Earth Warrior Zeros
Earth Warrior Zeros
Used by
Gallbon the Destroyer
Sailor Fighter, Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Gills, Kamen Rider Decade
Tsutabara, Gold Kamitachi, Hittakura, Tsuresarila, Gomirah, Alien Kamakama, Muchi, Yamalgon, Umigaron, Spyder
2 meters
Earth Defenders
Earth Warrior Zeros! Character

Earth Warrior Zeros (地球戦士ゼロス, Earth Warrior Zelos) is a tokusatu hero and the titular character of Earth Warrior Zeros. He is a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Zeros is a heroic and upbeat figure, always ready to defend cities from monsters or fight crime.


Debut: Zeros! Zeros vs. Gold Kamitachi and Hittakura

Earth Warrior Zeros made his first appearance to defend the city of Kagoshima. Zeros started off by fighting the two Hittakura clones, but took them down with ease. He then combated against Hittakura and took him down. Finally, Zeros fought against Gold Kamitachi, but the fight was a difficult one, as Gold Kamitachi was more savvy of Zeros's attacks and blocked or slashed back at Zeros.

However, after take some hits, Zeros was determined. Zeros then grabbed Gold Kamitachi by the arms and then punched and kicked him in the chest, sending Gold Kamitachi in the air, before finally body-slamming Gold Kamitachi down to the ground. Gold Kamitachi and Hittakura then fled, retreating, while Earth Warrior Zeros walked away victoriously.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 1

Earth Warrior Zeros reappeared at Sapporo to help and team up with Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter, as Gomirah, Tsuresarila, Alien Kamakama, Gold Kamitachi and Hittakura were wreaking havoc and were about to gang up on Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter. Earth Warrior Zeros then stepped in and declared that the fight was no longer completely uneven. This made the kaijin furious, so they attacked.

Zeros fought off Tsuresarila and Gold Kamitachi, but he took them down with ease and threw them in a pile of Alien Kamakama and Hittakura, who were defeated by Sailor Fighter. Once Gomirah was down, Earth Warrior Zeros along with Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter were about to finish off the kaijin, but then out from the ground burst out two giant monsters, who roared and challenged the heroes, with the kaijins escaping. Earth Warrior Zeros, Sailor Fighter and Kamen Rider Agito then got into battle position, ready to strike back.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 2

Zeros looked up and saw Yamalgon and Umigaron ready to attack; however he came prepared in case of a kaiju attack. Yamalgon then turned his attention to Zeros and began to fight him. Zero then leaped up and punched Yamalgon in the back of his head, causing Yamaglon to smack back at Zeros back with fists.

Let's try that again. „ 

— Zeros

Zeros then ran back up and leaped at Yamalgon. Yamalgon then fired explosive rocks from his mouth at Zeros in a attempt to knock Zeros off-course; but Zeros managed to leap out of the way from the rocks swiftly. Zeros then kicked back at Yamalgon's rocks, sending them back at Yamalgon. Yamalgon then ran at Zeros; with Kamen Rider Agito now joining in on the fight, assisting Zeros. As Yamalgon charged at the two; Kamen Rider Agito then slammed into the beast, hitting it with a double Flaming Rider Punch to the chest and Zeros flung up and used Iron Plasma Kick at Yamaglon, destroying Yamalgon.

Zeros and Agito then went over to help out Sailor Fighter take down Muchi, which they did so with ease, taking down the final monster down with the combined attacks of Sailor Fighter's Sailor Dynamite, Kamen Rider Agito's flaming Rider Kick and Zeros's Iron Plasma Kick, destroying Muchi.

However, the battle was far from over. Tsutabara and his army of Tsutabaran's then arrived into Sapporo and began to invade. As the Tsutabarans began their assault, Zeros joined in with Agito in slicing through them, kicking and punching his way through them all. After a very long and lengthy battle, soon almost all of the Tsutabarans were defeated.

Game over triffids. „ 

— Zeros

Unfortunately, Tsutabara himself wasn't done yet. After absorbing all of his fallen Tsutabaran soldiers energy and power and assimilating into himself, Tsutabara then became Hyper Tsutabara. Zeros, along with Agito and Sailor Fighter, then got into battle position, ready to fight off against Hyper Tsutabara.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 3

Hyper Tsutabara then walked up to the three heroes, emitting toxin gas. The final battle against Tsutabara thus began. Zeros, Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter then all charged at Tsutabara and then were joined by Kamen Rider Gills, who came to assist them in the fight against Tsutabara. Zeros partook in beating down Hyper Tsutabara by running up and kicking and punching at Hyper Tsutabara's right leg, causing sparks to emit from Hyper Tsutabara. Hyper Tsutabara then summoned out his vines against him, but Zeros then punched and kicked at the vine off of him.

After much fighting, Hyper Tstuabara was soon destroyed by the combined attacks from Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Gills, Earth Warrior Zeros and Sailor Fighter; the Tsutabaran invasion was over and Sapporo was freed. Zeros then landed down and gave a thumbs up to his Kamen Rider allies, thanking them for helping. Afterwards, Zeros then walked away; going off to fight more crime elsewhere.

Kamen Rider Decade vs. Spyder

As he rampaged through the streets, there he finally found Earth Warrior Zeros and fought him on. Causing major damage, such as blowing up many cars, destroying a building and nearly beating Zeros; Kamen Rider Decade then arrived to the scene to help Earth Warrior Zeros. Spyder glared at Kamen Rider Decaded and decided that he would kill him too.

Spyder then fought on both Kamen Rider Decade and Earth Warrior Zeros for a very lengthy amount of time, giving them both a hard time and then decided to take down the city as well if they tried to take him down any further. Kamen Rider Decade then thought ahead and kicked Spyder across, sending Spyder crashing against several windows. As Spyder got back up, Kamen Rider Decade thought of a plan and told Earth Warrior Zeros about it. He would some cards of himself to give to him and together they could use their powers to take down Spyder; Earth Warrior Zeros agreed to doing this and did so.

Spyder then charged towards the two, sending many vehicles flying and continuing his rampage until then Kamen Rider Decade and Earth Warrior Zeros both used their finisher kicks against Spyder, creating a massive explosion and sending Spyder flying all the ways into the seas, defeating him once and for all and ending his reign of terror. Zeros then thanked Kamen Rider Decade for his help and then took off, speeding elsewhere.

Abilities & Arsenal

Earth Warrior Zeros2

Earth Warrior Zeros

  • Enhanced Strength: Zeros is incredibly strong and fights with his fists and feet.
  • Enhanced Speed: Zeros has enhanced speed.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Zeros has enhanced stamina.
  • Enhanced Durability: Zeros has enhanced durability.
  • Iron Plasma Kick: Zero's most powerful attack, the Iron Plasma Kick is a finishing move to use against enemy monsters that can either finish them off or send them flying away.
  • Solar Wall Punch: Zeros can concentrate ultra high heat solar energy to deliver a powerful punch to fist combatants.
  • Zero Emission Crash: A super electromagnetic shelling that unleashes the power generated by solar energy as it's concentrated in the breast of the amplifier. It has the power to blow off a villainous monster to the edge of a tree, but it can only be used once a day.
  • Wind Farm Chop: A chopping move akin to that of a wind-powered propeller; Zeros deliver this fast-paced chopping move against his foes.
  • Zeros Sword: Zeros is also equipped with a powerful and cyan-colored glowing laser sword that he can use to hack and slash against enemies. Beings Zeros mainly relies on physical combat though, this weapon is mainly used not as much.


  • He is also simply known as just "Zeros".
  • His favorite food is squid sushi.


地球戦士ゼロス(chikyusensi zeros)

地球戦士ゼロス(chikyusensi zeros)