Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Gfantis, Makia, IguanaGoji, BirthGoji, Kunin
Living Kelp Kaiju
1 year old (actual age)
30 years old (physically and mentally)
?? meters
?? meters
Viledrodes (formerly)
Gamera Kaiju
I shall feast upon YOUR CORPSE! „ 

— Geboras threatening Gfantis.

Geboras is a living kelp kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Geboras is carnivorous, bloodthirsty and downright insane. He is almost always hungry for meat and is determined to finish off his prey so he can do it. He may or not be mindless.


Geboras was created by Emperor Tazarus in his lab, as an experiment to create a deadly, carnivorous plant kaiju. It succeeded, but he needed to feat upon human flesh in order to become stronger. So he was sent down to Earth to become stronger.


Geboras first appeared on Earth swimming in the seas, stalking "prey". He caught a large ship and ate all of the passengers. However, this was not enough to satisfy Geboras's appetite. Geboras would continue to attack and devour several other ships for a week, getting attention from the news and some kaiju. However, it was difficult to find him. IguanaGoji briefly fought against Geboras and almost had him until Emperor Tazarus showed up to duel IguanaGoji. Geboras then ran off. Garbage Monster and Hangyolas were later sent to protect Geboras from BirthGoji. Though they were defeated by BirthGoji, Geboras remained safe.

Finally, Geboras was finally ready to attack human civilization and was given a fleet of Viledrodes by Emperor and Camero to attack. Fortunately, Gfantis and Makia showed up to fight Geboras, defeating all of the Viledrode starships in the process. After a long fight between the three kaiju, Geboras then retreated after Gfantis tried to eat him. Geboras said that he would be back soon.

Geboras reappeared to assist the Viledrodes to attack the expedition crew who trespassed onto their territory. The Viledrodes finished off the rest of the expedition crew (save Ichirou Mizuki) Geboras devoured the head of the expedition Jirou Ikawa. A fully awake Kunin then came and challenged Geboras. Kunin ended up winning, with Geboras retreating with the rest of the Viledrodes.

Geboras would then not get to do much for a while until the summoning of Manto; where he was among one of the many Viledrode monsters present for it. He also fought off against Super Kunin during his rampage but was easily defeated by him. After the arrival of Manto, Geboras retreated away and defected from the Viledrodes. His current whereabouts now are unknown.


  • Growth: The more Geboras eats, the bigger he gets.
  • Heat Vision: Geboras can fire orange laser beams from his eyes.
  • Slimeballs: Geboras can fire a large wad of goo from his mouth.
  • Kelp Tentacles: Geboras can use his tentacles to constrict, grip or thrash his opponents. 


  • Geboras doesn't like having kelp being eaten.
  • Geboras cannot stay out of water for too long.


  • Geboras is the second plant monster the Viledrodes own. The first was Gororin.
  • Geboras is also the youngest Viledrode kaiju, only being a month old since his creation (although physilogically he is an adult).

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