Used by
Jay's Wing
Female Muto, Shameless Fox, Wolf Queen, Redflag Horowitz, Pearl Blizzard, Mimikyu, Jay, Otachi, Leatherback, Omega PRGoji, BirthGoji
Demonic Jiran
90 meters
130 meters

DemonJira is a giant demonic jiran and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


DemonJira acts like the other demon kaiju do. Cruel and vicious, DemonJira uses dirty tactics in fights, like going for the weakest in a group. Finally, DemonJira loves destruction. When there's a city to be attacked, he'll go for it and swiftly kill everyone in there. Full of energy, DemonJira will switch targets quickly in battles.

DemonJira has a strange relationship with DemonGoji. Despite them working together and fighting side-by-side, DemonJira hates DemonGoji, and would kill him if he ever saw weakness. Despite this, DemonGoji knows and always stays one step ahead of DemonJira.


Twilight Trouble

In Vichy, France, as twilight approached so did a number of kaiju. As they started a massive, drawn-out battle, DemonGoji and DemonJira were the two last arrivals of the showdown in Vichy.

As DemonJira leaped on Leatherback and clawed at him, the breach kaiju retaliated with a mighty punch. DemonJira fell back as CenturyMegaguirus turned on Leatherback, next picking up and hurling a building at Shameless Fox. Suddenly he turned to the other rookie jaeger, Wolf Queen, and rammed into her.

As Wolf Queen punched him, DemonJira punched her back just as hard. Wolf Queen next blasted DemonJira with her railgun, causing him to fall back. Switching targets yet again, DemonJira rammed into Leatherback, only to be punched with Shameless Fox. Ready to retaliate, DemonJira punched back.

Meanwhile, DemonGoji had been battling Jay in his Aspect of the Wolf form. As Jay slashed DemonGoji twice, a pillar of darkness surrounded DemonGoji until he disappeared. Sensing the leave of his master, DemonJira quickly retreated from Vichy, ending the Twilight Trouble chaos that had devastated the city.


  • DemonJira can let out a sonic screech to blast enemies back and damage their ears.
  • DemonJira has great physical strength and speed.
  • Can breathe underwater
  • Tail, teeth, claws, etc
  • Teeth, and claws are covered in hellfire
  • Can spit hellfire from maw


  • Not very durable

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