Gekkoku No. 2
Gekkoku 2
Used by
Gekkoku 1
40 meters
Global Defense Force
Tekkoki Mikazuki Character

Gekkoku 2 (月光機 弐号 Gekkoki No. 2) is a giant robot and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Debut: Hilarious Chaos in Osaka!

Gekkoku 2 along with it's predecessor Gekkoku 1 was sent into battle at Osaka to deal with the pollution monster threat known as Daghara. After Gekkoku 1 dealt with Daghra first, Gekkoku 2 then opened fire against Daghara with it's Somnium Beam Guns. However, Dagahra swiftly dodged the beams and then fired his Irabushan Beam against Gekkoku 2, blasting him hard.

Gekkoku 2 then fired it's machine guns and somnium beam guns at Dagahra, which began to hit and annoy Dagahra. Dagahra then swung his tail against Gekkoku 2 and then threw him against some buildings. Gekkoku 2 and Gekkoku 1 were both defeated when Dagahra flew at them both, causing them to crash into some buildings, taken them down for the battle. Luckily though, the Ultra Force then arrived to take care of Dagahra.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Twin 30mm Machine Guns: Gekkoku 2 is armed with two giant machine guns on it's head.
  • Somnium Beam Guns: Gekkoku 2 can shoot out two maser-beam esque beams from it's arms.
  • Chest 105mm Cannon: Gekkoku 2 stores a cannon in it's chest that it can use to deliver powerful blasts during battle.
  • High Voltage Surge: Gekkoku 2 can create a powerful jolt of electricity from all of fit's body. This can be used to ward off any intruding threats that try to tackle it.


  • Slow: Gekkoku 2 cannot move very fast as it functions more like a tank.


  • Gekkoku 2 was the second mecha deployed in Tekkoki Mikazuki.

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