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Used by
Jay's Wing
Onacha, Rotgeist, Hothead, Kamen Rider Ouja
Earth Defenders
Dragon/Seahorse Mutation
105 meters
197 meters
The Sadistic Seven

Dracosea is a dragon-seahorse hybrid, villainous member or The Sadistic Seven, and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Dracosea is what you'd expect: sadistic, cruel, and bloodthirsty, a classic and psychotic villain. Always looking for a fight, Dracosea is searching for somewhere to cause destruction and death all the time. Whenever he's winning a fight, he'll be as slow as possible in killing his opponent, savoring their pain. Being a lover of causing death and misery to anyone around him, Dracosea is someone you don't want to meet in a fight.


Dracosea's backstory is unknown as of now. His first appearance was when the Sadistic Seven, then the Terrorizing Three, attacked Toronto, Canada. Although they were luring in Kamen Rider Ouja, they found another villain as well when Dracosea flew out of the water and started to obliterate the city. After a short time, everyone was dead and the city was destroyed. Dracosea soon became an unexpected newcomer to the Sadistic Seven.


  • Dracosea can manipulate water around him.
  • Dracosea can use dark energy and manipulate it.
  • Dracosea has shoulder crystals that let him absorb radiation.
  • Adept Swimmer
  • Dracosea has sharp horns that can let him impale or slash other kaiju.
  • Dracosea has dragon wings that let him fly at Mach 1.5.
  • Dracosea is resistant to dark energy.

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