The strength and terror of the Great Worm were now great indeed, and Elves and Men withered before him; and he came between the hosts of Maedhros and Fingon and swept them apart. „ 

— Lore of Middle Earth

Glaurung is a character used by Lord Ghetsis.

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Originally an evil spirit of Morgoth, Glaurung was granted the form of an immense, wingless, black-scaled dragon and became known as "The Father of Dragons" in his universe since he was the first dragon in Arda.


Glaurung is cunning and intelligent, knowing when to retreat and does not fight fairly if he can help it. Cruel in nature with a serpent-like tongue, Glaurung is exceptionally deceptive which he puts in use with his hypnotic abilities. He more often engages his opponents in a psychological battle at first before finishing off if they are left helpless due to the mental onslaught.


Illusions (Only through successful hypnosis)

Hypnotic voice and eyes (Does not work on the exceptionally strong-willed. Is nearly ineffective against Kaiju and mechs.)


Aura of terror (May falter certain beings when they attack unless they are very strong-willed, normal Kaiju or mechs. Only has a slight one second effect on normal Kaiju and mechs.)

Resistant to fire, ice

Due to being the first dragon of Morgoth, he possesses full immunity to poison.

Poisonous breath and bite

Dragon-fire (This magical fire acts differently from normal fire. It has been known to chip away at even the sides of mountains due to sheer kinetic force).


  • Glaurung is less durable than the usual Kaiju, his underbelly is capable of being pierced by powerful MG rounds.
  • Glaurung is slower than the usual Kaiju.
  • His hypnotic abilities require at least a suggestive sentence to start working.
  • Being submerged in water can possibly put out his flame altogether (Possibility)

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