Used by
BirthGoji, Neo SMG, Ulpra
Space Alien Creature
55 meters
Viledrodes (formerly)
Alien Kaiju

Demeking (デメキング Demekingu) is a strange alien kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Demeking at first glance seems to be just a pure menacing and odd creature shrouded in mystique that nobody really knows him. However, he's actually just a really depressed and sullen beast and for the most part he seems to prefer to be in solitude and wants to be alone all the time. He may also be nocturnal, as he is more active at night than he is at day.


Demeking was a cosmic and powerful monster that come from the farthest reaches of space. Not much else is known about him other than that, but Xendrax eventually found him and recruited him as one of the Viledrodes monsters. Demeking arrived onto Earth when he was summoned by Emperor Tazarus's faithful bodyguard Xendrax. He was summoned to take care of BirthGoji and Neo SMG for a little bit, as Mamagon and Shukra were losing. He did fairly well against the two, which impressed Camero and wanted him to join the Viledrodes. Unbeknownst to Camero, he already was and was in fact one of Xendrax's kaiju.

Demeking was then sent in again along with Builgamo along with Xendrax to attack a nearby city. However, they were all stopped by an enraged BirthGoji. Demeking eventually retreated with his master and picked up the pieces of Builgamo and left. He also fought against Ulpra later at a desert, but was defeated and later retreated. 

For a while later, Demeking wouldn't get to do much until the summoning of Manto; where he was one of the many Viledrode monsters who were present to summon him and also fought off against Kunin, but was defeated. After teh arrival of Manto, Demeking left the Viledrodes and is current whereabouts are now unknown.


Demeking Fire Breath

Demeking's Fire Breath

  • Flamethrower Breath: Demeking can fire a powerful scorching hot fire breath from his mouth. His eyes will glow when it will be charging up. 
  • Slimeballs: Demeking can fire green, slimy balls of ooze from his back craters.
  • Asteroid Mode: Demeking can turn into his flying mode that resembles a meteor. He can use this to ram into his opponents.


  • Despite clearly being a space kaiju, Demeking is usually incorrectly referred to as a sea monster.

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