Deep Navel
Deep Navel
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Helicobacter, Lunarians, Psi-Mutants, Itazuran
Crypto 140, Pox, Gastro, Endometriosis
5' 9"
The Lunarian Church of Alientology, Helicobacter's
Destroy All Humans! Character
Fire at them at will! Don't let them escape! „ 

— Deep Navel ordering the Lunarians to open fire at Pox and Crypto.

Deep Navel is the current leader of the Lunarians and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He is also Helicobacter's de facto second-in-command.


Path of the Furon

Deep Navel was a high-ranking member of the Lunarians and a contact of Veronica Stone. Deep Navel agreed to help Crypto get to Dr. Curt Calvin if he did a few favors for him. However, this back-fired as Deep Navel ended up double-crossing Crypto as his favors have made him Calvin's right hand man. After the Nexos attacked the Sunnywood Bowl, he was never seen again.


After Dr. Curt Calvin's death, Deep Navel took over as the new leader of the Lunarians. He allied with Helicobacter to get revenge on the Furons and Nexos. He was seen leading many Lunarians and Psi-Mutants on their assault on the Nexo base at Las Paradiso. Once Itazuran arrived, Deep Navel escaped and took off.

Deep Navel reappeared to fight against the Furons with a Lunarian tank but he was easily dispatched. As he tried to escape after then end of the battle, he was stopped by Pox and then arrested by the police.


Deep Navel is a cunning, deceitful, manipulative and devious Lunarian. He speaks in a very monotone voice and always seems to be bored or disinterested or at the very least, just really stoic. He is not easily impressed.


  • A Lunarian gun
  • A G-Man Assault Rifle

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