Used by
Jay's Wing
Firefox, Crystalleon, Obsidian, Gamoni, Hardshell
M, Makia, Gomora, Frankgoji, New Bosquito, Rozan, Silvergon, Amethyst Sandstorm
Mutated fox
90 meters
270 meters
Neo Empire

Frostfox is a fox kaiju, original character, and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


While Firefox is a bestial kaiju, for some reason Frostfox is sentient. He uses this to full effect, making rude or sarcastic comments even (or especially) during battles. This is actually a strategy by him to get opponents so frustrated that they get sloppy in their attacks. Despite this, out of battle, Frostfox is mostly the same, being social, flirtatious, and comedic at the expense of others.


Frostfox's first appearance was when he, along with Hardshell and Gamoni, ambushed M, Makia, Gomora, and Rozan on an island. Frostfox quickly dealt with M and took down the alien, but a portal appeared once M was weak. From it came New Bosquito, who was a serious threat to Frostfox because of his weakness to fire. However, because of the young kaiju's shenanigans, New Bosquito left, seemingly giving him free reign. However, another new challenger in the form of Frankgoji appeared. Frostfox also came across a recovered M and Silvergon. However, Crystalleon and Obsidian came to Frostfox's aid in battling these two. Because of that act, it can be assumed that Frostfox is a part of the Neo Empire.

After this, it was confirmed that he was a member (and leader) of the Neo Empire when he lead a conquering mission of Indianapolis with Jiger and Firefox. They soon encountered M, Baymax, and Heisei Gamera, who they got into a battle with for the city. As they fought, Frostfox fought fiercely with Baymax after sustaining severe injuries, but recovered and was able to take out Heisei Gamera as well with significant damage. As the Enraged M form had taken out Firefox in one shot beforehand and had the upper hand on Jiger, Frostfox decided to retreat and let M to the work for him, with M destroying the city in his rage.

Later, Frostfox came along for the Neo Empire's invasion of America. Battling Baymax and Amethyst Sandstorm, he created an extremely intense blizzard to separate the two, before going one-on-one with Amethyst, ultimately destroying the Jaeger.


  • Frostfox has control over ice.
  • Frostfox can create pointed shards of ice.
  • Frostfox can make blizzards with enough concentration.
  • Frostfox can create spheres of cold energy.
  • Frostfox is extremely fast.
  • Frostfox has sharp, strong claws that are also coated in a layer of ice, dealing freezing damage on a hit as well.
  • Frostfox has sharp teeth as well, with the same layer of ice over them.
  • Frostfox has frost breath.
  • Frostfox can manipulate the winds to let him fly for a short while.
  • Frostfox can create ice bridges to glide through the air.
  • Frostfox is extremely resistant to the cold.
  • Frostfox is stronger during the winter.

And more to be added.


  • Fire does moderately more damage than other forms of damage
  • Frostfox is weaker during the summer.