El Gusano Gigante
El Gusano Gigante
Used by
Neo El Gusano
Redflag Horowitz, Shameless Fox, Wolf Queen, Zilla Jr., Neo Titanosaurus, Jay, Winter Flurry, Neo Manda, Plissken, Hothead
Mutated Central American Worm
50 meters
100 meters
Tachyons (formerly)
Godzilla: The Series Character
Esto parece que ha terminado para ti! „ 

— El Gusano Gigante threatening Zilla Jr. and Neo Titanosaurus.

El Gusano Gigante (エルグサノ, Eru Gusano) (a.k.a. just El Gusano) is a mutant worm kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


El Gusano Gigante is a sleazy, gross and devious giant worm and really knows how to get around places. He's a pretty slimy guy but insult him the wrong way and you will regret it. He speaks fluently in both English and Spanish.



El Gusano Gigante was an Earth monster that the Tachyons had captured and used for their newest invasion.

Debut: San Francisco Blues

El Gusano Gigante first appeared to attack San Francisco along with Goliath, and began to wreck the city. He was then stopped by Winter Flurry and Jay. After his defeat, he burrowed all his way elsewhere to fight Neo Titanosaurus and Zilla Jr. He had put up a good fight with them, almost overwhelming them, but was ambushed by Neo Manda. He was then defeated by all three, and he slithered away defeated.

Osaka Onslaught

Main article: Osaka Onslaught.

Struggle In Melbourne

Main article: Struggle in Melbourne.

Don't Flinch! 

After his defeat at Melbourne, both he and his partner Neo El Gusano traveled all the ways to a different area, where there they met up with Plissken. After dissing Plissken for a little bit, Plissken attacked Neo El Gusano, triggering El Gusano Gigante to attack Plissken in retaliation. El Gusano Gigante fought Plissken for a while up until Kujak arrived and beat both of the worms away. Not wanting to put up with Plissken and Kujak some more, El Gusano Gigante (as well as Neo El Gusano) burrowed away underground and escaped.

Los Gusanos vs. Hothead

El Gusano Gigante and Neo El Gusano later traveled to sompleace in San Diego (or at least that's what Hothead claim it to be) and fought Hothead. While El Gusano Gigante fared a little better than his partner, in the end he was no match for the now much stronger Hothead who proceeded to tie the two mutant worms together like a knot and then threw them away elsewhere.


  • Burrowing: El Gusano Gigante is an excellent burrower.
  • Toxic Blasts/Fire Blasts: El Gusano Gigante can emit fire or toxin blasts from its mouth.
  • Shockwave Slam: El Gusano Gigante can create large shockwaves by slamming its head into the ground.
  • Clubbed Tail: El Gusano Gigante can use his clubbed tail to bash against his enemies.


  • Fire: Doesn't like to be flamed or torched; doesn't do well with fire.


  • He worked for the Tachyons in both The Tachyon Arc and Monster Wars.
  • He is notably the first Tachyon monster to have been freed.


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Sublime- Chica Me Tipo

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