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Duststorm (砂塵嵐 Dustorm) is a Decepticon bounty hunter and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

She can transform into a dune buggy.


The two words that stand out in descriptions of Duststorm are "tainted" and "corrupted" inside and out. She is a mechanoid after Megatron's own spark. Ruthless and efficient and geared towards doing maximum combat damage either up close or from a distance. Her weaponry keeps any "predators" at bay, and though her defensive armor and durability are low, she specializes in stunning opponents and making speedy getaways. Many victims never see more than the sickly glint of her distinctive augmented optic prosthesis before she pops their hoods from a distance.


Debut: The Crustacean Shadowblood vs. the Dusty Transformer--ft. the Blue Blur

Duststorm made her first appearance when she fdrove down to attack the city of Station Square; where she appeared as a dune buggy and then drove into town but then transformed; revealing it to be the Decepticon known as Duststorm! Duststorm then began her attack, blasting at vehicles and terrorizing civilians; LobsterMask then appeared to the scene of the attack and began to combat Duststorm. Duststorm spotted LobsterMask and then fired her blaster rifle against LobsterMask's chest, to which LobsterMask then staggered back.

Duststorm then crouched down, then shooting her Praxa Pistols at LobsterMask, to which LobsterMask then dodged some, then shoots back at her with his claws, shooting out shots of water against her. It became like a gunfight of water blasts and lasers. Suddenly, a barely visible blue flash dashed through both the two in their fight, causing the water of blasts to reflect back at them both; causing LobsterMask and Duststorm to both fall over. Suddenly, both of them feel an intense whirl of wind unravel behind them; it becoming more intense, the wind causing the area around them to slightly shake. Both LobsterMask and Duststorm then both braced themselves, wondering what could happen next...

As it stops, Duststorm is suddenly sent flying at high speed into a store. The blur was then revealed to be Sonic! Sonic asked if he had hit the right guy, which LobsterMask answered that indeed he did. Duststorm rose back up, wielding out Praxa Pistols and advanced toward the two. Duststorm then fired a barrage of lasers at the two. As soon as the pistols hit, Sonic dodged them all at an unbelievable speed, blue phases of his body expelling out of him as he dodges; LobsterMask then created a Hydro Shield to protect himself from the laser blasts.

Duststorm then briefly transformed into her dune buggy mode, shooting out long range-plasma rockets around Sonic's and LobsterMask's area, creating some explosions around them. Sonic jumped over the lasers, and strikes down against Duststorm with an extended kick to the chest, kicking Duststorm in the chest. Duststorm got back up, only for Sonic to flash forwards again, punching at her rapidly before kicking her away. LobsterMask then fired his Hydro Stream against Duststorm, to which Duststorm barely dodged, leaping away from the water stream.

Sonic then flashed towards Duststorm again, to which Duststorm then retaliated by swinging her Stygian Sniper Rifle against Sonic like a club. Sonic avoided the swing and then kicked Duststorm in the face. LobsterMask leaped up, performing a Lobster Punch against Duststorm. Duststorm staggered back and fired her Droma Blaster Rifle at Sonic, but then LobsterMask shielded the hit for Sonic, taking the hit, but he was alright. Sonic then began to speed towards Duststorm, punching and kicking against her, using Sonic Boost and sending her crashing against a building before then kicking her towards LobsterMask; who then performed Lobster Kick against Duststorm; sending her flying aways, before then crashing down elsewhere, causing a dirt explosion and defeating her.



Duststorm's vehicle mode.

  • Droma Blaster Rifle: Duststorm's single shot Droma Blaster Rifle delivers electrical damage to its targets. With the Electro Nova S-tech deployed, it will also leave a ball of electricity where ever it happens to be pointing, which damages everything around it before exploding. 
  • Praxa Pistols: Duststorm's Praxa Pistols employ Dyna Pelter S-tech to stun her foes by electrocuting their systems and articulators.
  • Stygian Sniper Rifle: Duststorm's Stygian Sniper Rifle is what she uses to take out a foe's energy shields from afar, though the power it consumes requires a recharge period between firings. Once she activates its Mesh Smasher S-tech, it not only does more damage to the target's shield, but if their shield fails, it also splashes burning plasma on their nearby pals. Nasty! She can also use Shockwave Rounds, which knock down whoever she hits.
  • Long-Range Plasma Rockets: Duststorm can shoot out plasma rockets in her dune buggy mode.
  • Projectile Accelerator: Duststorm can double the damage she deals to enemies within a short range radius.
  • Ammunition Bridge: Duststorm can decrease the time needed to reload her weapons. (apart from her sniper rifle)
  • Shockwave Rounds: Duststorm can replace a standard sniper rifle round into a round capable of knocking down a target for a certain period of time.


  • Her "monocle" tends to switch either to her right eye or her left eye sometimes for reasons unknown.

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