Used by
Dragon (inflatable)
91 meters
121 meters
Earth defenders
 Dragonflate is  a Inflatable dragon used by Plunderbird


Dracoflate is a kaiju sized inflatable dragon, mainly red with a yellow belly/underside. He has orange spines down his back, white stripes on his belly and also white claws and horns.


Draco is a typical 'teenager'. He has a serious side, and is loyal to his friends.


Created in an explosion in the lab of Dr Raku, who was working on a 'anti-pop' coating for inflatables. Draco was coated with a mix of chemicals, a sentient alien gloop, (the professor was looking after it, for a friend) and the latest mix of the coating. This caused him to grow to his current size.


Gloop spray. Draco spits a plastic like gloop, that can tangle and bind others. it can also be used to cocoon areas. (Works like the Mothera larvae 'silk')

Belly Bounce. Charging at an opponent, Draco inflates his belly to around twice normal size. Bouncing him backwards. This also makes Draco bounce back a bit.

Air Cannon. Draco shoots a high pressure blast of air. This can knock down most Kaiju, and also will knock him back, if he doesn't have his feet and tail on the ground, a stable position.

Super Air cannon. Inflating his belly, Draco fires an extra strong air cannon blast. This will knock over all kaiju, sending him backwards a distance too, even when in a stable position.

Tail whip. Whipping his tail round, Draco can trip up other Kaiju.

Size shift. Dracoflate can shift in size, between his Kaiju size, and just over seven feet tall. He still has his other abilities at this size.


Despite being full of air, Draco's horns and claws are tough, and he can use them in attacks. He can also change the density of the air inside himself, to become lighter than air, or extra heavy.


Cold. Extreme cold will cause Draco to slow and finaly 'freeze' in position. He will 'thaw out' but this takes time.

Heat. Extreme heat based attacks will cause Draco to melt. He needs 5 mins to reform. While melted, he can move VERY SLOWLY.

Limb rip. Sometimes Draco will have a limb ripped off, by a strong opponent. This will regenerate, over 12 hours. The removed limb becoming a huge piece of plastic like materiel. He can speed up the regeneration, by 'eating' large amounts of soft plastic. (Bounce house's, pool toy's e.t.c.)


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