Gipsy Danger
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Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Coyote Tango
IguanaGoji (sometimes)
PS4 Jet Jaguar
Gamoni, Hardshell, Ominous, Grand King Ghidorah, K.W.C. Bagan, GMKGoji
79 meters
Not Available
Global Defense Force
Legendary Pictures Mecha

Gipsy Danger is a Mark-3 American-made Jaeger and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Gipsy Danger's pilots are Mako Mori, and Raleigh Beckett.

Mako is a fearsome femme fatale, and the more violent of the two towards kaiju. She will fight her opponent to the death if need be, and never backs down, always wanting to avenge her family, and later her adopted mother, Tamsin after she is killed by the kaijin Gaira.

Raleigh is a cocky fighter, always willing to follow Mako into battle, and usually cracks bad jokes. He uses his bad humor to mask the pain of losing his brother and parents to kaiju attacks.


Early History

Gipsy Danger was created shortly after the Japanese-made Coyote Tango, and was piloted by Yancy and Raleigh Beckett at the time of its conception. Several years after Yancy died, Raleigh would return to pilot the mecha alongside Mako Mori, who had recently been accepted as a Ranger.

Debut: The Return of Gipsy Danger

After several months of training, the two were sent to kill or repel their first target since coming together as a team. They would fight the kaiju Gamoni and the Cybertronian Hardshell. They ended up being to drive off the two after use of their combination of sword and plasmacaster techniques before returning to base for repairs and debriefing.

Midnight Mayhem

Main article: Midnight Mayhem.

Tucson Brawl

Gipsy Danger was deployed to go fight against the recently released demon monster, Ominous. The mission was to protect Tucson, Arizona and to eliminate the threat of Ominous. Gipsy Danger briefly aligned with Zedus to take on Ominous, then later allied with Metal Togera and Prime Kelder. Ominous put a good fight and was difficult to take on, due to his frequent Horn Blasts and Gravity-based attacks.

Luckily, Gipsy Danger was given a Karambit which Gipsy used to distract Ominous so that Gipsy could destroy his horn. It worked, and then Gipsy Danger finally slashed Ominous across with it's two chainswords; finishing off Ominous. Gipsy Danger then walked off with it's work their done.

The Battle of Barcleona 

Gipsy Danger was deployed to battle K.W.C. Bagan who had been causing much destruction at Barcleona. Gipsy Danger didn't really have much difficult in fighting K.W.C. Bagan but was allied with Go G SpaceGodzilla, BirthGoji and PS4 Jet Jaguar anyways to take him down. After Go G SpaceGodzilla killed K.W.C. Bagan; Gipsy then left; finished with the job.

The End of Grand King Ghidorah


Attack on Osaka

Gispy Danger showed up to fight off against three kaiju that were attacking Osaka and fought off GMKGoji, Clover and Space15Goji. Gipsy Danger later left after chasing Clover away and after taking some damage from GMKGoji.

Gipsy Danger vs. GMKGoji

Gipsy Danger was later deployed to go fight against GMKGoji in unspecified area. Unfortunately, due to GMKGoji's almost unstoppable and uncontrollable rampage, Gipsy Danger was put under heavy fire and was badly damaged. Gipsy Danger then retreated for repairs, as the damage inflicted on it by GMKGoji was immense.

The Gyaos Attack

Gipsy Danger made it's return when it was deplyed to fight off against an army of Gyaos, led by Bionic Gyaos. There, Gipsy Danger joined in with IguanaGoji, Gamera, Neo Baragon and Kamen Rider Gills to defeat and then finish off Bionic Gyaos. After the Gyaos swarm was finished off though, Gildefrum then leaped in and began to try to assimiliate Gipsy Danger. Gipsy Danger reacted by slashing it's chainswords at Gildefrum, but Gildefrum said not to worry; he was only taking a few things...

Before Gipsy Danger could attack Gildefrum, Gildefrum then vanished. With the Gyaos threat and Gildefrum now gone, Gipsy Danger then carried on and took off.


  • Chainswords: Two retractable blades created from steel-obsidian alloy and can be used as solid blades or whips.
  • Nuclear Vortex Turbine: Maintains health checks and returned radio chemical readings in excess of safety parameters. The turbine can also be utilized to fire a directed heat weapon powerful enough to puncture completely through a grappling Kaiju when fired at point blank range.
  • I-19 Plasmacasters: A particle dispersal cannon that fires plasma via a charged carrier rail, which can wound and cauterize Kaiju anatomy. 
  • S-11 Pulse Launchers 

Power Moves

  • Palm Grip Backlash 
  • Elbow Rocket


  • Gipsy Danger's theme song is "Mako" from the Pacific Rim soundtrack.
  • This character is re-worked and rebooted from the previous version who was used by Lord Vehk.


Pacific Rim OST - Mako04:20

Pacific Rim OST - Mako

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