Fruit Brute
Used by
Jay's Wing
Pearl Blizzard, Gamoni, Zaranga, Gallibon
Count Chocula, Frankenberry, BooBerry, Fruity Yummy Mummy
100 meters
160 meters
Cereal character

Fruit Brute is a giant fruit cereal oriented werewolf kaiju and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Fruit Brute is reclusive during the day, living in the woods of Transylvania. However, when the moon rises, Fruit Brute transforms into a giant werewolf. While in this form, Fruit Brute becomes a monstrous kaiju who's only goal is to destroy his cereal rivals: Fruity Yummy Mummy, Frankenberry, BooBerry, and Count Chocula, so that he can become the top dog in the breakfast cereal game.


The Breakfast Hauntings

In Transylvania, a battle waged on. Pearl Blizzard, Gamoni, Zaranga, and Gallibon were fighting a group of kaiju that had emerged from a Haunted Mansion. These just so happened to be BooBerry, Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and Fruity Yummy Mummy. CenturyHedo meanwhile rampaged the city as well. Enraged by the fact his rivals were on his home turf, Fruit Brute came into the fray.

Smashing into Count Chocula, Fruit Brute shoved a wooden spoon full of his cereal into the Count's mouth. It tasted so good that he fled to buy some. Next, Fruit Brute plugged a TV cord into Frankenberry, showing a commercial for Fruit Brute cereal. Astounded, Frankenberry left as well to buy some. BooBerry then retreated after Fruit Brute bit Fruity Yummy Mummy, infecting him and making him love Fruit Brute cereal. With his home town of Transylvania saved, Fruit Brute transformed back and returned to his home, ready to become the new face of Halloween cereal brands.


  • Invulnerability
  • Has control over milk and Fruit Brute cereal
  • Can bite to infect foes, turning them into Fruit Brute fanatics


  • Silver spoons full of BooBerry, Frankenberry, Count Chocula, or Fruity Yummy Mummy cereal

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