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Used by
Jay's Wing
Sunshine Hyena,Varan, FoxMask
Abomidable Snowman
250 meters

Frosty is a giant killer snowman and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


The Cold War

In the city of Toronto, a freak blizzard ravaged it. As the french jaeger Sunshine Hyena came to investigate, Frosty popped up behind her, barely missing her. Frosty first scorched Sunshine with one of his grenade launcher arms, coating her in flames from his mouth when she blasted him with her yellow energy launcher.

Sunshine Hyena then blasted a hole clean through Frosty, only for it to fill back up with snow. Laughing, he rolled at her, only for her to jump over it and bombard him with yellow energy bolts. Unphased, Frosty bounced up and slashed Sunshine Hyena with his drill nose, forcing her back to the ground.

Frosty turned and hit her with more grenades. As Sunshine Hyena sent a swarm of yellow energy bolts at Frosty, hit top hat opened up and magically reversed the beam, hitting her instead. The top hat then sent out missiles that electrocuted her on impact, shocking her and making Sunshine Hyena retreat. His opponent dealt with, Frosty got back to destroying until...

A large sickle cut into Frosty from behind, burning him with dark energy. As Frosty turned, the new challenger revealed himself to be FoxMask! Or so he thought. FoxMask sent another wave of dark energy at Frosty, and as the snowman sent missiles at his foe, they were detonated prematurely by shadow bullets. He blasted FoxMask with fire, who jumped back and avoided it in panic.

As this happened, a new contender approached: Varan flew into Toronto next. As he and FoxMask fought, Frosty aimed his grenade launcher arm at the shadowblood and fired, engulfing him in an explosion. All was silent until out of nowhere, a slashing sound rang out and Frosty's top half fell to the ground. He never lived to see the reveal of who FoxMask was in reality.


  • Drill nose
  • Can fire lasers from ruby eyes
  • Spews flames from mouth
  • Can regrow limbs
  • Can launch missiles from and reflect attacks with his top hat
  • Rolls up into a ball to crush those he rams into
  • Grenade launcher arms


  • Fire


  • Frosty's original name was Frostbite.

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