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One more! „ 

— Drunkatron

Drunkatron is a rebel Decepticon and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Drunkatron is an aloof, rude and strange Decepticon. True to his name, he likes to drink a lot. Despite his lewd behavior towards others, he gets along well with Beachcomber.


Drunkatron first debuted in a brief appearance in a bar where he was one was of the many patrons drinking there. He temporarily sat alongside with Rilah and Taokaka, but then moved onto a different table. He didn't seem to notice the two and didn't say much.

Drunkatron made his first proper appearance at Tabriz where he and Beachcomber hanged out together at. They saw some big van guy move past them, but they didn't mind him. Drunkatron was present in watching the fight between the Autobots, Decepticons and Mutant Cybertronains fight against Team Destron's forces. After the battle ended, he wished the could do something like that. He and Beachcomber then met up with Vehicon 367 and offered him to drink with them.

Drunkatron appeared again later along with Beachcomber in a different area where Eanif also just so happened to be at. They didn't notice him and continued on with what they were doing.

Later on, he appeared in some part in New York, where him and Beachcomber were both arrested by Inspector Cypher for drunk-driving and selling illegal crysmag. They were both sentenced to spend a month in Mini-Con prison and were taken away, much to their displeasure.


  • Unknown, so far.


And now for the most important meal of the day. „ 

— Drunkatron before taking out some Energon wine.

That cloud kind of looks like a beer. „ 

— Drunkatron

Why can't we do something like that? „ 

— Drunkatron commenting after the end of the Tabriz Tango event.


  • What a name.
  • It's unknown what he can transform into.
  • It's seems a little odd at first that would be pals with an Autobot, but considering both of them are neutrals, one assumes it does not matter to them.
  • He currently has no theme.
  • Drunkatron's favorite beverage is Energon wine.

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