Garbage Monster Render
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Mudaana, Hakais, Gomi-Man, Jazz Gigan, Blues Megalon, Armor Jack, Wangmagwi (sometimes), Crazygon, Builgamo, Shinomura, Neo Spacegodzilla, Other Garbage Monster, Robot Daughter, Yumenokatamari
Kashima C (archenemy)
FlamingoMask (archenemy)
Jay (archenemy)
Giant Slalom (major enemy)
Denomon, Makia, Gildefrum, Heisei Gamera, Rozan, Kunin, BirthGoji, IguanaGoji, Inferno DesGhidorah, Inconnu, Gokidon, TripGoji, Narutons, Living Sunerian Statue, Moaigan, Rudongo, Rarigonika, Gold Satan, Gekkoku 4, Kiryu, Machine G, C-Rex, Neo Godzilla 2014, Gamera, Mutant Godzilla Clones, Vegetius, Mung Wun, D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Victory Demon, Nauntis, Ben Tennyson, Ultraman Mebius, AdonisGoji, Alien Valky, 15Goji, CenturyYongary, TKT Rhedosaurus, CobraMask
Coalesced Space Trash
10 (actual age)
36 (physically and mentally)
?? meters
?? meters
The Viledrodes (formerly)
Garbage Gang
Kawaii! JeNny Character god... „ 

— Garbage Monster, as he drifts alone is space.

I didn't travel a thousand lightyears from space just to get handed down by arrogant punk like you! „ 

— Garbage Monster to FlamingoMask

Garbage Monster (ゴミモンスター Gomimonsutā) is a sentient trash kaiju, a former Viledrode general and the current de facto leader of "The Garbage Gang" and a recurring major antagonist. He is an RP Character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Garbage Monster started off as a very unintelligent but powerful and aggressive brute that loved to boast and destroy things. He liked to make explosions and was prone to forgetting objectives. Despite his initial low intellect, he did know how to create explosives precisely and at least knew how to do his job. Later on, he learned from his mistakes, gained some more intelligence and also became less impulsive then he used to be. He wanted to be a better fighter so he decided to improve on his fighting skills and strategy. Needless to say though, his new methods didn't always work. He was very loyal to Emperor Tazarus, often coming alongside with him on missions. However, he did not trust Inconnu nor did he approve of his actions, which unfortunately led to his downfall with the Viledrodes.

After getting banished from the Viledrodes, Garbage Monster became more resentful, cynical , very self-depreciating and bitter, as well as being much more savage and wild in his behaviour. However, he shows that he does care for his gang and doesn't see them as merely soldiers by genuine friends. He has also become a mentor figure to the Eco-Crushers, Mudaana and Hakais. Though Garbage Monster has gotten smarter and wiser over time, he still has his moments of foolishness and ignorance, if mainly though due to his temper and patience however.

Garbage Monster is notably very tolerant and respectful to many kaiju, regardless of of their allegiance, having treated most of the Viledrode kaiju as not as just soldiers, but as his fellow acquaintances/co-workers. This is also evident with his Garbage Gang, in where he is very protective of, especially in regards to Gomi-Man, who he sympathizes with, given his own similar past on how he was treated by Inconnu. While he has shown to be easily irritated and have an extreme contempt towards heroes who stop his plans (such as FlamingoMask) he still does respect and take them seriously. Interestingly, he does not like killing human civilians, as he would prefer to have them live to see their cities coated in mass amounts of trash.

He has also been willing to team up with his enemies and put aside their differences in order to combat other threats such as the Martian Nazi Party or Inconnu, has even showed up to some heroes celebrations, such as BirthGoji's King of the Monsters ceremony and as well as being present of Gomora's funeral. However he usually, if not always, goes back to his usual garbage-spreading ways afterwards.



Garbage Monster was born in space when a huge mass of space garbage and debris miraculously fused together to create him. Garbage Monster stayed floating in space for a while, slowly making his way to Earth.

About two weeks later, Garbage Monster finally appeared on Earth and began to wreck havoc on a Japanese city. Mr. Crown was quick to notice this however and informed the Sweet Angels of the attack. They quickly arrived to the scene piloting the Giant Slalom and duked it out with Garbage Monster for a while, up until Sister B joined on in the madness, piloting the newly rebuilt Itazuran. In order to defeat the Sweet Angels and Giant Slalom, Garbage Monster lied to Sister B that they commented on her not be pretty, angering Sister B. Through their combined forces, Garbage Monster and Itazuran II manage to take down and destroy Giant Slalom. However, the Sweet Angels had one last resort to use: their ultimate weapon Kashima C.
Garbage Monster vs Giant Slalom

Garbage Monster dueling Giant Slalom back in the old days.

Kashima C then battled Garbage Monster and Itazuran II, even using her musical powers to make Garbage Monster and Itazuran II break into dance. Eventually, Itazuran II was destroyed, leaving only Garbage Monster left to combat Kashima C. Garbage Monster fought against Kashima C valiantly, using all his might and power to defeat the Sweet Angels, but they fought back hard. Garbage Monster finally defeated when Kashima C used her devastating "Sweetheart's Bash" move, which sent Garbage Monster instantly flying back into space, seemingly getting rid of him for good.

He then drifted aways in space for a long time up until he soon landed on a planet and eventually met up with the Viledrodes and became one of their monsters.

The Viledrodes

Debut: A Big Piece of Garbage

Garbage Monster was created by the Viledrodes dumping their "space trash" on to a random nearby city. Little did everybody know, this was actually the Viledrodes way of introducing Garbage Monster. After proclaiming that he was alive, he got to work quickly by destroying the city. After that he moved on and focused (or at least tried to) on his mission.

Emperor Tazarus then assigned him to fight against Heisei Gamera in a random city where Okami M.U.T.O. and Bloodvolk also just happened to be at. He fought valiantly, but eventually retreated, not wanting to be destroyed by Heisei Gamera.


One of Garbage Monster's most important fights was when he encountered Gildefrum and the Ultramen. Continuing his rampage from his first attack and his fight with Heisei Gamera (before it got interrupted) Garbage Monster blew up some buildings with his explosives and covered some parts of the ground with his Debris Spit. However Garbage Monster then came across a nearby Gaira and Gildefrum, who were fighting each other. Garbage Monster at first just watched the two carry on with their fight and continued on with his assault, but then noticed Gildefrum acting strange.

Poking fun of Gildefrum's many voices, Gildefrum then went berserk and utterly thrashed Garbage Monster. Garbage Monster fought back of course by blasting at Gildefrum his Debris Spit and missiles, but it was no effect in Gildefrum, who was so broken at this point none of it mattered. Then Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Belial showed up combat against Gildefrum. At first it seemed Garbage Monster was in the clear....up until Ultraman Ace noticed Garbage Monster and fired his beam at him. Garbage Monster once again shot his missiles at Ultraman Ace, but he was wise enough to evade the missiles by leaping out of the way.

As Gildefrum grew more beserk and unstable, the Ultramen and Gaira turned the focus towards stopping him and contained Garbage Monster in some bubble made of psychic energy that flew up in the air, but later ran out of energy, so it popped, freeing Garbage Monster and sending him crashing down to the ground. After Gildefrum's destruction, Garbage Monster ran away retreating, defeated.

Kunin's Arrival

Garbage Monster appeared to gang up on Rozan with the two Skeleto-Men. After menacing her and taunting Rozan a few times, he then charged into battle against Rozan, hitting her with his new weapon "The Trash Blade". However his duel with Rozan was short-lived as Kunin had finally arrived onto Earth soil. Rozan managed to escape the Skeleto-Men's graspe and then went to Kunin for protection. Garbage Monster and the Skeleto-Men attempted to fight Kunin, but they blasted away from Kunin's Atomic Breath, chasing them away. Not wanting to continue the fight Garbage Monster fled along with the two Skeleto-Men.

Assault on New Zealand

Garbage Monster was later assigned to lead an attack with four mechs given to the Viledrodes by the Knights of Zun, known as Mechagiras, Crazygon, Narse and Sevengar; their goal was to takeover New Zealand. Halfway through the Viledrode attack however, the four mechs collapsed as they were not very strong mechs. Hitodah was later assigned to help continue the attack. Though it didn't go as planned, the mission was a success. Garbage Monster himself was eventually beamed back inside Emperor Tazarus's ship. He wouldn't appear again for a while later. 

Defending Geboras

Garbage Monster and Hangyolas were sent by Emperor Tazarus to protect Geboras from getting attacked by BirthGoji so they had to fight him off for a period of time. Garbage Monster claimed that he was no longer as stupid or as moronic as he used to be and is now a much more improved and better fighter. Though they were initially fighting off against BirthGoji well at first, they were eventually defeated and retreated away from an enraged BirthGoji. Garbage Monster said though that it was fun to be on the battlefield again after being away from it so long.

Australia Ambush

When one of The Kaijumancer kaiju had attacked Viledrode territory on the conquered lands of Northeast Australia, Garbage Monster, Gokidon, Hangyolas (and later Cyber-Zilla) were sent to take care of The Kaijumancer's Upgraded FinalGigan. He fought off against The Upgraded Final Gigan alright until Inferno Desghidorah showed up and started to fight him. He was kicked around a lot. Out of the four kaiju sent he endured for the longest. At the end of the violent battle, he left the area. 

Garbage Monster, Hetzer and Heart Eater  went to attack California, but were chased off/defeated by BirthGoji, Jay and Kyodai. 

Target: Raban

Garbage Monster was assigned by Emperor Tazarus to go after and hunt down the mutant monster known as Raban. For this, he brought along the Lizard Slayers. Garbage Monster and the Lizard Slayers then caught up with Raban and attakced him, but Raban was then saved by IguanaGoji and Gfantis, who fought off the Lizard Slayers and beat up Garbage Monster. Soon, Raban escaped and the Lizard Slayers were badly damaged, forcing Garbage Monster and the Lizard Slayers to retreat.

Inconnu: The Mysterious Jiran

During the Tachyons invasion, a new monster for the Viledrodes known as "Inconnu" arrived to Emperor Tazarus and asked to help out, as he was an expert tactician and would definitely improve on the effiency for the Viledrodes. Emperor Tazarus accepted Inconnu, but Garbage Monster did not take a welcome to him, feeling that there was something "off" about him.

Shanghai Slaughter

Main article: Shanghai Slaughter.

Assault on Indonesia

In order to impress his boss Emperor Tazarus, Garbage Monster would then order an assault to attack Indonesia for the Viledrodes. There he gathered up HetzerChameleonCyber-Zilla, the Lizard Slayers, the newly rebuilt Itazuran and the Viledrodes and Metadrodes in what he called a "perfect attack". However this was proven wrong, as the STADPA had expected the Viledrodes to come and were heavily armed. Ultraman Noa and BirthGoji then showed up to stop the Viledrode attack, only making matters worse.

Garbage Monster tried to keep the attack going and tried to fight back Ultraman Noa, but his attempts were in vain. Ultraman Noa then defeated Garbage Monster and flung him all the way to New Papua. The Viledrodes had lost on their assault on Indonesia, much to Garbage Monster's disappointment. 

Assault on Malaysia: Downfall

Garbage Monster attempted to get back in Emperor Tazarus's good graces and launched an invasion on Malaysia. Before he went, Inconnu gave him a Plasmacaster Gauntlet which he said would have helped him battle. Garbage Monster was skeptical at first, but then accepted the weapon as he badly wanted the mission to go smoothly. He took Itazuran, Kongzilla, Builgamo, Sevengar, Crazygon, Mechagiras, the Lizard Slayers and the Viledrodes along with him on his attack on Malaysia, but they were ambushed by STADPA and it's mechas.

Things were going bad enough already, but then Iron Kaiser and Giant Slalom showed up to fight Garbage Monster as well; defeating him. After the failure of the attack on Malaysia, Garbage Monster was beamed up back in Emperor Tazarus's ship. Garbage Monster explained that Inconnu had set him up, giving him a dud weapon however Inconnu showed that the Plasmacaster Guantlet could work (in actuality, Inconnu had rigged the weapon to not work during the fight). Inconnu convinced Emperor Tazarus to kick Garbage Monster out of the Viledrodes and did so; banishing Garbage Monster.

After landing in the seas, Garbage Monster swam to shore and swore that he would get revenge on STADPA.

Nagoya Rampage

Two weeks later, Garbage Monster rampaged through the city of Nagoya, where he had caused major damage to many buildings and almost flooded the place with garbage. He was then however, stopped by the combined forces of Edzilla, LV! Baragon and Kashima C, the latter of whom managed to defeat him the most.

After the fight, Garbage Monster was then tied up to a rocket and was launched into outer space where he could never harm anyone again.

Garbage Monster In Space

Garbage Monster nowadays drifts in the deep, dark places of space, occasionally appearing from time to time.

Garbage Monster's Log (1)

Upon the first week of being in space, Garbage Monster got bored of just floating around, so he decided to pass the time by counting all of the stars he saw. His countdown was brief though, as soon a meteor shower came by and a ton of meteors hit him, though he survived. After the meteor shower ended, he went back to counting stars.

Garbage Monster's Log (2)

Sometime later, he met up with SquidMask in his spaceship, but couldn't come along with because he couldn't join in and because he found SquidMask to be somewhat shady.

Garbage Monster's Log (3)

After floating by some stars, a massive spaceship belonging to the Vortaak-Nexos flew by him, causing Garbage Monster to fly around faster and to spin around uncontrollably across the stars. This was only temporary though, and Garbage Monster then soon went back to drifting peacefully. 

Garbage Monster's Log (4)

Another time, a big spacial mammalian kaiju flew by him, but it when by so fast it was all just a blur to him.

Garbage Monster's Log (5)

As Garbage Monster drifted around some more into space, he encountered flying caged TripGoji who was flying by. Garbage Monster didn't seem to notice though and continued to drift aways.

Garbage Monster's Log (6)

Most recently, he finally tore off the old rocket that was attached to his back. After succeeding in removing said rocket, he then pondered what he would do next, as he was still drifting in space.

Garbage Monster's Log (7)

Garbage Monster in his briefest appearance when he accidentally hit the Decepticon's spaceship as they were heading for Earth. He told them to watch it next time, but they didn't notice.

TripGoji in Heck


After drifting alone in space for a while longer, a caged TripGoji then met up with him once more, this time though Garbage Monster noticed. Garbage Monster did not take TripGoji to well and found him highly annoying and insufferable. No longer wanting to put up with TripGoji, Garbage Monster then fought TripGoji, and tore him out of his cage, freeing TripGoji but also causing TripGoji to fight him off. As Garbage Monster and TripGoji fought in space for a while, they soon then approached a nearby alien planet and then crash-landed there.

Pt. 1: Welcome to Heck

While TripGoji looked around a little more, Garbage Monster then picked himself back up from the crash-landing and then began to chase after TripGoji, stating that he wasn't finished with him.

While chasing the Godzillan, Garbage Monster also ran along into Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon, whom he got into an argument with both of them, because they wanted to steal-fight his fight with TripGoji. While they were arguing, TripGoji managed to escape and left them a letter stating that all three were a bunch of fools. This angered Garbage Monster, Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan, and the three space monsters then chased after TripGoji, though once again Garbage Monster had to chase TripGoji on foot.

After TripGoji had managed to temporarily to defeat Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon, Garbage Monster returned to fight TripGoji and beat him up hard, even grabbing him by the tail and bashing him against a rock. Right as Garbage Monster was about to fight TripGoji some more though, he and the other two space monsters were then intervened by an angry horde of Narutons coming their way, forcing Garbage Monster to retreat with Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan.

Pt. 4: Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 1

Sometime later, Garbage Monster (along with Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan) stopped at a resting place to stop for a while and take a break. A rock was then thrown at Garbage Monster's head. As the rock fell down on the ground, Jazz Gigan went out to grab it, but had difficulty doing so due to his hook hands. The Blues Megalon went over to retrieve the rock, but also had difficulty to reach it as well due to his drills hands. Garbage Monster then went over to retrieve the rock himself (because he actually had hands). As Garbage Monster was about to pick up the rock, the rock exploded, revealing a figure known as "Guard Master". 

Garbage Monster spoke Guard Master and questioned him as to why he came there. Guard Master answered him that he had came to them to help stop the threat of Manto and Inconnu. Remembering Inconnu, Garbage Monster got enraged, remembering that he was responsible for his downfall. After some more talking, Garbage Monster agreed to have Guard Master align with them, but first had to release Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan from their trap. Guard Master then freed the two with ease. With that, Garbage Monster, Guard Master, Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan took off

Later on, Garbage Monster and his gang met up with Kunin's group at the "Graveyard". Garbage Monster ordered out an attack against Kunin. Garbage Monster attacked Kunin, Guard Master fought HyperKeizer, Jazz Gigan battled TripGoji and Blues Megalon dueled against Biker Jet Jaguar. The fight went on for a little longer, with Garbage Monster swinging Kunin by his tail, but the fight was put to a halt when Guard Master pointed out that they both had the same goal, which was to stop Manto and Inconnu. While it was uneasy, Garbage Monster and Kunin both decided to put aside their differences and form a truce. Soon Gamoni also joined their truce.

As the horde of Narutons approached, Garbage Monster came along with Kunin and Gamoni to go reawaken Majin Tuol while the others would stay behind and back them up. Garbage Monster scoured the area, but came across a giant strange humanoid statue. Garbage Monster continued to search along with Kunin and Gamoni, but then a loud noise could then be heard emitting from the statue....the colossal statue came to life. Shocked, Garbage Monster charged at the Living Sunerian Statue along with Kunin and Gamoni.

Pt. 5: Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 2

Garbage Monster (along with Kunin and Gamoni) then fired all of their beams at the Living Sunerian Statue, but it was no use, as the Living Sunerian Statue was heavily armored and resistant to their attacks. The Living Sunerian Statue then fire it's eye beams at Garbage Monster, Kunin and Gamoni, which they dodged and got of the way from. The Living Sunerian Statue then made it's way to the battlefield, causing even more mass mayhem.

As the intense battle against the giant statue grew on, it seemed all hope was lost. Kunin and Gamoni were trying to think of a way to get rid of the giant statue, as even bombarding it with bombs didn't seem to work either. Garbage Monster stayed silent to himself and thought to himself; thinking on how to end this all.

This may not be my fight, but I think for once, I should do something about it. Just look at them all, Kunin and Gamoni have more things to live for than me, I'm expendable. I don't want to be the "hero" of this....I just want to set it right...sometimes one of us has to make a sacrifice... „ 

— Garbage Monster

Garbage Monster decided that he didn't care if he was going to stomped on or get killed by the Living Sunerian Statue anymore, as he thought everybody else had more to live for than him. Garbage Monster than ran up to fight the Living Sunerian Statue. He climbed up the giant statue and began to wail at it over and over again. Angered, the Living Sunerian Statue grabbed Garbage Monster off of it's back and then threw Garbage Monster across the battlefield. As Garbage Monster yelled as he was flying, the Living Sunerian Staute laughed as he landed down in a space garbage pit. Garbage Monster then fell down in the space garbage pit, creating a big explosion that could be seen for miles. Enraged by what the Living Sunerian Statue had done, Kunin charged at the Living Sunerian Statue and attacked it.

After the end of the battle and the destruction of the Living Sunerian Statue, Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan flew off to find Garbage Monster, as they believed he was still alive out there.

Escape From Heck

Showdown! The Armored Monster vs. The Trash Warrior

About a week later after that ordeal, Garbage Monster finally rose up from the space garbage pit and climbed up to the top, finally emerging onto dry land. Garbage Monster talked to himself for a little while making his way down, questioning how long he was down there and what he might have missed. Since Garbage Monster had sent about a week in the space garbage pit, he noticeably had gotten some new enhancements while in there. Garbage Monster then made his way down the mountain and walked through a desert-area.

While trekking through, he found his way into the battlefield from earlier and spotted the remains of the destroyed Living Sunerain Statue. Garbage Monster then kicked at the remnant pieces, call it a worthless piece of slag. As Garbage Monster continued to walk through, he heard Jazz Gigan's scream. Recognizing the screech, Garbage Monster then went towards the location of the scream, to find out what exactly was going on. 

Meanwhile at the fight, Denomon beat up Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon with relative ease, kicking them around, bashing them with his club and setting them on fire with his flames. As Pea-san tried to escape the ordeal, Denomon slammed his club against Pea-san, sending Pea-san flying away from the battlefield and knocking him out unconscious. Denomon then went back to beating Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon, laughing hysterically. The Narutons cheered on Denomon, chanting him to finish the two monsters off.

Denomon then raised up his club, preparing to strike down the downed kaiju, but something then blasted Denomon with dirt. The Naruton crowd went silent. Denomon looked around to faced who shot him. Denomon was then hit by two more blasts if dirt, angering him. Denomon then turned around and then found his opponent: Garbage Monster.

Denomon then went in and fought against Garbage Monster instead. Denomon and Garbage Monster's duel began. Garbage Monster swung his wrist blades at Denomon, with Denomon ramming his spiky club at Garbage Monster. Garbage Monster blocked the attack with his wrist blades. Denomon then fired a powerful stream of fire at Garbage Monster, hitting Garbage Monster. Then Garbage Monster fired Debris Spit at Denomon, then another, then another and another; Denomon deflected the dirt blasts with his club. Garbage Monster said he was merely getting warmed up. With that; Garbage Monster's eyes then glowed in bright red and then fired a powerful stream of dirt from his mouth at Denomon, hitting Denomon with full force.

Denomon was then sent backwards, hitting the ground hard. Garbage Monster then leaped up and slashed at Denomon with his wrist blades. Denomon retaliated by firing a powerful stream of fire from his helmet at Garbage Monster, causing Garbage Monster to be propelled off of him. Garbage Monster slashed at Denomon some more, but to no effect, Denomon's mighty armor protected him. Denomon bashed Garbage Monster i the head several times now with his club, sending Garbage Monster back further. Denomon then closed in to finish off Garbage Monster.

However Garbage Monster thought of an idea. As Denomon raised his spiky club and was about to strike Garbage Monster, Garbage Monster then immediately leaped up and sliced at Denomon's armor hinge, causing Denomon's armor (except his helmet) to all fall off and break; revealing that Denomon was a skeleton monster. Denomon then leaped up at Garbage Monster, still trying to kill Garbage Monster, flailing his club around at him. Garbage Monster then flicked his wrist blades at Denomon's helmet, getting rid of his helmet as well.

In blind fury, Denomon began to slash at Garbage Monster some more with his spiky club at high speeds. The fight came to a close when Garbage Monster sliced at Denomon's waist, slicing Denomon in two, defeating Denomon. Denomon's remains then set on fire briefly and then sunk back into the ground, sinking back where once he came.

Now let that be a lesson to all those who underestimate me solely because of my name! „ 

— Garbage Monster

With Denomon defeated and Garbage Monster victorious, all of the Narutons then retreated and Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan we're spared. Garbage Monster then took off, Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan following along. He had enough for one day he felt. However, he mentioned to Blues Megalon that now that he could fly, he had some plans. Particularly, he said he had some unfinished business to take care of at Earth.

Midnight Mayhem IV

After sometime settling down, Garbage Monster was interviewed by Blues Megalon who had found a brick with writing on it, as he wanted to show it to him. Garbage Monster inspected the brick some more, finding it interesting but feeling it lacked any credibility. Garbage Monster then looked at the brick again and noticed that there was a symbol on it, a sign of an Ultra. Their was also a message on the brick that told him and Blues Megalon that said an Ultra trapped in a statue could help them if they freed him first.

Garbage Monster soon found out that in order to free said trapped Ultra, they needed to bash some idiot's head against the statue. Both Garbage Monster and Blues Megalon lauded at the fact, but first they needed to find such a fool. Blues Megalon suggested Jazz Gigan, but it turned out, Jazz Gigan had already done the deed, Ultraman Caelum was freed. Garbage Monster then turned his attention to Ultraman Caelum, as Garbage Monster himself had dealt with some Ultras before.

As Garbage Monster and Ultram Caelum spoke to each other some more, Jazz Gigan returned back to the group, holding some strange arm. Before they ask more on the details of the arm Jazz Gigan found, they were then ambushed by a group of three mutant monsters known as Moaigan, Rudongo and Rarigonika. The three mutant monsters then attacked, but the space monsters and Ultraman Caelum were prepared. Garbage Monster then drew out his wrist blades and charged at Moaigan, challenging him.

Bring it on stone-face! „ 

— Garbage Monster to Moaigan.

Moaigan then opened fire at Garbage Monster with his machine gun. Garbage Monster managed to leap out of the way just in time though and fired Debris Stream at Moaigan, sending Moaigan to fly back and slam against a dirt wall. As Moaigan got back up, he then opened fire at Garbage Monster once again; Garbage Monster prepared for the worst. However, before the bullets could hit Garbage Monster, the figure from the hill landed down, and got in the way of the machine gun fire, blocking the bullets and shielding Garbage Monster. The figure then revealed himself to be Armor Jack, and he came to help Garbage Monster and the others.

Garbage Monster and Armor Jack then teamed up to combat against Moaigan. Garbage Monster and Armor Jack wrestled against Moaigan for a while, up until Moaigan went ballistic and unloaded a massive barrage of machine gun fire at Garbage Monster and Armor Jack; because of how explosive the attack was, Garbage Monster and Armor Jack had to duck down to avoid the barrage of bullets flying. The bullets ended up hitting Ultraman Caelum, enraging him. As Moaigan reloaded his gun to attack some more, Ultraman Caelum then flew over to Moaigan and then destroyed his gun. Ultraman Caelum then started to punch wildly at Moaigm, just wailing on him.

With Moaigan's gun now destroyed, Garbage Monster and Armor Jack resume their fight against Moaigan and joined in the pummeling against Moaigan. Through the combined attacks of Garbage Monster's Debris Stream, Ultraman Caelum's energy finisher attack and Armor Jack's mighty sword slashing, Moaigan was then finished off, destroyed. Garbage Monster then roared victoriously and went over to help Armor Jack put his left arm back on. Garbage Monster then talked to Armor Jack for a while before carrying on.

To Heck with Wangmagwi

Cut to sometime later, Garbage Monster along with Blues Megalon, Jazz Gigan and Armor Jack where now on the run, trying to find  way out of Heck, but much to their displeasure, there was no sure way out. Garbage Monster had assigned Armor Jack to be his navigator, but he sadly turned out to be not so good at it. After some more running around, then from out of the skies came a falling object that landed down on them. It was; Wangmagwi! Garbage Monster was suspicious of him though.

Wait---what if this guy is a spy sent by Inconnu? Do you think he's on to us? What if there's something he knows that we don't? „ 

— Garbage Monster

Blues Megalon suggested his way of interrogation against Wangmagwi; which was essentially beating up on the guy. Garbage Monster did not find this to be a good idea though and commanded Blues Megalon to let Wangmagwi go. After some interrogation, it was made clear that Wangmagwi was definitely not a spy sent from Inconnu; but was undoubtedly a strange fellow.

Then form all of a sudden; a large pack of Narutons then intervened with their meeting and attacked, these Narutons armed with spears and knives. A swarm of Bagorahs also appeared however, and combated against the Narutons. killing both groups in doves. Garbage Monster was somewhat relieved at first; as now with the two groups against each other, this would give them enough time to escape. However; Garbage Monster was wrong...there from the skies, a giant demonic alien insect monster then dropped down from above to wreak havoc; it was Gold Satan. Garbage Monster and his group then prepared themselves.

Gold Satan attacked fiercely against Garbage Monster, Armor Jack and a tribal warrior who had come to also assist them take down Gold Satan. Gold Satan fired his acidic fire breath at both Garbage Monster and Armor Jack, sending them back a bit. Though Gold Satan was difficult to fight against; Garbage Monster continued to fight back at him, blasting his Debris Stream at him at full force. When that didn't hit him, Garbage Monster then equipped out his wrist blades.


— Garbage Monster

Garbage Monster then charged at Gold Satan, slashing at him. Gold Satan blasted his acidic fire and slashed back at Garbage Monster with his own claws, but Garbage Monster continued to fight back on. With the help of the alien tribal warrior, Garbage Monster was finally able to force Gold Satan into retreating after blasting with Debris Stream at full blast once more. After that ordeal, Garbage Monster cheered and then fell over on the ground, exhausted. Armor Jack then picked up Garbage Monster and put him someplace more cozy to rest.

Oh Clique! The Reptil Rises

A cellphone was thrown at Garbage Monster; to which Garbage Monster woke up. Garbage Monster answered the call; what he got was a message from a reptilian monster named Reptil who said he had been trapped there for years and could help them out. Garbage Monster got up his gang to find Reptil, but unfortunately, they were then ambushed by a large group of Clique Ultra monsters. Clique Natsunomeryu then flew down with his literal wings of flames and then told off Garbage Monster and his group that they were in their territory. Clique Geronga then leaped up and clawed against Garbage Monster.

Garbage Monster ordered Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon to attack the Clique Monsters. Clique Natsunomeryu then fired his blue flame stream at Garbage Monster, causing Garbage Monster to stagger back. Garbage Monster then blasted his Debris Stream at Clique Natsunomeryu; causing Clique Natsunomeryu then staggered back and swung his tail against Garbage Monster, slamming him down to the ground. Luckily, Reptil then arrived! Garbage Monster met up with Reptil and the two grouped to fight against Clique Natsunomeryu.

The sound of footsteps could then be heard; a group of clique monsters came running in and attacked Garbage Monster's group. Garbage Monster's group held off the Clique Monsters; Garbage Monster then charged at Clique Natsunomeryu with his wrist blades. An explosion of golden flames occurred around Clique Natsunomeryu, sending most of his opponents back; Clique Natsunomeryu then became EX Clique Natsunomeryu and fired a stream of black flames at Garbage Monster; Garbage Monster then leaped out of the way.

As the fight between Garbage Monster's group and the Clique Monsters raged on; Garbage Monster then got back up and slashed his wrist blades against EX Clique Natsunomeryu; but EX Clique Natsunomeryu just blocked that attack with a shield of fire. Reptil and Ultraman Caelum then appeared and fired their beams at EX Clique Natsunomeryu, followed up by Garbage Monster firing a strong blast of Debris Stream at him. With the combined attacks of Garbage Monsters's, Reptil's, Armor Jack's and Caelum's attacks; EX Clique Natsunomeryu was destroyed; creating a big explosion in a massive shower of light, energy and gore; also creating a shockwave that sent everyone back. Garbage Monster were sent back and slammed against the ground, where he fell asleep at for the time being.

Heck's Last Battle! 

Sometime after the battle with the Clique Monsters; a crowbar was then thrown at Garbage Monster to wake him up from his deep slumber. Garbage Monster looked around to see who threw that at him; only for a Clone Dranek Priest to show up and tackle him. As the Clone Dranek leaped on his back and began biting on him. A bunch of other Clone Dranek Peons then showed up as well and started fighting all of Garbage Monster's group. Armor Jack, Jazz Gigan, Blues Megalon and Wangmagwi fought against the attacking horde, with Garbage Monster leading the fight against the Clone Draneks.

As the Clone Dranek Peons formed a tower, Garbage Monster then fired a powerful blast of his Debris Stream at the Clone Dranek Tower, followed up by Jazz Gigan firing his eye laser and Blues Megalon firing his lightning horn at the tower; causing the Clone Dranek Peon Tower to stagger back. A Clone Dranek Priest spit out an acidic slimeball at Garbage Monster; to which Garbage Monster jumped up high to avoid; the slimeball leaving a trail of glowing, acidic, slime.

Luckily for Garbage Monster and the gang however, an old friend of there's came in to help them fight against the tower; Angle. Garbage Monster landed back down and greeted Angle. Angle then asked Garbage Monster as to how they were going to get out Heck; which Garbage Monster himself didn't really know as to how either. A loud thud could then be heard coming out from underground; revealing a mecha who came to aid them. It was known as "Tank Reptil" and it was revealed to have been left behind there to aid Garbage Monster and his crew to help them escape Heck.

Jazz Gigan then found something and called Garbage Monster over to see what it was. Garbage Monster went over to Jazz Gigan, at first annoyed but then was in awe at what he saw. It appeared to be a futuristic high-tech base. Garbage Monster and his gang then slid down to investigate it. Garbage Monster ordered Blues Megalon to do some investigation, in case it were a trap. After 5 minutes of inspection; Blues Megalon returned to Garbage Monster, telling him that the base was safe. Garbage Monster was in joy; they could finally return to Earth now!

Unfortunately, their celebration was halted when a group of seven angry Narutons arrived; which annoyed Garbage Monster, but he knew that they could take them down at least. Garbage Monster and his gang then charged at the Narutons; with the Narutons charging back....only then from out of nowhere, came Denomon! Denomon was back! Denomon then swung his spiky club against the Narutons, brutally killing four of the seven Narutons. After at least three Narutons escaped, Denomon then turned to Garbage Monster's group and began to attack them instead.

As Denomon charged, a bunch of annoying Clone Draneks suddenly appeared. Garbage Monster ran in to fight Denomon, slashing his wrist blades against him. Denomon then grabbed Garbage Monster by the head and then hurled him against the ground, following it up by wielding up his spiky club, bashing it against the ground, creating a minor shockwave against Garbage Monster; Garbage Monster was sent flying back. Garbage Monster got back up and charged at Denomon; Garbage Monster and Denomon got into a duel between their wrist blades and spiky club.

Garbage Monster then blasted his Debris Stream at Denomon; which caught Denomon off guard and to stagger back from the stream. The fight between Denomon and the rest of Garbage Monster's group continued, it being a deadly battle; Garbage Monster slashed his wrist blades at Denomon's back. Garbage Monster and Tank Reptil then ganged up on Denomon, punching and kicking against him until Denomon then punched both of them off him with full force. As the fight with Denomon continued, Garbage Monster then ordered everyone else (Blues Megalon, Jazz Gigan, Wangmagwi, Angle, Armor Jack) to leave so that they could escape from Heck and he told them that he, Tank Reptil and Ultraman Caelum would take care of Denomon. Everyone on Garbage Monster's group nodded in agreement and then headed off to the spaceship to escape.

Caelum then slammed down his pike to the ground, creating a massive energy wave and instantly vaporizing the Peon Tower and Priest. Denomon then got back up and charged and attacked Garbage Monster, Tank Reptil and Ultraman Caelum. The three then wailed against Denomon and threw everything they had at him. Tank Reptil fired EVERYTHING at Denomon, Garbage Monster coughed up his explosives against Denomon and Ultraman Caelum then blasted his a massive beam of ethereal energy at Denomon. With all of those combined attacks; Denomon was then destroyed, creating a massive explosion. With Denomon now gone, Ultraman Caelum flew off as did the Garbage Monster's group in the spaceship. Garbage Monster wished them good luck....but now he had to find his own way out of Heck.

Tank Reptil then landed next to Garbage Monster and said he could handle this. Tank Reptil then turned into a Jetpack-like spaceship and then attached to Garbage Monster's back, like Super-MechaGodzilla. Garbage Monster then commanded Tank Reptil to fly and so they did. Garbage Monster was feeling glad and then said that their next destination after now leaving Heck was to get back to Earth.

The Wrath of Garbage Monster Pt. 1

After months of traveling, Garbage Monster finally returned to Earth when he crash-landed down near Kagoshima in the early morning in a woods where he began to plan his comeback attack; but then realized he had come a little too early. Nonetheless, Garbage Monster moved out and carried on, as he was patient.

When FlamingoMask and Ayame were in the middle of a conversation; FlamingoMask decided that both of them should go out for a "free flight"; as he stated that he hasn't had any time for those ever since he went to Yokohama. FlamingoMask and Ayame spent some time in the air flying and conversating for a while but it was quickly interrupted by a building exploding out of nowhere, followed by another one exploding. Out from the destruction came out Garbage Monster! FlamingoMask flew down and regrouped with the Units. Sagiri quickly informed FlamingoMask on about who Garbage Monster was; to which FlamingoMask initially dismissed Garbage Monster as a run-of-the-mill monster on the lose.

As Garbage Monster appeared to wreak havoc on Kagoshima, Gekkoku 4 was deployed to take him down. Gekkoku 4 quickly showed up to combat him; to which the two then quickly got into a duel. FlamingoMask believed that Gekkoku 4 would take care of Garbage Monster, as FlamingoMask did not believe Garbage Monster would be too much of a threat (as he was aware of his history). Gekkoku 4 shot out his Somnium Guns at Garbage Monster; to which Garbage Monster took out his jagged blades come out from his wrists and then charged against Gekkoku 4.

Garbage Monster plunged his wrist blades against Gekkoku 4; causing Gekkoku 4 to flail his arms about and causing some sparks to fly out. Garbage Monster then followed up on this by kicking against Gekkoku 4's chest; sending Gekkoku 4 flying back against a building. Gekkoku 4 staggered back up and then fired Sominum Tanks from it's back, firing powerful blasts of Somnium against Garbage Monster. Garbage Monster hit by the blasts, some sparks and flares coming off. Garbage Monster then retaliated by firing a powerful blast of Debris Stream against Gekkoku 4; sending Gekkoku 4 flying away and crash-landing, defeating him. FlamingoMask was taken by surprise by this and then decided to do something about it. FlamingoMask then flew up to fight Garbage Monster.

FlamingoMask challenged Garbage Monster and flew towards him; Garbage Monster got out his wrist blades and flew towards him as well. Garbage Monster slashed FlamingoMask with wrist blades, to which FlamingoMask then fired a light beam against Garbage Monster; sending Garbage Monster against a building. Garbage Monster flew out and then flew right at FlamingoMask, punching him against the stomach. FlamingoMask then used his Flamingo Chop against Garbage Monster, but it didn't work; Garbage Monster then blasted some Debris Spits against FlamingoMask's face, temporarily blinding him. Garbage Monster then performed a flying kick at FlamingoMask, sending FlamingoMask crashing into several buildings.

FlamingoMask retaliated by shooting three Light Orbs around Garbage Monster, creating a major explosion and catching him within it. FlamingoMask took out his Wrecking Flail and swung it around, then bashing his Wrecking Flail against Garbage Monster several times. Garbage Monster flew towards FlamingoMask and grabbed him, then throwing him down against the ground hard. FlamingoMask got back up, he then fired his Light Beam again, though this time at Garbage Monster's face, causing Garbage Monster to stagger back. FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster were then locked into a powerful duel; as they punched and kicked against each other, each attack creating multiple shockwaves.

FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster then both punched each other at the same time, creating a major shock blast that sent them both flying back. FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster then both got back up and hurled their Light Beams and Debris Spits against each other; but both were evenly matched. FlamingoMask then blasted out a powerful light beam against Garbage Monster, while Garbage Monster blasts out a powerful Debris Stream against FlamingoMask; both of their beams collided at the same time, creating a beam fight. The two both applied pressure to their own beams for a while, only for both beams to explode on them, creating an even bigger explosion and draining them off of their energy for a bit. FlamingoMask was sent flying against the woods, while Garbage Monster was sent crashing into the waters.

Garbage Monster flew out of the sea and then fought FlamingoMask in the woods; FlamingoMask swung his Wrecking Flail against him. Garbage Monster striked his wrist blades down and with one lucky swipe, Garbage Monster then knocked FlamingoMask's Wrecking Flail clean off from his hands, sending the Wrecking Flail flying and crash-landing against some more trees. Garbage Monster then began to wail against FlamingoMask, before then finally finishing it with by blasting explosives around FlamingoMask and sending him falling into a pit, to which Garbage Monster then fired his Debris Stream in the crater, trapping FlamingoMask and "drowning" him in a pit full of garbage. Out of energy and very exhausted, FlamingoMask then passed out, knocked out unconscious due to how much damage he had gotten from Garbage Monster's beatings. Garbage Monster began to celebrate on defeating FlamingoMask, but he was cut short as the Romanian GDF force arrived and began to bombard him. Garbage Monster then flew away and retreated as fast as he could, heading elsewhere.

The Wrath of Garbage Monster Pt. 2

Garbage Monster later reappeared in Tokyo to continue his rampage. He announced it was "Garbage Day" and began striking buildings and blasting his Debris Stream against multiple buildings, destroying them quickly. As Garbage Monster continued his rampage, everybody in the city was evacuated and just in time too; something else then begins to materialize in the city...A bunch of smaller creatures then shoot up in the air, forming one giant creature in the heart of the city; Shinomura! Garbage Monster took an interest in Shinomura and the two quickly began to cause further major damage to the city.

Before they could cause any further harm however, Garbage Monster was suddenly forced back into a building and shot by multiple orange-red bullet-shaped blasts. A certain portion of the sky began to spiral as if some kind of apocalypse is coming. It continued to spiral, before said portion of the sky ceased away, and a shadowed kaiju-sized figure blasted out, intense blue fire blasting out of its back. The shadowed figure's tail moved around and slams onto the ground, its yellow eyes gleaming across the kaiju, revealing the new opponent to be Kiryu. Garbage Monster noticed Kiryu's arrival and then got out both of his wrist blades, advancing towards him.

Kiryu launched forwards with his jetpack, his fist suddenly pummeling into Garbage Monster, sending him staggering into a building. Kiryu then immediately positioned himself towards Shinomura, and shot a series of intense, red-orange bullet-shaped energy bullets at him at high speeds. As Kiryu battled Shinomura some more, Garbage Monster then reappeared and tackled Kiryu from behind, to which Kiryu turned around quickly to kick Garbage Monster in the face, then tail whipped him across. Just as Garbage Monster was about to retaliate, missiles were then fired against Garbage Monster. Machine G had arrived!

Garbage Monster then headed towards Kiryu, slashing his wrist blades against him, causing some sparks to fly out. Kiryu then grabbed Garbage Monster by both arms and then picked up Garbage Monster into the air, and slammed him into the ground. Then, the sound of heavy incoming missiles traveled to Garbage Monster at high speeds. Garbage Monster coughed up some explosives, shooting them at Kiryu; but they instead fell down and exploded in front of Kiryu's area. Kiryu fired missiles at Garbage Monster, to which Garbage Monster then blasted his Debris Stream against the missiles.

Kiryu noticed his strategy against the missiles, so Kiryu fired more missiles heading towards Garbage Monster while he secretly fired more that launch upward and down to him to hit him while he is distracted. Garbage Monster was then caught by surprise by the missiles, sending flying back, crashing into a few buildings. Garbage Monster lifted a building and threw it at Kiryu; to which Kiryu then fired two missiles at the building, destroying it. Garbage Monster then jumped and performed a flying kick against Kiryu; to which Kiryu then thrusted his fist into his gut. Machine G then came in and threw Shinomura against Garbage Monster; causing the two monsters to collide and create a powerful shockwave.

Machine G then blasted it's Twin Maser Cannons against Garbage Monster and Shinomura, followed up by them blasting their missiles at the two; Garbage Monster and Shinomura were then both bombarded by the blasts, sending them both flying back, crashing into the waters. Shinomura flew out of the waters and flew away while Garbage Monster's eyes flashed from red back to yellow and then sank down below, disappearing underwater. Garbage Monster was defeated and now Machine G and Kiryu were victorious.

What In Tarnation!? Rise of the Eco-Crushers!

Sometime after his fight with Kiryu and Machine G, Garbage Monster then floated up from the waters and drifted onto some polluted and deserted beach. There, Garbage Monster looked around alone but then he found something that caught his attention. On the beach lied a golden urn to which he then picked it up. Garbage Monster was quick to notice that the urn was glowing, to which he believe the urn must have been something important. Soon as he opened the urn (by rubbing it) out came two peculiar human figures known as Mudaana and Hakais; much to his confusion.

At first Garbage Monster initially believe the two to be genies, but Mudaana then explained to him that they were the "Eco-Crushers" and had been trapped in the urn for almost 9 years now. Realizing that both the Eco-Crushers were pollution-based like he was and that had also been trapped for some time like he was in Heck, Garbage Monster then decided to take the two under his wing, to train them to be better fighters. After upgrading their "arsenal", Garbage Monster then took Mudaana and Hakais into Kagoshima, where he assigned them to their first attack.

When Mudaana and Hakais ran into some trouble with FlamingoMask, Garbage Monster then bursted out from behind some buildings, getting ready to fight against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask recognized Garbage Monster from their last encounter, to which Garbage Monster also rubbed it in on the fact that the last time they met, he defeated FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask brought up to Garbage Monster that he himself was defeated by the Units, but Garbage Monster didn't want to hear it anymore and then ordered Mudaana and Hakais to take FlamingoMask down.

Suddenly though a loud thud could be heard; a new monster known as C-Rex had arrived to the fight. Garbage Monster went over to fight C-Rex and let Mudaana and Hakais take care of FlamingoMask. Garbage Monster blasted his Debris Stream at C-Rex; to which C-Rex ignored the attacks due to his exoskeleton and then turned to Garbage Monster fired a stream of hot, steaming tar. Garbage Monster was hit by the tar stream and then slashed his wrist blades against C-Rex.

Suddenly a portal opened up, to which Neo Obsidius entered out of. Just as Neo Obsidius appeared, FlamingoMask then defeated Mudaana and Hakais, flinging them against a building; to which Garbage Monster facepalmed at their failures. Now it was four way fight; Garbage Monster went up to fight Neo Obsidius. Neo Obsidius blasted his magma stream at Garbage Monster, to which Garbage Monster barely avoided from and flew up; Garbage Monster then flew down and punched against Neo Obsidius. Neo Obsidius then punched his own fist against Garbage Monster's abdomen, sending Garbage Monster to stagger back.

Garbage Monster then swung his wrist blades at Neo Obsidius, causing some sparks to fly out. Neo Obsidius then grew tired of Garbage Monster and then blasted his magma beam at him, followed up by FlamingoMask hurling explosive light orbs at him, Neo Obsidius and C-Rex, sending Garbage Monster flying against a building, defeating him. Following the arrival of Neo Godzilla 2014 and the defeats of Neo Obsidius and C-Rex, Garbage Monster then took Mudaana and Hakais to safety and then flew away; retreating for now.

The Return of the Mutant Godzilla Clones

Garbage Monster briefly appeared in New York to fight against both Gamera and Death Battle Godzilla as well as Gabara, Rudongo, and Guruguran. Garbage Monster appeared shooting straight out of the dump that Gabara lay on and headed in to battle against Gamera.

I love the smell of trash and destruction in the morning. „ 

— Garbage Monster

Gamera then charged forth towards Garbage Monster, slashing him with his elbow spikes; Garbage Monster blasted his Debris Stream against Gamera, following it up by slashing his wrist blades at him swiftly. Gamera howled in pain and then slashed at Garbage Monster's face. Garbage Monster then headbutted against Gamera, but Gamera was quick enough to dodge the headbutt by sucking in his head like an actual turtle. Gamera then headbutted back at Garbage Monster, causing Garbage Monster to stagger back.

Gamera then followed it up by firing a Plasma Fireball against Garbage Monster's chest, to which Garbage Monster shot at a Debris Spit to counter; the blasts collided, sending the two beasts flying back. Gamera put all of his limbs into his shell and started to spin around, faster and faster before flying towards Garbage Monster. Gamera slammed into Garbage Monster, spinning around faster and faster, cutting into him. Garbage Monster was slammed by the spins, but then hit back by slashing his wrist blades against Gamera, following it up by shooting debris stream against the flying turtle.

At that moment however, the ground began to shake underneath the combatants area; it shook loudly and steam erupted from the cracks of the ground, almost like a volcano; out from the ground came out a huge explosion of fiery dirt and debris, revealing a giant mutant Gojiran clone; Cancergojira. Soon, two other Mutants Godzilla clones showed up (Leukocytegojira and Spermgojira). Following Guruguran's death by Cancergojira and Ultraman Mebius's arrival, things were looking pretty bad. Gamera then flew back in, slamming into Garbage Monster. Garbage Monster was surprise attacked by the slam, then falls over, rolling over.

Realizing that he would be going up against the Mutant Godzilla clones, Gamera, Death Battle Godzilla and Ultraman Mebius pretty much on his own, Garbage Monster then decided "screw it" and fly off from the battle, retreating.

Dem Garbage Bois

After the fight with the Mutant Godzilla clones, Garbage Monster then hid out a dump with Mudaana and Hakais. Then all of a sudden a stray garbage monster entered their place; known as Gomi-Man. Garbage Monster spoke to Gomi-Man and realized that he was sent to the dump by Dr. Cube to pick up some supplies and replace Gomi-Man, Garbage Monster told Gomi-Man that he wouldn't have to work for Dr. Cube anymore and could live with him (especially since Garbage Monster could relate to him)and Mudaana and Hakais instead. Gomi-Man cheered to which Garbage Monster kindly welcomed him "home".

The Mechas Must Be Crazy

Garbage Monster briefly appeared to TKT Biollante and TKT Millennium Gigan when the latter threw garbage at him (specifically an empty soda can) and berated the two female monsters for a bit before then getting distracted by TKT Kiryu's, TKT Gigan's and TKT King Ghidorah's screaming in the background, then taking off somewhere. Garbage Monster then reappeared at Gigan and Millennium Gigan's house, asking if he could crash there.

Dinner at the Monster Bar!

Garbage Monster made brief appearance in the RP where he was one of the customers of the Kaiju Sakaba and he was seated next with Harpy Gyaos and TripGoji. While he was drinking and eating his garbage sandwich, TripGoji finished up his last drink and fell over in drunken sleep. He and Harpy Gyaos would then take TripGoji over back to his home afterwards.

Bizarre Wrestling Kaiju Battle

Garbage Monster appeared in Fukuoka to get his revenge on FlamingoMask and Machine G again, by botching Machine G's attempt to slay Vegetius by blasting his Debris Stream against Machine G's back, sending Machine G staggering back. Garbage Monster appeared and joined in on the battle; to which Mung Wun then smelled Garbage Monster and got attracted to him; trying to eat off of him. Garbage Monster tried to swat Mung Wun away and then blasted Debris Stream directly in front of Mung Wun to get her away, sending her crashing into many buildings, but she didn't mind the debris.

Garbage Monster went up to fight FlamingoMask some more, but then a metallic meteor flew down, then crashing down to Fukuoka. Upon arrival, Victory Demon then came out of the meteor and then challenged all around the area to fight him. D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Vegetius and Mung Wun saw him and then took off right away, having heard of Victory Demon's reputation as "the Prince of Heck". Victory Demon then turned around and faced FlamingoMask, Machine G and Garbage Monster, challenging the three.

After mocking Garbage Monster and FlamingoMask; Victory Demon then got out his Victory Gauntlets and opened fire at his three opponents; shooting powerful missiles at the three, causing explosions. As Garbage Monster leaped at him, Victory Demon then punched him off of him with ease, calling him weak as well. Victory Demon then got out his Victory Panzerschreck and shot it at Garbage Monster, sending Garbage Monster crashing against some buildings. Victory Demon then taunted Garbage Monster, stating that he thought he'd be more "prepared" for the next time they were to meet. Victory Demon then turned to FlamingoMask and Machine G and got out his Victory Chainsaw. FlamingoMask fired a Flamingo Beam at him, followed up by Machine G firing Twin Maser Cannons against Victory Demon, causing Victory Demon to get blasted in the chest and sparks to fly.

Victory Demon then spewed flames out from his Victory Chainsaw like a flamethrower, torching FlamingoMask and Machine G badly. Machine G in an attempt to save itself, the Units and FlamingoMask then fired missiles against Victory Demon but Victory Demon kept torching them with his Victory Chainsaw. Garbage Monster then came in and slashed his Wrist Blades against him, sending out sparks to fly out from Victory Demon's back. Victory Demon fell over and dropped his Victory Chainsaw and then proceeded to beat up Garbage Monster with his fists for a few moments. Victory Demon prepared to deliver a finishing blow against Garbage Monster with his gauntlets, only then for some more Machine G's missiles and FlamingoMask's Flamingo Barrage to blast against Victory Demon.

Victory Demon fell over again and picked up his Victory Chainsaw, only for Garbage Monster to kick at him. Victory Demon took a few steps and then blasted more rounds against from Victory Gauntlets against FlamingoMask, Machine G and Garbage Monster, creating a big explosion. FlamingoMask performed a Flamingo Kick at Victory Demon, to which Victory Demon then caught and threw FlamingoMask at Machine G. After getting into a lengthy fistfight with FlamingoMask and Machine G; Victory Demon prepared to finish off his foes with his chainsaw, only for FlamingoMask, Machine G and Garbage Monster to then all blast their strongest beams against him, sending flying into the waters, crashing down below. Following Victory Demon's defeat, Garbage Monster then took off and headed aways, deciding to leave FlamingoMask and Machine G alone.

Operation: Litterbug

A few days later, Garbage Monster then went at a dump to pick up some new garbage for his gang. Garbage Monster found Crazygon at the dump first, taking him out of the dump by his claw. Recognizing the two mechas as the ones that Inconnu got destroyed during his assault; Garbage Monster took them in and repaired them, restoring them to be good as new. Garbage Monster then took them to show to Mudaana, Hakais and Gomi-Man, all three who were impressed. Hakais really liked the way Crazygon looked. Garbage Monster stated however that the mechs both needed some drivers, so Garbage Monster ordered Mudaana to pilot Builgamo, while Hakais could pilot Crazygon. Mudaana and Hakais then both get into Builgamo and Crazgyon, the giant robots becoming activated.

Garbage Monster then began "Operation: Litterbug", which was a plan to cover the entire city of Sapporo with garbage. Hakais began taking away some cars with Crazygon, making Crazygon to pick away at some cars with his pincer claw and storing them in his storage chest. Hakais almost got too carried away with the attack however, and almost stepped on a civilian to which Garbage Monster told him not to kill anyone, as they came to trash the city, not kill people. Hakais then steered Crazygon back a bit, avoiding the civilian. Crazygon then picked up some cars and threw them at the ground, destroying them. As Garbage Monster began to rampage some more though, then Nauntis appeared!

Change of plans guys---waste this city AND him! „ 

— Garbage Monster ordering his gang to attack Nauntis.

Following Crazgyon, Builgamo and Gomi-Mans fight against Nauntis, Garbage Monter then ran up and slashed his wrist blades against Nauntis. Garbage Monster battled Nauntis and freed Gomi-Man, but then Gomora appeared, smashing against him. Garbage Monster then blasted his Debris Stream at Nauntis, to which Nauntis then fired his Atomic Breath at Garbage Monster. After that, Garbage Monster then slashed his wrist blades against both Gomora and Nauntis, followed by blasting some bombs from his mouth at Gomora's area. Gomora was hurt by the explosions somewhat before then jumped in the air and slammed his tail against Garbage Monster.

Gomora then roared a challenge to both Garbage Monster and Gomi-Man and then Garbage Monster spit his Debris Spit at Gomora; followed up by Garbage Monster then running up and kicking at Gomora. Garbage Monster also noticed that Gomi-Man was missing his jaw and then picked it back up, putting it back onto Gomi-Man. Gomora then slammed Garbage Monster down to the ground with his fists. Garbage Monster then glared at Nauntis and slapped him across, to which Nauntis then slammed his own tail against Garbage Monster, hitting him hard and sending flying against several buildings, making a dirt explosion. Gomora then threw Gomi-Man at Garbage Monster, to which Garbage Monster then caught Gomi-Man safely but had the wind knocked out of him. Garbage Monster then got back up and roared, then ordering Gomi-Man and the rest of his gang to retreat, which they did so. Garbage Monster then flew off, flying aways.

Happy Birthday, Garbage Monster!!

Later on in early December, Garbage Monster celebrated his 10th birthday in a Japanese city. Kashima C, Giant Slalom, Itazuran, Bloodstained Toe Shoes, Massive Earthquake Catfish and Pea-san all showed up for his birthday and celebrated. As the other six monsters gahtered, they then gave him his birthday cake and said Happy Birthday to Garbage Monster. Garbage Monster then blew out the candles and got some dirt on his piece of cake, overjoyed. Massive Earthquake Catfish and Bloodstained Toe Shoes then gave Garbage Monster some presents. Kashima C then got out her giant mystical guitar and started playing; disco balls, funky lights and a dance floor then suddenly appear in the city there at. Garbage Monster began to dance and party, with the others joining in on it.

When Pea-san then flew in his saucer and sprayed a stream of soda out from his saucer, Garbage Monster and Itazuran began to guzzle down on the soda, enjoying it. Garbage Monster, Kashima C, Itazuran, Pea-san, Giant Slalom, Massive Earthquake Catfish, and Bloodstained Toe Shoes then continued to party for a while, all having a good time.

All Must Be Cleaned

Garbage Monster appeared in Alburquerque, wondering what to do, when suddenly Arstron, Gororin, Gomess and Kiyla arrived. Garbage Monster wondered what they were all doing, when then it became clear that the Gloker were chasing them down. Garbage Monster didn't think they looked that tough, up until the Gloker blasted at him, sending Garbage Monster back. Soon Fenrir also joined in on the fight and Garbage Monster fought off the Gloker Pawn 1 with his jagged wrist blades. Fenrir then picked up Garbage Monster and threw him at the Gloker Pawns, hitting them hard. Gororin then assisted Fenrir and Garbage Monster in beating the Gloker Pawns some more. Finally, Garbage Monster, Gororin and Fenrir had managed to beat the Gloker Pawns but then unfortunately, the two Gloker Pawns then fused to make a Gloker Rook. Gloker Rook then fired it's Rook Cannons at Gororin, sending him flying miles away and causing him to crash land elsewhere and knock him out unconscious. Fenrir then took off, leaving just Garbage Monster behind. Garbage Monster fought off Gloker Rook for a bit, but then realized he was unable to take it down on his own, so then he decided to have the Gloker Rook shot at him and pretend to be killed by exploding into many garbage pieces. Gloker Rook then left thinking that it had slain Garbage Monster. Garbage Monster then reformed himself and then took off fast.

Another Big Piece of Garbage

Gabrage Monster landed down later at a dump near Washington, where he stopped for a break. All of a sudden, some boats were being smashed and stolen; Garbage Monster went out to see what was going on. There he found something adding the garbage onto itself. Garbage Monster saw this and went to find the source and found Other Garbage Monster at the dump. After Other Garbage Monster introduced himself, Garbage Monster then introduced himself to him and mentioned his Garbage Gang, Mudaana and Hakais. Other Garbage Monster was interested and asked to hear more, and Garbage Monster then talked about further details of the Garbage Gang. Other Garbage Monster then offered to join the Garbage Gang, to which Garbage Monster said that he was going to offer him about anyways; so Other Garbage Monster was accepted, along with given his own new name.

No worries! I can give you a new name! I shall now call you..."Other Garbage Monster". Or maybe Toxic Monster. „ 

— Garbage Monster to Other Garbage Monster.

Garbage Monster then assigned Other Garbage Monster to attack Bellevue, Washington right away by polluting the city with loads of trash, which Other Garbage Monster agreed to do. A few minutes later, it was 11:30 PM at Bellevue and people are finishing work, going out to places and partying, relaxing in hotels and just chilling, the usual. But then all of a sudden, three mutant seagulls fly in the air and begin attacking. Some armed forces arrive and try to shoot at the birds, but as it turns out, the mutant seagulls are the least of their worries....then a tidal wave of trash appears and slams down into a part of the city, creating havoc. The mutant seagulls then fly up, and then the two giant garbage monsters appear in the city; Other Garbage Monster and Garbage Monster had arrived!

Basically make the place uninhabitable to live in. Don't kill many humans though, I want them to SEE the trash-filled lands were making. „ 

— Garbage Monster

Garbage Monster then swept his Debris Stream across the buildings, coating them in dirt but then Way Big came in and fought off Garbage Monster. Other Garbage Monster then summoned his Mutant Seagulls to attack Way Big, but they were easily dispatched. Other Garbage Monster then punched against Way Big, sending him against another building. Way Big ran towards Other Garbage Monster before jumping over him, and the, turning around and kicking him in the head; causing Other Garbage Monster to roll over. Other Garbage Monster then made the trash around his area and created a ball made up of trash, then hurled it at Way Big; to which Way Big then destroyed the ball with his Cosmic Beam.

Garbage Monster then slashed his wrist blades against Way Big, sending out sparks, to which Way Big hit him with an uppercut. Other Garbage Monster then regrouped with Garbage Monster and then blasted a blast of garbage at Way Big, sending him backwards. Way Big then leaped up and tackled Other Garbage Monster to the ground, then punching him hard and sending some sparks flying off. As Garbage Monster then blasted at Way Big with his Debris Spit, Other Garbage Monster and Garbage Monster then began to stomp on Way Big in an attempt to finish him off. Then a bright flash of light came---Ultraman Mebius had arrived!! Way Big then transformed into Ultimate Way Big and then flew towards Other Garbage Monster and then slammed his fist into his gut.

Garbage Monster then ran up to fight Ultraman Mebius, slashing his wrist blades against him. Ultraman Mebius slashed at him and then slashed at him again, causing sparks to form, then spinning him around and roundhouse kicking the monster in the temple. Garbage Monster was hit hard, but still determined. Garbage Monster then rushed towards Ultraman Mebius, intending to slash his arms. Ultraman Mebius then blocked his attack however and then began to really beat down on him. Ultraman Mebius then threw Garbage Monster at Other Garbage Monster, causing the two trash monsters to collide and crash into each other, defeating them both. Garbage Monster then ordered a retreat, to which he and the Mutant Seagulls then flew off; Other Garbage Monster then swam away fast to head back to The Dump.

The Robot of My Dreams

Following after Bellevue, Garbage Monster and Other Garbage Monster both stopped near a dump near Tokyo and then began to rest. However, something was also present at the junkyard they were at, moving around. Garbage Monster checked to see what it was only then to find nothing and then headed back to sleep; only then for something to then appear out from the junkyard, looking very tall and humanoid in shape, but is obscured by the nighttime atmosphere, so only it's eyes can be seen, glowing out like bright floodlights; startling Garbage Monster.

The mysterious giant being appears to be alarmed at the fact that Garbage Monster spotted it so soon, and within moments, the giant being then ran and jumped into the waters, swimming off. Garbage Monster dismissed initially some weird dream and then headed back to sleep. The next day, Garbage Monster and Other Garbage Monster traveled to Tacoma for their next mission. Garbage Monster then unveiled his latest plan, which was to ruin Valentines Day. Other Garbage Monster thought was a petty and inane plan.

Valentines Day, bah bughum. „ 

— Garbage Monster

Garbage Monster then began to go on how much he hated Valentines Day and went on how ruining Valentines Day for everyone else would be an excellent plan. Other Garbage Monster then complained that while he wasn't a fan of the holiday either, he wanted to do something more closer to an actual mission; but then Other Garbage Monster gave in, stating that he would at least get to smash stuff still. Then at that moment, Garbage Monster spotted Robot Daughter (who he recognized as being the same thing who appeared as he tried to sleep) from afar and fell in love with her; much to Other Garbage Monster's confusion. Garbage Monster stated that to scrap the plan as he wanted to focus on courting on Robot Daughter, much to Other Garbage Monster's disappointment. Garbage Monster would then get some flowers which he picked out for Robot Daughter.

Later on, when Wangmagwi and Garbage Monster both confronted each other and found out that they were both into Robot Daughter; the two then began to fight each other, with Garbage Monster insulting Wangmagwi, calling him "Wang" repeatedly and accused of him stealing his girl. Garbage Monster bashed his fists against Wangmagwi, followed up by Wangmagwi shooting out flame liquid at Garbage Monster's area, causing some flames to occur. Garbage Monster then fired Debris Spit from his mouth at Wangmagwi. Even as Vernonn's forces showed up and attacked, Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi didn't care and kept fighting each other. As the two continued to fight, Wangmagwi then grabbed onto N.I.G.E.L. and threw him at Garbage Monster's face, angering Garbage Monster.

NIGEL? You used freaking NIGEL against me? GO TO HELL! „ 

— Garbage Monster to Wangmagwi

Then all of a sudden, some loud rumblings can be heard coming from underground; AdonisGoji had arrived unexpectedly. After AdonisGoji slaughtered the rest of Vernnon's men and then brutally killed off Vernonn, AdonisGoji then set sights on FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask, Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi. Garbage Monster then told Other Garbage Monster to retreat for now, which he did. AdonisGoji then set sights on FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask, Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi. AdonisGoji then let out one more roar, before then charging into battle. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask bashed their weapons against AdonisGoji, to which AdonisGoji tanked their attacks and then clubbed them away with his spiky clubbed tail, followed up his eye lasers. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask barely avoided out of the way in time and then rolled over. AdonisGoji then battled with the two Shadowbloods. Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi then decided to do a truce, for even though they didn't like each other that much and they were still competing on Robot Daughter, they knew they had to work together to take down the spiky mutant beast.

Then Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi ran towards AdonisGoji and bombarded him with their attacks (some bombs and Concussion Beam); to which AdonisGoji wasn't phased too much by and then his chest flashed red, before then shooting out his "Devastation Missiles" from his chest at towards Wangmagwi and Garbage Monster. AdonisGoji then fired Body Spikes at Wangmagwi and swung his long spiky tail against Garbage Monster's head, knocking them both down. AdonisGoji prepared to deliver his Devastation Beam against the two, but before AdonisGoji can deliver his Devastation Beam against the two monsters; then a shell is fired at the back of AdonisGoji's head. AdonisGoji turned to see who just shot at him; it was Robot Daughter.

Robot Daughter and AdonisGoji then proceeded to fight for a while, to which it ended with AdonisGoji then retreating. Mist then rolled in, coming this way. Evening was approaching. Just before FlamingoMask could thank Robot Daughter for her help, she then mysteriously vanished. Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi then searched all over for her, only to find her nowhere to be seen. Garbage Monster vowed to find her first and then flew off, heading out to find her. Wangmagwi then ran off, heading to find her as well.

Let's Make Wangmagwi Stronger!

Garbage Monster made a brief appearance in the RP where he landed at a dump to take a break and met back up with Other Garbage Monster, who asked him how it went, to which Garbage Monster replied that he fought off AdonisGoji, but couldn't get the girl. Garbage Monster then decided to come up with a new plan for the Garbage Gang, stating that he wanted to trash all of the people's food, by literally trashing it, only then to get interrupted by something lurking in the dump. Yumenokatamari then completely formed, much to the shock to the garbage monsters; Garbage Monster then walked up to Yumenokatamari, thinking he was spying on them. Yumenokatamari then barked and spat garbage on Garbage Monster's arm, healing it in seconds. Impressed, Garbage Monster then decided to recruit Yumenokatamari and had plans ready....

The Crystal Legion vs. The Herculean Titan

Main article: The Crystal Legion vs. The Herculean Titan.


Garbage Monster made a brief appearance in the RP where he started playing meme music and figured to do it for the fun of it, as it was Spring Break. Itazuran then came over to him and delivered him free pizza, much to his surprise. When TKT Ganimes commented on that the party was beginning to make little sense, Garbage Monster yelled to her that it didn't matter, as it was Spring Break.

Easter or April Fools? Or Both?

Garbage Monster made a cameo near the end of the RP where he threw a garbage ball at N.I.G.E.L. to shut him up.

BirthGoji vs. Ghidestroyer: Farewell!!

Garbage Monster a cameo where he actually showed up for BirthGoji's crowning as the new King of the Monsters on Monster Islands and cheered him on, also creating fireworks. Afterwards, he flew off, stating that he had a fun time.

Zany Day

Garbage Monster made a cameo in the RP where he showed up to TKT SpaceGodzilla's office, telling him that he tried "too hard" to fit in and ended up becoming TKT Garbage Monster. TKT SpaceGodzilla was shocked about this and hit him with a book, instantly changing him back into his normal self. Garbage Monster thanked TKT SpaceGodzilla for his help and then left.

The Return of Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan

Garbage Monster appeared in the RP where he appeared at where 15Goji and CenturyYongary where fighting at, as he wanted to make a new dump, only then to find both Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan there. However, they ran into some trouble with Alien Valky. Garbage Monster then fired his Debris Stream against Valky, to which Valky retaliated by firing energy blasts against him. Garbage Monster and Valky then battled each other for a bit, before then Valky fell over due to Garbage Monster gut-punching at him and then stomping on him. Garbage Monster then grabbed Valky and threw him at 15Goji, temporarily knocking him out.

15Goji then went berserk however and attacked Garbage Monster and the two space monsters. Not wanting to deal with this any longer, Garbage Monster ordered a retreat and flew off with his reunited comrades.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Garbage Monster made a brief appearance in the RP where he, Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon then stopped at Wyoming, only then to meet Gfantis's group. They were going to attack them, only for TripGoji to tell them that they were hunting Nazis. Garbage Monster then scrapped it and allowed them to pass, as he hated the Nazis. Unfortunately, then TKT Rhedosaurus came. Garbage Monster, Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan then flew over and bombarded their attacks against him, to which TKT Rhedosaurus then jumped up and tried to take them down, only then to get tired of the chase and simply to shoot them down with his Rhedo Flame attack, causing them to fall and crash down to the ground. Soon after TKT Rhedosaurus was defeated, Garbage Monster and his group flew off.

Death Penguin

Garbage Monster briefly appeared in the RP where he flew into the Artic with his friends Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon. Garbage Monster bumped into the frozen statue Algona and marveled at it, only then for Death Penguin to arrive. Soon Death Penguin thawed out Algona, pushing Garbage Monster out of the way. Garbage Monster then decided to chase after both Algona and Death Penguin to stop them, as he wanted to fix the mess they started. However, by the time he and Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon got there, the two monsters had already been dealt with/beaten by FlamingoMask and Showa Gamera, sending him into rage.

The Dreaded God Kaiju, Durakaidon!!

Garbage Monster made a brief appearance in the RP where he was seen tending to a scared Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon at an unknown location, stating that he knew nothing bad was going to happen and appeared to be rather apathetic to the whole ordeal. He ended up being right on nothing bad happening.


Garbage Monster reappeared once more in Brisbane, in where he, Other Garbage Monster, Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon attacked the city. However, CobraMask then took control of their minds and forcibly told them to leave the city or else face the consequences. Garbage Monster tried to resist at first but had no choice and then fled the place.

Abilities & Arsenal

Garbage Monster

Garbage Monster.

  • Debris Spit: Garbage Monster can fire Debris Spit from his mouth at high-speed. This is usually used to temporarily blind opponents, as the spit is mostly made up of dirt.
  • Debris Stream: Garbage Monster can fire out a stream of a more powerful version of his Debris Spit into a more beam-like blast of dirt and debris from his mouth.
  • Super Strength: Garbage Monster does not have many abilities, so he mainly relies on his physical attributes. The most prominent of said attributes is his strength. He is able to fight off against several monsters on his own, and is able to go toe-to-toe well with the likes of Gomora even.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Garbage Monster is a good melee fighter, being able to wrestle well.
  • Flight: Garbage Monster can fly at Mach 4.
  • Wrist Blades: Garbage Monster can use two long, sharp and jagged blades from his wrists and can use them as slashing melee weapons. They are very sharp and can deliver painful cuts.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Garbage Monster can jump at very high lengths.
  • Enhanced Durability: Garbage Monster has enhanced durability and as such; he can take on a lot of damage. He appears to have also heavy resistance against beam attacks, sometimes a bunch of beams being required to take him down completely.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Garbage Monster has enhanced endurance.
  • Garbage Manipulation: Garbage Monster has control over garbage and can manipulate many types of garbage also. He was also able to upgrade Mudaana's and Hakais's weapons to be more powerful and capable of spreading garbage.
  • Garbage Mimicry: Garbage Monster can transform into garbage materials.
  • Bombs: Garbage Monster can cough up explosive bombs and can use them as his own personal weapons.
  • Reform: If blown up, slashed or shattered into many pieces, Garbage Monster can eventually reform all back into one piece, due to being made up of garbage.
  • Outer Space Adaptation: Garbage Monster can survive and adapt to the vacuum of space unaided and are able to withstand atmospheres.



FlamingoMask is Garbage Monster's unofficial chief archenemey, as the two have run into each more than once. Garbage Monster started off as one of FlamingoMask's deadly threats, having gotten up the upper hand in their first match together and buried him under him his debris stream. However, further battles between the two often have Garbage Monster losing against him more often. Garbage Monster has a strong dislike towards FlamingoMask, though despite this, he does show some respect to him at least.

Kashima C

Kashima C was the first opponent of his to defeat him and then defeated him again with ease back in Nagoya, so as such, he does not like Kashima C for humiliating him in battle and sending him back into space twice.

Emperor Tazarus

Garbage Monster was the first monster that Emperor Tazarus sent out into battle and to attack Earth and as such, he also became his first general. Garbage Monster had a high opinion on his master and even during his failure, he was determined to takeover all of Oceania for him in return. Ever since he was kicked out of the Viledrodes's forces; not much is known about what he thinks of Emperor Tazarus now, as he seems to not to like to talk about it. However, it seems that Garbage Monster doesn't blame Tazarus exactly but still feels betrayed.


Garbage Monster was the first one to notice something off about Inconnu during his first appearance. At first however he initially didn't think much about him, but got more curious about him upon further confrontations. Following his banishment from the Viledrodes because of Inconnu rigging his attack, Garbage Monster has an intense grudge against Inconnu and hates him with a burning passion due to causing him so much pain and causing him to lose his job.


Garbage Monster likes Gomi-Man as found him to be very relatable (given his similar ordeal with the Viledrodes). Garbage Monster soon promoted Gomi-Man as to being his second-in-command of the Garbage Gang and is probably the person he trusts most.

Jazz Gigan

Jazz Gigan was one of the two space monsters that Garbage Monster met on Heck. Garbage Monster can find Jazz Gigan to be overbearing at times and annoying, but he likes having him around both for his combat style and his humor and doesn't hate him; he just hates the stuff he does.

Blues Megalon

Blues Megalon was one of the two space monsters that Garbage Monster met on Heck. Garbage Monster find Blues Megalon to be very tolerable, mature and loyal and up until Gomi-Man arrived, considered him to be his de facto second-in-command.


Garbage Monster hates Gokidon (albeit not as strongly as Inconnu) simply because he believes him to be a total moron and talentless hack, stating that he can do better in his attacks. He is also very critical of Gokidon's battle plans, stating that they lack flavor and are bland as they can get.


Garbage Monster initially hated TripGoji due to him messing around with him while he was in space, but following their escapades on Heck he seems to have warmed up to him. He and TripGoji have also been seen going to the same bars sometimes and at one point Garbage Monster briefly helped TripGoji fight off the Martian Nazis.


Garbage Monster seems to love/hate relationship with Wangmagwi. On one hand, he considers him to be relatable, as he too was kicked out of the Viledrodes due to getting screwed over, however he dislikes him for trying to steal his girl, Robot Daughter. Even then, he briefly teamed up with him in order to fight off AdonisGoji.


Garbage Monster considers Mudaana to be one of his apprentices that is in need of much training, however he considers Mudaana to be good in leadership and sometimes assigns her to be in charge whenever he and Gomi-Man are busy.


Garbage Monster considers Hakais to be one of his apprentices that is in need of much training, though he admires Hakais's technical skills and work and regards him as the default team scientist.

Other Garbage Monster

Garbage Monster thinks of Other Garbage Monster as simply "the other guy" and seems to treat him like a butler, but nonetheless sees him as a good friend. Other Garbage Monster himself to be a bit more mixed on him and even criticizes Garbage Monster's plans time to time.


While his encounter with Gildefrum was brief, Garbage Monster fears Gildefrum and considers him to be one of the very few things that Garbage Monster is afraid of. Whenever he is reminded of Gildefrum (such as when FlamingoMask reminded him of Gildefrum during there battle) he appears to suffer from some PTSD, most likely also stemming from the fact he and Gaira were one of the very few kaiju that survived their encounter with him.


I'AM ALIVE!!! „ 

— Garbage Monster's first line after being created.

An impressionist I see. „ 

— Garbage Monster talking about Gildefrum's many voices.


— Garbage Monster responding to getting kicked around

Do you have any idea how boring it is floating around there for hours? Days? Weeks? MONTHS!? It's not fun. „ 

— Garbage Monster on being stuck in space.

For!!!---garbage I guess. „ 

— Garbage Monster charging into battle.


— Garbage Monster fighting against Living Sunerian Statue.

What's the matter? Can't handle some plain old dirt? „ 

— Garbage Monster mocking Denomon.


— Garbage Monster


Garbage Monster (Concept Art)

Concept art of Garbage Monster.

  • Garbage Monster was Gallibon the Destroyer's fifth kaiju to be used, his third evil kaiju, his third alien kaiju character and also his second male kaiju character to be used overall.
  • Garbage Monster was the first monster the Viledrodes sent.
    • He was also originally the first Viledrode general. Hetzer was the second and Heart Eater the third. Although technically speaking, given the two were more or less mercenary generals, Garbage Monster was by the de facto main Viledroded general for a while up until Inconnu came.
  • Garbage Monster used to be the unofficial leader of Emperor Tazarus's monsters until Hetzer took his place as Emperor Tazarus's right hand man.
  • He was the only Viledrode monster who did not trust Inconnu (which led to Inconnu getting him fired).
  • He is also known as "Garb" (a nickname given to him by Hetzer and several others), "Trash Monster", "Gomi Monster", "Garbage Monsuta" and "Trash Monsuta".
  • Garbage Monster was the second monster of the Viledrodes to get his own character arc, the first being Cyber-Zilla.
  • Original concept art of Garbage Monster shows that he originally looked a little different. Though he turned out looking mostly the same, the biggest changes from his design shows that he was originally going to have smaller eyes, a golden horn, and more fierce looking. Lastly, he also has a few small garbage ornaments on him that didn't turn out in the actual show (such as the small trash bin on his right knee).
  • Garbage Monster is the first monster to be defeat FlamingoMask in battle and likewise is also in turn the first kaiju to be defeated by Machine G.
  • Originally Garbage Monster was supposed to have killed FlamingoMask (albeit temporarily, a la Zetton vs. Ultraman or Birdon vs. Ultraman Taro) during the The Wrath of Garbage Monster mini-arc, but this was dropped as Gallibon the Destroyer felt it was too dark and out of character  (not to mention it would have been somewhat hard to take seriously) and nobody would have ever forgiven Garbage Monster by doing this. 
  • Garbage Monster's fight and eventual victory against FlamingoMask during "The Wrath of Garbage Monster Pt. 1" was meant to be an homage to Godzilla vs. Hedorah, particularly the scene when Hedorah buries Godzilla in a pit of pollutive sludge.
  • Garbage Monster's birthday RP truly did take place on on the same date as his debut episode on Kawaii! JeNny and is also mean't to be a small 10th Anniversary RP for Kawaii! JeNny of sorts.
  • So far, the only people what Garbage Monster is afraid of are Gildefrum, due to his encounter with him and Redman, who he claims he suffers nightmares of being hunted by him.


Sum 41 - Pieces (with lyrics)

Sum 41 - Pieces (with lyrics)