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Rainbowman Character
Not just any ordinary hitmen---I am Garuma! THE HUMAN PUMP! MURDER PROFESSIONAL!.....I don't know why people call me that. I don't pump anything. „ 

— Garuma

I've been sent here to eliminate you. Despite me being a professional hitmen, I get no respect, so perhaps me eradicating you will not only get me a reward from Gevaudan, but finally some respect around here! „ 

— Garuma

Garuma (ガルマ Garuma) is a kaijin and a RP characters used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Garuma is a hitman kaijin with a goofy personality and isn't terribly bright, but is extremely serious during battle and is determined to eliminate those he targets.


Debut: Shadowy Counterattack

Upon an early morning, FlamingoMask headed up and flew in the skies, looking over the city earlier than usual that day, as their were some strange neon lights appearing over the area. FlamingoMask flew over there to check out what it was. The next few moments were filled with silence, up until a barrage of laser gun fire then was shot at FlamingoMask's flight area. As it turned out, a hideous kaijin and a group of Mecha-Mobsters hard arrived, opening fire at FlamingoMask.

FlamingoMask acted quickly to this and then landed down to fight them. FlamingoMask hid behind a tree at first, spying on the hitman kaijin and the Mecha-Mobsters, up until the kaijin ordered the Mecha-Mobsters to van out and search the area for FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then leaped up and appeared to the evil group. The hitman kaijin then revealed himself to be Garuma; another one of Gevaudan's kaijin sent to eliminate FlamingoMask. Garuma boasted however that he was a professional assassin and that he would gain the utmost respect that he deserves if he were to succeed in eliminating FlamingoMask.

Garuma then ordered his Mecha-Mobsters to take down FlamingoMask. Because there was a smaller amount of Mecha-Mobsters than usual with Garuma, it didn't take long for FlamingoMask to take them all down. Garuma then got out his bone clubs and then ran up towards FlamingoMask. As FlamingoMask flew up, Garuma leaped up to a extremely high lengths and then punched FlamingoMask down to the ground. Garuma then fired his radiation flame at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask leaped out of the way in time.

In retaliation, FlamingoMask then fired a Light Orb at Garuma's face, causing Garuma to stagger backwards. Garuma then raised his two bone clubs in the air, only to be followed up by FlamingoMask kicking at Garuma, followed up by his arms chopping at both of Garuma's arms, forcing Garuma to lose his grip of his two bone clubs. Garuma then lost it, and then began to fire is radiation flame around FlamingoMask's area haphazardly, creating some explosions around him.

FlamingoMask fought back by punching and kicking at Garuma at full on frenzy. After taking in so many hits, Garuma then fired out his Radiation Flame one more time to blast FlamingoMask away; FlamingoMask then also fired his light beam at the same time; creating a Beam Fight. Eventually, FlamingoMask's beam won out, causing Garuma to lose and then be sent flying back. FlamingoMask then leaped up and then used Flamingo Kick against Garuma, sending Garuma flying all the ways to to the seas, creating a watery explosion. FlamingoMask then struck a victorious pose, and then remarked that he needed some sleep and then walked away.

Abilities & Arsenal


Garuma using his Radiation Flame.

  • Radiation Flame: Garuma can spew out a blue-colored and strong radioactive flame from his mouth. 
  • Bone Clubs: Garuma can summon out two strong bones and can use them like clubs.
  • Extradinory Jumper: Garuma could leap up at extreme heights to even battle with flying opponents.


  • At one point, Garuma was going to have been partnered up with Rainbowman alumni characters Geno-Bat and Fudaro for the TripGoji in Heck plot, but Garuma was scrapped at the time and replaced with Antguirus. Garuma wouldn't appear until months later.
  • His mask (along with Geno-Bat's) are actually modified American Halloween masks made from the early 1970's that were used in Rainbowman to portray the two monsters, Garuma included.


Hausu (House) Soundtrack 10 - Oriental Melon Man03:16

Hausu (House) Soundtrack 10 - Oriental Melon Man

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