Glass Poltergeist
Glass Poltergeist
Used by
FlamingoMask, WolfMask, Shadowbloods, Humans
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8' ft.
Glass Poltergeist is the name and spreading fear and terror is my game! I'am one bad ghost who won't let even death stop me from pulling pranks on the living! „ 

— Glass Poltergeist introducing himself.


— Glass Poltergeist's laugh.

Glass Poltergeist (ガラスポテジスト, Garasupotejisuto) is a prankster ghost kaijin and a RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Glass Poltergeist is a psychotic lunatic of a ghost and considers himself to be a master of pranks. He likes to wreak havoc and to torment living people for the thrills.

He's a pretty sneaky and crafty ghost, seemingly always having more tricks up his sleeves and also likes to set up "traps". He also likes to taunt others a lot. Despite his overall notorious reputation and his erratic personality, he does have some leadership skills and gets along well with is other fellow demented kaijins. He seems to have a deep hatred for the Shadowbloods, for reasons currently unknown.


Debut: Ghostly Duel

It all started when FlamingoMask was walking alone to himself, nut he lost track of where he was at and ended up in a dark alley. Then from out of the blue, three lowly thugs came out and ambushed FlamingoMask.

After a brief scuffle, FlamingoMask then managed to defeat all three of the thugs, but it wasn't over yet. As FlamingoMask was about to walk away, he heard the three thugs demonically laughing in unison. As he turned around, he then saw the three thugs fade away and in their place was a single ghastly laughing ghost known as; Glass Poltergeist!

Glass Poltergeist then introduced himself to FlamingoMask and said that he tricked him into falling into his trap and argued with FlamingoMask some more before finally fighting the Shadowblood. Glass Poltergeist was on a roll, starting off by throwing his glass knives at FlamingoMask and then blasting his smoke breath at FlamingoMask, all while taunting FlamingoMask.

Getting bored of fighting in a dark alley, Glass Poltergeist then flew up and grabbed FlamingoMask and tossed him aside into the streets, that way their fight could be more open. As FlamingoMask flew up and attempted to punch Glass Poltergeist in the face hard, Glass Poltergeist then made himself intangible and watched as FlamingoMask fell onto the ground. As FlamingoMask picked himself back up, Glass Poltergeist then began to laugh at his expense and mock FlamingoMask some more, even stating that he (FlamingoMask) probably couldn't even fight his way through a group of bandits. This finally made FlamingoMask very enraged and as such FlamingoMask then leaped and attacked Glass Poltergeist with all he had.

Glass Poltergeist then through his explosive glass cards at FlamingoMask, but this time FlamingoMask dodged them in the nick of time, infuriating Glass Poltergeist. Glass Poltergeist then through some glass cards at FlamingoMask from his deck, but he still didn't succeed. FlamingoMask then flew directly at Glass Poltergeist and punched him hard in the face, sending him flying sky high. FlamingoMask then flew up towards Glass Poltergeist and then punched and kicked him hard, sending Glass Poltergeist back down to ground fast. As he hit the ground, a small dirt explosion then occurred and made a small crater.

As FlamingoMask then brushed returned to ground and bushed the dirt off himself off, Glass Poltergeist got back up and admitted defeat but he swore that he would return. Glass Poltergeist then disappeared and took off.

Unfriendly Skies

Glass Poltergeist briefly appeared in Hokkaido, disguised as an shady, suave man and summoned his latest kaijin; Kite Demon to cause some trouble. After Kite Demon's demise, Glass Poltergeist took off and sighed, as that was the third monster that died on him that week, but he immediately got over it; as he had more kaijin to summon still. He then laughed and vanished away.

The Wolf of Salvation vs. The DJ of Doom

Glass Poltergeist reappeared briefly at WolfMask's Cabin, where he summoned the kaijin DJ Soundcaster to attack WolfMask. After taunting WolfMask some more, he then vanished, leaving DJ Soundcaster to take care of the Wolf of Salvation.

The Shadowbloods Encounter: Wolf Meets Bird

As WolfMask and FlamingoMask met up with each other in Fukuoka, they were both interrupted by the kaijin Baron Gumballer who created an explosion around the two, blasting them back. As Baron Gumballer introduced himself, demonic laughter then could be heard, a ghostly figure then appears near Baron Gumballer: it was none other than Glass Poltergeist.

Glass Poltergeist then taunted the two Shadowbloods, saying that he hit the jackpot this time as now he had two of the Shadowbloods he had fought previously. WolfMask then asked who was he and why does he cause harm all the time; to which Glass Poltergeist responded that he did it all because it amused him. As WolfMask and FlamingoMask got ready to attack; Glass Poltergeist then turned around and ordered Baron Gumballer to take care of the two. With that; Glass Poltergeist then flew backwards and then vanished.

Go Defeat Champion Magma!

Glass Poltergeist was roaming the streets of Fukuoka and decided to unleash the mighty Champion Magma to burn down and melt the city whit his mercury lava. As Champion Magma quickly went to work, Glass Poltergeist vanished away, leaving Champion Magma to do his work.

The Heir to the Kunasagi vs. The Flooded Destroyer

As Kyo Kusanagi rode his motorcycle into Fukuoka, Glass Poltergeist appeared to cause trouble once more. Spotting Kyo, Glass Poltergeist summoned Hydrowave to eliminate Kyo Kusanagi and to flood the city with his water stream. Hydrowave eagerly went out and began to wreak havoc, which then Glass Poltergeist flew aways and took off, leaving Hydrowave to take care of Kyo.

Arsenal & Abilities

  • Glass Knives: Glass Poltergeist can create throwing knives made of glass and can use them against his opponents.
  • Glass Scimitars: Glass Poltergeist can conjure up one or two scimitars made up of glass to use for combat.
  • Smoke Breath: Glass Poltergeist can fire a powerful stream of smoke form his "mouth".
  • Flight: Glass Poltergeist can fly at high speeds.
  • Flames: Glass Poltergeist can fire powerful streams of purple-colored flames from his gloves.
  • Intangibility: Being a ghost, Glass Poltergeist can make himself intangible and pass through walls or objects.
  • Retractable Claws: Glass Poltergiest is capable of extending his claws and can use them as blades to slash at his opponents.
  • Dividing Shapeshifting: Glass Poltergeist can take a human form, but can also go also as far as can take on the form of three people, as demonstrated when he first appeared to ambush FlamingoMask.
  • Explosive Glass Cards: As well as Glass Knives, Glass Poltergeist can also create a deck full of glass cards that he can use to throw at his opponents. Once they hit the ground, they can create some explosions.
  • Invisibility: Being a ghost, Glass Poltergeist can turn himself invisible and disappear. Though Glass Poltergeist is a more open and hostile spirit, he mainly uses this ability to retreat or when he's getting away.
  • Possession: Glass Poltergeist can enter insider and take control over machines and vehicles and use them to his own gain. He can't possess people though, only objects.


  • Hates it when people avoid or get away from his pranks or attacks.
  • Doesn't like light attacks.


Well, I was waiting for some dumb 'Blood shmuck to fall victim to me. You weren't exactly my first choice but you'll do! „ 

— Glass Poltergeist to FlamingoMask.


— Glass Poltergiest throwing his glass knives at FlamingoMask.

You said you wanted to be more open? Well here you go! OUT ON THE OPEN ROAD! „ 

— Glass Poltergeist after throwing FlamingoMask down at the streets.

I prefer the word "psychotic". „ 

— Glass Poltergeist's response to FlamingoMask's "Your insane" comment.

IT BURNS ME! IT BURNS!!!!.....Which is what I would say if it actually did hurt me! „ 

— Glass Poltergeist mocking FlamingoMask's aim.


  • Glass Poltergeist was originally going to be named "Glass Specter" but his name was changed to "Glass Poltergeist" later on.
  • He was originally created back in 2009 and was named simply "Poltergeist" back then.


The 13th Hour Track 22 Living Walls03:29

The 13th Hour Track 22 Living Walls

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