Dr. W.C. Wiseman
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Taro Seno, Dr. Fukuda, Dr. Ohira, Ichirou Mizuki, STADPA
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Dr. W.C. Wiseman is human scientist who works at Hughley Radio-Astronomy Observatory at Arizona and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Dr. W.C. Wiseman, true to his name, is wise and resourceful and has a very huge knowledge on astronomy. He is very polite as well, and has gotten along well with his colleagues who in turn respect him.


Early History

Not too much is known about Dr. W.C. Wiseman's early history prior to these events, however it is known that he discovered a new dark nebula two years ago.


Dr. W.C. Wiseman was alone at work on a dull and inactive day. This all changed however when he saw Rozan and Gamoni fighting each other, which alarmed him. Although unnerved, he stayed inside the observatory as he was afraid that running outside would only make him more visible to the kaiju. He changed his mind however when the K.G.M. jets arrived and began to attack the fighting kaiju and Observatory. He was saved however by STADPA forces which drove off the K.G.M. Jets and the kaiju. Dr. Wiseman stayed with the STADPA forces for a while until the observatory was repaired.

Reunion with Ichirou Mizuki

After the Observatroy was rebuilt, Dr. Wiseman met up with his old colleague Ichirou Mizuki as well as his friend Jirou Ikawa. Dr. Wiseman was a little skeptical of Jirou Ikawa, as he seemed to be anxious and something off about him. Unfortuantely, their reunion was short-lived as soon some Viledrodes broke in and attacked. Ichirou Mizuki and Jirou Ikawa took off the their expedition and some STADPA soldiers took care of the Viledrodes.

Dr. W.C. Wiseman later found out about the ill-fated expedition and grieved about the loss of his friend. 

The Mysterious Signals

Dr. W.C. Wiseman was working that night, where he once again found signals. This time however, he could understand the strange text that appeared to be warning him and where they were coming from. He discovered that they were coming from the dark nebula he discovered two years ago, but he theorized that would be impoosible as nothing should have come from the Dark Nebula, due to it's frequency and how far away it is. The strange transmission came to halt when the "messenger" on the other side was to speak. This event shocked Dr. W.C. Wiseman greatly. He rran out of his lair and went downstairs to his colleagues Dr. Fukuda and Dr. Ohira.


  • Is an expert on astronomy and astrology.
  • Medical expertise.


  • Dr. W.C. Wiseman originates from A Space Godzilla. However, in the A Space Godzilla; he had no lines, only appeared in the first chapter and was overall not a major character. His WZRP counterpart on the other hand, plays a much more major role and character has been greatly expanded upon.
  • Dr. W.C. Wiseman's first two names are unknown at the moment, only his initials.

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