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Used by
Jay's Wing
Gomira, Gokidon
Giant Deer
40 meters
100 meters
Earth Defenders

Dre is a giant deer kaiju and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Peaceful and graceful like the nature it defends, Dre is silent and magnificent. In battle his fury is figuratively and literally a storm, shocking opponents with his ferocity to guard mother nature from harm.


A Boring Battle

In the city of Boring, Oregon, the trash monster Gomira rampaged across the city with dust tornadoes and other filth attacks. Appearing in the city, Dre rammed into Gomira and took him by surprise. As the garbage monster flung a ball of mud at him, Dre's green aura turned into a pulse of energy that disintegrated the mud and sent Gomira flying back.

Gomira sent a dust tornado at Dre, who countered it with his own regular tornado. As a dust storm was summoned by Gomira, storm clouds filled the sky and rain poured down as a lightning bolt struck him. As Dre's antlers sparked with electricity, the natural winds overpowered the dust storm.

Suddenly, something burst out of the ground, taking Dre by surprise. Gokidon charged the deer while Gomira blasted him with dust breath. Damaged, another lightning bolt struck Dre and made him surge with energy. Dre smashed the two with electric tornadoes and shocked them with green lightning bolts from his antlers until a new Earth Defender arrived, brandishing a vacuum cleaner.

As Gokidon took on the new guy, Falcon, Gomira charged Dre, only to be hit by a ram that sent out an electric shockwave on impact. Dodging his punches, Dre headbutted Gomira, stunning the trash kaiju. As Falcon then made Gomira retreat, an enraged Gokidon charged at Dre next.

A giant green, electric tornado engulfed Dre from behind before heading towards Gokidon. The tornado sucked him in, electrocuting and smashing him around before throwing him miles away, ending the fight in a victory for Dre and Falcon.


  • Antlers
  • Can summon storms
  • Creates tornadoes
  • Can fire green lightning bolts from antlers

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