Awwwww, look at those tobey-doe eyes! Wait, doesn't Tobey Maguire wanna be called "Tobey-Boat"? Why did he start saying that anyways?
Spider-Man Thor
Used by
There... is no user??? Again, he uses himself, even if the link says otherwise. It's like that one pastor at my church said... actually, I forgot.
Hip The Striker
If you defy him you're a ******* dead man, so, yeah. Made my point across.
His species is beyond human comprehension and understanding, so much so that I'm unsure as to what his species actually is.
Immortal, as if THAT wasn't obvious! C'mon, you knew that was coming... well, unlike old hag ass Logan.
Hehehe... see the picture below for proof. ;)
The AssHats Squad (producers behind the Deadpool film, mind you)
No such thing in my book. No one equals him, if you haven't figured that out already.

Oh, the oh-so great, 'GODDO SUPAIDAMAN!'(Not Kami Supaidaman BTW, It's like that Super Saiyan God name where people think in Japanese the "God" should just be "Kami", but I think "Goddo" is badass so yeah. Also, why did I exactly pick Japanese? Well, one, you know Japanese is cool as **** and it just sounds more formal. Not implying Japan is a master race, Japan's just cool. Yeah.) Yeah, that's right, I just put apastrophe's at the end and last of his full name. Well, his full name is exactly unknown, but he is referred to as God Spiderman, the one and only, and reigning, supreme.


The Legend

After the film events of Logan (oh my GOOOOOD), Spiderman was swinga-da-dooshy (and swinga-da-booty up Mary's womanhood, like how Logan was "in Pheonix") all over New York city and all other major cities you can think of, until... Thor crashed down out of seemingly nowhere, and was somehow infused with Spiderman. The fusion of the two characters created an immensely powerful being capable of multiversal heights, with a dick bigger than Batman's, and his stud is BIG) and the power rivaling, if not, more powerful than The One Above All. That's pretty crazy strong, don't you think? Just imagine how strong "it" is when girls (and the guys, all of the male heroes envy him) wanna see him unzip his spandex-pants. God, and when God-Spiderman is pounding that ass so good he takes all of the force in his body to pump his thick sticky webs made of his love all over the place! Man lemme tell ya, one time there was this intimate massive wet steamy orgy--


Quite relaxed and calm, but quick to anger and depression if humiliated by Deadpool. While Deadpool can come up with far better humor than God-Spiderman himself had suggested on this page, God-Spiderman still gets all the ass, while Deadpool gets no booty because of how ******* ugly his face is.`Man, there's a lot of sexual stuff on this page... hey, have you ever seen that "lemme smash" bird video? I mean, that's like Deadpool but the voice of "lemme smash" is slowed by 200% like that equally-slowed Windows XP start-up sound someone made on YouTube a while ago. That just proves that God-Spiderman has a WAY hotter and better physique AND abilities than Deadpool than any other villain has in the history of comics, both Marvel and DC.


...Let's take a moment here. Is the amount of "really's" in this article (,_really,_really_stupid_article_ideas_that_you_really,_really,_really_should_not_create) SERIOUSLY that necessary!?

  • Omnipotence.
  • Omniscience.
  • Other omni-abilities...
  • Spiderman's abilities
  • Thor's abilities
  • Omnisexiness

Other's Personal Thoughts


Hip after learning God-Spiderman has a bigger dick than Goku Black and Zamasu's


Maria Pitillo deciding if God-Spiderman's huge stud would be considerably better than the bag next to her which kind of looks like a penis.

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