Used by
Lord Vehk
Godzilla, Crowned M.U.T.O., Crowned M.U.T.O.'s pups, FoxMask, Female Final Godzilla, Kamen Rider J, Varan, Sanda, Shisa, Frankenstein
Varan (possible rivalry, at first), Manda (more of an annoyance, than an enemy) , Cybersaur, Sanda
40 meters
Not Available
Earth Defenders
Toho Character

Gaira (ガイラ Gaira) is a Frankenstein-spawn kaijin and an RP character that is used by Lord Vehk.


Gaira's first notable appearance was on the newly remodeled Monster Island. He appeared after Varan spotted Crowned M.U.T.O.'s nest near his territory and started screaming at her, before Gaira came to her defense. Gaira was prepared to battle the reptilian-like creature, but had no need as Godzilla himself quickly stepped in to defend her. He would have a few more run-ins with both Manda and Varan, mainly involving him throwing things at them, somewhat childishly, before deciding to become more powerful. To seek this power, he sought out the true King of the Monsters, Godzilla, whom he swore fealty to, and was rewarded with some of Godzilla's own radiation, causing his size to double. Shortly afterwards, he would leave Monster Island to seek out the man who protected his brother Sanda during his early childhood, in the Hokkaido district of Japan, where he was beset by the then rampaging Cybersaur. Along with Female Final Godzilla, FoxMask, and Kamen Rider J, he helped bring the metal behemoth down, and was officially recognized as an Earth Defender.


Gaira has a barbaric personality, often gorging himself on various types of meat (including human), and challenging other monsters for territory on Monster Island. He will quickly come to the aid of some of his fellow monsters, if he feels that it would be in everyone's best interest.


  • Regeneration: Gaira has regenerative capabilities, due to being spawned by Frankenstein's immortal cells.
  • Brute Strength: Gaira doesn't have much abilites, but makes up for it by being very strong, being able to brutally wrestle and beat up other monsters, and can lift monsters bigger than him.


  • Gaira was one of Vehk's earlier characters, but since Vehk's return, his previous history is now non-canon, and he is a rebooted version.