him. FlamingoMask could tell right away this figure was up to no good, and then asked what kind of "business"; the figure then revealed himself to be Dangan, a professional hitman and came to kill FlamingoMask. Dangan then opened fire at FlamingoMask with his submachine gun, FlamingoMask then flew into the air.

FlamingoMask taunted Dangan saying that he could fly, but it turned out Dangan could fly too. Dangan then rammed at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask back. Dangan then unleashed a toxic bullet around FlamingoMask's area, hitting a building behind him and creating an explosion. FlamingoMask got caught up in the explosion, hurdling upwards, but then Dangan came in and punched FlamingoMask down to the ground with full force, making a small crater. FlamingoMask got back up, feeling dizzy; Dangan then got back up and rushed at him.

As Dangan charged at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask decided to act quickly and then fired a light beam at Dangan. Dangan was hit by the light beam and then retaliated against FlamingoMask by ramming at him, hitting him once more and sending him flying against the ground. Dangan then fired toxic bullets at FlamingoMask's area; creating quite a few explosions. FlamingoMask barely got away from the blasts and flew up in the air, fighting back by firing a light orb at Dangan. Dangan was then sent skidding across the ground, but was still standing. FlamingoMask and Dangan then flew up in the air to fight each other, battling like two enemy fighter jets. Eventually, the two then collided into each other, punching and hitting against each other until both of them crashed into a building.

FlamingoMask leaped down from the building, gliding down and thought that the crash must have taken down Dangan finally. He was quickly proven wrong when Dangan burst out from the building and then landed down to resume his fight with him. Dangan then picked up a car and through it at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then quickly gathered some light energy in his arms and then performed his Flamingo Chop attack at the car, slicing it into two.

Dangan and FlamingoMask then leaped at each other again, though once more they instead both hit each other, sending them both down around. Dangan's patience was wearing thin and then he swung his submachine gun at FlamingoMask's head like it was some club, hitting FlamingoMask hard and causing him to stagger back. Dangan then leaped up and then punched and headbutted at FlamingoMask with his bullet-shaped, sending FlamingoMask against a stone wall and making him land on the floor. As Dangan was about to open fire at the downed FlamingoMask with his submachine gun, music can then be heard by both combatants.

A truck then hit Dangan, throwing him off-course; a figure stepped out of the truck; it was SquidMask. FlamingoMask then jolted back up, glad to see SquidMask and went over to him. SquidMask how he was going, to which FlamingoMask retorted that aside from beating up three monster mooks and getting attacked by a crazed, bullet-headed gunman, he was doing fine. Dangan then got back up, wielding his submachine gun at both of them. SquidMask then flew up against Dangan, as he was not afraid of him or his gun. Dangan rushed at him also, speeding like a bullet.

Dangan then opened fire at SquidMask, however SquidMask simply dodged the gunfire, before spinning around and smacking his fist into his opponent's junk at full force. Dangan was then sent upwards, but retaliated by firing a toxic bullet around FlamingoMask and SquidMask's area, making a big explosion. SquidMask then jump upward and spin kicked at Dangan, flinging Dangan back.

FlamingoMask then flew down to SquidMask's area, ready to fight again. Dangan then got back up and opened fire at SquidMask, though this time FlamingoMask leaped in front of SquidMask, cfreating a light shield to block the bullets from hitting him and SquidMask. SquidMask walked through and then kicked his opponent in his parts. Dangan was hit bad, and then retaliated by ramming his submachine gun at SquidMask's head with brute force, sending SquidMask stumbling around, that shot having disoriented him into his previous drunken stupor.

FlamingoMask then fired a light beam at Dangan, followed by another and another, all hitting Dangan directly. Dangan then rushed at FlamingoMask, with FlamingoMask charging at him as well. FlamingoMask and Dangan collided into each other again, though this time FlamingoMask had the upper hand, punching and kicking at Dangan in a frenzy, sending Dangan down to the ground with a heavy thud. The effects on SquidMask's head had also ceased, getting him back in the game.

FlamingoMask then nodded at SquidMask, signalling to strike at Dangan together; SquidMask nodded in agreement before then jumping upwards. FlamingoMask then also leaped into the air, performing his might Flamingo Kick attack. FlamingoMask and SquidMask then both used their kicks at Dangan together, finally defeating Dangan and sending him flying all the way into the seas, where he crash landed at, making a big watery explosion. 

Out Foxed

Dangan briefly reappeared at a city to assist Sadler fight off against FoxMask and the new assassin known as Lazaron. After Sadler's masquerade ended, Dangan then appeared and fought off against Lazaron. As Lazaron fired his wrist guns at Dangan; Dangan then shot his submachine gun at Lazaron. Lazaron then teleported behind Dangan, throwing three shurikens at Dangan's back. Dangan then flew up and then shot down a toxic bullet, creating a minor explosion around Lazaron. Lazaron then staggered back, before shooting a bladed whip at Dangan.

Dangan sidestepped, then opened fire at Lazaron with his submachine gun. Lazaron then blocked the bullets. Dangan then jumped and kicked Lazaron, only for Lazaron to grab Dangan by the legs and threw him asides. Sadler and Dangan then regrouped and traded enemies, to which Dangan fought FoxMask instead. Dangan then flew towards FoxMask, preparing to strike, but then FoxMask used Shadow Kick against Dangan's face, sending Dangan flying against a building and crashing into it, defeating him for the moment.

Two New Units? Gevaudan's Great Counterattack

Dangan was one of the many assassin kaijin who appeared during Gevaudan's meeting with the other members of the Mecha Galgen Gang to discuss Gevaudan and Salamander's newest plan. Dangan initially told Gevaudan that killing FlamingoMask seemed like an easy idea at first, but it was all about execution; to which Gevaudan then brought up he had a new plan in store. It was then revealed that Mecha Galgen Gang would get giant robots made by Dr. Borg to combat FlamingoMask and the Units, that way to even up the score. Dangan was also present to watch the live footage of the fight between FlamingoMask and the Units fight against Garuma and the Steamroller Robot at Kaneohe, Hawaii.

After the end of the fight, Dangan and the other assassin kaijin were displeased with the results. Because of Garuma's fate, Gevaudan would then go on to warn them if they were all to fail too, they would suffer something far worse. Gevaudan then left, leaving Dangan and the other assassin kaijin to their own.

Abilities & Arsenal



  • Superhuman Strength: Dangan was incredibly strong, capable of bursting his way through several buildings and lifting up a car with ease to hurl at his foes. 
  • Flight: Dangan can fly at Mach 6.
  • Submachine Gun: Dangan's signature weapon, which he can use for combat against his foes.
  • Toxic Bullet: A golden-bullet with built in toxicity and can bu shot out through Dangan's right arm like a cannon. If it hits the ground, it explodes on contact.


  • Originally, Dangan was set to fight against Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Zyuoh Eagle in a RP, but he was scrapped and replaced with Devil Gang in the RP.
  • Dangan is Gallibon the Destroyer's first Condorman character.
  • His name "Dangan" is also Japanese for "bullet".


Hausu (House) Soundtrack 10 - Oriental Melon Man03:16

Hausu (House) Soundtrack 10 - Oriental Melon Man

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