Cool & Hot Gelatinous Cube
Used by
Jay's Wing
Amalgamate, Taynk, Jackal-Lantern, Gelatinous Baragon
FoxMask, Neo Kiryu, Neo SuperMechaGodzilla, The Tachyons, Zilla Jr., Cyber-Zilla, Neo Komodithrax, U-Killersaurus Clone, Bosquito, ???, Jay, BirthGoji, Neo Gigan, GluttonyGoji, Jet Jaguar
Gelatinous Cube
100 meters
100 meters
The Geonosians

Gelatinous Cube is an alien-controlled kaiju and Role-Play Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Debut: The Trouble With Tachyons

Gelatinous Cube's first appearance was when he attacked the city of Cameroon with Amalgamate. Although he destroyed the city, FoxMask injured Gelatinous Cube and killed Amalgamate. Gelatinous Cube was beamed up by UFOs and escaped. He fought with the Tachyons' Leviathans along the way, as well as a U-Killersaurus clone and an unnamed Bosquito.

Fire and Ice

Gelatinous Cube next attacked Nagoya. He fought with Taynk against Neo Kiryu, Neo Gigan, Lostverse Zilla Jr., Cyber-Zilla, Neo SuperMechaGodzilla, and Neo Komodithrax. During the battle he became imbued with fire and ice, augmenting his power. He eventually retreated again, and once again his ally (Taynk) didn't and was killed.

Nagoya Again

Next, Gelatinous Cube appeared in Nagoya to attack once again. However, he was attacked by GluttonyGoji. Gelatinous Cube summoned Gelatinous Baragon to help, but his minion ended up being eaten alive. After that, Gelatinous Cube was driven away by Jet Jaguar after his arrival.


  • Resistance to blunt damage
  • Extreme jumping ability
  • Can bounce high
  • Can fire green lasers
  • Can shoot fire
  • Can shoot ice
  • Can control fire and ice
  • Resistance to fire and ice
  • Acidic green goo
  • Acidic touch


To be revealed


  • Gelatinous Cube was created during his first RP.

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