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Bullets (associate)
Iron Jack (associate)
Salamander, Dr. Borg, Mecha-Mobsters, Count von Lightning, Any of his Hitmen
FlamingoMask (archenemy)
FoxMask, WolfMask, Manager Baltan, The Units, Humans
Wolf-like Robot
9' 7"
Mecha Galgen Gang
GevaudanFace Damn that Flamingo...I shall not be made a fool out of. „ 

— Gevaudan on FlamingoMask.

GevaudanFace As for the rest of you---If you fail too, you will taste the suffering more than that. „ 

— Gevaudan to his assassin kaijins.

Gevaudan (ゲバダン, Gebadan) is a wolf-like robot gangster, a crime boss, FlamingoMask's most recurring and main enemy and the leader of the Mecha Gang. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Sly, slick, suave, brutal, clever and cold, Gevaudan is top dog of the robot gangsters. He takes pleasure in being a criminal and has a vast, encyclopedic knowledge on other criminals. Gevaudan acts very much like a gang boss and as such almost always is very serious. He also likes the cold winter and getting business done. Gevaudan has a strong dislike for FlamingoMask, as he foils his plans and is determined to kill him by sending out various hitman and assassin monsters to dispose of him. FlamingoMask aside, he is willing to takedown anybody who stands in his way and doesn't care if innocents get mowed down in the way. His greatest weakness is perhaps is at times he underestimates his foes, although this has toned down in recent times, due to some of his failures. 


Debut: Flamingo vs. Gevaudan! They Must Not Pass!

Gevaudan first appeared when he crash landed down on Earth at some woods, along with Bullets and Iron Jack. Word got out that Cypher had been taken down not too long ago, meaning that they could get away from him and were free to commit their crimes without him intervening. Bullets and the others also met up with some terrorist, but they only chatted with him briefly before they left to Canada.

Later on, Gevaudan appeared at Canada, prowling up the hills. As Bullets and Iron Jack wreaked havoc, Gevaudan lay low, hiding and prowling amongst the scenery.

After Bullets and Iron Jack were defeated, FlamingoMask felt as if that wasn't it and felt something was wrong. It turned out, he was right. Out from the shadows, Gevaudan leaped up and fell down next to FlamingoMask. Gevaudan dared FlamingoMask to attack him. FlamingoMask, annoyed by him already, swing his fist at Gevaudan's chest, only to hurt his fist badly. FlamingoMask then retracted his fist back. Gevaudan then extended his claws and slashed at FlamingoMask at high speed.

FlamingoMask then fired a beam of light energy at Gevaudan, but Gevaudan just merely blocked the attack with his tail. Gevaudan taunted FlamingoMask some more, calling his techniques and abilities as "stale", angering FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then flew up and attempted to kick Gevaudan's chest, but Gevaudan just grabbed FlamingoMask by the leg and threw him down. Gevaudan then fired his laser beam from his mouth at full charge at FlamingoMask repeatedly.

Just as Gevaudan was about to charge another laser beam, FlamingoMask then got up, saying he was putting his foot down and got out his Wrecking Flail. Gevaudan then leaped up also, baring his fangs and claws. FlamingoMask then swung his Wrecking Flail at Gevaudan's face, hitting him hard, but Gevaudan also managed to slash and claw at FlamingoMask's chest with his clawed feet. They then both fell over on their backs from their own attacks.

Gevudan got up first, he then went up and advanced slowly towards the seemingly downed FlamingoMask. However, FlamingoMask had one last attack to fire, a concentrated ball of light that he then threw at Gevaudan's chest, sending Gevaudan to fly away and land down on Bullets and Iron Jack hard.

As a mysterious stranger went up to pick up the exhausted FlamingoMask, Gevaudan got back up along with Bullets and Iron Jack, but the stranger told them that they could not pass. Having been through enough and taken plenty of damage, Gevaudan and the other two robot gangsters then retreated.

Metal Hustle

Gevaudan along wiht his henchmen Bullets and Iron Jack showed up in a city to cause mayhem. As Bullets and Iron Jack took on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Gevuadan fought off against FoxMask and a stranger who froze his legs for a while. Eventually, Gevaudan managed to unthaw his legs and attempted to combat FoxMask once more, but now he was outnumbered and overwhelmed. As he heard police sirens coming, Gevaudan head off. 

Customer Service! Helping the Good Baltan

Gevaudan along with Bullets and Iron Jack reappeared in Fukuoka to stir up some trouble--as they finally managed to located FlamingoMask at some new tavern known as the "Kaiju Sakaba". Gevaudan told Bullets and Iron Jack to stay close behind him and follow his lead, acting stealthy. As the three robot gangsters approached the tavern, FlamingoMask and Manager Baltan came outside to deal with them, Gevaudan then ordered Bullets and Iron Jack to open fire on them.

As Iron Jack and Bullets opened fired on the two; FlamingoMask then created a Light Shield to protect him from the laser fire. Manager Baltan then flew up and fought against Iron Jack and Bullets; FlmaingoMask went out to fight against Gevaudan once again. Gevaudan then leaped up and tackled FlamingoMask.

As FlamingoMask and Gevaudan fought each other some more, FlamingoMask asked Gevaudan as to how he knew where he was and how did he find him; to which Gevaudan replied that he wanted to get back at FlamingoMask for what he did to them back at that forest in Canada, and then he would take great pleasure in eliminating him, Manager Baltan and the tavern. FlamingoMask then said he was a creep and fired his light beam at Gevaudan. After a clash of their light beams and darkness laser beams, Manager Baltan then flew in and rammed at Gevaudan hard, giving FlamingoMask the upper hand and blasting at him with his light orb.

As Gevaudan was then sent flying into against a tree, FlamingoMask then told Gevaudan to leave Manager Baltan's tavern alone and that he would make him suffer the ultimate consequences if he were to disturb them again, Gevaudan then gave out his words and then ran off along with Bullets and Iron Jack, retreating.

Challenge of the Bullet Hitman

Not wanting to be outdone by FlamingoMask or wanting to deal with him any longer, Gevaudan hired Dangan, the golden-bullet themed hitman kaijin to eliminate him. If Dangan succeeded, he would reward him with 12 million. Dangan accepted the hit and then flew off. Gevaudan then returned to his duties.

Later on, after heaing about Dangan's defeat, Gevaudan decided to take matters into his own hands and decided to hire a few more assassin kaijins to try to take down FlamingoMask...

Blood and Poison: Battle of the Undead Killers

After a few more of his own hits on FlamingoMask failed, Gevaudan decided to turn to his top allies, Iron Jack and Bullets to send in some hits of their own against FlamingoMask. Gevaudan decided to turn to Iron Jack first, as Iron Jack's plan to him seemed more promising. Gevaudan then commissioned Iron Jack to carry on his hit; which Iron Jack accepted and then flew off.

Bullets's Great Heist!

After Iron Jack's failure, Gevaudan then appointed Bullets to do his own hit. Bullets vowed he would do better than Iron Jack at his mission, much to Iron Jack's displeasure. Gevaudan allowed Bullets to carry on his attack and then continued his own business.

Imitation Flamingo

After trapping FlamingoMask, the Imitation FlamingoMask then contacted Gevaudan about how he had trapped FlamingoMask and was now out of the picture. Gevaudan said that this was good to hear and then ordered him to go into Phase 2 of Operation: Shoot the Flamingo: masquerade as FlamingoMask while wreaking havoc. The fake FlamingoMask accepted so and then began to wreak havoc. Gevaudan stated that he would be with him shortly.

As the fake FlamingoMask landed down, then a new opponent came into the fray to combat WolfMask; Gevaudan himself. Salamander and Gevuadan then both charged at WolfMask. As the Imitation FlamingoMask was about to tackle WolfMask though, all of a sudden a beam of light was shot down at the impostor FlamingoMask, revealing that the real FlamingoMask had arrived; FlamingoMask then explained on what had happened to him to WolfMask. The fight then resumed, with WolfMask now fighting against Gevaudan and FlamingoMask fighting against his impostor. Gevaudan fired his darkness laser beam at WolfMask; to which WolfMask then extended his arms, releasing a massive wave of air, causing the fake FlamingoMask and the dark laser beam to reflect back against him.

Gevaudan then ran towards WolfMask, to which WolfMask then sent a blast of wind at Gevaudan; causing Gevaudan skidding back. Gevaudan then retaliated by blasting a laser beam from his mouth against WolfMask; sending WolfMask skidding back. As WolfMask flashed away, Gevaudan was kicked in the back by an incoming WolfMask at high speeds. As Gevaudan was sent rolling over, Gevaudan then got back up and ran towards WolfMask on all fours; WolfMask extended his arms, pointing two fingers as he runs, small lasers of dark energy racing towards Gevaudan.

Gevaudan then fired a dark laser beam at WolfMask. WolfMask leaped over the laser beam using his arm, skidding behind Gevaudan and then kept skidding until he was away from him. WolfMask then charged up and blazed towards Gevaudan, using his Shadow Soul technique. WolfMask then wailed against Gevaudan with multiple attacks before then using his Shadow Soul-Wolf Beam to defeat Gevaduan, badly damaging him. Gevaudan ordered Salamander to help him up, as he wanted to get out of there after taking so much damage. Salamander then leaped up to Gevaudan's side and then carried Gevaudan away with him, the both of them retreating.

Lights Out for FlamingoMask

After his defeat at the hands of WolfMask; Gevaudan once again assigned Iron Jack and Bullets to carry on their missions. Gevauan appointed Iron Jack to send out his monster, to which Iron Jack agreed to do so.

Two New Units? Gevaudan's Great Counterattack

Main article: Two New Units? Gevaudan's Great Counterattack.

Growing tired of the ongoing battle with FlamingoMask, Gevaudan then collaborated with Salamander to shake things up a bit; to come up with a new strategy to finally defeat FlamingoMask once and for all. Later on, Gevaudan held a board meeting with his fellow executives Bullets and Iron Jack and all of the assassin kaijin to speak of his new plan. After much conversating, Gevaudan then revealed his plan to combat FlamingoMask; the Mecha Galgen Gang would get giant robots made by Dr. Borg to combat FlamingoMask and the Units, that way to even up the score. Salamander then introduced the Mecha Gang to Dr. Borg; who had now entered the room.

Dr. Borg explained to Gevaudan and the rest of the Mecha Gang and the assassin kaijins that he could build brand new giant robots for them, all to upgrade their arsenal and to help them finally succeed in defeating FlamingoMask; and he already had one giant robot up and ready to go for battle. The catch was though, one of them needed to control it. Gevaudan then turned to his assassin kaijin and asked for volunteers. Garuma then volunteered to control the Steamroller Robot. Dr. Borg and Barbe Q then escorted Garuma and many Mecha-Mobsters to the Steamroller Robot, unveiled it and then let him carried on with the mission. Before Garuma left, Gevaudan told him to do his mission well and kill FlamingoMask and the Units.

Gevaudan then attended to watch live footage of the fight between FlamingoMask and the Units fight against Garuma and the Steamroller Robot at Kaneohe, Hawaii, watching it silently. After the end of the fight, Gevaudan was somewhat disappointed with the end results, but didn't seem to mind all too much; given that they still had more work to do. This was merely just the start of his and Salamander's plan. Dr. Borg then took off, thanking Gevaudan and Salamander for their business and then he and Barbe Q took off to go to work.

Gevaudan then turned to Salamander and congratulated him; then promoting him to an official executive of the Mecha Gang, due to helping them improve their efficiency and for getting Dr. Borg. Salamander gladly accepted this promotion. After that, Gevaudan then turned to his assassin kaijin; because of Garuma's fate, Gevaudan would then go on to warn them if they were all to fail too, they would suffer something far worse. Gevaudan then left, leaving all of the assassin kaijin to their own.

Snowstorm of Peril

Gevaudan along with Dr. Borg made a brief appearance when he assigned Gillamen to control the Freezer Robot. Gillamen then saluted to both Gevaudan and Dr. Borg and took off to Haleiwa, Hawaii to wreak havoc there.

FlamingoMask's Dire Earthquake Conflict!!

Gevaudan then spoke with Salamander, Bullets, Iron Jack, Dr. Borg and Barbe Q on about the recent demises of Garuma and Gillamen and the destruction of the two mechas that had sent out. Gevaudan stated that they were at war with FlamingoMask now and as such, they needed to take their mission much more seriously. Gevaudan suggested now to not only exterminate FlamingoMask, but also the people around him in an effort to crush him. Now ready to start their mission, Dr. Borg and Gevaudan then looked out for an assassin kaijin to go with the newest mecha, to which Barbe Q volunteered. Dr. Borg then gave Barbe Q Earthquake Robot and Gevaudan then told Barbe Q to not fail them. Barbe Q and Earthquake Robot then fled, taking off to Halewia, Hawaii to attack FlamingoMask and the Units.


Gevaudan made a speech to the rest of his assassin kaijin, speaking to them that the time had come to wage an open war against FlamingoMask and the Units; as Dr. Borg had now finished up the last mechas to send out. After sending out all of the assassin kaijins to go all out, Gevaudan then assigned Bullets and Iron Jack to dispatch a team of assassin kaijins to take down FlamingoMask. Bullets and Iron Jack accepted the mission and then took off. Back with Gevaudan, Dr. Borg and Salamander then showed off the final three mechas (Shinkansen Robot, Building Robot and Jumbo Mecha) to Gevaudan, which Gevaudan was impressed with.

Salamander's Great Proposition

Gevaudan appeared at the Mecha Galgen Gang HQ, sitting down in his top chair and waiting at the table, bored. Dr. Borg then showed up at the Mecha Galgen Gang HQ, taking with him Madam Barbe Q where she quietly wept about Barbe Q; much to Dr. Borg's displeasure. Dr. Borg introduced himself back to Gevaudan, Bullets and Iron Jack, and tried to introduce Madam Barbe Q as well, but Bullets, not knowing who she was was, thought she was Barbe Q and asked why "Barbe Q" was wearing makeup. Madam Barbe Q then continued to weep, to which Dr. Borg then created some tissues for her to wipe away the tears. Dr. Borg stated to the Mecha Galgen Gang that Barbe Q had perished with Building Robot and that Madam Barbe Q was his new assistant.

Dr. Borg then stated to Gevaudan that with Barbe Q's death, production on the mechas would be slower. Gevaudan slammed his fist onto the table, lamenting on the fact on how he has came with up with many strategies, yet FlamingoMask seems to keep avoiding them. Then at that moment, Salamander appeared disguised as FlamingoMask, much to Gevaudan's shock. Salamander then revealed it to be just himself and Salamander introduced himself and Malness and SSS9 to Gevaudan, to which Gevaudan was impressed with, but stated he shouldn't overstep his boundaries.

Salamander approached Gevaudan and offered an idea to create a new strategy that would really get rid of FlamingoMask, given the last attempts so far. Gevaudan was a bit skeptical to it, but was interested. After some conversation, Gevaudan then greenlit Salamander's plan and then carried on with his usual work.

The West Side of Mecha Galgen Gang

Gevaudan then later made a brief appearance in where he arrived to Salamander's fort in where he was shown around the base, his partner Oil Snake and the "new recruits". Impressed, Salamander stated that he had more plans to show him within his base; to which Gevaudan then followed him.

The Mecha Galagen Gang and the Council of Classic Horror Movie Monsters Alliance

Gevaudan appeared in the RP where he was contacted by Count von Lighting of the Council of Classic Horror Movie Monsters, while also having Zeni Crazy, Smogton, Bullets and Iron Jack acting as guards or watching the talk with him. Count von Lightning informed Gevaudan that their were actually more Units with Robo Lass, much to Gevaudan's surprise and they also considered an alliance to deal with this group of Units. Gevaudan then thanked Count von Lightning for informing him and accepted, even considering sending either Smogton or Double Bat to go with them. After the end of the talk, Gevaudan then dismissed the rest of the four with him.

The Bat Invasion Pt. 1: Challenge of the Vampire Nobleman

Gevaudan appeared near the Bracken Cave where he watched Double Bat's progress on rounding the army of vampire bats. Following Double Bat gaining the control of the bats, Gevaudan then began his and Salamander's operation for the bats attack.

Alright my comrades; tonight we dine on the blood of our enemies. Let us commence the Bat Invasion. „ 

— Gevaudan

Gevaudan then appointed Salamander in charge while he had other business to attend to elsewhere. Gevaudan then also ordered Red Bat and Gemsler to assist Double Bat and Salamander. Gevaudan then left, taking off in his car. Later on, Salamander contacted Gevaudan on the success of Phase 1 of the Bat Invasion plan and was most pleased. Gevaudan then told Salamander to keep up the good work and to not fail him. Gevaudan then signed out.

The Bat Invasion Pt. 2: Shoot Down the Flamingo of Justice

Gevaudan then appeared in Double Bat's fortress in London, England and was starting to make it into a UK base for the Mecha Galgen Gang. Gevaudan spoke to Salamander some more and further about which Unit he and Double Bat capture, and it was revealed to be Unit 2 Ayame. Gevaudan didn't want to keep her as prisoner and he would prefer to execute them right away, but decided to keep her alive, if only to lure FlamingoMask in as bait, knowing that he would come to rescue her.

Soon, Dr. Borg arrived to the fortress and spoke with Gevaudan now. Dr. Borhg revealed to Gevaudan that he was now able to resume production on the giant robots and had produced one brand new mecha for him. Curious, Gevaudan asked to see the new giant machine right away. Dr. Borg then ordered Madam Barbe Q to help present the new mecha with her device and then unveiled Jumbo Mecha. Dr. Borg presented Jumbo Mecha to Gevaudan some more, before then testing it and having it terrorize the land a bit. But then Madam Barbe Q approached Dr. Borg and Gevaudan, warning them that FlamingoMask had been spotted over the Atlantic Ocean was heading for the coast of England.

Gevaudan laughed; as this time he came more then prepared enough. Gevaudan then pulled out a trick up his sleeve of his own and then sent out his latest project (and the reason he was gone for Phase 1); the Shine Shine Dan Fighter Jets. Gevaudan then ordered the Mecha-Mobsters to take off in the jets to take down FlamingoMask and then ordered for everyone else to resume the strategy.


  • Enhanced Strength: Gevaudan is very strong, capable of slicing his way through steel.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Gevaudan has enhanced stamina.
  • Enhanced Durability: Gevaudan has enhanced durability.
  • Enhanced Agility: Gevaudan has enhanced agility.
  • Darkness Laser:Gevaudan can fire out a strong, powerful purple-hued laser beam from his mouth. It functions similar to a cannon.
    • Darkness Laser Cannon: Gevaudan can fire a barrage of laser blasts from his chest and can deliver powerful and highly explosive rounds. This attack isn't used much however.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Gevaudan is easily the most flexible of the robot gangsters, being able to twist and bend around, and able to jump up at high lengths.
  • Camouflage: Gevaudan can make himself blend perfectly into a snowy environment, making it difficult to spot him in the snow.
  • Sharp Fangs: Gevaudan can use his fangs to rip, tear or slash his foes.
  • Sharp Claws: Gevaudan can extend his retractable, razor-sharp claws on his fingers out to make them resemble knives.
    • Nail Shooter: Gevaudan can fire out his sharp claws from his fingertips like missiles at his foes and can regain new ones instantly like quills. This attack is not used much however.
  • Cold Resistance: Gevaudan can resist being in freezing cold temperatures and is fine with it.
  • Mecha-Mobster Summon: Gevaudan can order and summon many Mecha-Mobsters to assist him into battle.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Gevaun can jump up to high lengths.


Time to get really feral. „ 

— Gevaudan

If you could get through Bullets and Iron Jack, I dare you to get pass me. „ 

— Gevaudan to FlamingoMask.

How insolent. „ 

— Gevaudan to FlamingoMask.

Ah, FlamingoMask, so we meet again.....for the last time. „ 

— Gevaudan to FlamingoMask.

Now your beginning to vex me... „ 

— Gevaudan

If only it were so easy.... „ 

— Gevaudan

So close...yet so far....I said it once, and I'll say it again; I do not like being made a fool of. How could that damn flamingo be so hard to kill!? „ 

— Gevaudan


  • His original names were "Weredrode", "Wolfdrode", "Wolfgang" and "Metal Wolf". He was also going to be a Viledrode (specifically a wolf-themed one), but this idea was rejected.
  • Originally, he was known as "Weredrode" and was going to be a one-shot Halloween-themed villain for a Halloween RP. However, that idea was scrapped and Gevaudan was later given a new role and name. Not much is known about his original RP other than he might have fought WolfMask and Inspector Cypher, and that his original personality was a lot more bestial and less intelligent.
  • He is so far FlamingoMask's most important and recurring foe.
  • Originally Glass Poltergeist was meant to be FlamingoMask's main enemy, but Gallibon found him more of a threat to others and not just FlamingoMask.
  • His name is a reference to the "Beast of Gevaudan", an old man-eating wolf-like animal cryptid.
  • Much like his own group, Gevaudan was originally not going to be FlamingoMask's (and by default, the Unit's) main enemy and was just going to be a minor villain. However, his first three appearances were so impressive, that he was kept around and was then given a much larger role.
  • Gevaudan bares a resemblance to Steeljaw from Transformers: Robots In Disguise. Both are also wolf-like robots who are leaders among criminals. This was unintentional, however.
  • Gevaudan is similar to Mr. K from Rainbowman, in which he is the main enemy of the hero and hires monster assassins to target and kill the hero. 


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