Equinox Major
Equinox Major
Used by
Diamondhide (second-in-command), Autotroopers (soldiers)
Skirmisher, Decepticons, Predacons
?? ft.
?? ft.
Alright, I've had enough. It's time I got down to the bottom of this. „ 

— Equinox Major

ALRIGHT! Nobody move! I have arrived! It is I, Equinox Major! „ 

— Equinox Major

Equinox Major (春分 メジャー Shunbun Mejā)is an Autobot field commander and major and is leader of his own squadron. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a Chevrolet Equinox.


Equinox Major is a boisterous, egotistic, vain, stuck-up, inept and arrogant Autobot officer who commands over his platoon strictly and is quite demanding. He does not like being questioned on his authority and doesn't plan out his battle plans to much asides from the usual "run in and blast them all to bits". Needless to say though, Equinox Major is capable of the job, hates Decepticons to the core and gets along well with his fellow Autotroopers but he's pretty hard to work with.


Debut: Equinox Major

After hearing about Team Destron, the recent deaths of four Maximals and the whereabouts at Tabriz, Equinox Major decided to take matters in his own hands and made his way to Earth. Along with him, he brought his trusty lieutenant Diamondhide, two Autobot warriors named Cannonfodder and Deadguy and his army of Autotroopers. Equinox Major then drove in his Autobot dropship and made his way to Earth.

Upon arriving there, he met up with Prowl, Hardhead and Smokescreen who were in the middle of fighting a crazy Decepticon known as Skirmisher. He was not impressed by the three Autobots efforts and decided to take down the Decepticon himself. Equinox Major, Diamondhide, Cannonfodder and Deadguy then charged and attacked Skirmisher, however Cannonfodder and Deadguy were then killed by Skirmisher, much to both Equinox Major and Diamondhide's shock.

Equinox Major, Diamondhide, Prowl and Hardhead then ganged up on Skirmisher and attacked him with all they got, but the Decepticon was far too powerful and blasted all four of them away. Equinox Major then sent in some of his Autotroopers to dispatch of the 'Con, but that backfired horribly. However, just when all hope seemed lost, Switchback came in and kicked Skirmisher's behind and forced Skirmisher to retreat and destroyed all of the Feral Autotroopers. Despite Switchback's help though, Equinox Major did not take Switchback to favorably and labeled him as suspicious. Equinox Major then ordered all of the Autotroopers and Diamondhide to head back into the ship, as they had much work to do. Equinox, Diamondhide and the Autotroopers then went inside their Autobot dropship and took off.

Equipment & Abilities

  • Lance: Equinox Major's signature weapon; a powerful lance that can fire out big lasers blasts.
  • Armored Shield: Equinox Major is armed with a heavily armored shield that he can use to deflect attacks from.
  • Enhanced Strength: Equinox Major is pretty strong and is able to stand his ground very well.
  • Enhanced Durability: Equinox Major has enhanced durability.



— Equinox Major


  • It is implied that Smokescreen has actually met him beforehand.
  • Equinox Major's character was based off of Zapp Brannigan and even Sentinel Prime from Transformers: Animated.
  • Originally Equinox Major was going to appear in the Plant Fauna RP along with Commander Booker and he was even stated to be joining, but he was then scrapped out of it, as Gallibon felt he was too invasive.

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