Showa Gamera, or simply "Gamera", is a giant turtle kaiju used by Goldn.

Gamera (Showa)
Gamera 1969
Used by
Anguirus (1968), Godzilla (1974), Godzilla
80 meters
65 meters
Earth Defenders
Gamera kaiju


In 1965, an atomic bomb was dropped in the cold arctic of the north, unintentionally releasing an ancient creature from its icy prison. That creature was none other than Gamera, who took to the skies and flew towards Nagoya.

Gyaos, Gamera's arch enemy and rival, was on a rampage in Nagoya. Gamera, having always cared for other creatures, confronted Gyaos and fought him to protect the human population. The battle of the two kaiju eventually ended at the top of Mt. Futago, where both creatures fell into the molten lava and seemingly perished.

Fifty-one years later, Gyaos emerges from a glowing cave, apparently having burrowed underground, and wrecks havoc upon Nagoya again. Almost immediately, Gamera appears from the top of Mt. Futago and, with the help of Neo Titanosaurus, defeats Gyaos again. However, Gyaos escapes.

A couple days later, Gamera and Gyaos resume their battle. The giant turtle receives help from the sudden appearance of MekaGoji (Godzilla 1974), and the two defeat the bat creature, who quickly retreats. Gamera takes off to find Gyaos, but not before formally making friends with Godzilla.

Gamera eventually catches up with Gyaos, and the two begin an airborne battle. Their fight leads them to Monster Island, where Gyaos is fatally wounded. Gamera briefly celebrates, believing Gyaos to be dead, but is horrified to learn that Gyaos was taken away by IguanaGoji, who is keeping the bat creature in his cave. Gamera briefly confronts Iguana, who was trying to protect Gyaos for personal reasons, and Iguana eventually caves in and finishes off the bat kaiju.

The very same day, Gamera moves in to an empty cave on the island, making it his new home.

Months later, Gamera meets his end at the hands of Destroyah during a battle in Mexico City.


Gamera is notably friendly towards his allies, and is often seen helping out humans.


  • Can unleash a stream of fire. Unlike his Heisei counterpart, he cannot create fireballs.
  • Retracting his limbs and head into his shell, he can start spinning and fly. He can reach mach 3 flight.
  • He can absorb fire. Doing so will gradually heal his wounds.
  • Unlike other bestial kaiju, Gamera can understand deeper concepts and has basic communication skills with humans.
  • Can withstand higher temperatures, which is how he was able to survive inside Mt. Futago for five decades.
  • Can breathe in areas where no oxygen is present.
  • Has extremely high defenses.
  • Has above average intelligence, allowing him to perform strategic maneuvers in fights.


  • Lacks speed and mobility. While he can reach mach 3 flight, he cannot instantly change into flight mode at will.
  • His attack power isn't too high, as he is more defensive.
  • Jamming strong, needlelike structures into his limbs will prevent them from retracting into his shell.

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