The Destoroyah Arc
Godzilla vs. Destroyah: Manhattan
Godzilla vs. Destroyah: Monster Island Showdown
Date Performed

Godzilla vs. Destroyah: Manhattan was an event that took place on August, 8, 2016.

Precursor to the Battle

Two days prior, Destroyah had ravaged Mexico City and killed Gamera (Showa), but was then forced to retreat once Iguana Goji showed up to deal with him. The Global Defense Force Commanders then met to discuss how to deal with Destroyah, who hadn't been seen for more than twenty-one years. During their meeting, Destroyah surfaced in the bay of New York City, and immediately started rampaging through the city.

A couple hours before Destroyah's appearance, Godzilla had left Monster Island to search for Gamera (Showa), who's death wasn't known to the population of the island at the time (save for Iguana Goji). Guided by his sixth sense, Godzilla sped off to New York City.

The Battle

Godzilla emerged from the water on the outskirts of the city, immediately noticing the rampaging Destroyah. The two kaiju fought for what felt like hours, smashing through buildings, blasting each other with their beam projectiles, and creating fountains of blood from each other's bodies. The climax of the battle featured the two using their strongest beam attacks to get into a beam-lock. After Destroyah indirectly informs Godzilla that it was responsible for the death of Gamera, Godzilla's power skyrockets, allowing him to break through Destroyah's chest-cavity beam, with his own red spiral beam, and temporarily defeat the devil kaiju. Completely exhausted and unable to move, Godzilla collapses from all the energy he used up. The charred and mortally wounded Destroyah weakly gets up, about to finish the king of the monsters, but is interrupt by the timely arrival of Iguana Goji. Rather than finishing Destroyah off, Iguana retrieves the unconscious Godzilla and returns with him to Monster Island. Destroyah leaps into the water and begins his recovery, garnering an obsessive hatred for the king of the monsters, while also physically turning into something else...


The sheer intensity of the beam-lock ended up destroying large portions of Manhattan. Only 45% of the city's population was evacuated.

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