Female SpaceGodzilla
Used by
ReginaGoji (archenemy)
DesireeGoji (archenemy)
JanineGoji (archenemy)
Kamen Rider Eternal, Mazinger Z, Go G M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Go G SpaceGodzilla, Dark Space M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Neo Varan, Neo Manda, FinalShisa, CenturyGoji, CenturyGhido, Neo SpaceGodzilla, Rosa Biollante, Kujak, Clover, Spyler, Wargilgar, Zone Fighter 2007, Jikiro, CenturyGigan, Meesmoth, Augmented Garasharp, Weird Marukobukarappa, Gamera 2007, Century Desghidorah, CenturyDesutoroia, Monster X 2007, PS4 Destoroyah, PS4 Godzilla 2014, Unnamed Hedorah-Godzilla Hybrid
120 meters
250 meters (Flying)
240 meters (Standard)
Like I said Reign, leave or else... „ 

— Female SpaceGodzilla, while she's talking to ReginaGoji

Enough with the "Ghidorah" shit, You really think you're stronger than me? „ 

— Female SpaceGodzilla to Century-Keizer Ghidorah

Female SpaceGodzilla (スペースゴジラ Josei SupēsuGojira) is a heavily-modified Godzilla clone (SpaceGojiran) kaiju created and used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


Female SpaceGodzilla's name simply comes from the English words female (josei), space (スペース supēsu), and Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira).


She has two massive white crystals that erupt from her shoulders, and her tail is much longer, ending with several crystal-like spikes. Her dorsal plates on his back are made of similar crystals, and are white in color. As a result of her being bulkier, Female SpaceGodzilla has difficulty walking and she cannot run, but he makes up for this by having the ability to fly through Telekinesis.


Female SpaceGodzilla is one of the most intelligent in her species, exhibiting displays of planned combat strategy throughout her RP appearance (harvesting power from buildings, etc.). This is further evidenced by the fact Female SpaceGodzilla sought to dominate the Earth of her own free will, instead of other monsters, which only cause random destruction.

Due to her overly-muscular body, Female SpaceGodzilla prefers to attack with her corona beam from a distance, and was at times overwhelmed by hand-to-hand combat in close quarters. Her short and stumpy arms meant that she couldn't reach any kaijus without using his tail.


She is a female SpaceGojiran from space, and now appears on Earth to take revenge on the Gojirans.

It is unknown how she was created, although possibly from Rosa Biollante.



Introduction: Female SpaceGodzilla Attacks

ReginaGoji, DesireeGoji, and JanineGoji fought her at the city of San Francisco, and then ReginaGoji bleeds after she was hit by DesireeGoji's Spiral Ray. After that, she tries to kill ReginaGoji by stomping her foot into her head. JanineGoji and DesireeGoji fires their Spiral Ray at her, forcing her to retreat.

Chaos in Las Vegas

She causes destruction in Las Vegas, Go G M.O.G.U.E.R.A. appears and tries to stop her. ReginaGoji appeared in Las Vegas after visiting Kunin and Rozan.

Regina tries to stop her, but ended up as her attacks against Go G SpaceGodzilla. Mazinger Z and Go G SpaceGodzilla appears and also tries to stop the SpaceGojiran, but ended up fighting each other.

Go G M.O.G.U.E.R.A. returns and Kamen Rider Eternal appears as her shoulder crystals being destroyed, ReginaGoji fires her Spiral Ray. killing her, ReginaGoji returns back to Regina Island but Mazinger Z and Go G SpaceGodzilla still fighting each other.

Battle of Regina Island

Main article: Battle of Regina Island

Battle in Fukuoka

She fought an Hedorah-Godzilla hybrid in Fukuoka, but later she retreats after the hybrid kaiju destroyed her two crystals in her shoulders.

Revenge for DesireeGoji

Main article: Revenge for DesireeGoji

Monster Island War III

Main article: The Third Monster Island War

This section concerns an upcoming subject, and will be updated with new information as it arises.



ReginaGoji is her archenemy since she appeared in Earth, she kidnapped DesireeGoji with CenturyGoji to seek revenge on her. Regina was given a challenge by her that took place on three major cities, titled Revenge for DesireeGoji.

Neo SpaceGodzilla

Neo SpaceGodzilla is one of her archenemies after ReginaGoji, as they hated each other during Revenge for DesireeGoji. she begins attacking him, and they fight while ReginaGoji is taking care of CenturyGoji.


  • She can fire a Corona Beam from his mouth that she can control as it moves through the air.
  • She has super regenerative powers.
  • Female SpaceGodzilla has telekinesis which she can use to move and levitate objects, but she always use this ability to ReginaGoji.
  • She can fly by means of encasing herself in crystals. On Earth, she is also shown being able to levitate herself and fly around in an upright posture.
  • Her strength increases in power by being near gigantic crystals that she creates.
  • Female SpaceGodzilla can conduct energy through touch.
  • Female SpaceGodzilla is able to implant cosmic power in structures that can transmit a signal and have them act as an energy source.
  • She can encase her body in a shield to deflect projectiles.
  • Her tail is somewhat prehensile, and can lift heavy objects after stabbing them with the crystals on its tip.
  • Female SpaceGodzilla is able to unleash bolts of energy from her shoulder crystals.
  • Female SpaceGodzilla also emits an aura that causes electrical disturbances.


  • Shoulder crystals - If her shoulder crystals are destroyed, Female SpaceGodzilla's power becomes drastically weakened.
  • Melee combat - Female SpaceGodzilla is also heavily disadvantaged in melee combat due to her heavy build and comparatively short arms.




  • Female SpaceGodzilla has many characteristics similar to Rosa Biollante, including a screeching roar, a duo of tusks of each side of her mouth, a flap of skin in the corners of her mouth, and an ability to cause electrical disturbances. Female SpaceGodzilla's glowing "essence" escaped from her body and flew into space, much like Rosa Biollante did every time she retreat.
  • Her flying form weighs a massive 720,000 metric tons, much more heavier than Rosa Biollante.
    • She is also the most heaviest monster used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva, beating Rosa Biollante.
    • Even excluding Female SpaceGodzilla, Rosa Biollante would still not be the heaviest monster used by Meesmoth, as Space15Goji's land form is still heavier than her which weighs 400,000 metric tons.
    • However, she is not one of the heaviest kaiju - For example, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco weighs 890,000 metric tons, which is much more heavier than Female SpaceGodzilla.

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