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6'6' (Normal)
60-95 meters (Kaiju)
Earth Defenders
OC Shadowblood
I summon the light! „ 

— FlamingoMask

I remember running around place to place, being a traveler with no real destination in mind, fighting off whatever came my way. And then I met you guys and things changed. And I like it that way, to be honest. „ 

— FlamingoMask on about his life on Earth prior to meeting the Units.

FlamingoMask (フラミンゴマスク, Furamingomasuku) is an elite Shadowblood with a flamingo motif hailing from Universe-95 and a RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


FlamingoMask is a smart, tidy, laid-back, brave and polite but also an anxious and eccentric figure. FlamingoMask is also something of a neat-freak, as he really likes being tidy. Though he appears to be pretty serious, he's also pretty jocular and kind, and is very willing to do something right. His biggest flaw is that he underestimates himself a lot and is also afraid of being completely isolated. In his pass-time, he likes to read books and likes music from the 1970's. He also admits to having a tendency to talk to himself more than too often.

FlamingoMask back then could be a little immature and cocky at times; especially when dealing with strong enemies, where he would occasionally brag. Ever since his fight with Kamen Rider Ouja however and following his fight with Garbage Monster, this has lessened heavily. FlamingoMask can also be easily unsettled when dealing with the unknown or when his plans backfire, usually leaving him to act agitated and pull some impulsive actions. He is very protective of his friends, especially the Units.

Prior to meeting the Units, FlamingoMask was more upbeat and out for himself and fought off enemies to not just defend but also to defend himself however. Following his meeting with the Units and becoming their unofficial leader, FlamingoMask took on a more responsible and caring role, acting as their guardian and as such became much more serious and subdued. However with that said, he can still be pretty light-hearted and jocular like he used to be, it's just that he's just more serious about his job nowadays. FlamingoMask has also shown to be very self-depreciative of himself, calling himself a poor-speaker and often worries that he comes off as selfish when he claims to be doing things for others. At times, he can also come off as uptight.

Out of all the main Shadowbloods, FlamingoMask notably also was the most poorest adjusted to Earth, not being familiar with most of Earth's customs and cultures and was heavily unlucky upon arrival. It was up to himself to learn to adjust better with people and his surroundings.

In spite of his low self-esteem and self-doubts, FlamingoMask is also very courageous figure and will stand up to any threat that dares threaten any of his allies or himself. He also is a very tolerable person, being able to stand some people others would find annoying or weird and would like to help them with whatever they need. He also does not like to be interrogated or repetition in general, finding the latter to be annoying and the former to be heavily problematic. Overall, FlamingoMask is a conflicted but determined and precise character.


Debut: A Tale of Two Kongs

FlamingoMask made his first appearance when he showed up in the middle of town, just stepping out a store and hearing some strange commotion going on around. As he looked around he found a squid-themed Shadowblood taking out a group of Viledrodes. Once he saw a dim Viledrode go out and start firing his gun into the air and making a scene, FlamingoMask knew there was trouble. FlamingoMask then swooped in and took out his flail and swung his flail at the bothersome Viledrode mook, tearing it's head off. SquidMask complained that FlamingoMask stole his kill, though in truth the Viledrode guard was still alive, to which SquidMask then stabbed his bo staff at the Viledroe guard's head, killing him for good. FlamingoMask asked if that was a bit excessive but SquidMask replied to him that he shouldn't ask him how to do his job.

FlamingoMask then pondered about the whereabouts on the rest of the Viledrodes and went on an investigation with SquidMask to find out what was happening. However, they were soon ambushed by more Viledrode guards. FlamingoMask decided to stay behind and hold off the guards while SquidMask went after to find out what was happening.

Once SquidMask returned, it was revealed that Inspector Cypher had just gotten two 'Kongs named EdoKong and WaseiKong to assist him in arresting SquidMask. After taking care of the Viledrode guards, FlamingoMask joined SquidMask in the fight against the two 'Kongs. After much fighting, FlamingoMask finally defeated both WaseiKong and EdoKong by unleashing a powerful light beam at them both, causing them to fly away and landing ontop of Inspector Cypher. SquidMask returned back to FlamingoMask and congratulated him by saying he didn't do bad. FlamingoMask thanked him and then walked away.

Ghostly Duel

A few weeks later, FlamingoMask walked alone in the streets thinking to himself that he should be more "open" if he wants to be noticed more often. He had been walking for a long time and almost forgot where he was going, as he soon found himself in a dark alley. To make matters worse, three lowly thugs then came in to ambush him.

FlamingoMask then defend himself and beat the three thugs up with ease. However, just as he was about to walk away, something weird then happened....the three thugs then began to laugh in unison. The three thugs then faded away and in their place was a evil laughing ghost villain known as Glass Poltergeist! FlamingoMask was in shock, he did not expect this to happen.

After speaking to Glass Poltergeist a little more, FlamingoMask and Glass Poltergeist then fought each other off. Glass Poltergeist was a difficult opponent though, being intangible and was fast enough to dodge FlamingoMask's attacks. While he was at it, Glass Poltergeist began to insult FlamingoMask's attacks as well, increasingly angering FlamingoMask.

After being thrown around and insulted by the taunting ghost enough times, FlamingoMask then went all ballistic on Glass Poltergeist and started dodging all of Glass Poltergeist's glass cards. FlamingoMask then leaped up and punched Glass Poltergeist in the sky, and then punched him down to the ground with him, causing an explosion of dirt and debris and creating a small crater. Glass Poltergeist then admitted defeat and then vanished away, but swearing that he'd be back. FlamingoMask then got up, brushed himself off and walked aways.

Still Like the 70's

As FlamingoMask was walking down the street, he quickly noticed that the music stores (except the ones with disco) were blowing up like crazy. Unnerved by this, FlamingoMask decided to investigate and find out what was going wrong. As he flew up into the skies, he found out there were three musical themed kaiju wreaking havoc. FlamingoMask then changed into kaiju-size and dealt with Classical Rhedosaurus. Kamen Rider Mainframe (and even Disco Megalon) took out Metal Destoroyah.

FlamingoMask charged up a beam of light and shot it directly at Classical Rhedosaurus, but he blocked it with a piano which he then threw it at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask leaped out of the way, but barely dodging the piano. FlamingoMask then leaped up into the air and kicked Classical Rhedosaurus in the face. Classical Rhedosaurus then slammed a violin against FlamingoMask's head, but FlamingoMask just kicked the violin away. Enraged, Classical Rhedosaurus fired out a ton of musical beams at FlamingoMask, causing some major pain towards FlamingoMask.

Having enough, FlamingoMask then took out his Wrecking Flail and swung it at Classical Rhedosaurus's violin, destroying it. Classical Rhedosaurus then through a fit and started cursing at FlamingoMask over about how he destroyed his violin. Classical Rhedosaurus then attacked FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask then defeated him by blasting two Light Beams at him, sending him against a Classical Music Store, knocking him out unconscious. After Metal Destoroyah was defeated as well, Disco Megalon turned to FlamingoMask and thanked him and told him to remember that Disco is king. After that, FlamingoMask flew off and went somewhere else.

Flamingo vs. Gevaudan! They Shall Not Pass!

After that "crazy fight", FlamingoMask flew away at a forest in Canada to relax. He decided to go on a hike up a nearby hill to get his mind off things, but he couldn't help but feel that he was being watched. As the sound of tree branch being snapped could be heard, FlamingoMask became alert and looked around his surroundings. Then from out of the blue, Iron Jack came out and attacked FlamingoMask! 

As FlamingoMask began to fly in the air, Iron Jack swung his wrecking ball-hands down at the ground where FlamingoMask was standing, creating a minor shockwave causing FlamingoMask to fall down. Furious, FlamingoMask fired a ball of concentrated light at Iron Jack's face. Iron Jack then fired his laser eye beams at FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask was quick enough to fly away from the attacks. However, it turned out Iron Jack could also fly. Iron Jack then swung his wrecking ball-hands at FlamingoMask, sending him down to the ground hard.

Iron Jack then fired down his eye laser beams at FlamingoMask again, but FlamingoMask created a light shield just in time to block and deflect the attack back at Iron Jack, causing Iron Jack to fall down against the ground hard. FlamingoMask then flew over to Bullets's and Glockenspiel's location and was about to fight against Bullets, but then Iron Jack came back and pounded FlamingoMask against some trees. Iron Jack came up and was about to crush FlamingoMask with his wrecking ball-hands but FlamingoMask prevented that by kicking Iron Jack off balance and then fired a light beam at Iron Jack's chest, sending him to fly away and collide into Bullets, defeating them both.

But it wasn't over yet. Out from the woods came out the wolf-like robot gang leader, Gevaudan. Gevaudan dared FlamingoMask to fight him, taunting him by saying that it was unlikely that he could get pass by him. Tired of Gevuadan's act, FlamingoMask threw his fist down at Gevaudan's chest, but the punch did nothing but hurt FlamingoMask's fist. Gevaudan then blasted his mouth laser beam at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask against a bunch of trees. 

Things got worse as Gevuadan slashed at FlamingoMask with his claws at high speed, going by fast. FlamingoMask blasted a ball of light at Gevaudan, but Gevaudan simply blocked the attack with his tail. Gevaudan then taunted FlamingoMask some more, before continuously firing his laser beam at FlamingoMask. Though he was growing weary, FlamingoMask leaped up and got out his Wrecking Flail, he flew at Gevaudan. Gevaudan then leaped up as well, baring his fangs and claws, ready to slash at FlamingoMask. 

In a matter of split seconds, FlamingoMask swung his flail at Gevaudan's chest, and Gevaudan slashed at FlamingoMask's chest with his clawed feet. They both fell over on the ground. FlamingoMask however, was becoming more and more exhausted, running out of energy. Gevaudan then got up and prepared to get ready to maul the seemingly downed FlamingoMask.

However, FlamingoMask wasn't done yet, as he prepared one last attack. FlamingoMask then charged up one last strong light beam attack and shot it directly at Gevaudan's chest, sending Gevaudan flying away and sending him falling off the hill. A mysterious stranger then came in and defended the exhausted FlamingoMask, driving the gangster robots away. With that, Gevaudan, Iron Jack and Bullets then turned away and retreated, defeated. FlamingoMask was then taken away by the stranger and dozed off and fell asleep.

Tokyo Brawl: FlamingoMask Meets K'

After his fight with the gangster robots, FlamingoMask recovered, feeling better and then flew off to Tokyo. He thought to himself that he had been in the air for a while and might need to land down to take a break. He then glided down, landing down on a open space. Little did FlamingoMask know though, he was being watched.

From the corner of a dead end, out from the shadows appeared K'. K' approached FlamingoMask, not knowing what the heck he was. FlamingoMask turned around towards K' and greeted him. K' then stood back, his mechanical fist glowing red. FlamingoMask was curious to what K' was doing, only for K' to then interrogate FlamingoMask, questioning him if he was a project of NESTS. FlamingoMask had no idea what K' was talking about. K' was not amused by FlamingoMask seemingly playing dumb, and fired a stream of glowing fire at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask leaped out of the way though and then fought off against K'. As FlamingoMask and K' fought, a stranger in a black cloak watched from the rooftops.

FlamingoMask then fired a out a ball of light at K'. K' jumped over the ball of light, avoiding it and fired another stream of fire at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then fired out a light beam at K', then K' evaded it, sending a kick propelling at his head. FlamingoMask then kicked at K' but K' then fired projectiles of fire at FlamingoMask. However, a black blur then came in and blocked the flames. The figure then got up and berated K' for attacking without reason. FlamingoMask staggered back.

The figure then discussed with K' some more, stating that FlamingoMask was not part of NESTS. FlamingoMask stood by, not saying a word. The figure then went over to FlamingoMask and asked him if he was going to attack K'. FlamingoMask answered no, he wasn't going to attack. The mysterious figure had one last question for FlamingoMask; he asked if there were more Shadowbloods around. FlamingoMask answered to him that Shadowbloods could be anywhere. The figure then identified himself as "CrocMask"and then departed, saying he would have to go find the other Shadowbloods himself.

K' then went up to FlamingoMask and apologized for attacking him. FlamingoMask accepted his apology. K' then said that they might meet again someday and then walked away. FlamingoMask then nodded and then took off as well.

The Alliance: Two Against One

FlamingoMask appeared at Tokyo to protect the children (and the innocent in general) to combat against Areru, a demented fiery red dragon kaijin. Just as FlamingoMask got ready to fight Areru, he then got some unexpected help from none other than K'! Together, FlamingoMask and K' then fought Areru together. FlamingoMask started it off by firing a light beam at Areru. but Areru then kicked him aways. FlamingoMask got back up and fired a ball of light at him.

K' fired some more streams of fire at Areru as well as FlamingoMask fired two light beams at Areru. Areru, enraged, ran up with flames on his back and charged at FlamingoMask with lightning speed. K' needed to charge a more powerful attack in order to strike down Areru, so FlamingoMask had to buy him some time. FlamingoMask threw several kicks and punches at Areru, however Areru was uneffected and grabbed Areru by the legs, swinging him against a building. Doing this attack though made Areru dazed for a few seconds. K' then fired a mass amount of flames from his mechanical gloves at Areru, consuming Areru in the flames. Areru then fell over in defeat and reverted back into human form. FlamingoMask pulled himself out of the rubble.

As K' and FlamingoMask investigated the unconscious human form of Areru; a figure then approached them, somebody who knew what exactly what was going on. The person, known simply as Dan told them both that Arery was a "Kainin", a monster reincarnated into a human's body. FlamingoMask and K' both asked if they could help Dan on dealing the Kainins, to which they were permitted. With that, both FlamingoMask and K' walked aways.

The Cave of Madness

Continuing their journey from where they left off, FlamingoMask traveled with K' and Dan to track down and find the rest of the Orochi's reincarnations, the Kainins. Dan carried with them the beaten Areru, though it wasn't easy keeping him down. The four were entered into a portal which took them somewhere else. When it was finally finished, they all ended up at some dark woods. They had to go inside the cavern, so all four of them then trekked their way in the woods and soon ended up at the cavern. With that, they went inside, entering in it.

As they entered inside, the Kaninins attacked. One in particular being Kyoki, the incarnation of insanity. FlamingoMask then fought off Kyoki and his multiple copies of himself, though it was very difficult. After some more tries, soon FlamingoMask took down some Kyoki copies along with K', bringing them down.

However it wasn't over yet. Areru was then freed and ran outside, growing to giant size and rampaging across the city. FlamingoMask flew out of the cavern and watched the battle between Areru and K' inside the Great Mammoth mecha. After Areru was slain and the fight ended, FlamingoMask grinned. Only one down, and a few more to go.

Unexpected Revelations

After Areru's death, Dan kicked the ground, saying that he was their best lead. FlamingoMask asked Dan on what should they do next. Dan answered FlamingoMask that they should both head back to his base in Tokyo. FlamingoMask and K' then followed Dan into the forest, though Dan warned them both that they were demons in the forest. The three then began to walk deep into the forest.

Soon mist then appeared in the area. FlamingoMask and K' noticed the mist appearing, confused. As the mist rolled in, Dan then just disappeared. Then, a girl in a white dress appeared to FlamingoMask and K'. FlamingoMask wasn't afraid of the white-dressed girl, but felt very confused and uneasy to what was going on now. The mysterious ghostly girl then began to speak to them on about that the one that they had aligned with "Dan", was not to be trusted, saying that he was cold and manipulative.

FlamingoMask and K' were very skeptical to the girl. K' brought up that Dan was trying to stop all of the Orochi villains, but the girl said that Dan was simply actually trying to reunite the Orochi Incarnations. FlamingoMask denied the girl's claims, saying that Dan allowed K' to fry Areru with his own eyes. The girl retorted back to FlamingoMask that Orochi's Reincarnations could simply just reincarnate again, unless all of Orochis were killed. The girl then grew tired of not being listened to, and then opened up a portal to show them a view of her world.

A window then opened in the mist, the three of them were then sent into a portal. The three were then teleported into a destroyed city, FlamingoMask was baffled. Up in the sky, stood a pair of sixteen eyes down upon the three. The center head of Orochi looked down on them, it's head illuminated in fire, it then roared showing off it's long, razor sharp sabreteeth. The girl then teleported FlamingoMask and K' back, the mist now clearing. FlamingoMask then scratched his head, pondering on what it could mean. After some more thinking, looking back and comparing at the sabretooth and Dan, FlamingoMask finally put two and two together.

FlamingoMask then sighed heavily. Dan then returned to them, acting as if nothing had happened. K' then asked Dan what he was hiding from them; which Dan had no idea what he was talking about. As FlamingoMask and K' interrogated Dan some more, Dan said that he knew what was going on now. Dan said that FlamingoMask and K' were persuaded by Settoku, the Orochi of persusaion. K' was confused, not sure whether to attack Dan now or not and FlamingoMask was pondering if Dan was actually speaking the truth. But then the mysterious girl reappeared by them again, saying are they really all lies? FlamingoMask then turned around. The mysterious girl then said to Dan that he may not have been an Orochi, but still a snake nonetheless. Two young figures then appeared behind them, one male and one female.

FlamingoMask as well as K' both got into battle position, ready for an attack. The girl then lastly revealed that Dan was a Tsuchinoko, a snake. A blast of energy then flew by both FlamingoMask and K's heads. FlamingoMask leaped out of the way and K' then leaped on a tree branch. FlamingoMask then got into battle position, eyes glaring. K' then leaped at Dan and fired a stream of flames at him and FlamingoMask then concentrated a ball of light and threw it at Dan. Dan then transformed into snake form and quickly slithered away. FlamingoMask then got down and sighed heavily.

Wasted Memories Pt. 1

Sometime later, a boy (named Pari) ran up to FlamingoMask and K', asking them were "the girl" went. Another person named Tri turned back to FlamingoMask and K', saying that they might need them. FlamingoMask was confused by all of this. The boy then turned around and pointed his finger into the direction into the woods, as a figure was approaching from the dark parts of the forest, carrying someone.

FlamingoMask then looked at the figure. The figure continued to walk forward, metal clanging with every step it took. The figure then finally appeared, revealing itself and holding his blade to a girl's throat. Shocked, FlamingoMask bolted up and got into battle position. K' and FlamingoMask then intervened with the figure, asking why was he threatening the girl like that. As K' demanded that the figure let her go, the figure refused. FlamingoMask and K' then both got into battle stance, ready for combat.

FlamingoMask threw a ball of light at the figure, but it turned out that he could project an energy field to deflect it. The figure then began to press his blade further onto the girl's neck. K' began to become extremely tempted to attack the figure; K' then leaped into the air about to pounce him, but he was stopped by FlamingoMask, as FlamingoMask brought up that attacking him further like this wouldn't help.

The figure then began to taunt FlamingoMask and K' some more, saying that if only Kaeyga could come to them with powers, just so that he could have more fun killing them. FlamingoMask and K' then interrogated the figure some more; in hopes to get an explanation as to why he was holding his blade up to the girl's throat. The figure then revealed that it was because Zeta didn't like it when they take his heart captive and also because it was to stop them from hunting the Orochis. FlamingoMask and K' then argued with the figure. K' then proceeded to call the figure "stupid" causing the figure to suddenly lose his cool and go berserk, but also dropping the girl.

As Tri grabbed the girl away and took her to safety; FlamingoMask and K' then got ready to fight against the figure; who then began to burst into flames. As the figure burst, it was revealed that he was actually a robotic monster and that his name was Dranvious. A sword then appeared in Dranvious's hands, Dranvious then charged at them both. FlamingoMask fired a beam of light at Dranvious while K' fired a stream of flames at him.

However Dranvious had a few tricks up his sleeve. Dranvious then Toku Changed into Black Cross King and blasted at FlamingoMask and K' with his Black Cross Cannon. FlamingoMask and K' were then shot down into the ground. Dranvious then changed into Juzo Fuwa's monster from and then took out his katana, swinging it at K'. FlamingoMask then got out his Wrecking Flail and bashed it at Dranvious, knocking him off course. K' then blasted a stream of flames at Dranvious. Dranvious cut through the flames and jumped at K'. K' then bursted into the air, tackling at Dranvious at full force. K' then continued to jab at Dranvious's face at rapid speeds and fired another fiery blast at him.

Just as FlamingoMask was about to deliver a flying kick at Dranvious, but Dranvious then changed into Kamen Rider Eternal and countered back by kicking at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask back. K' then smashed the ground, releasing a giant pillar of fire racing at Dranvious while FlamingoMask crouched down, and fired a concentrated beam of light at Dranvious. Dranvious was then thrown against a nearby tree. Then from a nearby tree, Kamen Rider Eternal dropped down and appeared, ready to assist in the fight, as well did Kamen Rider Accel. Dranvious got up, heavily injured, and he was slammed into the tree again by Kamen Rider Accel.

However; as FlamingoMask, K', Kamen Rider Accel and Kamen Rider Eternal got ready to combat Danvious some more though, Dranvious then crumbled to dust on the nearby tree. A message was written in fire near them saying: "You seem pretty eager, so I'll leave you with some friends instead." Dranvious's remains then flew into the air.

Wasted Memories Pt. 2

After the defeat of Dranvious, FlamingoMask and K' then arrived to some large house near Tokyo. There they encountered a blind old man named "Adam", who wanted to speak to them both. Adam then asked FlamingoMask and K' both on who were they; which FlamingoMask (as well as K') introduced themselves to him. FlamingoMask then brought up that he and K' had been busy dealing with the Orochi Reincarnations as of late. Adam heard, and then told them some important news; they were only a fraction of their problems.

Shocked, FlamingoMask asked on what were the other enemies in the area. Adam also brought up that none of them were from the same universe either. Adam then spoke to them that the enemies were now separated without their armies and now began to fight against each other. FlamingoMask realized that this would be harder than he thought it would be.

Before he and K' got to go any further though, an intruder known as Andro Gar then barged in with his army of personal grunts. Adam then told FlamingoMask and K' to run, as he had this under control. With that, FlamingoMask and K' then both took off.

Eel Pirate Monster Biragon

Sometime later, FlamingoMask ended up in Fukuoka, resting on top of a peach tree, though as he woke up he had no memory of how he got there. Upon waking up, FlamingoMask then flew down, slowly soaring down from tree to reach the ground. As he landed, he realized that he was now alone and on his own again. FlamingoMask then walked out of the park he was in, and into the city.

Sometime later, FlamingoMask then walked into the city, doing his best to act casual and natural; FlamingoMask soared in the air for a bit, looking over the city of Fukuoka. After some more flying around, FlamingoMask then landed down at the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel and sat on top, thinking to himself and relaxing.

Before FlamingoMask could drift off though, a loud crash can then be heard from not so far at the bay of Fukuoka. FlamingoMask then became alert and jolted up to see what was going on. As FlamingoMask turned around, he saw the giant rat-eel monster known as Biragon approach the bay of Fukuoka, holding onto a sword even and it's eyes glowing. FlamingoMask then flew up and soared down the building he was on, flying towards Biragon.

As Biragon continued his rampage, he was then intervened by FlamingoMask, who then grew to kaiju size to better combat Biragon. FlamingoMask then asked some questions to Biragon, asking him why he was smashing buildings and why he was doing so to begin with. Biragon then revealed his intentions; stating that he came to attack Fukuoka to raid it of it's cash and then wreck it for good measure. FlamingoMask then called Biragon a fool, but Biragon didn't care. FlamingoMask then said to Biragon that if he wanted to steal and wreak havoc on Fukuoka, he would have to get past himself first. Biragon accepted the challenge.

Biragon was quick to the fight; striking first by firing a stream of electricity from his mouth at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask away. Biragon then got out his sword and began to swashbuckle his sword at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was quick enough to avoid any serious harm from Biragon's sword and fought back by firing his light beam at Biragon, also sending Biragon's sword flying back. Biragon then ran at FlamingoMask and swung his tail at him; FlamingoMask then caught his tail; but this ultimately turned out to be a bad idea as then Biragon then unleashed a powerful shock from his tail against FlamingoMask, shocking him greatly. FlamingoMask then let got of Biragon's tail, staggering back and shaking from the shock.

Biragon then lept up and delivered a flying kick against FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask sliding against the ground hard. Biragon then walked over to his pick up his sword and then held up his sword; he then began walking menacingly towards FlamingoMask's body. Biragon then lowered down and aimed his sword at FlamingoMask's neck, intent of cutting his head off. As Biragon raised up his sword though; FlamingoMask then fought back and summoned his Wrecking Flail an swung it against Biragon; hitting him against the face hard.

FlamingoMask then concentrated his light energy and then fires a powerful light beam at Biragon, sending Biragon back towards the sea. As FlamingoMask flew over to check, Biragon then swam away retreating, defeated. FlamingoMask stayed up in the air watching until Biragon left for good, as he wanted to be sure. After Biragon took off; FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size and walked aways, resuming what he was doing earlier.

Fullmetal Gunslinger

FlamingoMask flew down in a desolated and quiet area in Fukuoka and began to happily snack on some Oreos in that area. However his meal was interrupted by the sounds of heavy, metallic footseps coming his way, much to his displeasure. FlamingoMask then few up in the air to investigate. As FlamingoMask looked around, he spotted a crashed capsule, which had apparently been already FlamingoMask pondered this some more, Gebagoro appeared from behind FlamingoMask and ambushed him. FlamingoMask was caught by surprise and got prepared to fight back against Gebagoro.

Gebagoro then charged at FlamingoMask and swung his foot down at FlamingoMask, intent on crushing him underneath his foot, but FlamingoMask flew out of the way in time. Gebagoro then fired his laser beams at FlamingoMask causing explosions to occur around him. Gebagoro then opened his mouth and shot a stream of flames at FlamingoMask but FlamingoMask was quick enough to summon his light shield; protecting him from Gebagoro's flames.

FlamingoMask then asked who Gebagoro was and what he was doing there. Gebagoro then introduced himself...and then fired his missile guns at FlamingoMask, shooting FlamingoMask down for the moment. With that, Gebagoro then twirled his metallic mustache and then ran into the city of Fukuoka and began his rampage. FlamingoMask was determined though and flew back up in the air in Y-formation and size-shifted into kaiju size, heading into Fukuoka to fight Gebagoro. Meanwhile, Gebagoro shot at several buildings, causing many to crumble and explode.

However, his attack was short lived, as FlamingoMask (now in kaiju size) had returned to fight back and was now joined up by Kamen Rider Faiz. Gebagoro spotted FlamingoMask first and then cocked his missile guns, charging at him. Gebagoro then fired his laser beams at FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask reacted back by firing his Light Beam at Gebagoro, doing some damage against him. Gebagoro growled and then grabbed FlamingoMask and headbutted him; FlamingoMask was then flung against a building. Gebagoro took out his missile guns and opened fire at him. FlamingoMask rolled away from the missiles to avoid them.

Kamen Rider Faiz then joined in on the fray and charged at Gebagoro. Kamen Rider Faiz then jumped upward and kicked Gebagoro in the chest, sending Gebagoro staggering backwards. FlamingoMask then ran back up towards Gebagoro. Kamen Rider Faiz continued to punch and kick at Gebagoro, with FlamingoMask swinging his left leg against him, toppling Gebagoro over. Gebagoro was badly by both attacks and retaliated by firing another powerful streams of flames at both FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Faiz.

Kamen Rider Faiz fell back next to his motorcycle, with FlamingoMask staggering back, but getting into a battle position. Kamen Rider Faiz then pulled out a stick-like object and attached it to one of his handlebars, before pulling the handle bar out, revealing a sword of sorts. Gebagoro continued to open fire at FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Faiz's area and then charged at the two.

FlamingoMask then leaped out of the way of the missiles and Kamen Rider Faiz charged forward at Gebagoro, slashing the sword around the ground and causing Gebagoro to float. FlamingoMask then hurled his Wrecking Flail at Gebagoro's missile guns, smacking them away. Gebagoro was then blasted from the inside with explosions, leaving him heavily damaged but alive; Gebagoro then staggered back. Gebagoro took one look at FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Faiz and then flew up in the air, retreating.

After the defeat of Gebagoro, FlamingoMask then returned back to normal size and then walked off, as well as resuming snacking on some Oreos.

Protect the Dam! Fight the Two Terror Beasts

The next day, FlamingoMask flew over the city of Fukuoka, looking over it acting like a guard. FlamingoMask thought to himself and realized how strange it was by the fact that ever since he had come there, more kaiju attacks had been more active and he found it more suspicious that all of them so far targeted him and the city. FlamingoMask then vowed to find out what was going on, but first he wanted to get himself some soup to eat.

His meal was interrupted however by the octopus monster Jipudoro heading into the city, which FlamingoMask remarked was pretty fast. FlamingoMask then flew up in Y-formation and flew to combat Jipudoro. FlamingoMask then arrived to Jipudoro, turned into kaiju size and got ready to fight Jipudoro. Jipudoro acted fast and summoned one of his tentacles at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask grabbed the tentacle and hurled it back at Jipudoro. Jipudor retaliated by tackling FlamingoMask, FlamingoMask kicked and punched back at Jipudoro. Jiupdoro then flung a small building at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask chopped it in half with his legs.

Jipudoro then summoned all his tentacles against FlamingoMask, calling it "Tentacle Punch!", hitting FlamingoMask down hard to the ground. Jipudoro then blasted a powerful stream of ink against FlamingoMask, sending him further back. FlamingoMask slowly got back up, but he was now drenched in ink and he could see. As FlamingoMask rubbed his eyes though, a new monster then appeared; Dragon King. Dragon King then fired a stream of flames at FlamingoMask, setting him on fire and running off to put out the flames.

FlamingoMask then dived into the waters of Fukuoka bay, trying to put off the flames. FlamingoMask dived deep underwater and reemerged, the flames and ink now off of him. However, then Jipudoro then came back to distract him from getting to Dragon King. Realizing that he had little time to act then, FlamingoMask then crouched down and fired his Light Beam against Jipudoro. Jipudoro retaliated by firing another stream of ink against FlamingoMask, however this time FlamingoMask created a light shield to block the ink stream. Jipudoro then leaped up at against FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then used his Flamingo Kick against Jipudoro, sending him flying across the area.

As Dragon King and Jipudoro both landed down in the same area and both got back up, FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Faiz got up, and charged up at the two kaiju. This time; FlamingoMask fought Dragon King and Kamen Rider Faiz fought Jipudoro. FlamingoMask then leaped up at Dragon King; but Dragon King used his pincers to bring down FlamingoMask. Dragon King then punched at FlamingoMask with his pincers, but FlamingoMask fought back by punching and kicking quickly against Dragon King. Dragon King then swung both of his pincers against FlamingoMask again, but this time FlamingoMask caught them both; FlamingoMask then kicked Dragon King in the chest hard, sending Dragon King flying a bit, skidding across the ground.

Dragon King was hit hard, and fired a powerful stream of flames back against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask barely leaped out of the way from the flames, but fought back; FlamingoMask then took out his Wrecking Flail and bashed Dragon King with it numerous times, before finally defeating Dragon King by concentrating his light energy to create a powerful light orb and hurling it against Dragon King; Dragon King was then hit by the light orb and was sent flying across the sea, landing down making a huge splash, defeating him. FlamingoMask then cheered victoriously, now after helping save the city and the dam. FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size and walked away.

The Space Assassin vs. FlamingoMask

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FlamingoMask's Endless Dream

Main article: FlamingoMask's Endless Dream.

The Dream Encounter of the Demon God

FlamingoMask would soon fall asleep again, this time he entered into a place where the background was deep scarlet and there were black shining lights around. As FlamingoMask looked around, a near-black, silver pool materializes on the ground from seemingly nowhere. FlamingoMask got ready for battle; fearing that it could be Neo Geegus again. As the pool enlarged a bubbly-like, barely audible laugh can be heard from the puddle. A metallic figure was then formed the puddle revealing a new metallic figure: Neo Dio.

Neo Dio then began to speak to FlamingoMask; saying that he was forged from Neo Geegus' body structure and that he was far greater than Neo Geegus ever was. Neo Dio then began to say that he was far stronger than FlamingoMask was, which FlamingoMask called him out for as being pretentious. Neo Dio then called FlamingoMask naive, and then stated he had no plans to fight him yet, saying that he would when he (FlamingoMask) was strong enough, stating that this was simply just a warning for things to come. As Neo Dio then vanished, FlamingoMask then woke up from his dream; stating he really needed to lay off the sauce.

The Shadowbloods' Encounter: Wolf Meets Bird

Main article: The Shadowbloods' Encounter: Wolf Meets Bird.

Customer Service! Helping the Good Baltan

A few days later, on an early morning at Fukuoka, FlamingoMask tended to himself by eating some ramen that WolfMask had given him earlier. After finishing up eating the ramen, FlamingoMask then flew off into the sky, looking around for any activity. As FlamingoMask was flying however, then a peculiar looking big spaceship then zoomed past FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask off course. As the spaceship landed, FlamingoMask then flew down to investigate.

Meanwhile with the spaceship, the spaceship then glowed, an alien figure stepped outside, appearing to be a blue in color, had steel-colored claws and dressed in a fancy tuxedo. As the alien figure adjusted his bowtie, the then saw FlamingoMask flying at him. Thinking he was a customer, the alien greeted him and then FlamingoMask kicked him in the face. As FlamingoMask got into battle position and then noticed that the alien figure did not look all that threatening; FlamingoMask then asked who he was and why did he come here. The alien figure then got back up and explained that he had come to Earth to start a business and open his tavern there; he then revealed his name to be Manager Baltan.

FlamingoMask then apologized to Manager Baltan for attacking him, which Manager Baltan accepted his apology. Manager Baltan then showed off the tavern to FlamingoMask and even showing off some of the food to him, which FlamingoMask did not like the food though. FlamingoMask then gave some advice to help Manage Baltan and his tavern by suggesting that since he 'd be adjusting to Earth, he would need to serve humans "human food" and not alien food and to use high quality ingredients; Manager Baltan thanked FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then asked where he could get a drink, which Manager Baltan said he could get some Crystal Pepsi from a box over there. FlamingoMask then went over to try to open it, but it was surprisingly difficult to do so.

As FlamingoMask attempted to further open the box though, from outside, the three robot gangsters approached to attack the tavern; Gevaudan, Bullets and Iron Jack had returned! FlamingoMask and Manager Baltan then went outside to deal with the robot gangsters. As Iron Jack and Bullets opened fired on the two; FlamingoMask then created a Light Shield to protect him from the laser fire. Manager Baltan then flew up and fought against Iron Jack and Bullets; FlmaingoMask went out to fight against Gevaudan once again. Gevaudan then leaped up and tackled FlamingoMask.

As FlamingoMask and Gevaudan fought each other some more, FlamingoMask asked Gevaudan as to how he knew where he was and how did he find him; to which Gevaudan replied that he wanted to get back at FlamingoMask for what he did to them back at that forest in Canada, and then he would take great pleasure in eliminating him, Manager Baltan and the tavern. FlamingoMask then said he was a creep and fired his light beam at Gevaudan. After a clash of their light beams and darkness laser beams, Manager Baltan then flew in and rammed at Gevaudan hard, giving FlamingoMask the upper hand and blasting at him with his light orb. As Gevaudan was then sent flying into against a tree, FlamingoMask then told Gevaudan to leave Manager Baltan's tavern alone and that he would make him suffer the ultimate consequences if he were to disturb them again, Gevaudan then gave out his words and then ran off along with Bullets and Iron Jack, retreating.

Manager Baltan then thanked FlamingoMask for saving him and the tavern and asked if he wanted to be repaid somehow. FlamingoMask then said that he didn't need to at the moment; all he needed to do was to was make improvements on the tavern, to which Manager Blatan happily agreed to do so. Manager Baltan than thanked FlamingoMask one more time and went inside his tavern to get back to work. FlamingoMask then got up and walked away, his work there done.

The Wrath of Harigojira

A day late after his fight against the robot gangsters and defending Manager Baltan, FlamingoMask laid on top of a high building, resting on it for a lengthy amount of time. FlamingoMask was initially woken up by the sound of something crashing down, but he then went back to sleep when he couldn't see the object. FlamingoMask was then awakened for reals when a large group of Doigaresus came swarming into the city of Fukuoka. FlamingoMask then flew in and took them on one by one.

As FlamingoMask continued to fight against the Doigaresus though, then the real threat rose up from the nearby woods; Harigojira, the Needle Hell Monster. Harigojira then revealed that he was among the many of criminal monsters that had been let lose on the world, some criminal monsters had previously infiltrated Fukuoka. Harigojira then opened fire at FlamingoMask and the Doigaresus; Harigojira then fired his arm cannon at the Doigaresus, killing them off. FlamingoMask then tried to hide behind a small building, but then Harigojira destroyed said small building. FlamingoMask then changed into kaiju size to better combat Harigojira.

FlamingoMask then rushed at Harigojira; Harigojira then swung his right hook hand at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then rolled out of the way, Harigojira then fired some more needles from his arm cannon at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask tried to dodge some, but he got caught up in some and some even exploded on him. Harigojira then leaped up at FlamingoMask again and swung his right hook at him, but this time FlamingoMask was more prepared and summoned his light shield to protect him from the hook attack. FlamingoMask then threw his light shield at Harigojira at full force, hitting Harigojira pretty hard.

Before the two could clash again though, the sounds of a motorcycle then came into the area; as the driver pulled over it was revealed to be none other than Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher then got into battle position and then grew to giant size, so he could combat against both Harigojira and FlamingoMask. With Inspector Cypher now joining in on the madness, he began to list off Harigojira's crimes and pulled out his Impulse Magnums, FlamingoMask then turned towards the two. Inspector Cypher looked at FlamingoMask and recognized him from the past and then told off FlamingoMask that he was under arrest to; for assisting a major criminal like SquidMask and for trying to crush him that day with the two Kongs. FlamingoMask tried to explain himself, but it was no use.

Before FlamingoMask and Inspector Cypher could carry on with their conversation though; Harigojira then shot his am cannon at Cypher, enraging Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher then got out his Impulse Magnums and opened fire on Harigojira. Harigojira was able to endure the Impulse Magnums's fire though and shot back at Cypher and FlamingoMask with his arm cannon, sending needles flying all over the area. FlamingoMask then got up and swung his Wrecking Flail and used it to deflect Harigojira's needles back at him. Harigojira in retaliation then leaped up and tackled at FlamingoMask, slashing at his left shoulder, causing FlamingoMask to bleed shadows on his right shoulder.

Inspector Cypher then got back up and then fired his visor beam at Harigojira; but Harigojira acted quickly and grabbed FlamingoMask and used him as a shield, causing FlamingoMask to get hit by Cypher's visor beam instead. Harigojira then tossed FlamingoMask aside and then threw him at Cypher, causing them both to collide. As Cypher and Harigojira continued to battle each other, FlamingoMask then got back up and then concentrated, gathering up some light energy and then performing a flying kick at Harigojira, performing his "Flamingo Kick" against him. Harigojira was then defeated by FlamingoMask's attacks and then was cuffed and arrested by Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher then after finishing arresting Harigojira then turned around to face FlamingoMask, only to realize that FlamingoMask wasn't there anymore; he had escaped.

FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size and then flew off quickly, now in a hurry to escape as he was already suffering some bad injuries from Harigojira and did not want to get caught by Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher then reverted back to normal also and quickly joined pursuit to chase after FlamingoMask. After much chasing even through a tunnel, FlamingoMask then flew high in the air and managed to escape from Inspector Cypher. Inspector Cypher attempted to chase him some more, but ended up driving off a cliff and then dived into a passing garbage truck. FlamingoMask then gave out a sigh of relief, but then he was thrown off course by a passing by ship, that managed him mess up his flying a bit. FlamingoMask then crashed down into the bay of Fukuoka's waters down below.

FlamingoMask managed to swim back up and then grabbed onto a hold of a wooden board to stay a float. Realizing that he was now alone again, FlamingoMask then used the wooden board as a surfboard and then swam away.

Of Magnetism and Uranium

A few days later after the battle with Harigojira; FlamingoMask then ended up in Yokohama, relieved that he was back on land again. Tired and exhausted, FlamingoMask then laid down to rest on the beach. However, FlamingoMask's sleep was interrupted by the underground monster known as Gabora rising up from the ground and began to head towards his area. FlamingoMask then leaped out of the ways, not wanting to get stepped on by Gabora. FlamingoMask then flew up to go after Gabora, but suddenly then a loud roar could be heard coming towards them; it was Red King. FlamingoMask was going to join in on the fight, but then Gabora fied his Uranium Beam at Red King, which also hit FlamingoMask and sent him off course, crashing down to the ground.

FlamingoMask got back up but just before he could jump on into the fight between Red King and Gabora, a loud explosion caused by a new metal monster could be heard coming in the city of Yokohama. FlamingoMask sighed and then flew up to go there, leaving Red King to take care of Gabora. FlamingoMask then arrived to the scene and then grew into kaiju-size, ready to combat the metal monster. The monster then revealed itself to be Galban and then began his attack on FlamingoMask.

Galban laughed at FlamingoMask's presence and then fired electrical eye lasers at him; which FlamingoMask just leaped out of the way from. Galban then used his magnetism to magnetize heavy metal objects on his arm and then shoot them out like projectiles at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then bashed and sliced at the heavy metal objects, then firing a light beam at Galban. Galban was hit, but retaliated by firing his electrical eye lasers at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then pealed out of the way of some of the lasers.

Galban then rushed at FlamingoMask and punched at him hard, sending FlamingoMask down to the ground. FlamingoMask rolled back up and retaliated by kicking Galban in the chest area, causing Galban to stagger back. Galban then used his magnetism to magnetize some more heavy metal objects and then hurled them at FlamingoMask once more, this time the metal objects were heavier; FlamingoMask created a light shield to block some, but got hit by some anyways, sending him back away. Galban then lifted up a building and then threw it at FlamingoMask, sending him at Red King and Gabora's area. Fortunately, Red King caught FlamingoMask and helped him back up.

The fight then all came together; with FlamingoMask and Red King now both facing off Galban and Gabora. Galban and Gabora then both fired their electric lasers and uranium beam at FlamingoMask and Red King, also creating some explosions around them. Red King blocked the blasts, but was still snarling in pain at them though while FlamingoMask was doing his best to block them. Red King then roared loudly and charged forth at Galban and Gabora, slamming both of his arms into the two and bringing them down. FlamingoMask then crouched down and fired a light beam at the two bad monsters's area; creating an explosion around them.

Red King then turned around and opened his maw, firing out multiple rocks out at Galban and Gabora, catching them up in a rock explosion. FlamingoMask then leaped up and swung his Wrecking Flail against both Gabora and Galban hard. Gabora had enough and then burrowed underground, retreating. Galban then got back up and then fired a barrage of electrical eye lasers at both FlamingoMask and Red King. Through the combined attacks of FlamingoMask's Flamingo Kick and Red King's Explosive Punch, they managed to defeat Galban by sending him flying across into a different and far away area, causing him to crash down there also.

FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose and then afterwards shook hands with Red King, thanking him for helping him out in combat. After Red King took off, FlamingoMask then reverted back down to normal size and then walked away.

Good as Gold

FlamingoMask was in the middle of eating some ramen noodles when all of a sudden, a lone Doigaresus wondered into Yokohama and began to wreak havoc. FlamingoMask quickly ate his ramen and then went into battle against the Doigaresu. FlamingoMask easily defeated the Doigaresu by blasting his light beam against it and then kicking it away with his might Flamingo Kick. FlamingoMask than began to walk away; but was then heard a loud crashing sound nearby. Thinking it might have been some more Doigaresus coming, FlamingoMask then flew up and went to investigate.

After much checking, it turned out that their were no Doigaresus but instead a giant three-faced stone statue monster known as Jasyuline. FlamingoMask quickly got into action and followed pursuit against Jasyuline, changing into kaiju-size. As FlamingoMask met up with Jasyuline, Jasyuline revealed to FlamingoMask that he had planned to take the city for himself and adding it to his collection, as he had always wanted a golden city before. After Jasyuline demonstrated his ability to coat objects with his gold coating ray, FlamingoMask and Jasyuline then got into battle.

FlamingoMask fired his light beam at Jasyuline, but Jasyuline simply deflected the attack by using his psychic powers, hitting FlamingoMask back hard. Jasyuline then used his boomerang against FlamingoMask, sending him down to the ground. Jasyuline then fired his Gold Coating Ray at FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask managed to leap out of the way in time. Jasyuline then rushed over and then summoned his boomerang weapon again, this time thwacking it against FlamingoMask, using it like a club. FlamingoMask was sent flying up in the air, and then actually took flight and then rammed against Jasyuline, sending the three-faced statue monster down.

As Jasyuline got back up, FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Chop against him, but all this resulted in was him hurting his hand. Jasyuline then used his gold coating ray on a building, turning it into solid gold and then threw it at FlamingoMask, sending him down hard. Seemingly downed, Jasyuline then gathered up energy, ready to turn FlamingoMask into a gold statue. However, before he could do so, Jasyuline was then attacked by the female Gamoran warrior Gamoni. Gamoni then joined in the fight against Jasyuline and assisted FlamingoMask.

After some more hard hits from Jasyuline, FlamingoMask then fired his light beam at Jasyuline together with Gamoni's plasma beam, sending Jasyuline back and setting off flares around him. Jasyuline fought back with his boomerang weapon, to which FlamingoMask and Gamoni retaliated by swinging both their Wrecking Flail and Dark Energy Mace at him. FlamingoMask and Gamoni then defeated Jasyuline together by Gamoni firing her green fireballs together with FlamingoMask's Flamingo Kick, causing Jasyuline to be kicked off flying into a different area and crashing down. With that, Jasyuline then retreated. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose, cheering.

After that, FlamingoMask then talked to Gamoni, asking her if she was good or evil. Gamoni responded that she was something more of a wild card and that she had to leave now. Gamoni then took off and left. FlamingoMask reverted back to normal size and then walked away.

Challenge of the Bullet Hitman

Main article: Challenge of the Bullet Hitman.

Fog! The Magic of Ultraman Boy

After spending sometime fishing and collecting a bucket full of fish, FlamingoMask flew back to Yokohama, only to discover something very off about the city; there was fog everywhere and apparently, it was not the normal kind; as communication devices and other electronics weren't working. Realizing that something was up, FlamingoMask then flew into the skies, searching for what was causing the strange fog.

After some searching through the thick fog with his brightest light beams, FlamingoMask eventually came across a big hill; which was discovered to be the source of the fog. FlamingoMask then flew up and began to investigate some more, though it was very difficult with all the thick fog. FlamingoMask used his light beams like a flashlight to see through the now thick fog. As he was searching through though, a faint roar could be heard; FlamingoMask then became alert and looked around.

Then from out of the fog, a giant pincer then smacked at FlamingoMask, bringing him down to the ground. FlamingoMask was hit, but then got back together and used his light beam to see what was going on. The monster's pincers were all that could be seen at first, up until it's eyes glowed. The monster then raised up it's foot and swung it down at FlamingoMask, intent on crushing him underneath. FlamingoMask then flew out of the way and then fired a light beam at the unseen monster; hitting the monster. The monster's eyes could then be seen through the fog, charging at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then flew out of the foggy hill's area.

As FlamingoMask flew out of the area, he looked out and realized that the fog was fortunately slowly fading. As he turned around, then out from the foggy hill's area out came the hidden fog monster responsible for the mess; Sadola. Sadola raised both of his arms into the air, extending both of his arms against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was hit by the arms and staggered back. Sadola then extended his right arm, catching FlamingoMask in one of it's pincers and then swung FlamingoMask around until slamming him down against the ground.

FlamingoMask landed down against the ground hard, and didn't take kindly to it. FlamingoMask got back up and then changed into kaiju size to better combat against Sadola. Sadola charged at FlamingoMask, only for FlamingoMask to conjure up a light shield, blocking Sadola's attacks and then swinging it at Sadola's head. Sadola retaliated by grabbing FlamingoMask by the arms with his pincers and then gripping them hard, until tossing him hard against the ground. FlamingoMask fell down a bit, only for Sadola to then extend his arm, punching him in the face, sending FlamingoMask down.

FlamingoMask then jolted back up, ready to fight Sadola again as he was advancing towards him. Just as Sadola was about to attack though, a beam of colorful light then was shot at Sadola, causing Sadola to stagger back and roar in pain; FlamingoMask turned around to face who shot that. A bright flash of light then emerges around FlamingoMask's area, a small and childlike but strong-looking alien being then rushed to his side; it was Ultraman Boy. Ultraman Boy then introduce himself to FlamingoMask some more, with FlamingoMask even questioning his name, which Ultraman Boy told him that he got that a lot sometimes. FlamingoMask accepted Ultraman Boy's offer to help and then both him and Ultraman Boy then turned around, facing Sadola.

Sadola then charged at the two,, bashing at them with his pincers. FlamingoMask retaliated by using his Flamingo Chop against Sadola, followed by Ultraman Boy using his Energy Frisbee against Sadola. Sadola was hit badly by both attacks and then retaliated by firing out a concealing fog, blowing it at FlamingoMask and Ultraman Boy, making it difficult for them to see him. As FlamingoMask and Ultraman Boy began to struggle through, Sadola took this as an opportunity to strike and then lunged at the two, knocking them both down to the ground.

As FlamingoMask and Ultraman Boy both landed down to the ground, Sadola then extended both of his arms against the two, hitting them both hard; FlamingoMask and Ultraman Boy both got back up hastily. FlamingoMask then thought of an idea and told Ultraman Boy that both he and him could fire their beams around Sadola's area to shock him; which Ultraman Boy agreed with. FlamingoMask then fired his light beam at Sadola's right area, followed by Ultraman Boy firing his Prism Ray at the left side of Sadola's area, both attacks creating explosions around his area.

Sadola then fumbled around, and threw a building at FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask took out his Wrecking Flail and smashed the building with it. Enraged, Sadola then leaped up at FlamingoMask and Ultraman Boy and grabbed them by their necks with his pincers, then headbutting against them, thought hitting himself also in the process. FlamingoMask then leaped up and swung his Wrecking Flail at Sadola's gut, hitting Sadola hard. Ultraman Boy joined in and fired his Prism Ray at Sadola's face, creating smoke to rise off of his face. Sadola tried to extend his arms to punch at FlamingoMask and Ultraman Boy once again, but this time they were quick enough to dodge the attack.

FlamingoMask and Ultraman Boy then both defeated Sadola together by the combined attacks of Ultraman Boy's Energy Frisbee and FlamingoMask's Flamingo Kick, sending Sadola flying to the other side of the area. As Sadola landed down (and landed on NIGEL), Sadola then turned around and burrowed away, retreating, The mysterious fog then vanished away from the city. FlamingoMask then thanked and cogratulated Ultraman Boy for all the help, with Ultraman Boy thanking him back. Ultraman Boy then walked away, his work there now done. FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size and then walked away.

Deathtrap! Attack of the Serpent and the Iron Man

Main article: Deathtrap! Attack of the Serpent and the Iron Man.

Deep Freeze 

After FlamingoMask's brutal battle with Kamen Rider Ouja, FlamingoMask then rested by a tree and slowly began to heal his wounds. Unfortunately enough, another one of Gevaudan's hitmen kaijin had arrived to ambush him and try to kill him. Just as FlamingoMask was about to sleep this time, an angry group of Mecha-Mobsters then appeared to attack FlamingoMask; causing him to fumble over and roll down the hill. As he got back up, he noticed that a entire building had been completely frozen solid. Knowing that something was up, FlamingoMask then flew up into the air, searching for whoever was responsible.

It didn't take long for FlamingoMask to find a large group of Mecha-Mobsters led by a mysterious woman dressed in white-robes who were causing mayhem. FlamingoMask landed down and then ordered them to halt their attacks against the innocent. The mecha-mobsters and the mysterious woman then turn around, facing FlamingoMask. The mysterious woman then began to question FlamingoMask some more, before revealing her true form, revealing herself to be an icy witch-like kaijin known as Icelee. Icelee then ordered her Mecha-Mobsters to attack FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask than ran up and kicked at the oncoming Mecha-Mobsters, then firing light beams at them, bringing them down.

Icelee then blew her ice cold winds at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was caught up in the winds and then flew over to a pole, grabbing onto it so that he could stand the winds. Icelee then shot a ice-blast from her hands together, shooting it at the pole FlamingoMask held onto. Luckily for FlamingoMask, he managed to get away from the blast in time, the icy blast then only turned the pole to frozen solid ice. FlamingoMask then flew in the air, but then Mecha-Mobsters then opened up laser fire at FlamingoMask while he was still flying.

Irritated, FlamingoMask then created a light shield to protect himself from the mecha-gangsters, then rammed down at the robot thugs, punching them down. Many Mecha-Mobsters fell down and blew up, but several of them then got up and tackled FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was about to retaliate by leaping up and preparing to strike them down with his Flamingo Kick attack, but Icelee though ahead and then blasted an icy aura blast at FlamingoMask's feet, freezing them and making him unable to perform his attack. The three remaining Mecha-Mobsters then got up, picked up FlamingoMask and slammed him against a wall.

Just as the Mecha-Mobsters were about to do more harm, FlamingoMask then flew up using his arms and then rammed himself at the three Mecha-Mobsters, knocking them down over each other domino style. Now it was just FlamingoMask and Icelee left. Icelee then flew up using her levitation to fly to combat FlamingoMask in the sky. FlamingoMask hurled a light orb at Icelee, but Icelee just froze the light orb somehow with her freezing aura. Icelee then further attacked back by blasting gusts of cold air from her arms at FlamingoMask, sending him flying against a building.

FlamingoMask got his head back into the game and then flew up against Icelee. Icelee then fired several ice blasts against FlamingoMask but he managed to quickly dodge them. FlamingoMask than began to mockingly poke fun at Icelee's aim, which Icelee retaliated with by slashing at FlamingoMask with her Icy Blade, slashing him badly. FlamingoMask fought back, by taking out his Wrecking Flail and then flying towards her; Icelee then wielded up her blade and then charged at him also.

FlamingoMask and Icelee then flew towards each other, clashing together with their flail and blade; FlamingoMask then bashed his Wrecking Flail against Icelee's Icy Blade, Icelee then retaliated by swinging her blade at FlamingoMask's flail. FlamingoMask leaped back from the hit and then fired a few light beams at Icelee, which she used her blade to deflect the blasts from. However, this gave FlamingoMask the opportunity to then use his Flamingo Chop against Icelee. FlamingoMask and Icelee then charged at each other at close range, until FlamingoMask then struck down Icelee with his Wrecking Flail, sending her down to the ground. FlamingoMask then flew downwards to further combat her.

As Icelee then landed down, she then fired big blast of ice at the ground, making it easy for her to land. Icelee than began shot out a gust of cold winds at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask however then created a light shield, protecting him from most of the cold winds and then hurled his shield at Icelee, hitting her hard. FlamingoMask then gathered up light energy in his feet, his feet no longer frozen and then used Flamingo Kick against Icelee; sending her flying all the ways to a rocky area, creating a big explosion made of ice and dirt. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose, up until he remembered that he was still recovering from the pain he got from his fight with Ouja and now there was some frost on him. FlamingoMask then flew in the air and took off.

Shadowy Counterattack 

Upon an early morning, FlamingoMask headed up and flew in the skies, looking over the city earlier than usual that day, as their were some strange neon lights appearing over the area. FlamingoMask flew over there to check out what it was. The next few moments were filled with silence, up until a barrage of laser gun fire then was shot at FlamingoMask's flight area. As it turned out, a hideous kaijin and a group of Mecha-Mobsters hard arrived, opening fire at FlamingoMask.

FlamingoMask acted quickly to this and then landed down to fight them. FlamingoMask hid behind a tree at first, spying on the hitman kaijin and the Mecha-Mobsters, up until the kaijin ordered the Mecha-Mobsters to van out and search the area for FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then leaped up and appeared to the evil group. The hitman kaijin then revealed himself to be Garuma; another one of Gevaudan's kaijin sent to eliminate FlamingoMask. Garuma boasted however that he was a professional assassin and that he would gain the utmost respect that he deserves if he were to succeed in eliminating FlamingoMask.

Garuma then ordered his Mecha-Mobsters to take down FlamingoMask. Because there was a smaller amount of Mecha-Mobsters than usual with Garuma, it didn't take long for FlamingoMask to take them all down. Garuma then got out his bone clubs and then ran up towards FlamingoMask. As FlamingoMask flew up, Garuma leaped up to a extremely high lengths and then punched FlamingoMask down to the ground. Garuma then fired his radiation flame at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask leaped out of the way in time.

In retaliation, FlamingoMask then fired a Light Orb at Garuma's face, causing Garuma to stagger backwards. Garuma then raised his two bone clubs in the air, only to be followed up by FlamingoMask kicking at Garuma, followed up by his arms chopping at both of Garuma's arms, forcing Garuma to lose his grip of his two bone clubs. Garuma then lost it, and then began to fire is radiation flame around FlamingoMask's area haphazardly, creating some explosions around him.

FlamingoMask fought back by punching and kicking at Garuma at full on frenzy. After taking in so many hits, Garuma then fired out his Radiation Flame one more time to blast FlamingoMask away; FlamingoMask then also fired his light beam at the same time; creating a Beam Fight. Eventually, FlamingoMask's beam won out, causing Garuma to lose and then be sent flying back. FlamingoMask then leaped up and then used Flamingo Kick against Garuma, sending Garuma flying all the ways to to the seas, creating a watery explosion. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose, and then remarked that he needed some sleep and then walked away.

Neo Space Amoeba Pt. 1: Primal Fury!!!

Three sea monsters known as Neo Gezora, Neo Ganimes and Neo Kamoebas appeared in Yokohama and began to run amok, smashing through many buildings and damaging property. FlamingoMask then showed up and changed into kaiju size to combat the three monsters. Neo Gezora was the first of the three monsters to spot FlamingoMask and flailed his tentacles at him. FlamingoMask kicked back at Neo Gezora, but Neo Gezora fought back by wrapping his tentacles around FlamingoMask's leg and tossing him into Neo Ganimes. As FlamingoMask bumped into Neo Ganimes, Neo Ganimes then turned around to face FlamingoMask and then raised up his right claw, punching him into a building.

As FlamingoMask got back up, he fired a light orb at Neo Ganimes's face, but then Neo Gezora and Neo Kamoebas charged up and gained up on FlamingoMask. Neo Ganimes grabbed FlamingoMask by the arms and Neo Gezora and Neo Kamoebas closed in, but then suddenly a loud and powerful roar could be heard. The water in the bay suddenly burst with something landing a few meters away from the four; as FlamingoMask and the three monsters turned around to face what was it, they saw a creature standing there with it's eyes closed. It's eyes then opened and then roared in primal fury, revealing it to be none other than Togera.

Neo Ganimes was more interested in fighting Togera, so he threw FlamingoMask aside and went up to fight him instead, leaving FlamingoMask behind with Neo Gezora and Neo Kamoebas. FlamingoMask then landed down properly and then got up and ran towards the charging Neo Kamoebas. Neo Kamoebas swung his head against FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask then kicked at his head. Neo Gezora then leaped in and swung his tentacles at FlamingoMask's back, wrapping its tendrils around his arms. Neo Gezora continued to constrict FlamingoMask, opening his beak and biting down on him.

Just as things were looking bad though, Neo Kamoebas then ran in, charging at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask used this as an opportunity to get Neo Gezora off his back. FlamingoMask then turned around, causing Neo Kamoebas's club-tail to hit against Neo Gezora instead, knocking him off of his back. Neo Kamoebas then swung his club-tail at FlamingoMask again, though this time FlamingoMask counterattacked with his Wrecking Flail, causing the two to get into a club-tail/flail fight.

Neo Gezora wasn't finished with FlamingoMask just yet though, using his tentacles to smack at FlamingoMask's face. FlamingoMask then used his flail against Neo Gezora's head, sending him down. Neo Kamoebas charged at FlamingoMask again, only for FlamingoMask to ward him off with his Flamingo Chop attack, hitting Neo Kamoebas hard and halting his attack. Neo Gezora then hurled himself against FlamingoMask again, causing FlamingoMask to fire a light beam against him, causing Neo Gezora to roll over on the ground.

Neo Gezora then got back up and then sprayed an icy mist beam at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask fired a light beam at Neo Gezora, but for once Neo Gezora dodged it and then slammed his tentacles down at FlamingoMask, bringing him down to the ground. FlamingoMask remarked that that wasn't his best action to do at that moment. Neo Gezora then sprayed his icy mist beam at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then created a light shield to block the icy mist beam and and ran up towards Neo Gezora.

Neo Space Amoeba Pt. 2: The Return of Robo-47

Unfortunately, Neo Gezora though ahead quickly and grappled at FlamingoMask with his tendrils, squeezing him. After some struggling, FlamingoMask raised up one of his arms, managing it to get it free, then lowering it down to face towards Neo Gezora's face. FlamingoMask then fired a light beam at Neo Gezora's face, causing Neo Gezora to roar in agony and then fall down. FlamingoMask then jolted up and fired three Light Orbs around Neo Gezora's area, creating some explosions around him. Neo Gezora jumped up and dodged the attack, slamming his tendrils down onto FlamingoMask.

FlamingoMask grabbed Neo Gezora and then swung him against a building, but not before Neo Gezora fired his freezing gas at FlamingoMask, causing him to stagger back and taking in the cold. Right before Neo Gezora could continue his attack on FlamingoMask further though, a missile rocketed towards Neo Gezora, flying right into Neo Gezora; the impact itself was brutal, then it exploded, creating a small nuclear blast. Neo Gezora was then sent flying on fire. However, the freezing gas had also taken it's toll on FlamingoMask, causing him to stumble around.

FlamingoMask then fell down to the ground, some cold air also escaping. Neo Gezora returned and then slithered towards FlamingoMask, giving him an extra set of freezing gas for a solid 10 seconds. Before he could continue though, FlamingoMask got back up and then kicked at Neo Gezora in the face. A few moments later FlamingoMask then got back up, albeit still covered in frost and continued to attack Neo Gezora. Neo Gezora then sent a sort of slash motion with his tendrils at FlamingoMask's sides and legs.

FlamingoMask retaliated by thrashing his Wrecking Flail against Neo Gezora's tentacles. FlamingoMask then used his Flamingo Chop attack against Neo Gezora, hitting him hard. Enraged, Neo Gezora then started smacking FlamingoMask's body with his other free tendrils, slashing and freezing at the same time, while also spraying ink at him. Hit badly by the attacks, FlamingoMask tore Neo Gezora off of him, though it also hurt him to do so. FlamingoMask then swung his Wrecking Flail against Neo Gezora some more, before then kicking Neo Gezora into a building.

After Neo Ganimes retreated, so did Neo Gezora, ending FlamingoMask's fight with them. With the Neo Space Amoeba monsters now all gone, all that was left in the city was Robo-47, Togera and FlamingoMask himself. As Togera and Robo-47 continued their own fight together themselves, FlamingoMask then fell down to the ground, passing out unconscious due to all the damage done to him in the fight and the freezing gas effected him. FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size also and fell asleep.

Blood and Poison: Battle of the Undead Killers

Sometime had passed by since FlamingoMask's fight with Neo Gezora, and FlamingoMask was seen flying around the skies of Yokohama, utterly overjoyed that his wounds from his fight with Ouja were officially healed and he was flying around to celebrate. After doing some more sight-seeing, a black bomber-jet like object could then be seen flying towards FlamingoMask's area. FlamingoMask was eager to check it out (as per usual) and then flew up to see what was flying up in the sky.

It didn't tale long for FlamingoMask to figure out that the flying perpetrator was none other than Iron Jack, one of the top men of the Mecha Gang. Iron Jack and FlamingoMask then battled in the sky for a little longer, up until Iron Jack bashed FlamingoMask down hurling to the ground with his wrecking ball hands. As FlamingoMask got back up, he began to ask Iron Jack some questions, such as why he came there alone. Iron Jack corrected FlamingoMask by revealing that he didn't actually come alone; as he had hired two undead hitmen kaijin to exterminate FlamingoMask. Iron Jack then revealed to FlamingoMask the two hitmen monsters Fudora, the poisonous zombie and Geno-Bat, the killer vampire. Iron Jack then commanded the two kaijin to attack FlamingoMask and then flew off, leaving the three on their own to fight.

As Fudora and Geno-Bat flew towards FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then bolted at the two assassin kaijins and then punched and kicked at them repeatedly. Fudora punched back at FlamingoMask hard, followed up by Geno-Bat gliding down to kick at FlamingoMask. Things got even more intense when Fudora started throwing his knives at FlamingoMask; causing FlamingoMask to create a shield made up of light to block the attacks. Fudora then kicked a rock at FlamingoMask, this time hitting him. Geno-Bat then ran up at FlamingoMask and slashed at him with his knives, before then spraying out gas from his gas canisters attached to his cloak. FlamingoMask backed aways, not wanting to get caught up in that gas.

Fudora then sneaked up behind FlamingoMask and then shot out some snakes and spiders from his hands at FlamingoMask, but luckily FlamingoMask was quick enough to use his Wrecking Flail to deflect them back away. Fudora and Geno-Bat then both charged at FlamingoMask, ramming t him hard and sending him flying high. As FlamingoMask tried to get back up, Fudora then punched him back down. Fudora got his sickle out and was about to plunge his sickle against FlamingoMask but then FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail against Fudora's legs, sending Fudora down and halting his attack. FlamingoMask then slashes his Wrecking Flail at both Fudora and Geno-Bat, sending them back.

Geno-Bat and Fudora then leaped up and attacked FlamingoMask, tackling him. FlamingoMask then kicked both kaijin off of him, sending them both back off. Fudora was beginning to have had enough off FlamingoMask and then ran headfirst against him, swinging his sickle around like mad. FlamingoMask then used his Wrecking Flail to counterattack, eventually swinging it at Fudaro's head, sending him flying down to the ground. As Fudora attempted to get back up, FlamingoMask then leaped up and performed Flamingo Kick against him, sending Fudora flying aways and defeating him.

However the fight wasn't over yet; Geno-Bat was still around. Geno-Bat then leaped up and tackled FlamingoMask, kicking FlamingoMask down to the ground, then pinning him down. As Geno-Bat had FlamingoMask right where he wanted him, Geno-Bat then raised up his knives and was about to plunge them at FlamingoMask's chest, but then FlamingoMask grabbed Geno-Bat's arms, before then tossing Geno-Bat aside; Geno-Bat then viciously charged at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was prepared for this though and then flew up and delivered his Flamingo Kick attack against Geno-Bat sending Geno-Bat flying elsewhere. As Geno-Bat crashed down, a big explosions of red smoke then went up in the air, a sign of his defeat. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose, having vanquished the two assassin kaijin and then flew off.

Bullets's Great Heist!

FlamingoMask appeared to stop the two kaijins Red Bat, a red batgirl and Gokibura, a rough cockroach monster from committing a heist at the nearby bank. Red Bat and Gokibura were quick to spot him and ordered their Mecha-Mobsters to attack him. The Mecha-Mobsters charged in and attacked FlamingoMask, but they were easily dispatched....a little too easily, as FlamingoMask noticed himself. FlamingoMask also noticed that Red Bat and Gokibura were absent, much to his surprise; he then began to look around the area for them.

Then from behind him, a wall of cockroaches then appeared to FlamingoMask, until they all merged together and became Gokibura. Red Bat then appeared from out of the blue, flying up at him; it was an ambush! Gokibura lashed out his spiked whip against FlamingoMask, tightening around him and constricting him like a boa. As FlamingoMask tried to break himself free from the whip, Red Bat then flew down and hurled her explosive metal roses at FlamingoMask's area, causing them to explode around him, knocking him out unconscious. Gokibura and Red Bat then went over to FlamingoMask and picked him up, taking his unconscious body elsewhere...

Many minutes later, Gokibura and Red Bat showed up with the unconscious FlamingoMask to their robot gangster employer, Bullets, who had ordered them to bring FlamingoMask to him. Gokibura and Red Bat gave away FlamingoMask to Bullets, and then Bullets congratulated them for catching him. Bullets then commanded Red Bat and Gokibura to demolish the rest of Yokohama, as with FlamingoMask now captured, nobody would be there to stop them. Red Bat and Gokibura did so and took off, going out to act on their task. Bullets then lifted up FlamingoMask's body and was about to throw him into his truck, deciding to finish FlamingoMask off himself.

Before Bullets could even do any further damage to FlamingoMask though, FlamingoMask woke up and then fought back, kicking at Bullets. Bullets got out his sublaser gun and then began opening fire at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask created a light shield to deflect the laser blasts and then through his shield at Bullets's face, hitting him hard. Running low on time, FlamingoMask then fired a powerful light beam at Bullets's truck, causing the truck to explode and send Bullets' flying aways. With Bullets now out of the way, FlamingoMask then took off and flew back to Yokohama, heading back to defeat Red Bat and Gokibura.

Soon, FlamingoMask reappeared back at Yokohama, with Kamen Rider Hibiki and Kamen Rider Ibuki joining in to stop Red Bat and Gokibura. FlamingoMask and Red Bat then flew at each other and charged, punching and kicking at each other. FlamingoMask fired a light beam at Red Bat, to which Red Bat retaliated by hurling metal roses at FlamingoMask's area creating some explosions. Red Bat then fired her knives towards FlamingoMask, slashing him in one of his arms. As Red Bat swung down and rammed at him, FlamingoMask swung back and kicked at Red Bat, kicking Red Bat oof of him. As the fight between Kamen Rider Hibiki and Kamen Rider Ibuki against Gokibura got more heated, FlamingoMask then flew down to assist the two Riders, with Red Bat flying down to assist Gokibura.

As Red Bat and Gokibura charged, Red Bat flew in to attack both FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Hibiki. Red Bat threw explosive metal roses at both of them, but Kamen Rider Hibiki fought back hard by smashing his flaming drumsticks into Red Bat; followed up by FlamingoMask swinging his Wrecking Flail at Red Bat, sending her flying backwards. Finally, FlamingoMask fired his Light Orb at Red Bat, sending her crashing down to the ground elsewhere and defeating her. After Gokibura was soon defeated by Kamen Rider Ibuki, the day was saved.

FlamingoMask remarked on what a crazy day it was, to which Kamen Rider Hibiki came up to FlamingoMask and asked if he was either a Oni or a rouge Makamou. FlamingoMask responded that he didn't know what he was talking about, to which Hibiki guessed he was just a rouge Makamou and said to FlamingoMask to not eat anyone. FlamingoMask was somewhat confused by this statement, but didn't seem to be to bothered and then turned around and left, his work there now done.

FlamingoMask and the Units

FlamingoMask was gliding around at Yokohama and investigating up until he decided to move on from that and start practicing some "new moves" of his, such as a new one he wanted to do known as "Light Disc". He went to an empty area and began practicing this new move...but he kept messing up, causing him to shoot out several light beams that went all over the place. Two robot girls named Cotton and Ayame spotted the light beams, but were curious to where they came from, so the looked around up until they found the source of it all; FlamingoMask.

FlamingoMask then spotted the two and at first thought they were two kaijins sent by Gevaudan to kill him; however this was not the case, as Ayame soon brought to his attention. Ayame introduced herself (along with Cotton) to FlamingoMask; to which eased FlamingoMask down quite a bit. As Cotton and Ayame were about to leave FlamingoMask alone however, terror then struck; Gehara attacked Yokohama! FlamingoMask, Ayame and Cotton went back to regroup with Unica and Sagiri, to alert them of the situation. FlamingoMask told the four Units to get the fleeing civilians to safety while he would take care of Gehara. Iris and Cotton however wanted to fight with him, as they said that they could fight the beast too.

While FlamingoMask didn't doubt them, he wasn't totally sure. Ayame and Cotton then took out their energy weapons, an energy crossbow and an energy baton, and then stated that while they couldn't size-shift, they could still pack a punch against Gehara. FlamingoMask was convinced and let them fight with him; Ayame then told Unica and Sagiri to get the civilians to safety. FlamingoMask, Cotton and Ayame then flew up to combat Gehara, FlamingoMask changing into giant size and walking towards Gehara.

FlamingoMask punched at Gehara's face and then fired a light beam against him, which Gehara retaliated by slashing his fists against FlamingoMask. Ayame and Cotton helped FlamingoMask however, with Ayame firing her energy arrows against Gehara, creating some explosions around Gehara. Cotton then flew up and bashed her energy baton against Gehara's face. FlamingoMask leaped back and punched and kicked against Gehara some more. Gehara fought back by blasting out a smokescreen breath from his mouth against the three, causing the three to be lost in the smog cloud; only for Gehara then to ambush the three, flicking at Cotton and Ayame with his tail, sending the two robots flying away. Gehara then bashed at FlamingoMask, before then flinging him down to the ground.

Gehara then wrapped his hair tendrils at FlamingoMask, reeling him closer to himself, however Ayame then flew back up and launched her energy arrows at Gehara's hair tendrils, freeing FlamingoMask, followed up by Ayame then firing some energy arrows at Gehara's face. As Gehara staggered back, this allowed Cotton and Ayame to combat him some more. FlamingoMask then got back up and took out his Wrecking Flail, wailing it one Gehara. FlamingoMask then finished off Gehara by then leaping up and performing his Flamingo Kick against him, sending Gehara flying into the seas, creating a big splash. FlamingoMask, Cotton and Ayame then struck victorious poses, and then went back down to the ground, FlamingoMask changing back into normal size.

With Unica and Sagiri back with them, FlamingoMask thanked Ayame for freeing him from Gehara; which Ayame replied back to him that it was no problem. Ayame then asked FlamingoMask if he wanted to come over with her, Cotton, Unica and Sagiri over at the hotel they booked in, as they had room for more one person to come with them. FlamingoMask said yes and then followed the four Units to the hotel.

Runaway Moleman At 12 O'Clock

The next day FlamingoMask along with the four Units went to the Yokohama Bay Hotel, where FlamingoMask was having a good time at, laying on the beds and chilling with the Units. Their relaxation time though was interrupted when FlamingoMask discovered something outside of his window of their hotel room; a hideous moleman monster known as Underground Phantom was going around and wreaking havoc. FlamingoMask decided to act upon this quickly and brought the Units with him to combat against Underground Phantom.

As Underground Phantom continued to blast at the area with his finger lasers, FlamingoMask fired a light beam at Underground Phantom, to get his attention. As Underground Phantom turned around, there was FlamingoMask and the five Units. FlamingoMask then got into battle position and attacked Underground Phantom along with the other Units. As Sagiri slashed at Underground Phantom with her energy blade, FlamingoMask leaped in and punched and kicked against Underground Phantom. Underground Phantom then took enough and then burrowed underground. Only for then Underground Phantom to burst out of the ground, sending all of them but Unica flying back against walls.

Underground Phantom then then sent out a barrage of powerful lasers from his fingers at FlamingoMask, Cotton, Ayame and Sagiri, creating some explosions at them. Before Underground Phantom could do more damage though, Unica then acted in and then fired prism laser beams from her horn at Underground Phantom, inflicting some damage and distracting him. FlamingoMask and the other three Units then got back up and then started to wail on Underground Phantom. After the four Units took their turns beating up Underground Phantom, FlamingoMask then shot a light beam against Underground Phantom, followed up by using his Flamingo Kick, defeating Underground Phantom and sending him flying aways.

With Underground Phantom now dealt with, FlamingoMask and the Units then went back to their Hotel and continued relaxing.

Attack of the Unidentified Flying Watermelon

A few days later after the encounter with Underground Phantom, FlamingoMask and the four Units went for a walk on the streets of Yokohama. Now that FlamingoMask got to know the Units better, the Units then asked about how long FlamingoMask had been fighting monsters and where did he come from. FlamingoMask answered that he had been doing this ever since he first got to Earth, to which Unica asked if he was an alien, to which FlamingoMask said he was to extent. Before he could answer anymore questions of there's though; disaster then struck. Citizens began to flee in terror and buildings were being demolished. What could it have be that scared them away like that? Sagiri then looked up into the sky and pointed, to which the other Units and FlamingoMask saw what was attacking the city.

What they saw was completely unexpected; the attacking force turned out to be a literal flying watermelon, firing eye lasers down at buildings, destroying them. FlamingoMask then began to laugh hysterically and rolled all over the floor. Unit 2 Ayame asked him what was wrong, to which FlamingoMask replied that nothing was wrong; it's just that the fact that they were fighting a flying watermelon was funny to him. But FlamingoMask knew they still had to fight it, so then FlamingoMask and the Units got into their battle positions and then ran towards the flying watermelon to combat it. FlamingoMask flew up towards the flying watermelon and then fired his light beam against it, sending it flying back.

FlamingoMask then called out Ayame and Unica to attack the watermelon as well, which they did; Ayame fired her energy arrows against the flying watermelon and Unica then fired her prism beams at it, creating explosions on it. The flying watermelon retaliated by shooting seed missiles against the three. FlamingoMask tossed his light shield over to Unica and Ayame, shielding them while FlamingoMask took the explosions from the seed missiles head on. As the flying watermelon then flew backwards, Cotton and Sagiri then began to attack the watermelon as well; Cotton bashing her energy batons against it and Sagiri slashing her Dynamite Blade against it.

They flying watermelon then screeched and then begin to spin around and around really fast in the air to get Cotton and Sagiri off. Once it stopped spinning, Cotton and Sagiri were then flung off and sent falling down; the flying watermelon then crashed down to the ground. FlamingoMask was terrified for them, so he ordered Ayame and Unica to go rescue Cotton while he would go save Sagiri. Ayame and Unica then rescued Cotton, while FlamingoMask flew in the air and then grabbed Sagiri, saving her from falling down to the ground. FlamingoMask and Sagiri then landed down safely to the ground and then regrouped with the other Units. With the flying watermelon seemingly dispatched, FlamingoMask remarked that that was easy.

However it was far from over. The flying watermelon then rose back up and then began to transform; it then became more monstrous and ghastly in appearance and more powerful in this new form; it was now Watermelon Monster! FlamingoMask and the Units were in trouble. Watermelon Monster slashed some buildings in half with his ax-tendrils, before then walking towards FlamingoMask and the Units, ready to destroy them. FlamingoMask then grew to giant size, holding the Units in his left hand. FlamingoMask and Watermelon Monster then charged at each other. As Watermelon Monster swung his ax-tendrils at FlamingoMask, FlamingoMask then let the four Units go, allowing the Units to bash and attack Watermelon Monster.

FlamingoMask then fired a light beam across Watermelon Monster's face, hitting it hard. Watermelon Monster retaliated by firing seed missiles everywhere around it, creating massive explosions. The four Units lept out of the way from Watermelon Monster, not wanting to get severely damaged; FlamingoMask staggered back from the explosions, falling over to the ground. Watermelon Monster then swung his ax-tendrils down at FlamingoMask's area while he was down, the impact sending FlamingoMask flying back against some buildings. As Watermelon Monster advanced towards him, Watermelon Monster was then shot in the back by some energy arrows, followed up by some prism beams. As he turned around, there were Ayame and Unica firing at him.

Watermelon Monster began to walk towards to attack them, but then Cotton appeared down at Watermelon Monster's feet, bashing against them with her energy batons. Roaring in pain, Watermelon Monster then kicked Cotton aside and raised up his foot, intent on stepping on her and crushing Cotton. Before Watermelon Monster could do that though, Sagiri then appeared and slashed her Dynamite Blade against Watermelon Monster's foot, inflicting damage against it. Watermelon Monster roared in pain and staggered back. Watermelon Monster glared at all four of the Units and then charged, only for FlamingoMask to return, punching and kicking against Watermelon Monster.

FlamingoMask then fired a light orb against Watermelon Monster's chest, hitting it hard. As smoke cleared from Watermelon Monster's chest; Watermelon Monster then went crazy and then swung one of his ax-bladed tendrils at FlamingoMask's left arm, causing him to bleed shadows. Watermelon Monster then began to bombard FlamingoMask with seed missiles, only for FlamingoMask to create a light shield to deflect the explosives, before then tossing it against Watermelon Monster's face. Watermelon Monster then pounced at FlamingoMask and then headbutted him, causing FlamingoMask to fall down against the ground. Watermelon Monster then raised up his ax-tendrils, ready to slice and dice against FlamingoMask.

Right before he could strike though, then a series of lights and punches went past Watermelon Monster. Watermelon Monster looked around, searching for what could be hitting him. It was revealed to be the four Units to be attacking Watermelon Monster, stopping him from chopping FlamingoMask. Annoyed, Watermelon Monster swiped at Cotton, Unica and Sagiri with one of his tendrils, sending the three slamming against a building hard. Ayame stood by still and then fired her energy arrows at Watermelon Monster's tendrils, weakening them. The energy arrows landed onto Watermelon Monster, creating a big explosion around his tendrils. Watermelon Monster turned around and got ready to fire his seed missiles at Ayame; only then FlamingoMask got back up once more and then began ramming against Watermelon Monster, sending them both crashing through many buildings.

Watermelon Monster swung his ax-tendrils against FlamingoMask; only for FlamingoMask to pull out his Wrecking Flail and then bashed it against the tendrils, destroying them. Watermelon Monster roared in shock, and then his back became to become more spiky, forming a needle cannon of some sort. Watermelon Monster then fired a fiery bomb into the air, before it then crashed down to the ground, creating a massive explosion around the two and setting many buildings on fire. FlamingoMask turned out to have survived the attack however and then lashed out his Wrecking Flail against Watermelon Monster many times, hitting him hard.

FlamingoMask gathered light energy with his feet and delivered a Flamingo Kick against Watermelon Monster, sending Watermelon Monster flying far away and crash-landing elsewhere, creating a loud boom, finally defeating Watermelon Monster. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose and then fell down on the ground unconscious, reverting back to normal size. As FlamingoMask finally reverted back to normal size, he then passed out, exhausted. Cotton, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri then went over to FlamingoMask and then picked him up, taking him and themselves home after such a long day.

The Mystery of the Choju Pt. 1

FlamingoMask was left alone resting on his hotel bed after his fight the Watermelon Monster, as he was still so exhausted from his fight with it, that he would be out cold for the next few hours, according to Sagiri. The Units then decided to at on themselves and then left FlamingoMask alone for the time being due to his condition.

The Mystery of the Choju Pt. 2

Later that day, as the Units continued to fight Unitang to the point only Ayame was left standing, FlamingoMask arrived to the scene to combat Unitang as he had finally woken up from his slumber. FlamingoMask took quick notice of Unitang and then ran towards her, punching Unitang in the face hard and then following up with it by firing a light orb at her; causing an explosion to occur at Unitang. Unitang shrieked and retaliated by shooting webs from her mouth and claws at him. FlamingoMask created a light shield to block the webs and then hurled his light shield at Untiang's face, hitting her hard.

FlamingoMask then got out his Wrecking Flail and charged towards Unitang; Unitang charged back at him, causing the two to clash against each other. FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail towards Unitang, but Unitang was able to catch FlamingoMask by the arms with her claws before he could do so. Unitang then fired her Launching Horn at FlamingoMask, creating an explosion on him and causing him to stagger back away from her. Unitang then used her Flashing Horn against FlamingoMask, creating another explosion around FlamingoMask; causing FlamingoMask to fall down against the ground hard. Unitang then walked towards FlamingoMask's spot, ready to bludgeon him with her claws; but as she raised her claws in the air FlamingoMask then leaped back up, kicking at Unitang's stomach, before then rapidly punching and kicking against her.

FlamingoMask then swung his Wrecking Flail against Unitang's head, sending her crashing down onto a few buildings. As Unitang began to slowly get back up, FlamingoMask then gathered up light energy within his feet and performed his Flamingo Kick against Unitang, sending her flying faraway from the area and defeating her. As Unitang was done with, the Units were then freed from their web traps and then regrouped back with Ayame and FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask congratulated the Units for their bravery and fighting against Unitang on their own. With all of that taken care of, FlamingoMask and the Units then walked back to the Yokohama Hotel, their work there done for the day.

Have A Nice Day!

FlamingoMask, Ayame and Cotton later went to the nearby festival in the center of the city of Yokohama. FlamingoMask was having fun, but he admitted that he thought they would be going to a film festival. While they were having fun though, something then came to rudely interrupt their time; Alien Zagon appeared to wreak havoc. As Alien Zagon began firing energy bolts at fleeing civilians, FlamingoMask, Cotton and Ayame appeared to confront Alien Zagon and prepared to fight him. Alien Zagon revealed that he wasn't alone though and summoned one of his monsters Momo Zagon to assist him. Alien Zagon then grew to giant size, laughing at FlamingoMask, Cotton and Ayame.

FlamingoMask said to Cotton and Ayame that they would have to fight them individually, so he suggested he would Alien Zagon while they would fight Momo Zagon. As Cotton and Ayame went to fight Momo Zagon, FlamingoMask flew up and changed into kaiju size to better combat Alien Zagon. FlamingoMask ran towards Alien Zagon and kicked against him, which Alien Zagon fought back by punching FlamingoMask hard against the chest, causing FlamingoMask to stumble back. Alien Zagon then summoned out ten illusions of himself to confused and overwhelm FlamingoMask. The Alien Zagon illusions then all fired their energy bolts at the baffled FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask athletically dodged as many as he could.

As the various illusion Alien Zagons kept firing at FlamingoMask, FlamingoMask then created a light shield, deflecting the illusion Alien Zagons's attacks back at them, destroying some. Soon, only the real Alien Zagon and four illusion Alien Zagons were left. Alien Zagon and the fake Alien Zagons then ran around faster and faster to try to confuse and mess up FlamingoMask's attacks. FlamingoMask got tired of this and just fired a long, powerful light beam against all of them, sweeping it across Alien Zagon and the fake Alien Zagons's; destroying the illusions and sending the real Alien Zagon down to the ground.

Alien Zagon got furious at FlamingoMask and then charged at him; but then a new opponent came in and attacked Alien Zagon; it was none other than Alien Zagon's main enemy; Ultraman Nice! FlamingoMask greeted Ultraman Nice and then decided to trade opponents with each other; with Ultraman Nice fighting Alien Zagon and FlamingoMask fighting Momo Zagon now instead. FlamingoMask landed down in front of Momo Zagon and then fired a light beam against it, causing Momo Zagon to fire a supersonic ray at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask to land against a building.

FlamingoMask then threw a light orb at Momo Zagon, creating an explosion around it. After Ultraman Nice defeated Alien Zagon, he then went over to FlamingoMask to assist him in his fight against Momo Zagon. Ultraman Nice and FlamingoMask ganged up on Momo Zagon, punching and kicking against it, before finally Ultraman Nice blasted his Millenium Cross at it, then followed up FlamingoMask's Flamingo Kick against Momo Zagon, sending Momo Zagon flying away and crashing down elsewhere. FlamingoMask and Ultraman Nic then struck victorious poses.

After the defeat of Momo Zagon, FlamingoMask then turned to Ultraman Nice and thanked him for his help. Ultraman Nice said it was no problem and then flew off, as his color timer was going on and he had a limited time anyways. FlamingoMask waved goodbye and then reverted back to normal size and then regrouped with Cotton and Ayame, before then walking away with them, as their work there was done.

Imitation Flamingo

The next day, FlamingoMask woke up late, which he didn't like so much, but nonetheless started off his day anyways. As he made himself some Pop-Tarts and waited them to finish, he was then suddenly attacked out of nowhere. As he turned around to see what was attacking he was very surprised to see that the intruder was a look alike him. The Impostor FlamingoMask then kicked FlamingoMask down to the ground, then tying him up with some rope before then shoving him into the fridge. The Impostor FlamingoMask then flew out of the building and then contacted Gevaudan of his work, before then heading out to complete his mission.

Later on, as Cotton went to the fridge to get something, a almost frozen FlamingoMask then fell down to the floor, confusing Cotton. FlamingoMask asked Cotton to unthaw him as he would explain to her what had happened and that there was trouble that he had to attend to. Meanwhile in Yokohama, WolfMask had arrived and was now fighting against both the Imitation FlamingoMask and Gevaudan himself. As the Imitation FlamingoMask was about to tackle WolfMask, all of a sudden a beam of light was shot down at the impostor FlamingoMask, revealing that the real FlamingoMask had arrived; FlamingoMask then explained on what had happened to him to WolfMask.

The fight then resumed, with WolfMask now fighting against Gevaudan and FlamingoMask fighting against his impostor. FlamingoMask then shot his light beam against the fake FlamingoMask, destroying the fake's disguise and revealing his true from. The fake FlamingoMask was then revealed to be a shape-shifting reptilian kaijin known as Salamander. Enraged that his cover had been blown, Salamander then lashed out his whip against FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask dodged.

Salamander then breathed a stream of flames at FlamingoMask, which was pretty intense for FlamingoMask. Salamander advanced closer forwards in an attempt to scorch FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask then flew up and got out his Wrecking Flail, thrashing it against Salamander. Salamander was hit badly by the Wrecking Flail and fought back by lashing his whip against FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask and Salamander then got into a duel between his flail and Salamander's whip. The fight between the two then changed into punching and kicking at each other for a while, up until WolfMask went Shadow Soul on Gevaudan, creating a big explosion that also sent Salamander back before he could strike FlamingoMask again.

FlamingoMask was almost caught in the explosion but then created a light shield to protect himself and then stood his ground. After a badly damaged Gevaudan and Salamander retreated, FlamingoMask thanked WolfMask for his help. WolfMask then explained a little bit of the Shadow Soul technique to FlamingoMask and then said he would show him how he could use it, but first, the two both needed some rest before they could do it. FlamingoMask suggested that they should go to this place, which WolfMask was okay with. FlamingoMask then flew slowly to his place, with WolfMask riding his motorcycle, following him close behind.

A New Technique? Power of the Shadow Soul!

As WolfMask and FlamingoMask arrived at FlamingoMask's place, there they went up to FlamingoMask's room to practice the Shadow Soul technique. FlamingoMask asked WolfMask if it would hurt, to which WolfMask answered that it might, but even then, it wouldn't hurt that bad. WolfMask then demonstrated the Shadow Soul technique to FlamingoMask, beginning by spreading his feet lightly, tightening fists and tensing muscles lightly, closing eyes, a a silvery-black glowing outline shape around his body. WolfMask's body was covered in a large, raging and sharp black aura, as silver outlined the aura with thick, dense white electricity surging as well.

FlamingoMask watched and learned. As WolfMask powered down, WolfMask then suggested some training for FlamingoMask to do before entering Shadow Soul; which FlamingoMask agreed to do. FlamingoMask felt a little nervous about it, but was determined; FlamingoMask then spread his feet out lightly, tensed his muscles and then began to focus. FlamingoMask focused as best as he could, as he really wanted to find the spark and feel it. The spark as if it's powerful and electric-like, as it revealed itself more in FlamingoMask's closed vision. FlamingoMask then powered up.

FlamingoMask transformed, a massive, raging and sharp reddish-pink aura bursts around his body, with dense black electricity, having now accessed Shadow Soul. FlamingoMask could feel a massive boost in all of his stats, feeling powerful...but also felt a stinging pain that's longing on, as he was having strain maintaining the form. FlamingoMask then practiced some movements in the form, punching and kicking in the air. While practicing it some more, WolfMask began to tell FlamingoMask about the properties of the Shadow Soul technique, even pointing it out that it could be dangerous if not powered down in time; WolfMask said to FlamingoMask to use the form wisely.

WolfMask then said to FlamingoMask that he could drop out of the form now if he wished to; to which FlamingoMask then powered down from the form, as he was beginning to feel exhausted. FlamingoMask landed down to the ground, panting. WolfMask then patted FlamingoMask on the shoulder, congratulating him. FlamingoMask thanked WolfMask and then went up to get some rest.

Terror of Mazarius

Main article: Terror of Mazarius.

Project Spartan

Later on, FlamingoMask talked to the Units about his battle with the Choju a few nights ago where he, WolfMask and SquidMask had to fight them off. Sagiri responded that that sounded like a weird trip, to which FlamingoMask said was something of an understatement. As FlamingoMask talked the Units some more though, a giant splash could then be heard, followed up by several loud metallic noises; a giant nuclear submarine mecha had arrived to wreak havoc. It's name was Spartans TC. FlamingoMask was puzzled as to what it was, to which Sagiri answered him. According to Sagiri, Spartans TC was a scrapped GDF mecha that was made over a decade ago. Why it was attacking the city or why it was active again was unknown to her however.

FlamingoMask knew what he had to do. FlamingoMask then flew up and grew to giant size to better combat Spartans TC; as FlamingoMask prepared to fight against Spartans TC though, he was then shot in the back by an energy ray. As he turned around, he saw another giant mecha appear to combat against him; it was Spartans GX and it was being piloted by two of the Mecha Gang's top men, Bullets and Iron Jack. Spartans GX and Spartans TC began to open laser fire at FlamingoMask, causing FlamingoMask to get caught up in the crossfire.

Luckily though, help was on the way, as then Kamen Rider Ex-Aid appeared to assist FlamingoMask in the fight against the two Spartan robots. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid went to fight Spartans GX, while FlamingoMask went to fight against Spartans TC. FlamingoMask then went up and used Flamingo Chop against Spartans TC's head, which caused FlamingoMask some pain. FlamingoMask fought back by then kicking at Spartans TC, followed up by firing a light beam against him; causing Spartans TC to stagger back. Spartans TC then drew out his Ball and Chain, swinging it towards FlamingoMask.

FlamingoMask barely dodged the Ball and Chain; Spartans TC kept swinging his Ball and Chain against FlaingoMask around and around, like a tornado. FlamingoMask retaliated by getting out his Wrecking Flail; causing the two to get locked into a duel between their Ball and Chain and Wrecking Flail. Spartans TC then fired a barrage of lasers from his chest at FlaingoMask, causing FlamingoMask to flail around. Spartans TC then ran in and kicked FlamingoMask in the gut. After Spartans GX's destruction, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid arrived to help FlamingoMask; punching at Spartans TC in the gut are hard.

FlamingoMask regrouped with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and together they fought against Spartans TC. Spartans TC then fired lasers at both FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid; to which FlamingoMask got in the way of the lasers blasts and shielded Kamen Rider Ex-Aid from the blasts. Spartans TC then advanced towards the two and then unleashed his secret weapon. Spartans TC launched out the missile on his chest into the air; it was a Atomic Grenade. Both Ex-Aid and Sagiri realized that it was a bomb, and Sagiri pointed out that they should have to deactivate/destroy it fast as if they were to fail to stop the bomb, then Yokohama could be obliterated.

Ex-Aid then told FlamingoMask that he should deal with the Atomic Grenade, while Ex-Aid himself would take care of Spartans TC. FlamingoMask agreed to do so and then flew up in the air to stop the bomb. After a long chase with the Atomic Grenade and Spartan TC's destruction, Ex-Aid then decided to help FlamingoMask further by then throwing him at the Atomic Grenade, finally getting him to reach the grenade. FlamingoMask then performed a supercharged Flamingo Kick against the Atomic Grenade, sending the Atomic Grenade zipping into the space and causing it to explode far away from them. FlamingoMask and Ex-Aid cheered, then struck victorious poses.

FlamingoMask and Ex-Aid then returned back to ground, with both of them thanking each other for their help. FlamingoMask then flew home to the Units and then walked away with them.

The King of Missiles

A week later, FlamingoMask and the Units rode in their big tour van and traveled to nearby Kagoshima. FlamingoMask lay relaxing ontop of the parked tour van, but then the sounds of missiles going off in the city could then be heard from afar. Realizing the danger, FlamingoMask then flew into the city of Kagoshima to see what was going on. As FlamingoMask flew in and arrived there, there he saw a giant robot completely armed with cannons and missiles known as Beam Missile King. FlamingoMask commented on how he was fighting yet another giant robot when he had previously fought two last week.

FlamingoMask then landed down next to Beam Missile King, growing into kaiju size. Beam Missile King turned around to face FlamingoMask and boasted that his missiles and cannons were the deadliest and most effective around. Beam Missile King then said he would blow up the city with his arsenal. FlamingoMask then got into battle position and fought against Beam Missile King. Beam Missile King started off the fight by launching his arm cannons at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask dodged.

Beam Missile King had more tricks up his sleeves however, so he then fired his Shoulder Missiles at FlamingoMask; creating major explosions in front of him. FlamingoMask rolled out of the way to avoid the explosions, but then Beam Missile King followed it up by blasting his arm cannons again at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask staggering back. Then all of a sudden loud footsteps could be heard coming from the sea. A large shadowy figured emerged from the seas, revealing it to be BirthGoji. BirthGoji roared, his roar could be heard around the area, gaining FlamingoMask's and Beam Missile King's attention. Beam Missile King however then revealed his Mega Launcher on his back, firing a large barrage of missiles at both FlamingoMask and BirthGoji.

Luckily, FlamingoMask created a shield made up of light energy in time and ran in front of BirthGoji, protecting both himself and BirthGoji from the missiles; the missiles exploded around them instead and set fire to a few buildings. BirthGoji then told FlamingoMask to put the flames on the buildings out, as he would take care of Beam Missile King; FlamingoMask agreed to do so and put out the fire. BirthGoji and Beam Missile King then fought each other for a while, it being an explosive fight.

After taking care of the fires, FlamingoMask returned back to fight Beam Missile King, by firing a beam of light directly at Beam Missile King, sending him staggering backwards. FlamingoMask then got next to BirthGoji, ready to combat Beam Missile King together. Beam Missile King wasn't down yet though, and as he got up he then unleashed his secret weapon; the Giant Missiles. Beam Missile King then launched two big missile from his chest at the two. BirthGoji decided to take the hit for FlamingoMask this time, and got in the way of the missiles.

BirthGoji roared in pain from the missiles, chunks of his chest were missing and burned, but he at least was beginning to heal. Beam Missile King bragged about his missiles once more, to which FlamingoMask and BirthGoji both fired a light beam and an atomic blast at him; causing sparks and flares to go about on Beam Missile King. Beam Missile King was baffled, he thought his missiles would have destroyed them; to which FlamingoMask told Beam Missile King that it didn't matter on how strong the weapons were, but the one holding the weapons. Beam Missile King then snapped and went guns a blazing, firing is leg and shoulder cannons at the two.

BirthGoji then walked through the missiles and cannon fire and grabbed Beam Missile King by the head; FlamingoMask concentrated his light energy. BirthGoji then lifted Beam Missile King up in the air and slammed him into the ground, sending some rocks flying from the force of the impact. FlamingoMask then threw a powerful light orb at Beam Missile King, utterly thrashing him. Beam Missile King then got back up, smoke coming off of him and he was badly damaged; Beam Missile King forfeited. BirthGoji then grabbed Beam Missile King and then threw him into towards the ocean, making a big splash and defeating Beam Missile King.

FlamingoMask struck a victorious pose and BirthGoji roared victoriously; FlamingoMask then thanked BirthGoji. Afterwards, then BirthGoji left, heading back into the waters and FlamingoMask flew off and headed back to his relaxation time.

Lights Out for FlamingoMask

A few nights later, FlamingoMask was out reading a book to himself, when then all of a sudden the sounds of something flying by fast could be heard. FlamingoMask then stopped reading the book and then went outside to investigate. All was quiet up until a flying attacker swooped in and knocked him back down to the ground; causing FlamingoMask to roll over. FlamingoMask got back up, but then the flying attacker flew back and fired a barrage of poisonous needles at FlamingoMask. Luckily FlamingoMask flew out of the way in time and then flew in the air to combat against the flying attacker as well. The flying attack was then revealed to be a assassin kaijin known as Bat Sister and was a kajin sent by Iron Jack to kill him.

FlamingoMask then fired a light beam against Bat Sister, only to find out that it did nothing against her. FlamingoMask then fired another light beam against Bat Sister, but once again it did nothing. FlamingoMask then hurled a light orb against Bat Sister, but all this did was annoy her. FlamingoMask then landed down to avoid crashing into Bat Sister, where he was then greeted by the Units. Ayame asked FlamingoMask as to what was was going on, due to how he kept firing so many light beams, which got their attention. Sagiri then scanned Bat Sister to get some answers. After she was finished scanning, Sagiri revealed to FlamingoMask that Bat Sister was blind, therefore his light attacks could not affect her. Sagiri suggested that FlamingoMask should find other ways to take her down.

Bat Sister then sprayed her poisonous gas at FlamingoMask and the Units; causing the five to leap away from. As they avoided the poison gas though, Bat Sister then got away from them and then flew into the city, wreaking havoc. FlamingoMask knew that she was very dangerous enough, so FlamingoMask and the Units then ran into the city to combat Bat Sister. Bat Sister wreaked havoc by spraying her poison gas in the air and blowing up many vehicles with her poison needles, as well as scaring off many civilians. Before Bat Sister could do any more damage though, FlamingoMask and the Units then appeared to stop her.

The Units then combated against Bat Sister for a while, until FlamingoMask charged in and got out his Wrecking Flail, bashing it back and forth against Bat Sister. Bat Sister retaliated by slashing her claws against FlamingoMask's chest, making FlamingoMask stagger back. The Units then continued to fight against Bat Sister some more. FlamingoMask was out of the fight for a while, up until he then defended the Units from Bat Sister before she could tackled them. Ayame then launched a barrage of energy arrows at Bat Sister, further pummeling her and sending her flying back. As Bat Sister began to slowly rise up, FlamingoMask then ran at Bat Sister at high speeds, punching and kicking against her before then throwing her in the air, allowing the Units to deliver the last blow against the kaijin.

Unica and Ayame then both fired their Prism Beams and Energy Arrows at Bat Sister, sending Bat Sister flying far away, before then crash-landing down against a sandy area, creating a big sand explosion, defeating Bat Sister. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose, as did the Units. FlamingoMask and the Units then walked away and headed back to their place, as there work there was now done.

Crazy Smog Gas of Doom!

FlamingoMask and Sagiri were enjoying their day so far, with FlamingoMask eating ramen in a food store. But then, screams of terror could be heard coming from outside; something was going on. As FlamingoMask and Sagiri ran outside to see what it was, they found a smog monster terrorizing civilians with his smog powers; the monster was known as Smogton. FlamingoMask (as well as Sagiri) went over to stop Smogton, to which they both fought Smogton for a bit, up until Smogton then both fired rainbow eye beams at the two, sending them both down to the ground unconscious. Smogton then ran off, leaving FlamingoMask and Sagiri alone.

Cotton, Unica and Ayame then searched around for FlamingoMask and Sagiri, to which they then found the two lying on the ground unconscious; Ayame told Cotton and Unica to pick them up and take them home. Sometime later after they got them home, Cotton then woke up FlamingoMask and Sagiri up with a bucket of water. However, Ayame found out that something wasn't right about FlamingoMask or Sagiri; their eyes were psychedelic rainbow swirls! FlamingoMask then started acting crazy, swinging his Wrecking Flail around, menacing Cotton, Unica and Ayame. Apparently, Smogton's psychedelic eye beams drove both FlamingoMask and Sagiri crazy.

Cotton, Unica and Ayame prepared to fight the crazed FlamingoMask and Sagiri. FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail. Ayame was forced to use her energy crossbow and fired a weaker blast of energy arrows at FlamingoMask and Sagiri, so that it wouldn't kill them but stun them; creating a explosion in front of the two. FlamingoMask and Sagiri were quick to realize though on what they were doing and both of them leapt up and avoid the blast, Sagiri then landed down and fought against Cotton and Unica, while FlamingoMask landed down and kicked Ayame across, sending Ayame against a wall. FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail around again and then advanced towards Ayame.

FlamingoMask and Ayame then fought each other for a while, up until Ayame then threw ice cold coffee into FlamingoMask's face, making him snap out of his crazy condition. Apparently, cold liquids were what could snap them out of of their crazy state. After Sagiri was freed, FlamingoMask and the Units then worked together to track down and find Smogton. Then from out of the clouds, a loud blimp can then be seen appearing out from the skies; Smogton had arrived with an airship! FlamingoMask knew what he had to do; FlamingoMask then flew up, with Ayame flying behind with him, they headed up to fight against Smogton's airship and stop him and Bullets from polluting the air with Mad X gas.

FlamingoMask and Ayame then flew up and battled Bullets and Smogton on their blimp, doing their best to avoid Bullet's laser turret in which he was rapidly shooting at them. After FlamingoMask then destroyed Bullets's laser turret with a light beam, Ayame then fired a powerful barrage of her energy arrows at Smogton's blimp, damaging it, followed up by FlamingoMask's fully-charged Light Orb to which he hurled at the blimp, destroying the blimp and sending Bullets and Smogton flying. Smogton wasn't down with though, which FlamingoMask knew; so both he and Smogton landed down to the ground and then fought each other.

Smogton started off the battle by firing his Smog Cannon at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask back against the rocks. Smogton then ran over and punched and kicked against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask retaliated by kicking both of his legs against Smogton's chest, sending Smogton flying backwards. Smogton then got back up and then leaped up, taking off hat, and then finally firing a bunch of smog rounds from his smog cannon at FlamingoMask; creating many explosions around FlamingoMask's area. FlamingoMask flew up and then performed a flying kick against Smogton, hitting Smogton hard.

Irritated, Smogton then took out his poison gas pipe and used it to blow a stream of poison gas at FlamingoMask; to which FlamingoMask used a light-shield to block the fumes and then staggered back, getting away from the gas. FlamingoMask then threw his light shield against Smogton's head, causing Smogton to stagger back. FlamingoMask then fired another Light Beam at Smogton, but Smogton dodged it, firing his psychedelic rainbow eye darts at FlamingoMask's area, creating some explosions around them. Smogton then fired a barrage of rainbow eye darts at FlamingoMask; intent on driving him crazy again.

However, FlamingoMask knew better this time. FlamingoMask then blocked the rainbow eye darts from hitting his eyes again by using his light shield to block the blasts, and then leaped up and bashed his Wrecking Flail against Smogton over and over. As Smogton rolled over from the hits, he then began to slowly rise up. FlamingoMask then gathered light energy from his feet and then performed his Flamingo Kick move against Smogton, sending Smogton flying far aways and causing him to crash land in the waters, making a big splash and defeating Smogton. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose and flew back with the Units. FlamingoMask and the Units then walked back home, their work there now done for the day.

I Was A Teenage Coin Monster

FlamingoMask and Unica started off their day by going for a hike in the woods of Kagoshima. However, after hiking on a hill; FlamingoMask spotted trouble ahead at Kagoshima. FlamingoMask then flew over to Kasgoshima, with Unica running and following him. As they approached there, there they found the golden coin-themed assassin kaijin known as Zeni Crazy attacking the place with his group of Mecha-Mobsters. Just as Zeni Crazy was about to order his Mecha-Mobster to open fire and gun down some civilians; FlamingoMask then appeared to the scene, firing a light beam against him. Zeni Crazy looked up and spotted FlamingoMask, saying that they were expecting him; which FlamingoMask retorted that that was "they" always say to him. Zeni Crazy then raised up his gun and prepared to open fire.

FlamingoMask leaped down to the battleground and ran up, performing a standard kick against Zeni Crazy, sending Zeni Crazy down to the ground. Manwhile, Unica went over to combat the Mecha-Mobsters. Zeni Crazy got back up and retaliated by swinging his huge-head against FlamingoMask; slamming him against a brick wall. Zeni Crazy followed up with his attack by then performing a flying kick against FlamingoMask; but then FlamingoMask grabbed Zeni Crazy by the leg and swung him around and around, until he then threw Zeni Crazy down to the ground. Once Zeni Crazy got back up, he then hurled out a bomb that resembled a cartoon bomb known as a "Coin Bomb" and threw it at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask created a light shield in time to deflect the blast; the Coin Bomb then exploded, sending coins flying everywhere and making a big explosion.

FlamingoMask then met back up with Unica; who took care of some Mecha-Mobsters. Then a group of Mecha-Mobsters ran over to combat FlamingoMask and Unica; with Zeni Crazy running towards the two as well, holding out freeze gun. Zeni Crazy then blasted an icy stream of his freeze gun at both FlamingoMask and Unica. FlamingoMask then held onto Unica and then flew away from the ice stream, getting them both away from the ice stream. The blast of ice missed FlamingoMask and Unica and hit the Mecha-Mobsters instead, instantly freezing them. Irritated, Zeni Crazy then threw another one of his Coin Bombs at the two, sending both him and Unica down to the ground, but they were alright.

As the two got back up, Zeni Crazy then ran up to freeze the two with his freeze gun; but then a new opponent came into the battleground; it was another coin monster known as Kanegon. Kanegon had come to help FlamingoMask and Unica, and fought against Zeni Crazy for them for a while. After Kanegon and Zeni Crazy fought each other for a little more; FlamingoMask then came in and helped Kanegon, firing a light beam against Zeni Crazy, followed up by Unica's Prism Beam and Kanegon's spit coin used to defeat Zeni Crazy. FlamingoMask then defeated Zeni Crazy by using his Flamingo Kick attack, sending Zeni Crazy flying elsewhere before then crash-landing, defeating Zeni Crazy. FlamingoMask then thanked Unica and Kanegon for their help. After Kanegon left, FlamingoMask and Unica then turned around and headed back him, there work their done for today.

The Amazing Spider-Man and the Flamingo of Light vs. The Terrible Cyborg

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The Flamingo of Justice vs. The Warrior of the Forgotten

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FlamingoMask and the Smoke Warrior vs. Fiery Prince Krizalid

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Brutal Match of The Cruel Dealer

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Web of Deception

After getting pat his dream fights, FlamingoMask looked around to find the Units, but they were missing. Realizing they had gone somewhere else. FlamingoMask flew away and traveled to find them, only then to discover that they had been fighting against two Decepticons known as Blackarachnia and Waspinator, the latter haven kidnapped Cotton and Unica. FlamingoMask arrived to the jungle just in the middle of the Units and Waspinator and Blackarachnia's fight. FlamingoMask shot a beam of light towards the two 'Cons and challenged Blackarachnia. FlamingoMask charged towards Blackarachnia, meanwhile the four Units fought against Waspinator.

FlamingoMask punched and kicked against Blackarachnia, only for Blackarachnia to do the same. Blackarachnia then shot a web at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask then blasted the web with a light beam, cancelling the attack. Blackarachnia rammed against FlamingoMask and then punched him in the stomach, hitting him hard. Blackarchnia followed up on this by then kicking across the face, causing him to stagger back. Blackarachnia swung down one of her bladed stingers towards FlamingoMask's head, to which FlamingoMask saw it incoming and created a light shield to block the attack; halting Blackarachnia's stingers. FlamingoMask then bashed his Light Shield against Blackarachnia's face, causing Blackarachnia to stagger backwards and then followed up on it by punching Blackarachnia with Flamingo Punch.

Blackrachnia kicked FlamingoMask against a tree and then leaped at him, about to slash him with her claws. FlamingoMask then blasted his light beam against Blackarachnia, catching Blackarachnia up in a big bright explosion. FlamingoMask got back aways from the tree and looked around...Blackarachnia was nowhere to be found it seemed. Blackarachnia then appeared sliding upside down from a web, looks in front of FlamingoMask's face; she said that this wouldn't be the last of her and then took off, web-slinging elsewhere. FlamingoMask then turned around and regrouped back with the Units; with that, the five of them took off and headed back home, as their work there was now done.

Garden of Flames

FlamingoMask appeared in New York to assist the cowboy Shadowblood known as Rash to combat against Pirazumon and his group of Mecha-Mobsters. FlamingoMask met up with Rash and introduced himself to him. Rash was a bit baffled, as he wasn't aware that their were more "Shadowfolk" on the planet other than him. Pirazumon then ordered his Mecha-Mobsters to attack FlamingoMask and Rash; the Mecha-Mobsters then got out flamethrowers and torched at the two Shadowbloods. Rash shot a blast of golden electricity from his hands, causing a loud, authentic thunder-on-ground sound as the robots are suddenly completely disabled. Many Mecha-Mobsters were taken down in the process.

More Mecha-Mobsters rushed in; to which Rash immediately shot more blasts of electricity at them, disabling them again. Rash then motioned his hands, as the fallen robots immediately explode. FlamingoMask crouched down, blasting away more Mecha-Mobsters with light beam, helping out Rash. Then from out of nowhere, a monstrous shark demon suddenly entered the vicinity, roaring and waving his cleaver like a berserker. Hammerhead charged at Rash, lunging and snapping; Rash avoided the assaults, backflipping and moving around with his speed; Rash told FlamingoMask that he would handle the shark demon while he told FlamingoMask to take care of Pirazumon.

FlamingoMask performed a flying kick against Pirazumon, however Pirazumon grabbed FlamingoMask by the legs with his tendrils and threw him across a building wall. Pirazumon then raised out a staff, blasting gunfire from it against FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask rolled out of the way from. FlamingoMask got back up and hurled a Light Orb against Pirazumon, causing some sparks coming off of Pirazumon as he staggers back. Pirazumon sprayed a stream of mist from his mouth, spraying it across some vehicles, melting them instantly; FlamingoMask then generated a light shield to block the mist.

Pirazumon had more tricks up his sleeve however and then sent out a few of his tendrils against FlamingoMask, lashing at him like whips, lashing FlamingoMask in the face. Pirazumon followed this up by blasting fireballs from his mouth against FlamingoMask; causing FlamingoMask to fly back aways. Pirazumon then used his tendrils vines to constrict on FlamingoMask's limbs causing FlamingoMask great pain; FlamingoMask struggled to break free from Pirazumon's grasp. FlamingoMask managed to get his left arm freed though and then punched at one of Pirazumon's tendrils. FlamingoMask then followed up on this by blasting a light beam at Pirazumon's mouth, causing Pirazumon to fly backwards.

FlamingoMask then threw three Light Orbs around Pirazumon's area, creating a few explosions around him. As Pirazumon rose back up, Pirazumon then hurled his tendrils against him, thwacking them against him like hard whips; Pirazumon lashed his tendrils against FlamingoMask, lashing out on him repeatedly and violently. Eventually, Pirazumon's lashing became too much for FlamingoMask; as FlamingoMask then got out his Wrecking Flail and then swung it against the tendrils, slicing them through. Pirazumon reeled his tendrils back and screeched, blasting seed bombs against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask flew up away from the seed bombs; the seed bombs then exploded, creating some explosions behind him.

FlamingoMask then bashed at Pirazumon, punching and kicking against him repeatedly before then finishing him off by using his Flamingo Kick; sending Pirazumon flying aways and crash-landing elsewhere, defeating him. After defeating Pirazumon, FlamingoMask flew over to Rash to see how he did against the shark demon, to which Rash's fight with the shark demon turned out to have ended in a stalemate, but FlamingoMask congratulated and thanked Rash anyways. With that, Rash and FlamingoMask then went their separate ways, taking off into the sunset.

The Wrath of Garbage Monster Pt. 1

When FlamingoMask and Ayame were in the middle of a conversation; FlamingoMask decided that both of them should go out for a "free flight"; as he stated that he hasn't had any time for those ever since he went to Yokohama. FlamingoMask and Ayame spent some time in the air flying and conversating for a while but it was quickly interrupted by a building exploding out of nowhere, followed by another one exploding. Out from the destruction came out Garbage Monster! FlamingoMask flew down and regrouped with the Units. Sagiri quickly informed FlamingoMask on about who Garbage Monster was; to which FlamingoMask initially dismissed Garbage Monster as a run-of-the-mill monster on the lose. His mind changed however when Garbage Monster defeated Gekkoku 4 quickly, surprising him. FlamingoMask decided that he would fight against Garbage Monster, but only that he would fight him, as he didn't want the Units to get hurt. FlamingoMask then flew up to fight Garbage Monster.

FlamingoMask challenged Garbage Monster and flew towards him; Garbage Monster got out his wrist blades and flew towards him as well. Garbage Monster slashed FlamingoMask with wrist blades, to which FlamingoMask then fired a light beam against Garbage Monster; sending Garbage Monster against a building. Garbage Monster flew out and then flew right at FlamingoMask, punching him against the stomach. FlamingoMask then used his Flamingo Chop against Garbage Monster, but it didn't work; Garbage Monster then blasted some Debris Spits against FlamingoMask's face, temporarily blinding him. Garbage Monster then performed a flying kick at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask crashing into several buildings.

FlamingoMask retaliated by shooting three Light Orbs around Garbage Monster, creating a major explosion and catching him within it. FlamingoMask took out his Wrecking Flail and swung it around, then bashing his Wrecking Flail against Garbage Monster several times. Garbage Monster flew towards FlamingoMask and grabbed him, then throwing him down against the ground hard. FlamingoMask got back up, he then fired his Light Beam again, though this time at Garbage Monster's face, causing Garbage Monster to stagger back. FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster were then locked into a powerful duel; as they punched and kicked against each other, each attack creating multiple shockwaves.

FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster then both punched each other at the same time, creating a major shock blast that sent them both flying back. FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster then both got back up and hurled their Light Beams and Debris Spits against each other; but both were evenly matched. FlamingoMask then blasted out a powerful light beam against Garbage Monster, while Garbage Monster blasts out a powerful Debris Stream against FlamingoMask; both of their beams collided at the same time, creating a beam fight. The two both applied pressure to their own beams for a while, only for both beams to explode on them, creating an even bigger explosion and draining them off of their energy for a bit. FlamingoMask was sent flying against the woods, while Garbage Monster was sent crashing into the waters.

Garbage Monster flew out of the sea and then fought FlamingoMask in the woods; FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail against him. Garbage Monster striked his wrist blades down and with one lucky swipe, Garbage Monster then knocked FlamingoMask's Wrecking Flail clean off from his hands, sending the Wrecking Flail flying and crash-landing against some more trees. Garbage Monster then began to wail against FlamingoMask, before then finally finishing it with by blasting explosives around FlamingoMask and sending him falling into a pit, to which Garbage Monster then fired his Debris Stream in the crater, trapping FlamingoMask and "drowning" him in a pit full of garbage. Out of energy and very exhausted, FlamingoMask then passed out, knocked out unconscious due to how much damage he had gotten from Garbage Monster's beatings. Garbage Monster began to celebrate on defeating FlamingoMask, but he was cut short as the Romanian GDF force arrived and began to bombard him. Garbage Monster then flew away and retreated as fast as he could. The Units looked over FlamingoMask's unconscious body and worried for him; but luckily the reinforcements had arrived...

The Wrath of Garbage Monster Pt. 2

Sometime later; after Garbage Monster's defeat by the combined efforts of Machine G and Kiryu, Machine G then traveled to Kagoshima to rescue FlamingoMask from his garbage trap. Machine G pulled out FlamingoMask from the pit of garbage and put him aside, then destroying the garbage pit. FlamingoMask got back up and wiped the garbage off of him and thanked Machine G; but didn't know who "he" was. Machine G was then revealed to have been piloted by the Units; which both surprised and amazed him. FlamingoMask congratulated the Units for saving him and defeating Garbage Monster. With that, FlamingoMask and Machine G then both flew off into the sunset, heading elsewhere.

Disco Earthquake

FlamingoMask appeared to combat both Disco Megalon and a new monster Guruguran, who was creating earthquakes in the city. FlamingoMask fired a light beam at Guruguran to stop his earthquakes, only for Disco Megalon then to fly in and Disco Bombs at him. As FlamingoMask got back, a series of bright lights then appeared, out from the bright lights was a new hero who came to help him; her name was Lucah Whitepaws. FlamingoMask went over to fight Disco Megalon, while Lucah went over to fight Guruguran.

Disco Megalon blasted some more Disco Beams and Disco Bombs against FlamingoMask; to which FlamingoMask flew up and retaliated by using Flamingo Chop against Disco Megalon. Disco Megalon then blasted another Disco Bomb at him, causing FlamingoMask to be hit badly and fall against the ground. FlamingoMask got back up and took out his Wrecking Flail, and hurled it at Disco Megalon, to which Disco Megalon then whipped out his own flail, but it was disco-ball themed, which was something that FlamingoMask had to admit was pretty cool.

As FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail the same time as Disco Megalon swung his, Disco Megalon then revealed his flail could shoot multicolored beams from his disco ball flail; to which FlamingoMask flew away from to avoid them. FlamingoMask flew down, performing a flying kick against Disco Megalon; causing Disco Megalon to be hit hard and to drop his disco ball flail. FlamingoMask landed down, hurling a Light Orb down against Disco Megalon's area, creating some explosions around him and causing all of his Disco Bombs explode on him from the Light Orb's explosion.

FlamingoMask then repeatedly punched against Disco Megalon, sending out rainbow sparks everywhere up until FlamingoMask then defeated Disco Megalon by blasting a powerful beam of light against him; striking him down and causing him to explode into cassette tapes and disco balls. After Guruguran was defeated and burrowed away as well, FlamingoMask striked a victorious pose while Lucah slashed an arc in the air, making a bunch of fireworks that spell out "LUCAH AND FLAMINGOMASK RULE!"; which FlamingoMask complimented as being a neat trick.

Monkey Business 

FlamingoMask was flying around one early morning at Okutama, until then he heard a distress call coming from the forest. FlamingoMask looked around, searching where it was coming from and also met up with the Ghidoran-themed warrior hero Captain Ghidorah. FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah soon came across a shiny spaceship, to which a small and colorful alien popped out of it. The little strange alien then began to speak to them, at first in unintelligible nonsense but then spoke in English to better talk to them. Pea-san introduced himself to the two, and then gave them an assignment. Pea-san told them his story that he had had been traveling and had captured the giant space ape known as Pakki, but unfortunately he crash-landed, meaning Pakki had escaped.

Pea-san then told the two that he couldn't track Pakki down either, as his tracking device was busted from the crash. So FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah would have to find Pakki on their own. FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah then flew into the city of Okutama, looking for Pakki. As FlamingoMask was scanning the area however, it didn't take them long to discover Pakki, who had ambushed the two of them and roared loudly. FlamingoMask twirled and then changed into giant size to better combat the giant space ape. Pakki leaped up and shot his fire breath at FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah, sweeping it against the two.

Captain Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams against Pakki, to which Pakki leaped away from and kicked against Captain Ghidorah, following it up by pounding his fists against him. Captain Ghidorah uppercut Pakki, sending Pakki back. FlamingoMask then fired his Light Beam against Pakki, further causing Pakki to crash against a building. As FlamingoMask punched Pakki and Captain Ghidorah fired some Electric Balls against him, Pea-san then telepathically communicated to FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah stating he was quickly repairing his spaceship as they fought Pakki. He told the two to hold off Pakki some more, as he would soon get to recapture Pakki once his ship was fixed. FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah agreed and continued to fight Pakki head on.

Pakki then climbed ontop of a building and then jumped down, pouncing down at the two and then blasting his fire breath against some buildings, setting them on fire. Captain Ghidorah then transformed into his Ghidorah form and flapped his wings, causing an earthquake to go off, followed up by FlamingoMask hurling some Light Orbs against Pakki, creating some explosions around his area. Pakki rolled over and then got back up, lifting a building and throwing it at the two. Captain Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams at the building, destroying it. FlamingoMask then got out his Wrecking Flail and swung it around fast.

Pakki blasted his fire breath at FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask managed to leap out of the way from it in time, then bashing the flail against him. Infuriated, Pakki then leaped up, preparing to tackle FlamingoMask. Captain Ghidorah's X mark glowed golden and then shot his Omega Gravity beam at Pakki, followed up by FlamingoMask blasting a powerful Light Beam against Pakki; sending Pakki crashing against several buildings, knocking him out unconscious, defeating him. FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah both struck victorious poses.

Soon Pea-san came back and beamed Pakki back into his ship, recapturing the giant space ape. Pea-san then thanked FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah for helping him and then flew off. FlamingoMask and Captain Ghidorah waved goodbye to Pea-san and then congratulated each other. With that, FlamingoMask then flew up and went back to Kagoshima, his work in Okutama now being done.

The Grand Return of Neo Bagan

FlamingoMask flew in to Tokyo to fight against Neo Bagan, who was in the process of destroying the city. FlamingoMask fought against Neo Bagan, but the was brutally underpowered against him. Luckily, FlamingoMask did not come in alone as Machine G appeared, piloted by the Units to assist him. Neo Bagan fired his darkness cannons against FlamingoMask, to which Machine G blasted it's maser beams against him at the same time, followed by FlamingoMask shooting his light beam against them. Neo Bagan staggered back, but had one ace up his sleeve; Neo Destoroyah! Neo Destoroyah ran up and attacked Machine G.

Suddenly four new combatants arrived to the scene; two Gojirans who came out from a portal known as MIB Godzilla and MIB LegendaryGoji, the insect monster Neo Megaguirus and finally Mighty! FlamingoMask commented that this was something you don't see everyday and then went over to help MIB Godzilla fight against Neo Bagan. FlamingoMask flew in and punched and kicked against Neo Bagan quickly and then used his Flamingo Chop against him. Neo Bagan blocked some of the kicks and punches, and retaliated with his atomic pulse. FlamingoMask and MIB Godilla were sent back; Neo Bagan then got his light blade and was about to slash them, to which FlamingoMask hurled a light orb against the light blade, creating a small explosion.

Neo Bagan then roared so loud, that it blew everyone away, sans Neo Megagurius and Neo Destoroyah. FlamingoMask was blown away by the attack and sent down. Neo Bagan then let a yellow orb of gravitational energy fly up and gather the heroes around it, sucking them in. It seemed the heroes were done for at first...up until Mighty appeared, riding a motorcycle and threw a blue turtle shell, causing it to explode on Neo Megaguirus and Neo Destoroyah, defeating the two mutant monsters swiftly. As Neo Megaguirus and Neo Destoroyah fled, Mighty then entered his Muteki form and then Mighty Kicked against Neo Bagan at full force, defeating Neo Bagan.

Neo Bagan then flew off into space, swearing that his revenge wasn't over yet. FlamingoMask then got back up and celebrated their victory and thanked Mighty, MIB Godzilla and MIB LegendaryGoji for helping them. As those three left, FlamingoMask and Machine G then flew up in the air and took off, as Tokyo was now safe.

What In Tarnation!? Rise of the Eco-Crushers!

A few days later after the Tokyo incident, FlamingoMask was relaxing at Kagoshima on one afternoon when all of a sudden two villains known as Mudaana and Hakais began to attack his area. FlamingoMask went up and flew towards them; to which Mudaana taunted him and Hakais threatened him with "environmental destruction". Needless to say, FlamingoMask wasn't impressed by the two's threats. Then from out of the blue, Garbage Monster then bursted out from behind some buildings, getting ready to fight against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask recognized Garbage Monster from their last encounter, to which Garbage Monster also rubbed it in on the fact that the last time they met, he defeated FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask brought up to Garbage Monster that he himself was defeated by the Units, but Garbage Monster didn't want to hear it anymore and then ordered Mudaana and Hakais to take FlamingoMask down.

Mudaana started off the attack by shooting some fireballs from her staff at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask dodged. Hakais then fired his Eco-Destruction Ray at FlamingoMask, to which it sent FlamingoMask crashing against some buildings. FlamingoMask then got back up however and then blasted Hakais back with his Light Beam, sending Hakais against a wall. Mudaana then threatened FlamingoMask and then regrouped with Hakais, both of them running and shooting their attacks at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was hit by the attacks but then FlamingoMask generated one powerful light orb against Mudaana and Hakais, sending them flying against a building and swiftly defeating them, much to Garbage Monster's disappointment.

FlamingoMask then flew over to fight C-Rex, Garbage Monster and Neo Obsidius. C-Rex wrapped one of his tendrils around one of FlamingoMask's foot, then lifted him up and smashed him down on the ground. FlamingoMask chopped at C-Rex with Flamingo Chop, sending C-Rex staggering back, following it up by firing a light beam around C-Rex's area, creating some explosions. C-Rex charged through the explosions, ramming against FlamingoMask hard. C-Rex followed up his attack by firing a stream of hot, sticky tar against FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask generated a light shield to protect himself from the hot tar.

As the light shield depleted, FlamingoMask then shot a Light Beam at C-Rex, sending C-Rex staggering back. C-Rex then went over to refuel his energy with by consuming some tar that was nearby. FlamingoMask then leaped up in the air and hurled explosive light orbs at Garbage Monster, Neo Obsidius and C-Rex, sending Garbage Monster flying against a building and defeating him. C-Rex and Neo Obsidius were still standing however and were now furious.

C-Rex and Neo Obsidius then both ganged up against FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask kicked and swung his Wrecking Flail against the two, but FlamingoMask was outmatched. Suddenly, very loud footsteps could be heard from the ocean, the ground literally started to shake as a large figure approached; it was Neo Godzilla 2014! Neo Godzilla 2014 slammed his massive tail into the ground, then lifting it up and spinning around, slamming his tail into C-Rex and sending him flying against a building. FlamingoMask regrouped with Neo Godzilla 2014 and then hurled another explosive light orb against C-Rex, followed up by performing his Flamingo Kick against C-Rex, defeating C-Rex.

After Neo Obsidius and C-Rex both retreated, FlamingoMask struck a victorious pose and Neo Godzilla 2014 roared victoriously. FlamingoMask thanked Neo Godzilla 2014 for his help and the two of them then both went their separate ways.

Hell Forged

Main article: Hell Forged.

The Blizzard Amazon vs. The Flamingo of Justice and the Units 

Sometime after their encounter with the Odd Gojiran and Darkspace MOGUERA; FlamingoMask and the Units were then challenged by a new Amazon known as Kamen Rider Amazon Beta, who had trespassed on their home grounds. FlamingoMask went outside to deal with him, to which he and Kamen Rider Amazon Beta then fought against each other. All four Units came outside to assist when Kamen Rider Amazon Beat got brutal against FlamingoMask.

When the Units were beginning to get brutally beaten up by Kamen Rider Amazon Beta himself, FlamingoMask flew back in, firing an explosive Light Orb down at Kamen Rider Amazon Beat before then leaping down. FlamingoMask then flew forwards and punched Kamen Rider Amazon Beta in the face hard, but it did not wear down Kamen Rider Amazon Beta. Kamen Rider Amazon Beta then rapidly kicked at FlamingoMask's body, hurdling FlamingoMask down to the ground.

As Kamen Rider Amazon Beta prepared to use his finisher, FlamingoMask gathered light energy within his feet and ran, his feet glowing as he ran and then performed a flying kick against Kamen Rider Beta. The collision, thus, despite the increase in their power during their finishers, was too much force together, knocking them both back immediately. FlamingoMask was flown back with the Units, laying there seemingly unconscious and out of energy. Kamen Rider Amazon Beta glared at the Units and FlamingoMask, and then left for the time being, due to the finisher having effecting him as well. FlamingoMask slowly rose back up, along with the Units, and then the five turn back to where they were at; they being beaten bad and utterly exhausted.

Dr. Cube Invades L.A.

Later on, Machine G appeared in Los Angeles along with FlamingoMask to stop Dr. Cube's forces from invading the city. Machine G went over and fought Napalean. Napalean fired his sleep spittle at FlamingoMask before then ramming against Machine G. Machine G was rammed against a building but then got back up and rushed towards Napalean. Napalean rolled towards Machine G, planning to knock it to the ground. Machine G then blasted it's missiles and Twin Maser Cannons at Napalean; knocking Napalean back into a building, and forcefully ejecting it from its armor, down for the count. FlamingoMask then briefly did battle with Dr. Cube/Super Dimensional Slug One, before then defeating it. Following Dr. Cube/Super Dimensional Slug One's defeat, Machine G and FlamingoMask were victorious and then flew back to Kagoshima.

The Blazing Monster Typhoon

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City of Fire and Violence

FlamingoMask appeared in San Antonio to help Gamera fight against the evil Alien Metron and his minion Arigera. FlamingoMask flew in and shot his Flamingo Beam against Alien Metron, stopping Metron before he could shoot Gamera. FlamingoMask and Alien Metron charged at each other, FlamingoMask chopped at Alien Metron on the head, sending Alien Metron staggering back. Alien Metron then kicked against FlamingoMask's chest in retaliation, hitting FlamingoMask hard. FlamingoMask then shot another Flamingo Beam at Alien Metron, sending Metron flying against a building.

Then from out of nowhere, a green mist then filled the area; something then blasting at FlamingoMask, making him dizzy and sending him down to the ground; Gamma PRGoji had arrived! Gamma PRGoji charged forward and slashed FlamingoMask across the arm with his scythe-like hand, followed up by Alien Metron firing powerful fireballs against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask tried to prevent the attacks by using his Light Shield, but Metron's fireballs broke the shield, causing Gamma PRGoji to slash FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was hit badly and then rolled over; then throwing his damaged light shield at Gamma PRGoji.

Gamma PRGoji fired a rather smokey (but still concentrated) beam of energy at FlamingoMask's face; FlamingoMask staggered back, taking the hit hard and doing his best to cover his face. Then all of a sudden, Gamma PRGoji vanished? FlamingoMask looked around, searching for where the Antevserse-Gojiran might have went. Gamma PRGoji then reappeared and slashed FlamingoMask in the back, sparks flying off of his back and sending him against a building. In retaliation, FlamingoMask then crouched down and hurled some Flamingo Orbs at Gamma PRGoji; Gamma PRGoji smacked one of the orbs with his scythe hand, the other two hitting his chest, sending him sliding back.

Alien Metron ran back to FlamingoMask and shot some fireballs around FlamingoMask's area, creating some explosions around him. FlamingoMask then flew up and performed a flying punch against Gamma PRGoji. Gamma PRGoji was hit by the punch, only to return with slashing FlamingoMask across the chest. Following Arigera's defeat, FlamingoMask then regrouped with Gamera to fight against both Gamma PRGoji and Alien Metron. Gamma PRGoji then retreated, having had enough, leaving Alien Metron to fight against Gamera and FlamingoMask himself.

Alien Metron fired a barrage of fireballs against FlamingoMask and Gamera, to which several of them were blocked by both Gamera and FlamingoMask, some of them even deflected back against Alien Metron. Both Gamera and FlamingoMask then fired both of their attacks against Alien Metron; FlamingoMask shooting out Shadow Ball and Gamera firing a strong Plasma Fireball at Alien Metron, sending Alien Metron flying in the air before then crash-landing against some buildings. Alien Metron then turned into a blue energy ball and then flew away back into his spaceship, retreating. FlamingoMask struck a victorious pose and then thanked Gamera for his help; then turning around and flying away, also commenting on how weird Alien Metron was.

The Flamingo of Justice vs. The Mysterious Dark-Masked King

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The Fall of Gildefrum

Later on, FlamingoMask was among the five Shadowbloods to be recruited in RyuMask, Mainframe's and Venus's mission to strike against New Kowloon. FlamingoMask was the second to last Shaodwblood to be picked up. FlamingoMask sat along near FoxMask and Flandre Scarlet during the trip and was mostly quiet. When SquidMask claimed that he could use Hamon, FlamingoMask was doubtful of it, beielving that SquidMask was just being SquidMask. When they arrived at New Kowloon, FlamingoMask went out to fight against the guard robots once they began to gang up on SquidMask. FlamingoMask began to blast at many guard robots with his Flamingo Beams, but then one guard robot threw an entire vegetable garden at him; FlamingoMask then hurled his Wrecking Flail at the flying garden, destroying it.

FlamingoMask then participated with SquidMask in further destroying the guard robot forces, kicking and bashing his Wrecking Flail at many. FlamingoMask, SquidMask, WolfMask and Hyper! RyuMask then went over and fought against the Executioner Robot, who FlamingoMask through a few Shadow Balls against. All of the combined attacks from the Shadowbloods then collided into the beast, filling it with explosive energy....which is then unleashed as a gigantic flash and wave, the explosion and debris managing to harshly damage a good portion of the robots....but there are still far more to deal with.

FlamingoMask then charged in, doing battle with more guard robots. A majority of the guard robots were then finished off by the combined attacks of FlamingoMask's Shadow Slugger and SquidMask's Yellow Sunlight Overdrive. Afterwards, FlamingoMask and the others flew to the main building of the New Kowloon base. As the gang entered in the New Kowloon base, there they encountered the brains of the whole organization---DELILAH and a more mysterious A.I. known as "Advisor Program". The Shadowbloods and Advisor Program then went on for a lengthy conversation, to at one point the Advisor Program hinted at it's identity; FlamingoMask asked who he really was, to which Advisor Program then revealed who he really was---he was Gildefrum.

Gildefrum then went on, making a speech on the power of hell forged, how he created his base at New Kowloon and was on his path to become a god. After he was done with his speech, New Kowloon then began to shake; the base was beginning to collapse now. FlamingoMask flew out along with Flandre Scarlet and FoxMask, heading to safe ground; RyuMask, WolfMask, SquidMask, Mainframe and Venus also taking off from New Kowloon. Gildefrum then rised and became "Terra Seraphim", also declaring himself to be the greatest being on Earth...FlamingoMask and the others then gathered their energy and got ready to combat the machine.

FlamingoMask, FoxMask, WolfMask, SquidMask and RyuMask then all fought against Terra Seraphim. Terra Seraphim used solar light rays to hit the Shadowbloods--but WolfMask quickly anticipated this and summoned an immensely powerful dark shield to protect them. SquidMask took Terra Seraphim head-on outside of the shield. The Shadowbloods then fought on Terra Seraphim for some more time; FlamingoMask then blasted his Maximum Flamingo Beam at Terra Seraphim at the same time SquidMask used his Hamon against it, however both attacks did not seem to do too much damaged it.

FoxMask then fired a Shadow Bullet at DELILAH, a powerful, darkness/nothingness enfused bullet whizzed past Mainframe, sort of deliberately, but deliberately missing--it then shit through DELILAH. The entire area was blinded and blown away by magenta glow.....before it faded, revealing that Terra Seraphim had been impaled. Terra Seraphim's body had sustained major damage, the "head" being completely torn away, and its chest panels ripped away, as its claws and wings of light start sputtering. Terra Serpahim could no longer heal or absorb. The Shadowbloods, Venus and Mainframe then prepared their final assault against Terra Seraphim.

By the combined attacks of FlamingoMask's Shadow Slugger and Maximum Flamingo Beam, SquidMask's Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, Mainframe's Hell's Mainframe attack, RyuMask's Jolokia Buster, WolfMask's Punch and FoxMask's Shadow Bullet, Terra Serpahim was destroyed, ending Gildefrum and his reign of terror. All the Shadowbloods, Flandre, Venus and Mainframe then landed down; FlamingoMask twirled around and then struck a victorious pose. As SquidMask was leaving FlamingoMask said to SquidMask that he was sorry for doubting him before; SquidMask smile and then walked off, his work there now done. FlamingoMask then commented that he couldn't wait to tell the Units about this and then flew into sky triumphant, his work there now done.

Two New Units? Gevaudan's Great Counterattack

Main article: Two New Units? Gevaudan's Great Counterattack.

Snowstorm of Peril

Later on as FlamingoMask and the Units got to Brownie and Sonnet's beach-house in Haleiwa, FlamingoMask made himself cozy and conversated with Brownie and Sonnet (with Ayame and Sagiri); then also discussing (and explaining) to them about the Mecha Gang. Their conversation was short-lived however, as then the Mecha Gang striked again in the city, their new giant robot Freezer Robot was attacking! FlamingoMask and the Units then headed towards the city, to which it also became evacuated due to the Freezer Robot causing a dangerous snowstorm.

FlamingoMask told Cotton, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri to get inside Machine G and fight against Freezer Robot while he, Brownie and Sonnet would fight off the controller of Freezer Robot. Brownie then began to go to work, using her Sensor Ears to try to detect the controller. She then detected the approaching Mecha-Mobsters however, who then popped out of their vans along with Gillamen, who was behind the attack. Gillamen then taunted FlamingoMask about the Freezer Robot and then fought FlamingoMask head on. Brownie and Sonnet fought through the Mecha-Mobsters, FlamingoMask got into fistfight with Gillamen.

Gillamen then fired his pistols at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask ran out of the way of the blasts, retaliates by shooting a thin Flamingo Beam at Gillamen's area, crating an explosion; Gillamen jumped up and kicked at FlamingoMask. Just as Gillamen was about to follow up on the attack with a punch, FlamingoMask grabbed the punch before he can hit him and then throws Gillamen by the arm against a wall. FlamingoMask then took out his flail and bashed it against him repeatedly. Following the destruction of the remaining Mecha-Mobster from Brownie and Sonnet; FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet then regrouped and cornered Gillamen.

Figuring that this sort of thing would happen, Gillamen then took out his Red Shuriken and threw it at the three, creating an explosion against them. As FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet staggered back, Gillamen then hurled his knives at them; to which FlamingoMask then generated a light shield to protect them all. FlamingoMask then fired three Flamingo Orbs at Gillamen; Gillamen rolled out of the way, getting out pistols and opening fire at him. Brownie and Sonnet then both leaped up and performed Brownie Kick and Cat Punch against him, sending Gillamen flying against a building, crashing through many windows.

Gillamen then rose back up, steam rising off of him and then rapidly threw some Red Shurikens at the three; the explosions are big and send FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet flying back. FlamingoMask slowly got back up, only for Gillamen to then charge at FlamingoMask, about to stab him with his knives. FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Kick against Gillamen, sending Gillamen flying up in the air, following it up by firing his Shadow Slugger against him. With the combined attacks of his, Brownie's Carrot Cannon and Sonnet's A.B. Slugger; Gillamen was destroyed.

Following both Gillamen and Freezer Robot's defeat, FlamingoMask and the Units regrouped back at their home, all congratulating each other for their hard work. FlamingoMask then joined Cotton in watching "Wonder Seven" on TV.

FlamingoMask's Dire Earthquake Conflict!!

FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet showed up to deal with H the hydrogen monster in Halewia, to which Sonnet told FlamingoMask that her and Brownie could handle it. FlamingoMask watched as Brownie and Sonnet then went into action, attacking the beast. After a brief but fierce battle with H, Sonnet then unleashed her A.B. Slugger against H, followed up by Brownie opening fire her Carrot Cannon against H. Both attacks then clashed against H, causing H to stagger around on his two legs some more, before then falling over, exploding in a giant explosion, destroying H. FlamingoMask congratulated the two, however the chaos wasn't over yet.

Following H's death, Earthquake Robot then began it's attack by burrowing out from the ground and creating earthquakes. FlamingoMaks right away got on the case and then transformed into giant size, combating against Earthquake Robot. FlamingoMask rapidly punched against Earthquake Robot, but Earthquake Robot didn't seem to be phased much, then ramming against FlamingoMask, causing FlamingoMask to roll over.

Eathquake Robot followed it up by hopping down, creating a shockwave that sent FlamingoMask back. As Earthquake Robot staggered forth, two maser beams then shoot at Earthquake Robot; the Units had arrived with Machine G to take down Earthquake Robot. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beam at Earthquake Robot, Machine G then rushed up, punching Earthquake Robot on the head, sending Earthquake Robot staggering back. Once Earthquake Robot re-adjusted itself, it then opened fire it's four missile launchers at FlamingoMask and Machine G, creating a massive explosion around them, sending FlamingoMask and Machine G are sent flying upwards. With that, Earthquake Robot then burrowed underground away.

FlamingoMask and Machine G then searched for Earthquake Robot for a while. Earthquake Robot reappeared when Earthquake Robot bursted out from underground, near where Sonnet's and Brownie's beach house was at. Earthquake Robot then jumped up, destroying the beach house and the area with it's pistons, creating some heavy earthquakes, which then begin to make a few fissures. FlamingoMask and Machine G then flew in and beat up Earthquake Robot.

After FlamingoMask and Machine fired both of their attacks against Earthquake Robot, Earthquake Robot then fired missiles from it's four missile launchers at FlamingoMask and Machine G, to which FlamingoMask then generated a shield made up if light to block the missiles, however the missiles were very strong and ended up creating a powerful blast anyways, sending FlamingoMask and Machine G back. FlamingoMask then told the Units/Machine G to fire back at Earthquake Robot by shooting their own missiles at it. Machine G then fired their missiles at Earthquake Robot, causing sparks and flares to shoot out. Earthquake Robot retaliated by making a shockwave against FlamingoMask and Machine G, sending them back again.

Suddenly, FlamingoMask felt a presence. A mysterious figure appeared on a distant building, his shadowy form seemingly fading in and out. As Earthquake Robot menaced forth, a bow suddenly materialized in the strange being's hand, with an arrow appearing in the other. The strange being narrowed his eyesight, focusing as he pulls back on the drawstring... placing the arrow in the notch slowly. A few moments pass, as though time itself has slowed to a crawl, before the arrow flies through the air, whizzing by FlamingoMask's head and hitting the Earthquake Robot in the neck. Several more arrows quickly followed, as the being disappears from the spot.

Earthquake Robot was hit by the arrows and staggered around more. Time began to slow again, not quite stopping, but slow enough to where the battle would appear to be moving in slow motion. Earthquake Robot slowly equipped it's missile launchers and ready to open fire again at FlamingoMask, Machine G and whoever the strange being was but then the strange being pulled back the notched arrow against the drawstring, strain in his eye on the missile silo...before then firing the arrow, causing the arrow to fly towards the missile launcher closest to the machine's head. Time resumed moving at normal speed, causing the arrow to fly into the loaded missile and exploding it prematurely.

With it's missiles jammed and messed up, Earthquake Robot then began to self-destruct. With the strange being then disappearing, FlamingoMask and Machine G then both posed, firing their Flamingo Beam and Twin Maser Beams at Earthquake Robot, destroying Earthquake Robot. Earthquake Robot was blasted apart and then fell over, exploding, finishing off the robot and ending it's reign of terror. FlamingoMask and Machine G then struck victorious poses. As Machine G went to pick up Sonnet and Brownie, FlamingoMask then found an arrow at the side of a building, which appeared to be torn up and written in an old language. FlamingoMask then kept the note to himself, saving it for later and then flew off along with Machine G to elsewhere back to Japan.

The Superpowered Gang

FlamingoMask later appeared in Tokyo to fight off against a large group of superpowered thugs who were setting Tokyo a blaze. FlamingoMask fought in first, blasting his Flamingo Beam at many of them as well as then calling the rest of the Units to help him. After the last remaining gangsters retreated, FlamingoMask and the rest of the Units went back into Machine G to continue their journey.


FlamingoMask and the Units then later on flew to Ishinomaki to take a break there for a bit. Before FlamingoMask and the Units could do any relaxing though, the Mecha Gang had arrived (specifically, Bullets, Iron Jack, Dangan, Geno-Bat, Sadler, Fudora and Barbe Q) on their motorcycles to hunt down FlamingoMask.

Bullets menaced the group for a bit, before then a crossbow bolt nicks at Bullet's horns, then followed up by black dust entering the scene. The rest of the assassin kaijins get up and slowly advance towards FlamingoMask and the Units. FlamingoMask and the Units slowly advances towards as well. Then, out from the shadows, FoxMask appeared, intimidating the Mecha Gang. As FoxMask battled on Bullets for a bit, FlamingoMask observed but then joined in on the battle when Barbe Q attempted to strike while his back was turned; FlamingoMask flying kicked at Barbe Q, sending him back. Fudora then ran up and fired poisonous snakes and spiders at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask barely avoided.

Fudora swung his sickle around, before then hurling his knives at FlamingoMask, FlamingoMask then then did his best to avoid the flying knives. FlamingoMask regained position and then blasted his Flamingo Beam at Fudora, sending him back aways. Sadler then jumped in and fired his Venom Beam at FlamingoMask, causing FlamingoMask to roll over. Just as Sadler rushed at FlamingoMask with his knife, FlamingoMask then swung his Wrecking Flail at Sadler's face, striking him down quickly. FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Barrage against him, to which Sadler then retaliated by firing his Top Hat Cannon against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask barely avided the blasts and got caught up in the blasts, causing him to roll over.

Sadler then got out his Umbrella Gun and began firing it at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then flew up out of the way, then swooping down and performing Flamingo Punch against Sadler, hitting Salder down and defeating him. Fudora then got back up and swung around his sickle at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask and Fudora then battled with their sickle and flail, before then Fudora raised up his sickle, prepared to slice off FlamingoMask's head, until then FlamingoMask then blasted Maximum Flamingo Beam against Fudora, instantly defeating him. Afterwards, FlamingoMask then leaped over and hurled his Shadow Ball against Dangan, taking him down as well.

With only Bullets, Iron Jack and Barbe Q left, the three villains left, with Geno-Bat, Dangan, Fudora and Sadler then retreating as well. FlamingoMask then thanked FoxMask for his help and the two talked to each other for a bit, such as on his allignment with the Units. Soon, the two went their ways and FlamingoMask regrouped back with the Units.

The Building Challenger

After the failed attempt by the Mecha Gang to terminate FlamingoMask and the Units in Ishinomaki, FlamingoMask and the Units then traveled out of Ishinomaki to head back into a familiar old place, Fukuoka. However, little did they know, one of the Mecha Gang's assassin kaijin had followed them to this spot. Meanwhile in Fukuoka, FlamingoMask, Sonnet and Brownie were at a gas station. FlamingoMask was inside getting snacks; while Sonnet and Brownie waited outside. FlamingoMask then returned to Brownie and Sonnet with some ramen, but then a tremor occurred---causing FlamingoMask to drop his ramen. Upon this, Brownie then pointed out to FlamingoMask that one of the buildings in the city was changing shape. FlamingoMask then turned around and saw a building change into Building Robot---the Mecha Gang had followed him there.

FlamingoMask quickly turned giant size and then flew up to fight against Building Robot. Upon finding out that it was Barbe Q piloting the mecha---FlamingoMask then got into battle position and fired a barrage of light orbs against Building Robot; however the blasts did not effect Building Robot much. Barbe Q then activated a button inside Building Robot's cockpit, firing out some bombs to explode on FlamingoMask. The bombs instantly go off, creating big explosions around FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask was caught up in the blast and rolled over. Building Robot then lifted up FlamingoMask and threw him against the ground hard. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beam against Building Robot, but once again, the Building Robot was not phased much.

Building Robot then began really brutal against FlamingoMask, firing more bombs and ramming against him with explosive force, ganging up on FlamingoMask. Then however, Brownie and Sonnet transformed into their giant sizes to assist FlamingoMask and beat Building Robot and Barbe Q. Building Robot stomped on FlamingoMask a few times, only then for Sonnet to punch against Building Robot, getting him off of FlamingoMask. Brownie then helped up FlamingoMask, getting him back into battle.

FlamingoMask got back into the fight and hurled his Shadow Ball attack against Building Robot, causing, this time inflicting damage onto Building Robot. Building Robot then emitted fog to take cover, covering the entire area in fog. FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet searched in the thick fog, only then for Building Robot to rush in and bombard Sonnet and FlamingoMask with bombs. After Brownie fought on Building Robot for a bit more, FlamingoMask then flew back in, punching at Building Robot and causing him to spin around. Sonnet, Brownie and FlamingoMask then take turns in punching against Building Robot some more, causing Building Robot to spin around, taking visible damage.

FlamingoMask then ordered Brownie and Sonnet to then deliver their finishing attacks against Building Robot, to which they did. Following up on this, FlamingoMask then hurled his Shadow Slugger at Building Robot, slicing the robot into two halves and creating a massive explosion; destroying both Barbe Q and Building Robot. FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet then struck victorious poses and reverted back to normal sizes. With their work now done (mostly, as FlamingoMask put it), FlamingoMask, Sonnet and Brownie then went off to buy some new ramen.

Taokaka VS. Mecha-Kaka

The next day following the Building Robot's destruction, FlamingoMask went to the Kaiju Sakaba, just finishing up his meal and saying goodbye to Manager Baltan. As FlamingoMask walked by (which wasn't long), something then dashes by him. FlamingoMask looked around and saw that nobody was there. FlamingoMask then shrugged it off and went back to what he was doing before then something rushed at FlamingoMask, toppling him over a bit; it was Taokaka. FlamingoMask asked what did Taokaka need him for, to which Taokaka explained to him that she needed help in taking down Mecha-Kaka, a deranged and unstable mecha version of herself. FlamingoMask agreed to help, but asked where they could Mecha-Kaka. Fire and smoke ent off in the background, which gained FlamingoMask's and Taokaka's attention. They went over by and see what's going on; Mecha-Kaka had arrived.

FlamingoMask and Taokaka went over and got into battle position, preparing to fight off Mecha-Kaka. As the two approached Mecha-Kaka, Mecha-Kaka instantly went berserk and charged in, blasting her eye lasers at the two. FlamingoMask got out his Wrecking Flail to deflect the lases away, while Taokaka ran around in a circle to avoid the barrage of lasers. Mecha-Kaka then activated her flamethrower, but before the flames could reach FlamingoMask, FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beam against Mecha-Kaka, causing Mecha-Kaka to stagger back and cease flamethrower. FlamingoMask then flew in and performed a standard flying kick against Mecha-Kaka, once again sending Mecha-Kaka across. Mecha-Kaka then got back up and began to spin around, slashing her claws towards FlamingoMask.

FlamingoMask then did his best to avoid Mecha-Kaka, then using Flamingo Chop against Mecha-Kaka's legs. Mecha-Kaka was hit but then slashed her claws at FlamingoMask, dealing some damage against him. Taokaka then came back in and performed Standing Claw Strike against Mecha-Kaka, stating that while Mecha-Kaka was strong, she still didn't know her moves like her. FlamingoMask then got back up and hurled a Shadow Ball against Mecha-Kaka, dealing major damage against her. Mecha-Kaka then began her last attack and fired out a barrage of lasers from her claws at FlamingoMask and Taokaka; FlamingoMask then created his Flamingo Shield for while to deal with the lasers until then Mehca-Kaka ceased fire. FlamingoMask then got out his Wrecking Flail and swung it towards Mecha-Kaka.

Mecha-Kaka then slashed her claws against FlamingoMask's left arm, causing FlamingoMask to bleed some shadows. FlamingoMask then swung his Wrecking Flail against Mecha-Kaka's face, causing her head to spin around in a 360. Taokaka then used Hadouken Palm Strike against Mecha-Kaka dealing more damage against her. As Mecha-Kaka began to short circuit, FlamingoMask and Taoakak then decided to both use their finisher attacks (Flamingo Kick and Diagonal Down Dive) against Mecha-Kaka, defeating her. As FlamingoMask and Taokaka went up to the now reformed Mecha-Kaka (who after getting defeated was no longer violent and aggressive), FlamingoMask asked what they should do with her. Taokaka then volunteered to take care of her and make sure that she doesn't go crazy again; which FlamingoMask agreed with. FlamingoMask and Taokaka then both thanked each other, and then Taokaka took off with Mecha-Kaka. FlamingoMask then turned around and flew aways, his work there now done.

From A Planet With Hatred 

After reports of some people dying in the streets, FlamingoMask began to investigate, starting by discussing the details with Sagiri. Sagiri brought up that all of the victims were all wearing watches; FlamingoMask pondered on what was in the watches. FlamingoMask then asked Sagiri if she possibly had one of the watches with her, to which Sagiri said that she unfortunately did not have any. FlamingoMask was frustrated, as this now mean't that getting info on these watches would be even harder to find now. However, it then occurred to FlamingoMask that the watches were probably still in the city, so then FlamingoMask ordered a search party consisting of him, Ayame and Sagiri. FlamingoMask then left Sonnet in charge of the other Units while they left.

FlamingoMask, Ayame and Sagiri then searched the area for some watches, to which two stores so far were already cleared as not being responsible, they checked everywhere else, including pawn stores and other vendors. The three went into another store and began their investigation, but found out there is nothing wrong with the watches. Some time passes as they go to store to store, but still find no toxic watches. Evening then approaches and not a single toxic watch in sight. After a few more hours, FlamingoMask then sat down on a bench and realized that this was harder than he thought it would be. FlamingoMask asked Sagiri what did the toxic watches look like exactly, to which Sagiri said that they looked like regular watches.

A vendor then passed by the three, being carried by an elderly watch salesman, who passes by them almost as if he didn't even notice. FlamingoMask did not take notice of the watch salesman at first. The watch salesman then kept going, up until he accidentally hit a running dog, startling him. One of his watches fell over and broke; the watch salesman then kicked the watch aways and took off. FlamingoMask, Ayame and Sagiri then went over to the watch salesman's area and wondered what happened, but he had already left at that point.

Sagiri then spotted a watch that the salesman had dropped however. FlamingoMask theorized that perhaps the salesman had left so hurriedly was because that he probably thought they were onto him, as he was selling watches as well. Sagiri suggested that they should analyze the watch anyways and she then scanned it. After a few moments later, Sagiri then dropped the watch to the ground, stating that it was not any ordinary watch, but one laced with some red chemical; the watch then leaked some red chemical. FlamingoMask, Ayame and Sagiri had found their culprit. Sagiri then told FlamingoMask to destroy the toxic watch, which he did then right away.

FlamingoMask, Ayame and Sagiri then followed the watch salesman into a strange building, where they then found the watch salesman in, and began to interrogate him. FlamingoMask asked the watch salesman if he had been responsible for the toxic watches crisis in Fukukoka, to which the watch salesman denied. FlamingoMask however, didn't believe the watch salesman, as earlier hr brought up the toxic watch he and Ayame and Sagiri had found earlier. The Watch Salesman denied it still, saying he had no idea what he (FlamingoMask) was talking about. FlamingoMask then asked about checking the vendor however, to which the Watch Salesman tried to cover up, saying that they couldn't use it yet. Sagiri then took out two watches and then threw them down at the Watch Salesman, which they then broke and leaked the red chemical, exposing the Watch Salesman.

The Watch Salesman then punched FlamingoMask against the wall and then transformed into his true form, shedding away his human form; he was Alien Spell. Alien Spell then told FlamingoMask, Sagiri and Ayame about his true intentions and stated his purpose on coming to Earth, which was to cu himself of his illness by sucking the blood from humans. FlamingoMask was sickened with Alien Spell's actions. Alien Spell then bragged about his ways of survival and then mocked FlamingoMask and then transformed into giant size, quickly destroying the building they were in. FlamingoMask thought fast however and then flew out, carrying Ayame and Sagiri out of there with him.

FlamingoMask then turned into his giant size and put Ayame and Sagiri onto a different building, so that they would be safe; FlamingoMask then turned around and began his fight with Alien Spell. Alien Spell and FlamingoMask then rushed towards each other and fought against on and another, before then punched against FlamingoMask, causing FlamingoMask to crash against a building. Alien Spell then followed up on the attack by firing lasers from his eyes against FlamingoMask's area, creating some explosions around him. FlamingoMask rolled over and then blasted his Flamingo Beam against Alien Spell, causing Alien Spell to fall over and screech; FlamingoMask then leaped up and kicked Alien Spell rolled over and then summoned his saucer to fly in and assist him for battle.

Alien Spell's saucer then emitted bright flashes of light, temporarily blinding FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then hurled a Shadow Ball against Alien Spell, to which Alien Spell then fired some lasers at the shadow ball to counter; creating an explosion. Alien Spell and his saucer then flew over next to the waters, to which FlamingoMask followed. Alien Spell's saucer then emitted some more flashes against FlamingoMask, but this time FlamingoMask used Shadow Slugger against it, slicing the saucer in two halves, destroying it. Alien Spell then ran up to FlamingoMask, tackling and grappling him. FlamingoMask grabbed Alien Spell by the head and then began to punch against his face hard. With their fighting, the two then fell over into the waters, taking their fight underwater.

Alien Spell threw a boulder from underwater against FlamingoMask, FlamingoMask then blasted his Flamingo Beam against the incoming boulder, shattering it into pieces. Alien Spell then ran towards FlamingoMask and began choking him. FlamingoMask was getting strangled, but he then grappled Alien Spell as well. Alien Spell reeled, followed up by FlamingoMask kicking against Alien Spell in the chest hard. Alien Spell then staggered back against some buildings. FlamingoMask's eyes glowed with light and then let out a powerful blast of his Maximum Flamingo Beam against Alien Spell's area. Alien Spell was consumed by the blast, the explosion and the boulders then collapse on Alien Spell, causing him to lose balance and fall over. Alien Spell then sank down below with the boulders; soon, as the boulders plummeted down below, Alien Spell could no longer be seen.

FlamingoMask looked down below before then flying up out of the waters, his mission now accomplished. FlamingoMask flew towards Ayame and Sagiri's area then picked them up and headed towards home. He then put them down and changed back into his normal size. With the alien menace now gone, he headed headed back into home, tired and exhausted after a day like this.

The Mysterious Island Rises

FlamingoMask and the Units soon traveled to the Pacific to find and locate the newly discovered island that had been causing some trouble as of late. FlamingoMask flew up in the air with Machine G and spoke with the Units inside while they were still searching through the skies (as looking at the ocean waters can really bore someone after a while.) Soon though, FlamingoMask then found a seemingly small island and then suggested to check there in case if it was truly the island that had been causing troubles at sea. As they reached Sevigocan Island, FlamingoMask told the Units to then start searching around.

FlamingoMask and the Units then go marching into the rainforest, staying close together and searching for what could be the cause of the recent problems. As they pass by, they see many strange looking statues, all of which what appear to look ancient. Then however a loud screech could be heard coming from the trees. FlamingoMask turned around to see what it was; a Kamacuras had arrived. The first ShodaiKama appeared to throw a boulder against FlamingoMask and the Units, only for Unit 8 Sonnet to then leap up and smash the boulder into pieces with her fists. FlamingoMask, Unit 5 Brownie and Unit 8 Sonnet then got up and changed into giant size to fight against the three Kamacuras's. The three Kamacuras's then charged at the three.

The third ShodaiKama slashed it's claws against Sonnet, to which Sonnet then punched against the third ShodaiKama's compound eyes. Brownie then repeatedly punched against the second ShodaiKama, hitting it hard. The second ShodaiKama then slashed it's claws at Brownie's ears, causing her to stagger back. FlamingoMask then blasted a Flamingo Beam against the first ShodaiKama, causing the first ShodaiKama to fly up, shrieking in pain. FlamingoMask then flew up and used Flamingo Chop against the first ShodaiKama, sending it falling down. The third ShodaiKama fought back by ramming against Sonnet, causing Sonnet to fall over. Sonnet then grabbed the third ShodaiKama by the arms and threw him down to the ground, then stepping down on him and breathing out a stream of fire from her mouth, frying the third ShodaiKama to crisp. Brownie then threw down the second ShodaiKama down to the ground, followed up by FlamingoMask kicking the first ShodaiKama down to the ground.

Brownie then took out her Carrot Cannon and blasted the two ShodaiKama's, killing the second ShodaiKama. The first ShodaiKama then flew off and retreated. Sonnet was about to chase after it, but FlamingoMask then reminded Sonnet that they had more important matters to deal with at the time, so the first ShodaiKama was spared. Afterwards, FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet then reverted back to normal size and continued investigation. FlamingoMask and the Units continued searching the island some more, up until thunder and lightning could the be heard. Ayame suggested they should head back to Machine G and wait out the storm, which FlamingoMask approved of. FlamingoMask and the Units then headed back to Machine G for the night to be safe from the storm.

Later on that night during the storm, FlamingoMask then began to conversate with the Units, talking about earlier. However, as they were getting cozy---a loud roar could then be heard outside. FlamingoMask looked outside to see what was going---Gorgos appeared. Gorgors rampaged for a while, up until then Salamadon woke up to fight him. Salamadon rushed towards Gorgos and then swung his tail against Gorgos, causing Gorgos to stagger back. Gorgos then blasted molten steam from his mouth against Salamadon, causing Salamadon screech and stagger back. Salamadon then fired spikes from his tail at Gorgos; Gorgos was hit by the spikes but then charged through towards Salamadon, beating him up and then stomping on him. Then out from the waters, Zaurs arrived to rescue his companion Salamadon.

As Zaurs fought off Gorgos some more, Salamdon then fired more spikes from his tail against Gorgos. Gorgos was hit by both attacks, but then flailed his arms and then blasts out molten steam from his mouth, sweeping it towards Zaurs and Salamadon, hitting Salamadon and Zaurs and sending them back a bit. Not wanting the two kaiju to get killed by Gorgos, FlamingoMask then flew outside and turned into giant size to combat Gorgos. Gorgos turned to face FlamingoMask and then charged, only for FlamingoMask to then blasted a powerful blast of Flamingo Beam against Gorgos, shattering him into pieces. Salamadon and Zaurs roared victoriously and FlamingoMask commented on that was easier then expected. Just as FlamingoMask was about to walk away though, Gorgos then reformed back into one piece; the fight was not over yet.

Gorgos then blasted Molten Steam against FlamingoMask, to which that sent FlamingoMask hurdling back. FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Chop against Gorgos but the result only hurt his hand instead. After Zaurs and Salamadwon fought Gorgos some more, FlamingoMask ran back in and punched and kicked against Gorgos repeatedly. Gorgos was hit, but then he bit down on FlamingoMask with his sharp teeth, then flinging down FlamingoMask down to the ground. Gorgos then followed up this by blasting his Molten Steam against FlamingoMask. Some boulders then fell over and collapsed, falling down on FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask tried to get up, only then for some boulders to fall down on him, burying him. Gorgos then roared, lightning flashing across the sky.

After Gorgos retreated, FlamingoMask then crawled out of his boulder prison, now in normal size and crawled down to the ground. The sounds of someone approaching him can then be heard, sounding like normal footsteps. Zaurs and Salamadon can also be heard coming in, however FlamingoMask could only see them very blurry right now, due to the damage he took. FlamingoMask looked up to see who was rescuing him, only then to fall over and pass out. His rescuer then picked up and took him along, Zaurs and Salamadon following close behind.

The Beasts of Sevigocan Island

The next morning, FlamingoMask woke up and found himself in a cave. Then the sounds of some footsteps can be heard coming towards him. They don't sound like menacing though, but FlamingoMask does not hesitate still, wondering what it could be. As the footsteps get close, FlamingoMask eyes then widen, looking up to see who it is there with him; it was Dayo. Dayo asked if FlamingoMask was doing alright, as she had seen what happened to him last night with Gorgos. FlamingoMask stated that he was fine and then asked who she was. Dayo then explained to him who she was and that she came from Infant Island, but had come to the island to assist the monsters there, such as Zaurs. Dayo then gave FlamingoMask a mango, to which he accepted. When FlamingoMask asked who was Zaurs, Dayo then took him outside to show him.

As the two head outside out from the caves, they walked into a sandy area, filled with some small rocks and looking very tropical, with palm trees out. Dayo then introduced Zaurs to FlamingoMask, as well as Salamadon and Paragler, who was the only monster who FlamingoMask did not recognize from the other night. Dayo stated that Paragler was shy and afraid to fight Gorgos. FlamingoMask then asked Dayo if she knew about Gorgos, to which she replied that she was aware of him. Dayo said that he had arrived onto the island a few months ago and had been causing trouble since. FlamingoMask understood and then told Dayo he would do whatever it takes to help her out and get rid of Gorgos. FlamingoMask then asked her to help him find the Units, to which she gladly accepted. The two the went into the jungle to find the Units.

Soon, Dayo and FlamingoMask then found the Units, and also to find Paragler fighting against Gorgos. Dayo realized that Paragler only fight when usually to defend himself or others, so that mean't the Units had to be nearby. Ayame then flew up and met up with FlamingoMask and Dayo, to which she then asked who Dayo was. FlamingoMask was about to tell her, only for Dayo to introduce herself to Ayame. Dayo, Ayame and FlamingoMask then came up with the plan to stop Gorgos; and Dayo then summoned Salamadon and Zaurs to help Paragler, while Ayame regrouped with the other Units and told them to get into Machine G to fight Gorgos. Dayo and FlamingoMask then observed most of the fight on the hills.

During the fight, Dayo then noticed the core on the back of Gorgo's neck; Dayo pointed out as well that that core appeared to be the same core that was used to reform Gorgos many times; if they were to destroy it, Gorgos would be destroyed as well. FlamingoMask then got an idea. FlamingoMask the asked Dayo if she had anything sharp to cut the core out, to which she then got out her knife. FlamingoMask then decided that the two of them would fly on Gorgos's back and destroy the core. FlamingoMask then let Dayo ride on him while flying there and then landed on Gorgos's neck while Gorgos was fighting Machine G. Dayo and FlamingoMask carefully searched on Gorgos's neck and the two then spotted the core, carefully crawling towards the core.

Dayo then plunged her knife onto Gorgo's core, causing Gorgos to roar in agony right as he was about to tear off Machine G's arm. Gorgos then rammed against Machine G to get Dayo off; Dayo almost fell off, but then FlamingoMask helped her back up, saving her. With the help of FlamingoMask, Dayo and FlamingoMask then removed Gorgos's core, to which then Gorgos fell over dead. FlamingoMask then destroyed the core, making sure Gorgos would not rise. Dayo and FlamingoMask then leaped off of Gorgos, and then Gorgos exploded, destroying him for good.

Later on as FlamingoMask and Machine G (and the Units) were about to leave Sevigovan Island, Dayo and her monsters Zaurs, Salamadon and Paragler then waved goodbye to FlamingoMask and the Units, thanking them for all of the help. FlamingoMask and Machine G then flew off into the evening sky, their work there now done.

Bizarre Wrestling Kaiju Battle

FlamingoMask and Machine G reappeared in Fukuoka, where three rogue kaiju were wreaking havoc. Machine G and FlamingoMask then entered the fight also, wanting to take own the three rogue kaiju. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beam against Mung Wun, Mung Wun then got back and charged at FlamingoMask. Mung Wun the emitted a high-frequency noise, which FlamingoMask cringed to and dropped down to the ground; Mung Wun then kicked against FlamingoMask, kicking while he was down. Soon Garbage Monster appeared and joined in on the battle; to which Mung Wun then smelled Garbage Monster and got attracted to him; trying to eat off of him.

Garbage Monster tried to swat Mung Wun away and then blasted Debris Stream directly in front of Mung Wun to get her away, sending her crashing into many buildings, but she didn't mind the debris. Victory Demon then turned around and faced FlamingoMask, Machine G and Garbage Monster, challenging the three. FlamingoMask then fought on Vegetius getting int a fistfight with him. Vegetius's and FlamingoMask's fight was short-lived however as then a metallic meteor came crashing down. Upon arrival, Victory Demon then came out of the meteor and then challenged all around the area to fight him. D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Vegetius and Mung Wun saw him and then took off right away, having heard of Victory Demon's reputation as "the Prince of Heck".

After mocking Garbage Monster and FlamingoMask; Victory Demon then got out his Victory Gauntlets and opened fire at his three opponents; shooting powerful missiles at the three, causing explosions. As Garbage Monster leaped at him, Victory Demon then punched him off of him with ease, calling him weak as well. Victory Demon then got out his Victory Panzerschreck and shot it at Garbage Monster, sending Garbage Monster crashing against some buildings. Victory Demon then taunted Garbage Monster, stating that he thought he'd be more "prepared" for the next time they were to meet. Victory Demon then turned to FlamingoMask and Machine G and got out his Victory Chainsaw. FlamingoMask fired a Flamingo Beam at him, followed up by Machine G firing Twin Maser Cannons against Victory Demon, causing Victory Demon to get blasted in the chest and sparks to fly.

Victory Demon then spewed flames out from his Victory Chainsaw like a flamethrower, torching FlamingoMask and Machine G badly. Machine G in an attempt to save itself, the Units and FlamingoMask then fired missiles against Victory Demon but Victory Demon kept torching them with his Victory Chainsaw. Garbage Monster then came in and slashed his Wrist Blades against him, sending out sparks to fly out from Victory Demon's back. Victory Demon fell over and dropped his Victory Chainsaw and then proceeded to beat up Garbage Monster with his fists for a few moments. Victory Demon prepared to deliver a finishing blow against Garbage Monster with his gauntlets, only then for some more Machine G's missiles and FlamingoMask's Flamingo Barrage to blast against Victory Demon.

Victory Demon fell over again and picked up his Victory Chainsaw, only for Garbage Monster to kick at him. Victory Demon took a few steps and then blasted more rounds against from Victory Gauntlets against FlamingoMask, Machine G and Garbage Monster, creating a big explosion. FlamingoMask performed a Flamingo Kick at Victory Demon, to which Victory Demon then caught and threw FlamingoMask at Machine G. After getting into a lengthy fistfight with FlamingoMask and Machine G; Victory Demon prepared to finish off his foes with his chainsaw, only for FlamingoMask, Machine G and Garbage Monster to then all blast their strongest beams against him, sending flying into the waters, crashing down below. Now victorious, FlamingoMask struck a victorious pose, as did Machine G. With their work now done, FlamingoMask and Machine G then flew off, heading into the sunset.

The Advent of the Bosquito

FlamingoMask flew over to a village near Tokyo to eliminate the threat of the Bosquitos, along with Robo Lass and Ben Tennyson. FlamingoMask attacked the Bosquitoes head on with Shadow Ball against the second Bosquito in the area. FlamingoMask then flew up and kicked against the first Bosquito. The second Bosquito then grabbed the kick and threw FlamingoMask down to the ground, draining his energy. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beam at the second Bosquito, sending him off. FlamingoMask, Robo Lass and Ben Tennyson then fought off the Bosquitoes some more up until all of the Bosquitoes's fused, becoming one giant Bosquito. FlamingoMask then turned giant size and fired his Flamingo Beam at the giant Bosquito, however the giant Bosquito walked through it, acting as if the attack was nothing.

The Bosquito then lifted up FlamingoMask and threw him at Way Big; Way Big helped up FlamingoMask and then FlamingoMask fired many Flamingo Barrage Orbs at the Bosquito, to which the Bosquito deflected the blasts at a mountainside. Desperate and running out of energy, FlamingoMask then fired Maximum Flamingo Beam against the giant Bosquito, followed up with Way Big firing his Ultimate Cosmic Beam, blowing up the Bosquito and defeating the Bosquito threat, at least for the time being. FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size and then thanked Robo Lass and Ben Tennyson for their assistance and then flew off, heading somewhere else.

The Guardian Gojiran vs. The Ancient Revived God

Main article: The Guardian Gojiran vs. The Ancient Revived God.

Get Gunned

Following the big fight, FlamingoMask then rested at his place for a while, up until then someone had arrived to his place unnoticed. FlamingoMask got up and used his light powers to see who was there, only then to find BunnyMask. BunnyMask claimed that he was a criminal and attacked him, to which FlamingoMask then fought back in retaliation to defend himself, but stated that he didn't do anything. CerberusMask then appeared and interrogated FlamingoMask, stating that if he was truly innocent, then how come there was a bounty out for him? FlamingoMask then stated that he did nothing wrong and that those were all false claims, possibly from the Mecha Galgen Gang. BunnyMask was no convinced that he was innocent, but CerberusMask thought he was guilty. CerberusMask began to monologue after BunnyMask made a comment towards him, to which she then waved to FlamingoMask that now was his cue to escape.

FlamingoMask then flew up and hid in the trees, waiting until CerberusMask and BunnyMask then left. After the two Shadowbloods left, FlamingoMask stayed up on the tree for a few more minutes before then carefully swooping down and heading back inside to his place, and went back to rest, having avoided that close call.

FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask's Bogus Adventure

FlamingoMask later appeared in Fukuoka to combat against Bloodstained Toe Shoes. Bloodstained Toe Shoes started throwing shoes everywhere, hitting Neo SquidMask in the head and destroying N.I.G.E.L. in one shot. The Cthulhu Girls then ducked down, taking cover. FlamingoMask then appeared to stop Bloodstained Toe Shoes, to which Bloodstained Toe Shoes got into battle position.

FlamingoMask then fired a Shadow Ball against Bloodstained Toe Shoes, causing her to stagger back and then followed up by firing a Flamingo Beam against her, causing her to crash against a wall; the bricks from the wall then fell down on Bloodstained Toe Shoes, knocking her out unconscious. FlamingoMask was victorious. Takoyaki Cthulhu along with the other Cthulhu girls then flew up and thanked FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask then told them it was all in a days work. Neo SquidMask then gotten into his Shadow Zone and took off, following FlamingoMask.

As FlamingoMask walked into an isolated area with a bench and began drinking his water bottle, Neo SquidMask snuck up on him with his Shadow Zone and then appeared to FlamingoMask, much to FlamingoMask's surprise. Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask then began to talk to each other. Neo SquidMask claimed himself to be the hero of the city, but he admitted that he had no title for himself at the moment. However, before he could go on and monologue some more, a tremor occurred, causing the two Shadowbloods to fall over. Jiger had appeared!

Both FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask noticed her attacking the city and decided to stop her, however, they realized that this would be a dangerous mission, upon realizing who they were dealing with. FlamingoMask went up first and changed into giant size, getting ready to fight against Jiger. During Jiger's rampage, jets flew in and bombarded missiles against the demon beast, but Jiger just shot her Solid Saliva Missiles at them, destroying one jet. Jiger then fired her Magnet Beam against the rest of the jets, incinerating them all. FlamingoMask then flew in and fired his Flamingo Beam against Jiger, to which Jiger shot her Solid Saliva Missiles at FlamingoMask like throwing knives.

FlamingoMask rolled aways, barely avoiding. Jiger then fired out her Magnet Beam and sweeped it across to capture FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask ran as fast as he could from the ray; the Magnet Beam then disintegrated a lot of buildings. Jiger then flew up and rammed against FlamingoMask, sending him against a building. Jiger then shot some of her Solid Saliva Missiles at FlamingoMask, causing him to bleed shadows. Just as Jiger was about to fire her Magnet Beam against him, Neo SquidMask then jumped up and spun around, before then turning into giant size as well; then summoning his tentacles and whipping them against Jiger. Jiger turned around and then shot her Solid Saliva Missiles at Neo SquidMask, to which Neo SquidMask then hid into his Shadow Zone, hiding.

Jiger then looked around for Neo SquidMask, Neo SquidMask then reappeared out from his Shadow Zone, then whipping his tentacles against Jiger once more and sending some electrical shocks against her, shocking her badly. Jiger then shot some more of her Solid Saliva Missiles at Neo SquidMask's tentacles, causing Neo SquidMask to reel his tentacles and stagger back in pain. As FlamingoMask got back into battle, Jiger then lifted some buildings and threw them at Neo SquidMask, to which Neo SquidMask then bashed them aways with his tentacles. FlamingoMask then hurled a Shadow Ball against Jiger. Jiger was angered, but then SquidMask then got out his Trident, getting ready to combat her some more.

Jiger retaliated then fired her Magnet Beam down towards to the two Shadowbloods; to which FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask barely avoided and flew out of the way. As FlamingoMask flew in the air trying to escape, Jiger then flew up and chased after him. Neo SquidMask then fired lightning bolts down at Jiger, hitting Jiger and causing her to crash land down to the ground. Jiger shook off the dirt and debris, but then FlamingoMask flew in and fired down three light orbs against her, creating an explosion against Jiger. Neo SquidMask then released a stream of ink against Jiger, temporarily blinding her.

Jiger blindly lifted a building and kicked it at Neo SquidMask's gut, hitting him down. FlamingoMask then flew in and repeatedly bashed his Wrecking Flail against her. FlamingoMask then followed up this attack by blasting his Flamingo Beam against her, to which Neo SquidMask then fired lightning bolts at Jiger, creating a major explosion and sending Jiger skidding, crashing against many buildings. Jiger then got up and retreated, then swimming off into seas, going far aways elsewhere. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then both got into victorious poses and went back into normal sizes. Neo SquidMask thanked FlamingoMask for the help, as did the latter. Just as FlamingoMask was about to walk away, Neo SquidMask asked if he could join him and the Units. FlamingoMask then decided that would be great and allowed him to come with him; Neo SquidMask was overjoyed and then went to go get his stuff. Neo SquidMask then went to go get his stuff and FlamingoMask waited for him to get back.

Other Worldly Chess

A couple of Glokers appeared in Fukuoka, where they had targeted the Fukuoka Power Plant and rushed in to destroy them. FlamingoMask and SquidMask quickly took notice of the two Glokers and headed in for battle; the super-heroine Supergirl then also appeared and flew in to battle. Gloker Pawn 2 raised up his Pawn Cannons and was about to open fire at the Power Plant, but then Supergirl flew in and punched at it, followed up by FlamingoMask firing his Flamingo Beam against Gloker Pawn 2 as well.

As Gloker Pawn 2 was getting tackled, Gloker Pawn 1 raised up his cannons and was just about to open fire, but then SquidMask and Supergirl rushed towards the Gloker and wailed on it. Gloker then thrashed it's arms at Supergirl and SquidMask, swatting at them like flies. FlamingoMask then punched hard against Gloker Pawn 2. Supergirl then breathed her Ice Breath against Gloker Pawn 1, followed up by SquidMask wrapping his tentacles and shocking the Gloker with them. The attacks shocked and froze the Gloker for a bit, inflicting some damage.

FlamingoMask then repeatedly bashed Gloker Pawn 2 in the face. Gloker Pawn 2 then raised up it's cannons and opened fire at Supergirl and SquidMask. SquidMask hid into Shadow Zone and Supergirl flew out of the way and then pushed Gloker Pawn 1 out of the way from the Power Plant. FlamingoMask then kicked against Gloker Pawn 2, sending it flying and crashing against some buildings, getting further aways from the power plant.

SquidMask then reappeared out from Shadow Zone and whipped his tentacles at Gloker Pawn 1. Gloker Pawn 1 and 2 regrouped and then fired laser rounds from their Pawn Cannons, blasting all around at the heroes. Supergirl grabbed a large piece of land to block the lasers, and FlamingoMask created a shield to protect him from the rounds. Supergirl then flew towards the two Glokers, punching them repeatedly, FlamingoMask sent his Wrecking Flail at their heads, sending out sparks and then SquidMask sent out a stream of ink at the Glokers. The two Glokers were hit by all of the attacks but then began to combine to become one being; Gloker Rook.

Gloker Rook then initiated it's attack and fired it's Rook Cannons at SquidMask, sending him a hundred yards away. Supergirl then fired lasers at Gloker Rook, and FlamingoMask fired Shadow Ball against it. Gloker Rook wasn't hurt much though and tanked through the attacks. Before it could do more damage, Supergirl then spun around Gloker Rook, making it levitate. Gloker Rook flailed around as he was being levitated, then FlamingoMask fired three light orbs against Gloker Rook, sending him down and creating some explosions.

SquidMask then returned to the battle and fired electrical bolts of lightning from his trident at Gloker Rook. Gloker Rook staggered around, taking heavy hits. Supergirl then flew over and tripped Gloker Rook over; at that moment, Supergirl then fired her eye lasers down at the Gloker Rook, followed up by SquidMask shooting bolts of lightning at the Gloker Rook, and then FlamingoMask threw his Shadow Slugger at the beast.

Gloker Rook was sliced in half by the Shadow Slugger and then gets blasted by the other attacks, blowing it up and creating a massive explosion. As the blasted cleared, there was no Gloker Rook in sight. FlamingoMask, SquidMask and Supergirl were victorious. With that, all three heroes congratulated each other and then took off, their work there now done. FlamingoMask then raised his wings and then flew off in the air.

The Faceless Phantom Walks Among Us

A few days later, SquidMask was drinking sake and talking to FlamingoMask, who was in the middle of doing more research on the some ghost monster who was haunting Kyoto. Ayame then approached the two during their conversation and then told them that they had to go to Kyoto and be there by at least tomorrow night. FlamingoMask was planning to do so anyways, but it didn't matter much; SquidMask and FlamingoMask then got ready and went to Kyoto right away, taking Ayame, Cotton and Sagiri with. Once they got there, FlamingoMask watched as Sagiri presented the new weapons to Cotton and Ayame and then went searching in the Shadow Zone.

Upon sneaking up on FlamingoMask and startling him, FlamingoMask then retaliated by firing a beam of light at No-Face, causing him to vanish and then reappear, smacking FlamingoMask aways. No-Face then became invisible and floated away to escape FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask (and then later SquidMask) then chased and followed No-Face at a park, where the three Units were also waiting to track him down.

Once No-Face made himself visible to them, FlamingoMask then shot some light orbs at No-Face, but No-Face then floated out of the way in time, dodging. No-Faced looked at the five heroes below, seemingly confused about the ordeal. Decides to then fight back and summoned out a ton of flying gold pieces at the five heroes. Before FlamingoMask could even prepare to generate Flamingo Shield only then to get a lot by the flying pieces of gold, also hitting SquidMask in the eyes. Cotton got out here Robo Bazooka and then opened fire at No-Face. causing an explosion around him. Ayame then fired her energy arrows at No-Face, but they simply went through him. No-Face then blasted a stream of tar against Ayame, covering her in tar.

Sagiri then got up and swung around her Dynamite Blade against him, but it didn't do much to him. No-Face then bit on Sagiri's blade with his mouth and then threw her away against a tree. FlamingoMask and SquidMask then got back into battle, with SquidMask spraying a stream of ink at No-Face. SquidMask then summoned electricity from his tentacles to shock No-Face but it didn't do much to him and No-Face then blasted pieces of gold and tar at SquidMask's face, temporarily blinding him. Suddenly, No Face is caught off guard by several sword slashes; a figure appears nearby, wearing a black kimono, and holding a MASSIVE sword, the man has blinding orange hair, and a scowl on his face.

Ichigo then raised up his sword, before charging forward with surprising speed, despite the blade being bigger than his body; No-Face then shot a stream of tar from his mouth at Ichigo. Ichigo charged forward, disappearing before the tar hits him, and reappearing above No Face and slashing downward on him, followed up by FlamingoMask firing his Flamingo Beam against No-Face. Ichigo quickly followed up, gathering energy in the blade, before slashing it at No Face once more. No-Face then fell over down to the ground, defeated.

Following his defeat, No-Face then staggered back a bit and surrendered, his mask expressing a look of sorrow and regret. No-Face then explained to the heroes that he was lost and didn't know what this place is or who they are, having been stuck here for two weeks now and as a result, was being more aggressive than usual. No-Face then also apologized for attacking the heroes. Ichigo then came closer to No-Face, not wanting to harm him and then took out his sword.

Ichigo then placed the bottom of the sword against No-Face's mask slowly, before pulling it away, leaving a sort of stamp on his forehead, before a door opens up for No-Face to enter; Ichigo re-sheathed the sword, before motioning for No-Face to follow. No-Face then nodded and followed in. The two disappear, leaving behind the Units and the Shadowbloods. No-Face was then returned to his home in the Spirit World and all was right. With that all done, FlamingoMask then ordered the rest of his gang to that they were done there now and then flew off, heading back to home.

Designated Villains

Upon hearing news of some killings occurring at Brooklyn caused by some masked vigilante, FlamingoMask decided to fly over to Brooklyn, meanwhile SquidMask simply just used Shadow Zone to get there. Upon arriving to Brooklyn, there they met many frightened civilians...who then proceeded to attack them with rocks and other objects, not wanting anymore "freaks" in the city. A riot then broke out with the civilians out of fear and hatred, they then attacked the Shadowbloods; FlamingoMask and SquidMask fought them off as much as they could. Suddenly, several civilians collapse in pain, as gunshots ring out in the street; a shadowy figure appears above the mob, firing several more rounds, before landing in front of the Shadowbloods; it was CoyoteMask. CoyoteMask then suggested the two to get further back as the mob wasn't done yet. The civilians open fire, throwing trash and weapons at the Shadowblood hybrid; to which FlamingoMask and SquidMask ducked down.

CoyoteMask then opened fire his guns at the vicious, angry mob, causing the civilians run away, blood filling the street, heading into the sewage drains as the crowd screams in terror. Soon, the crowd is gone, leaving only the Shadowbloods behind, as well as that first civilian, who is on the ground bleeding. CoyoteMask was tempted to shoot the civilian, but then let him go. CoyoteMask then turned to FlamingoMask and SquidMask, telling them that whatever they were looking for, they won't find it. CoyoteMask then asked to who were FlamingoMask (and SquidMask) were, to which they both replied that they were both Shadowbloods. CoyoteMask then asked if he was one of "them", to which FlamingoMask replied with a simple "I think so, yeah". CoyoteMask said that he guessed that made them all freaks in a way and then sadly turned aways. FlamingoMask then flew off, leaving CoyoteMask be and SquidMask took off into Shadow Zone as well.

The Monster of A Dozen Mouths

FlamingoMask along with SquidMask then later went to Chicago to investigate the mysterious disappearances of the food in the city. The two spent some time searching until they reached a white car heading towards some suspicious building. FlamingoMask flew over towards the location and there the two met up with a new Shadowblood warrior, SasquatchMask. FlamingoMask was greatful to meet SasquatchMask, but still yearned to find a way in. Once SquidMask used Shadow Zone to find a way in, FlamingoMask sighed and then he and SasquatchMask entered in the building themselves through the back of the door. Once FlamingoMask and SasquatchMask entered inside the building, there they found SquidMask along with Commander Booker and Clayton Woods discussing about the whereabouts of the monsters that had been eating up all of the food. As it turned out, Many Mouths then began to attack the city at the center of Chicago, to which got Booker and the Shadowbloods attention. FlamingoMask then flew over to the scene of the crime. Many Mouths saw the three Shadowbloods appear and gleefully stated that she was going to have a big supper tonight.

SasquatchMask then hurled his chain flail at Many Mouths, to which Many Mouths then was hit by the chain flail, Many Mouths then retaliated by sending out a tongue from one of her mouths at SasquatchMask like a whip. Booker shot his gun at Many Mouths a few more times to which Many Mouths then turned and then breathed a stream of flames from her main mouth at Booker, setting his coat on fire. SquidMask then lashed his tentacles at Many Mouths, causing Many Mouths to stagger back from the attack. Many Mouths then opened up her belly mouth and bit off two of SquidMask's tentacles, causing SquidMask great pain, to which he then reeled away his tentacles from her jaws and regenerate them fast.

FlamingoMask then blasted his Flamingo Beam at Many Mouths, causing her to fall over, which it was then followed up by SasquatchMask punching at her right arm. As Booker prepared to punch her again, Many Mouths then gripped onto Booker's fist with her teeth and then threw him at SasquatchMask in a feat of strength, causing the two to fall over. Many Mouths then leaped back after throwing Booker over at SasquatchMask, then fires a stream of flames from both her belly mouth and her head mouth, the sweeping it towards FlamingoMask and SquidMask, torching them.

Booker dodged out of the way of the flames and then Many Mouths charged at him, intent on eating him with her belly mouth. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Barrage at Many Mouths, followed up by SquidMask firing his lightning bolts from his trident at her, causing her massive pain and to stop her attack against SasquatchMask and Booker. Booker then got into his exo-suit and then roundhoused kicked against Many Mouths, sending Many Mouths flying back against the car and wall, falling over. Many Mouths then got back up and then charged at Booker, lashing her tongues and flames at him. Booker was caught, but he then caught both tongues and ripped them off, causing Many Mouths tongues to bleed and then reel them away from him.

Badly injured now, Many Mouths tried to strike one more punch at Booker, to which Booker then grabbed her punch, twisting her arm and then kicking at her belly mouth, breaking several of her belly mouth's teeth. Many Mouths then roared in pain and then fell over, passing out and defeated. Booker was victorious. Inspector Cypher and his policemen then arrived and arrested Many Mouths, taking her to prison. FlamingoMask thanked his associates for the occasion and then flew off, heading elsewhere.


FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then traveled again to New York City, where the two were at first just chilling, up until they looked up and saw a new Shadowblood MarionetteMask fighting against two identical copies of himself. Curious, FlamingoMask observed the fight some more, impressed. However, right as they were just finished watching, MarionetteMask then spotted them and stared down at them. Suddenly, he was gone. FlamingoMask suggested to look for him, but then MarionetteMask then appeared to the two, startling the two and even causing Neo SquidMask to ink himself. However, they quickly realized that MarionetteMask in that despite his appearance, wasn't dangerous at all and he and Neo SquidMask then talked to MarionetteMask some more, getting to know him.

However then at that moment, all of a sudden a bunch of people flee in the background,as if running away from something really bad. Some cars are then sent flying aways, to which it's then revealed that a bus-sized monster then runs in, roaring and chasing it's prey; Bonemite had appeared. FlamingoMask then flew up in the air and fought off Bonemite by firing down his Flamingo Beam and then using his Wrecking Flail. After a brief but violent battle, Bonemite then retreated, with FlamingoMask, MarionetteMask and Neo SquidMask successful. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then thanked and congratulated MarionetteMask on help and then they all went their seperate ways, with FlamingoMask flying off.

Miami Mayhem

FlamingoMask later on traveled to Miami with Neo SquidMask to locate two monsters who were lurking in Miami. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then went their separate ways to find them. Pulverizer and his younger brother Ramm were both hired by Alien Metron sometime ago to takedown FlamingoMask in Miami. Ramm and Pulverizer then both traveled to Miami, Florida, disguised as human street thugs and then traveled down to the city, searching for their target. When FlamingoMask was alone at a beach, Ramm and Pulverizer then appeared to FlamingoMask ans then shed their human disguises, ambushing the Shadowblood. Before the two could attack however, a flurry of shadowy axes then appeared down to them; MarionetteMask had arrived.

Pulverizer decided to take care of FlamingoMask, leaving Ramm to attack MarionetteMask; Pulverizer charged at FlamingoMask with his hammer hand to which FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail at. Pulverizer and FlamingoMask bashed their weapons at each other for a while, up until Ramm was defeated. Pulverizer then turned his attention to MarionetteMask and charged at him. As Pulverizer raised his hammer hand, MarionetteMask then swung his axe at Pulverizer's face, hitting him hard. Pulverizer barely avoided out of the axe's way, then punched at MarionetteMask with his fist, to which MarionetteMask then staggered back from.

MarionetteMask rolled over to create two shadow clones and attack him with them. The clones throw shadow axes, but theyre weaker than the main one's; he and his clones then began to run around Pulverizer. The clones then hurled axes at Pulverizer, to which Pulverizer bashed the axes with his hammer hand, hissing and tail moving back and forth. FlamingoMask then came back into battle, firing his Flamingo Barrage at Pulverizer, giving MarionetteMask enough time charge up his next attack. As Pulverizer plowed through the Flamingo Barrage but also briefly stunning him. MarionetteMask then fired a barrage of shadow blasts at Pulverizer, sending Pulverizer falling over and beating him. Following Pulverizer's defeat, Ramm was the first of the two Gorlock brothers to retreat and took off out of there. Pulverizer then took off as well.

FlamingoMask and MarionetteMask then regrouped with Neo SquidMask, who had got back and feeling down after failing to capture Ash, but FlamingoMask told him that it was alright because he did the best he could and that she couldn't run forever. After an encounter with a suspicious woman, FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask and MarionetteMask then took off, then heading to Seattle as they had another mission to attend to...


FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask would later appear at Seattle, looking for Ash but then suddenly a strange pterodactyl alien lifeform appeared; Ridley!!! FlamingoMask flew up and fired Flamingo Beams at Ridely, but Ridely wasn't harmed much by it. Ridely put up a major fight and then beat up Neo SquidMask and him as well, to which FlamingoMask then bashed his Wrecking Flail against him. Having gotten what he came for, Ridely then flew off aways, leaving FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask alone. As the two Shadowbloods regrouped, the soldiers of Seattle then came and assigned FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask to further locate and track down Ridely. They accepted, but FlamingoMask suggested that they should get some help from MarionetteMask....who then also appeared to them, stating that he was watching them the whole time.

With that, FlamingoMask, MarionetteMask and Neo SquidMask then went off, in search of Ridely.

They Call Him Dart

Sometime later in Seattle, FlamingoMask searched around in Seattle, searching for the alien lifeform known as Ridley. However, the sounds of motorcycle then could be heard; Dart rode his motorcycle to the center of the city and found FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask glared at Dart and got ready to fight him. Dart then took out some vaporizer darts and threw them at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then shot a beam of light and sweeps it at the explosive darts, causing the darts to explode in mid-air. Dart then rushed up to FlamingoMask and the two then began to combat each other. Dart then threw down one of his fiery darts to the ground, sending FlamingoMask backwards. Dart then fired his pistol at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask then generated his shield to protect him from the bullets.

FlamingoMask then ceased his shield and flew forwards, kicking against Dart hard. As Dart got back up, he then shot FlamingoMask in the right arm with his pistol, causing FlamingoMask to bleed shadows. Dart then bombarded FlamingoMask's area with three fire darts and while FlamingoMask was able to avoid in time, the fire darts then hit against some walls of buildings, setting them on fire. FlamingoMask glared and then took out his Wrecking Flail, bashing it against Dart. Dart rolled over and fired gunshots, to which FlamingoMask flew up high, before then returning, kicking at Dart repeatedly, then following it up on it with a Flamingo Punch at his face and then finally following it up with a Flamingo Kick at him, sending him flying over to where Ash is at. Ash and Dart then both collided into each other and Dart collapsed to the ground, but he wasn't finished yet.

Dart then shot some Vaporizer Darts at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask barely avoided but then Neo SquidMask appeared and wrapped his tentacles around Dart, badly shocking Dart. Neo SquidMask then tossed Dart away, to which Dart then landed on some debris and passed out, defeated. FlamingoMask then flew over to SasquatchMask and Neo SquidMask to help them out, then battling against Ash. FlamingoMask flailed his Wrecking Flail at Ash, but Ash didn't feel much from it. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beams at Ash, burning her a bit and then finally followed it up with a Flamingo Kick against Ash, sending Ash against a building. Ash then slithered away and retreated however. FlamingoMask then regrouped with Neo SquidMask and SasquatchMask and thanked them for the help. Neo SquidMask then passed out from the fight and FlamingoMask then took him with, flying aways with him.

Investigating the Kaiju Blood

A few days after Sigma PRGojji's attack on Honolulu, FlamingoMask and Sagiri then arrived, coming over and arrived to the scene, coming to investigate. Sagiri then started investigating the blood trail. Meanwhile, at one of the parts of the blood trail, Robo Lass was investigating it. As FlamingoMask and Sagiri investigate the trail some more, Sagiri took a few photos of the trail. Just then, a loud screech could be heard as the two were on investigation. Sagiri and FlamingoMask looked up and saw what was going on. In the waters, a crab-like monster with distinctive Anteverse-features then swam slowly to short, with missiles and tankfire being shot at it as it got closer, though the fire does little to stop the beast; Onibaba appeared.

As Onibaba continued it's rampage, FlamingoMask then flew up to fight it. FlamingoMask then changed into kaiju size and then fought off Onibaba; Onibaba spotted FlamingoMask right away and then grabbed an empty bus, throwing it at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask grabbed the bus and puts it down, then turns and fires a light ray at Onibaba. Onibaba was hit by the ray but uses her high crest to protect her from most damage and then scuttled quickly towards FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Barrage against Onibaba, to which Onibaba used her high crest to protect self from damage again, tanking the hits.

FlamingoMask then got out his Wrecking Flail and charged, bashing it against Onibaba. Onbaba staggered back and chucked a building at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask rolled over from. FlamingoMask then got back up, gathers shadow energy and then hurls it at Onibaba's legs. FlamingoMask then kicked at Onibaba, then charging up shadow energy and hurling a shadow ball against Onibaba's face. FlamingoMask went over to fight Onibaba some more, to which Onibaba then headbutted at him, causing him then to retaliate by chopping her at the neck and then firing Flamingo Beam at Onibaba. Onibaba rolled over and screeched in pain and then turned around and fled, swimming and retreating aways.

FlamingoMask then reverted back to normal size and spoke with Sagiri and Robo Lass for a bit, before then they all parted their separate ways.

SquidMask vs.....SquidMask!?

FlamingoMask made a minor appearance in the RP, where he mainly stood by and watched SquidMask and Neo SquidMask settle out their debate by themselves, though he stated that he was aware that Neo SquidMask wasn't the true SquidMask due to him feeling off, however he decided to test for proof, by throwing some random woman shoes at both SquidMask and Neo SquidMask, to which SquidMask kicked him in the crotch for doing. Later on he got back up and started doing a knife game.

Later on, with SquidMask and Neo SquidMask now on good terms (especially since Neo SquidMask stated that he wouldn't dare to replace him either), SquidMask then flew off, heading elsewhere. Neo SquidMask then said to FoxMask and FlamingoMask that he learned an important lesson on identity and then went to go take a shower...right after cleaning the carpet.

The Robot of My Dreams

FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then appeared at Tacoma, where the two were relaxing but then spotted Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi fighting each other for someone they both loved. FlamingoMask felt that that they shouldn't get involved with their conflict; however then a new and much more irritating threat appeared by the arrival of the rude and obnoxious Vernonn and his gang of alien thugs. Clearly not wanting to these guys to derail things further or make things worse, FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then ran in and fought off the thugs. As Neo SquidMask fought off the other four alien thugs; FlamingoMask fought off Vernonn himself, however he found Vernonn to be quite cheap to fight, especially since he kept dodging his attacks.

Then all of a sudden, some loud rumblings can be heard coming from underground; AdonisGoji had arrived unexpectedly. After AdonisGoji slaughtered the rest of Vernnon's men and then brutally killed off Vernonn, AdonisGoji then set sights on FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask, Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi. FlamingoMask then rushed in with Neo SquidMask, bashing his flail against AdonisGoji, but AdonisGoji tanked their attacks and then clubbed them away with his spiky clubbed tail, followed up his eye lasers. FlamingoMask (and Neo SquidMask) barely avoided out of the way in time and then rolled over.

After some more fighting with AdonisGoji; Robot Daughter then appeared, rushing in to assist them in the fight. FlamingoMask was confused at first, as was Neo SquidMask. Finally, Robot Daughter fought with the wild mutant Gojiran some more, then forcing AdonisGoji to retreat. Mist then rolled in, coming this way. Evening was approaching. Just before FlamingoMask could thank Robot Daughter for her help, she then mysteriously vanished. FlamingoMask found this odd. With their work done there overall; FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then reverted back to normal size and then headed off, then heading into a bar for the night.

The Advent of the Doctor

FlamingoMask then later on flew to a GDF Base, just passing by until FlamingoMask spotted the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS floating around and was confused. Some GDF soldiers arrived, but the Eleventh Doctor calmly told them that he meant no harm. A soldier asked if the Eleventh Doctor was with FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask said he was (as he saw that he was clearly an ally). A soldier then went up to touch the TARDIS, which the Eleventh Doctor told him not to.

The Eleventh Doctor then showed FlamingoMask the inside of the TARDIS and then explained to him that he was searching for some volcanic dragon of pure death and destruction. As FlamingoMask and the Eleventh Doctor then traveled in time with the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor then located an island which was not here before, it sporting lush green giant vegetation, enormous mountains and a huge volcano. The Eleventh Doctor then offered a jelly bear to FlamingoMask, which FlamingoMask accepted.

The Eleventh Doctor and FlamingoMask then saw more as how the island was made, until then it was finished. The Eleventh Doctor stated that they came to go back in time to observe the rebirth of a species. However, the Eleventh Doctor feared much for the human race, as the volcanic dragon Magdaros had recently anihilated Las Vegas. With that, the Eleventh Doctor then FlamingoMask to put the island under constant surveillance, no weapons only satellite footage; which FlamingoMask agreed to do. The Eleventh Doctor then handed and gave him a paper to call him; the Eleventh Doctor then traveled to the present and left FlamingoMask back to the GDF base and then left, saying goodbye; to which FlamingoMask said goodbye as well. With that, the Eleventh Doctor and the TARDIS then took off.

The Bat Invasion Pt. 1: Challenge of the Vampire Nobleman

Following his meeting with the Doctor, FlamingoMask then flew back home with Neo SquidMask and met up with Ayame. Ayame then met back up with FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask, and then later on chatted with FlamingoMask outside at night. Unfortunately during their talk, they were then interrupted by Double Bat's arrival along with his army of bats. Ayame and the other Units followed FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask into Machine G. Ayame then took control of Machine G, with FlamingoMask helping fighting against the horde of bats. Following a long battle against Double Bat and the bats, the Units and Machine G were victorious, but unfortunately Machine G was thrashed from the inside due to Salamander's internvention. FlamingoMask and Ayame then went up ontop of the Machine G's head, looking out the sight of San Antonio, just to see how it turned out.

Then all of a sudden, a Bat Missile is fired at the two; Double Bat then reappeared and soared over, grabbing onto a hold of Unit 2 Ayame and flying off. FlamingoMask staggers back and then sees Double Bat taking off, then flies after him. As FlamingoMask flew faster after Double Bat, Double Bat then noticed and then flew even faster, making sure that he wouldn't follow. Salamander then fired a missile at FlamingoMask, causing FlamingoMask to fall down and crash-land, taking him out and then Double Bat flew off carrying Ayame and headed to England; where Salamander would be at; ready to continue the Bat Invasion plan.

The Bat Invasion Pt. 2: Shoot Down the Flamingo of Justice

FlamingoMask then later flew to London, going out to save Ayame. By the time he got to coast of England however, the Shine Shine Dan Fighter Jets soon appeared and fired their laser guns at FlamingoMask as they approached him, all eight of them guns a blazing. FlamingoMask managed to avoid the frenzy and then fired his Flamingo Beam at one jet, destroying one of the eight jets.

FlamingoMask then flew up higher and hurled another Shadow Ball at another jet, taking it down. Two more fighter jets then fly in, shooting at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask soars up, barely avoiding the lasers blasts and then firing Flamingo Beam at the two jets; destroying the two jets. The remaining four jets then rammed against FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask out of control. FlamingoMask then regained flight and then fired his Maximum Flamingo Beam at them, destroying all four of the jets.

Soon FlamingoMask then arrived to London, where he spoke to Sagiri briefly over on the phone. After their talk, FlamingoMask then continued his search for Ayame, two Elite-Mecha Mobsters appeared and ganged up on him. As FlamingoMask fought off two Elite Mecha-Mobsters, a mysterious man named Dan Akuma then arrived to save him. The two Elite-Mecha Mobsters tried to chase Dan off, only for Dan Akuma to then swipe his baton across the first Elite-Mecha Mobster's head, decapitating him. The second Elite Mecha-Mobster then rushed over and got out his ax. FlamingoMask then through his Shadow Ball at the second Elite Mecha-Mobster, destroying him. Dan Akuma then helped up FlamingoMask, and then talked to him a little about the Mecha-Mobsters and how much of nuisance they were.

When FlamingoMask brought up the Mecha Galgen Gang, Dan Akuma stated that he knew about them, as they were the monsters who planned to over England with all of the bats. With this knowledge, Dan Akuma and FlamingoMask then both teamed up to stop them and then headed out elsewhere to find them. But first they stopped for some food.

The Bat Invasion Pt. 3: Saving Ayame

A few hours later, Dan Akuma and FlamingoMask then wandered through London's woods, going out to search for the Mecha Galgen Gang's fortress, as it was stated that they were building a fortress in the UK. As the two continued to search, they then found the fortress, but not without some Mecha-Mobsters guarding. Dan Akuma walked up and attacked the Mecha-Mobsters first, bashing his baton across two Mecha-Mobster's heads, cutting them clean off. However during the crossfire, Gevaudan fired one of his nails at Robo Lass's staff, destroying it. Dan Akuma said to Robo Lass that he was sorry to hear about the loss of her staff.

As Gevaudan got away, then Prana broke the entrance to the fortress, allowing Dan Akuma, FlamingoMask, Robo Lass and Prana to enter; Dan Akuma walked in carrying his baton. As the four explored inside the fortress some more, Dan Akuma then found out the room where Unit 2 Ayame had been held prisoner. Much to their surprise, there were bats all over the place on the ceiling. As Robo Lass and Prana began to free Ayame however, some bats attacked and then Gevaudan's voice could be heard over in the intercom, stating they had been lured into a trap. FlamingoMask told off Gevaudan and flew in to free Ayame, but before FlamingoMask could do anything, a Bat Missile was fired at him---from Dan Akuma!! FlamingoMask asked to as why Dan Akuma did that, to which then Dan Akuma revealed his true colors to FlamingoMask----he was actually Double Bat. FlamingoMask was betrayed!

Double Bat then flew off, stating that he had lured them directly into his trap and then flew off the top of the fortress, awaiting the moment to send the bats all over London. Moments later, Gevaudan met back up with Double Bat on the top of the fortress and the two then resumed their work, only for FlamingoMask and Robo Lass to then burst through the roof. As Robo Lass battled Gevaudan, FlamingoMask then fought off Double Bat. Double Bat shot a Bat Missile at FlamingoMask, shooting FlamingoMask down. FlamingoMask then fired a beam of light at Double Bat, causing Double Bat to stagger back. Double Bat then fired some Bat Missiles at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask dodged a lot. Double Bat then flew downwards, to which some Mecha-Mobsters came over to assist him, but Double Bat snapped and thrashed them all, stating that he was too good for them and didn't need their help.

Double Bat then rushed in and slashed his sharp nails at FlamingoMask, ripping through his jacket and tearing at his "skin", causing him to bleed shadows, to which he then followed it up on by firing a Bat Missile at FlamingoMask's area, but FlamingoMask was quick enough to avoid this time. FlamingoMask was about to fire a Shadow Ball at Double Bat, only then for Double Bat to then shoot another Bat Missile at him, sending him down. Double Bat then stood on top of him and opened up his blood-sucking mouth on his right hand.

Double Bat lowered down, prepared to suck the blood from FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then grappled at Double Bat and kicked him off of him with his legs. Double Bat flew back and then got back up, giving FlamingoMask enough time however to charge his shadow energy. FlamingoMask then conjured up a new technique made up of shadow energy, known as the Shadow Stake and then hurled it at Double Bat, stabbing him through the heart and impaling him, similar to the ancient vampire folklore.

Double Bat fell off the fortress, to which he then rolled down the hill on where his fortress was at before long finally then lands down to the ground, gasping before then finally stopping, turning into a black skeleton before then exploding, finishing off the vampire. At that moment, the bats then ceases attacking London. Their eyes revert to normal and then confused, they then fly off from London. FlamingoMask then regrouped back with Ayame and then flew off with Prana and Robo Lass and fled from the exploding castle.

King Ulysses

FlamingoMask later appeared someplace in Africa, where he along with the Units, Neo SquidMask and SharkMask appeared to fight off and takedown King Ulysses. FlamingoMask and King Ulysses battled each other for a lengthy amount of time until King Ulysses managed to beat FlamingoMask up hard, wounding him. SharkMask then continued to fight him off and then FlamingoMask was rescued by the Units, who then proceeded to take him elsewhere to where SharkMask went.

Death Penguin

FlamingoMask later appeared in Algona, Iowa, where he fought off both the dinosaur known as...Algona and Death Penguin, to help out Showa Gamera. FlamingoMask then flew into battle there and fired down his Flamingo Beam against Algona; FlamingoMask had arrived! Algona then got back up and fired his energy beam again at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then created his Flamingo Shield to protect himself from the energy beam.

FlamingoMask then threw his Flamingo Shield at Algona, causing Algona to fall over. Algona then got back up and charged at FlamingoMask. Showa Gamera then threw Death Penguin at Algona, causing the two to crash into each other. Algona then got back up and fired his energy beam against FlamingoMask, then sweeping it towards Showa Gamera. Showa Gamera then fired his flame stream against Algona. Algona and Showa Gamera got into a beam duel for a bit, only for Death Penguin to aim his flame breath against FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask dodged out of the way, hitting Algona instead. FlamingoMask then turned around and fired his Flamingo Beam against Algona, causing Algona to fall into the river, defeating him. Death Penguin got back up, his eyes then changing into an icy blue color, then shooting out icicles from his mouth at Showa Gamera, Luckily for Showa Gamera, FlamingoMask then came up and created a Flamingo Shield, protecting them both from the flying icicles. Death Penguin then ceased his icicles and then breathed out a freezing mist in the air, making it snow for a bit.

FlamingoMask then rushed up and punched Death Penguin in the stomach, causing Death Penguin to stagger back in pain. Death Penguin then retaliated by pecking his sharp beak repeatedly against FlamingoMask. Death Penguin then changed his eye color again and then fired out a stream of flames at FlamingoMask, however then FlamingoMask ducked out of the ways, causing the flames to hit against Algona and take him down instead. Death Penguin and Showa Gamera then began to fire fireballs at each other, with FlamingoMask then shooting a Shadow Ball against his area, creating some explosions.

Enraged, Death Penguin then decided to pull out the big guns---going both hot and cold! Death Penguin then changed his eye color to both red and blue and then fired out his Ice-Fire Beam from his mouth at FlamingoMask and Showa Gamera; Showa Gamera then fired his fire breath at Death Penguin as well as FlamingoMask firing his Flamingo Beam against Death Penguin's Ice-Fire Beam; creating a Beam Fight. During a rather lengthy beam fight, Showa Gamera then flew up and fired some fireballs at the penguin; causing Death Penguin to lose balance and cease his beam. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beam at full blast against Death Penguin, causing sparks to shoot out and hitting at Death Penguin hard. Death Penguin then staggered back and then fell over, having finally being defeated.

Showa Gamera roared in victory and then thanked FlamingoMask for his help, also thinking of him as a good friend. FlamingoMask thanked him for his help as well and then two both flew off.



Far Among the Galaxy is Where Your Home Lies Pt. 1


Far Among the Galaxy is Where Your Home Lies Pt. 2


Arsenal & Abilities

Power Grid









Energy Skills


Fighting Skills




  • Light Manipulation: FlamingoMask has power over light energy. 
  • Shadow Manipulation: FlamingoMask has power over shadow energy.
  • Light Resistance: Due to having light powers which is unusual for most Shadowbloods, FlamingoMask naturally is resistant to light.
  • Flamingo Beam: FlamingoMask can create strong beams of light and can fire at his opponents with said beam.
  • Maximum Flamingo Beam: FlamingoMask can blast out a more powerful beam of light from his mouth, similar to a Gojiran's atomic beam. It can deal with very powerful damage against the opponents and FlamingoMask's eyes will stay glowing with light for a while this happens. This attack is also known as "Maximum Flamingo Ray".
  • Flamingo Orb: FlamingoMask can fire out an orb of light from his hands.
  • Flamingo Barrage: FlamingoMask can hurl out powerful orbs made of light energy against his opponents. Said light orbs can explode on target upon impact.
  • Flamingo Shield: FlamingoMask can conjure up a shield made up of light energy to protect him from enemy fire. However, the shield can only be used for a minute before disappearing.
  • Flight: FlamingoMask can fly at Mach 9.
  • Enhanced Speed: FlamingoMask has enhanced speed; his speed being at lightning quick rate.
  • Enhanced Strength: FlamingoMask is very strong; capable of landing strong hits against kaiju even when not in kaiju-size.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: FlamingoMask has enhanced reflexes.
  • Enhanced Durability: FlamingoMask has enhanced durability.
  • Enhanced Agility: FlamingoMask has enhanced agility; being capable of very fast reflexes and being a very athletic fighter.
  • Size Change: Like most Shadowbloods, FlamingoMask can grow from normal sized to giant size.
  • Wrecking Flail: FlamingoMask's signature weapon. It is a deadly flail that can beat and thrash his opponents with brute force.
  • Flamingo Chop: FlamingoMask can deliver a very strong chopping move from concentrated light energy against his foes; though this attack is only occasionally used. 
  • Flamingo Punch: FlamingoMask can perform a powerful punching attack that can fling his opponents back.
  • Flamingo Kick: FlamingoMask's major signature attack. It can mainly be used to deliver a basic, but powerful kick against his foes, but gathering up enough light energy, it can be used as his finisher attack to deliver against enemies. His kicking force is accurately about as powerful as 200 sticks of dynamites exploding.
  • Shadow Ball: A shadow beam orb that FlamingoMask can shoot out by combining both of his arms. They are at missile strength.
  • Shadow Slugger: A shadow cutting ability that FlamingoMask can release a thing beam of shadow energy that can slice his opponents.
  • Shadow Stake:' A shadow-spear that FlamingoMask can use to hurl at his opponents and can even impale monsters. Was first used to destroyed Double Bat.


  • Emotions: When either conflicted or facing an opponent he feels that is overwhelming, FlamingoMask has a tendency to let his emotions get to the best of him and will dive into battle without thinking straight. Likewise, he can get pretty sensitive and over-emotional about being questioned over something personal, interrogated, being ignored or when somebody insults his friends. He also does not actually like going place to place all the time.
  • Poor Swimmer: FlamingoMask has shown to not be the best swimmer in his group.
  • Cold: FlamingoMask does not fare well in the cold.


A bit excessive, don't you think? „ 

— FlamingoMask

This journey is getting really weird.... „ 

— FlamingoMask

Your either insane or misguided. Or perhaps both. „ 

— FlamingoMask to Dranvious.

Shuwatch! I mean, HI-YA! „ 

— FlamingoMask

It's never a good thing if somebody is out shooting laser guns in the morning. EVER. „ 

— FlamingoMask

I never know what to expect around here anymore.... „ 

— FlamingoMask

Here, have some punch! „ 

— FlamingoMask punching at a Guard Robot.



SquidMask was the first person FlamingoMask met when upon his arrival, as well as his first ally. FlamingoMask finds SquidMask to be odd and somewhat of a goofball, but nonetheless he considers him a good friend and looks forward to seeing again. He also seems to be amused by SquidMask's more zanier actions and jokes, though there are times he believes SquidMask's humor can go a little too far at times and can be pretty weird.


Gevaudan is a the de facto leader of the robot gangsters and is FlamingoMask's secondary major enemy. During their encounters, Gevaudan has attempted to eliminate FlamingoMask and targeted him personally, often leaving his henchmen to take care of the rest. During their first encounter, Gevaudan injured FlamingoMask badly, even causing him to bleed heavily. During their second encounter however, FlamingoMask put up more of a fight and managed to score stronger hits against Gevaudan. 

Unit 1 Cotton

Cotton is a member of the Units and is good friends with FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask finds Cotton to be charming and helpful (such as when she freed him from his refrigerator prison from Salamander or when she helped him fight against Gehara).

Unit 2 Ayame

Ayme is the Unit out of the four Units that FlamingoMask respects the most, although he likes the other Units still. He believes Ayame to be a good leader and admires her bravery (such as when she proved to him that she could take down Geharha as well or fighting off against Unitang). Him and her will often go into battle together to combat the monsters or lead the other Units into battle with.

He also secretly harbors a crush on her and is attracted to her, but he feels nervous to show it; little does he know that Ayame feels the same way about him.

Unit 3 Unica

FlamingoMask views Unica as a good friend and the two often go on walks together. He admires her friendly persona and how mellow she is and being very helpful, even if she is very quiet to him.

Unit 4 Sagiri

FlamingoMask is a good friend of Sagiri and sees her as very helpful, beings that she is the most knowledge on tech and she helps builds new gadgets and upgrade his arsenal. If Ayame isn't around, he will usually go to Sagiri for assistance.

Unit 5 Brownie


Unit 8 Sonnet


Neo SquidMask



  • FlamingoMask is Gallibon the Destroyer's first Shadowblood character.
  • Originally, he owned a motorcycle and used it but was later scrapped due to Gallibon the Destroyer feeling that it didn't fit the character.
  • Originally FlamingoMask was going to wield a lance for his main weapon but it was then changed into a flail. The idea of him wielding a flail was suggested by Flaredragon00.
  • FlamingoMask is the first Shadowblood to have a specific bird-motif, as Quet was simply bird-themed.
  • Interestingly enough; in both his scrapped original first appearance and in his true first appearance, the first person he ever met in RP was SquidMask.
  • His nickname is simply "Flamingo".
  • He is the only major Shadowblood introduced in 2016 to not have been introduced during the Neo Empire arc or in February, as he debuted in mid-Summer.
  • His favorite food is ramen noodles, especially the spicy kind.
  • His signature attack, the "Flamingo Beam" is based off of Ultaman's Specium Ray. Likewise, the "Shadow Slugger" is based off of Ultraseven's Eye Slugger and the "Maximum Flamingo Beam" is based off of Godzilla's Atomic Breath.
  • FlamingoMask was originally going to be a lot more different. For starters, he wasn't going to be flamingo-themed and instead was going to be hawk-themed and would have been colored yellow instead of pink and he would have been named "HawkMask" (this was meant to be a reference to GaoYellow from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger). He was then changed to be flamingo-themed instead, to make him stand out more and to give him a more unique look. His personality was also very different, being more nosy and snarky, but this was changed as Gallibon the Destroyer felt that he came off as too much of a jerk.


Talk Talk - IT'S MY LIFE - 1984

Talk Talk - IT'S MY LIFE - 1984