The Living Disaster, FurankuGoji
Used by
Shockirus (Mutual Relationship)
Utsuho Reiuji, FoxMask, Suika Ibuki
250 meters tall
779 meters long
Concept Art

FrankGoji is a character used by GarudaGoji.


He was taking a nap in the ocean when a typhoon appeared and sweeped him into Kurata Beach's sands. He got stuck there for days and days until on March 23, 2015 he finally got out of the sands only to engage in a losing battle against both Utsuho Reiuji & FoxMask.

He then appeared in Tuba City, Arizona and destroyed the city before moving on to Flagstaff. He destroyed the place and began going to Phoenix where he rampaged through. He then left Arizona.

He then appeared in Gensokyo. Curious about the land, he began lumbering around. He took a look onto the Hakurei Shrine before closing his eyes. He felt sounds of a picture taken near, he opened his eyes and spotted Aya Shameimaru taking the pictures; he closed his eyes again, trying to ignore it but he can't as the light makes him more angrier. He finally snapped and emitted out a roar of anger at the Tengu girl who then fled. He gaved chase but afterwords he fell down, unconsious, by the Mind Starmine.

He woke up after two hours of being unconsious, he stood up and looked at the two girls before chasing them all the way to Sado where he gets punched back into a building by an oni. They both had a long battle before ending in her favor, the gojiran fled back to the sea to lick his wounds after the battle.

He then appeared in Puerto Rico, heading towards Bayamōn. He appeared on the city and began leaving destruction on his wake. Tanks appeared and began blasting the gojiran but he was unaffected but albeit annoyed by the military's assault. He then had a minor battle with the tanks before leaving Bayamōn a desolated land of radiation.


A kaiju who's instinct is always on animal cunning behavior. The gojiran acts on its instincts and will go on a city to "explore" the land. It seems to be annoyed easily by tank-fire and other military assault. It also acts surprised if it sees something unnatural to it grow such as an oni. It has a mutual relationship with the shockirus' as it seems to heal it in exchange for protection from the beast and new food to prey on.


  • Atomic Fireball-Dealing low damage, the blast can be prone to exploding on contact on whatever it hits.
  • Atomic Breath-Dealing atleast medium damage, this beam can set off explosions if it hits the ground.
  • Spiral Ray-Dealing higher damage than the Atomic Ray, this beam is a more powerful version of the Atomic Breath.
  • Extrodianary Jumper-Bending his legs, this gojiran can jump to an impressive height to take down a flyer.
  • Godly Strength-His strength in other words.
  • Melee Prowess-His claws, teeth, foot and tail in other words.
  • Uncanny Durability-His hide can't be penetrated by military assault in other words.
  • Lightning Absorber-If lightning hits his dorsals, he can absorb the power to enhance his Atomic Breath.
  • Resistence-He resists fire and nuclear attacks.


  • He's vulnerable to Man-Made electricity and will reel off in pain.
  • He's also clumsy.
  • He seems to dislike light and will go on a great rage if the light shines on his eyes.


Godzilla Theme - The Tanks (Godzilla 2000 US Soundtrack OST)02:29

Godzilla Theme - The Tanks (Godzilla 2000 US Soundtrack OST)

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