Used by
Inconnu (boss)
Mechanical Raban (partner)
Gekido-jin, Keris, Rekker, Burning Dragon, Cokra, Gomira
Gfantis, Kunin, IguanaGoji, Garbage Monster, Hothead, Rozan, TripGoji, Plissken, Gigamoth, Gamoni, Zaranga, Gallibon
Giant Cockroach
90 meters
Ultraman Character
Wrecking stuff is fun. „ 

— Gokidon

Hail Inconnu! „ 

— Gokidon

Gokidon (ゴキドン Gokidon) is a cockroach kaiju and one of Inconnu's generals. He is a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Gokidon is a simple-minded brute who loves his job as a city destroyer (basically a demolition expert only using melee instead) quite a lot and loves to boast about his strength as well as what cities he's wrecked. He is also easily impressed and acts like a smug toadie to Inconnu, always praising him and his plans.



Not a whole lot is really known about Gokidon's early history. All that's known is that he was one of the many monsters captured by the Viledrodes at some point in time a while ago. It's unknown if he came from Earth or is from space. 

Early Appearances

Debut: Laughing City: Double Counterattack!!

Gokidon was first sent along with Hangyolas to go attack a nearby city. While Hangyolas was busy fighting against Powered Doras and IguanaGoji, Gokidon was sent in to attack the city itself. With Hangyolas acting as a distraction, Gokidon demolished some parts of the city, only for IguanaGoji to then notice him and then blast him with his atomic breath. Gokidon rolled over and then teamed up with Hangyolas to takedown both IguanaGoji and Powered Doras; both they were both overwhlemed. He and Hangyolas we're both defeated by IguanaGoji and then later retreated.

Gokidon and Chameleon vs. Albino Irys

In his second appearance, he decimated most of a city alongside with Chameleon. Together, they we're a dangerous combo, but they we're eventually both stopped by Albino Irys. Chameleon was severely injured and then retreated and Gokidon was beamed up back into Emperor Tazarus's ship.

From then on, Gokidon would serve for the Viledrodes for many more notable missions.

Assault on the American Samoa

Gokidon as well as Miba, Gororin and Hangyolas later showed up for the Viledrodes assault on the American Samoa. He and Gororin mainly fought Kunin. After a fairly long struggle, him and Gororin eventually beat and wounded Kunin and they cheered as the Viledrodes took over the American Samoa. After the success of the invasion, he and the other three kaiju we're beamed up back onto Emperor Tazarus's ship. 

Midwestern Duel

He and Kongzilla were trekking around the Midwest when they came across Gamoni. Gokidon questioned why Gamoni was on her own and though she wasn't with the Viledrodes. He was then ambushed by Neo SMG. Both him and Kongzilla put a brutal fight against Neo SMG, but him, Kongzilla and Gamoni were then both flown away by Daizyujin. Obsidian then took care of Neo SMG. Kongzilla and Gokidon then retreated and Gamoni left a little while later.

The Swarm Plan

Xendrax assigned both him and Cokra to attack some city in Illinois where he attacked the most buildings. He did some major damaged, but they were both stopped and chased out by Kamen Rider Wrath, who fought against Gokidon for a while before then getting out some bug spray, chasing Gokidon out.

Meeting Inconnu

For a while, Gokidon just made minor appearances where he would usually go attack cities or assist his other Viledrode kaiju allies. That all changed when Inconnu showed up. From then on, Gokidon would play a much more larger role, as he (and Mechanical Raban) quickly became Inconnu's top allies. Gokidon took a liking to Inconnu, seeing him as smart and very effective.

Garbage Monster's Downfall

Beings that Gokidon hated Garbage Monster, Gokidon assisted Inconnu's plan on getting rid of Garbage Monster by rigging the new weapon Inconnu gave to Garbage Monster; thus also rigging the fight. After Garbage Monster was kicked out, Gokidon cheered and congratulated Inocnnu on a good plan well done.  For the next few days following Garbage Monster's exile, Gokidon would then assist Inconnu in his next idea, which is stated to be the one that can get them both into higher power. As they were finished discussing such idea however, Gokidon found a note. Inconnu had gotten as well, but disposed of it. When Gokidon read the note all he found was a phrase that said "TO KEEP AN IDIOT BUSY: FLIP THE NOTE". Curious, Gokidon kept flipping the note over and over again, determined to find meaning of it all. Inconnu facepalmed.

Midnight Mayhem II

Main article: Midnight Mayhem II.

Sealing the Deal 

Gokidon came along with Mechanical Raban and Inconnu to discuss on unleashing the dreaded Manto. He mainly stood by Inconnu, acting as a guard. As Inconnu's idea was greenlit, he left with him, congratulating and praising Inconnu as well.

The Manto Arc

Inside Job

Before the newly formed deadly trio went to work on their plan though; the three went into space to gather some datacores on some secret ship. 

Releasing a Demon

Gokidon was present for the summoning of Nuclear Reactor Demon and then soon fled afterwards as Nuclear Reactor Demon approached a city as the demon.

Releasing the Mutant Clones

Gokidon along with Mechanical Raban and Inconnu was present for the creation of the Mutant Godzilla clones and later led them into Busan, South Korea.

Gokidon's New Recruits

While Inconnu was away freeing a stone samurai demon, Gokidon stayed behind and watched over the base. After using the restroom, Gokidon then went to Mechanical Raban and told him that he had recruited four new monsters. Mechanical Raban got interested and wanted to see them. Once he saw the four monsters though, he was very disappointed and started to beat Gokidon with a crowbar due to his stupidity at hiring four "dumb" monsters. Gokidon didn't get what was wrong though.

However, Inconnu then arrived and told Gokidon that it was alright for him to keep the four, as Inconnu thought they had potential. Gokidon cheered and then took Gomira on a tour around the ship.

Midnight Mayhem III

Main article: Midnight Mayhem III.

Gokidon vs. Hothead: Explosive Confrontation

Gokidon (along with Sevengar) briefly appeared in London to wreak havoc, where he then came across Hothead. Sevengar warned Gokidon that fighting Hothead would be dangerous, but he didn't care, he just charged at Hothead head first into battle. Gokidon and Hothead fought for short while but it was very brutal. The fight ended with Hothead and Gokidon both falling over a cliff into the sea, causing both of them to get submrerged underwater. Gokidon swam back up and then swam away, not wanting to drown.

Breaking the Godzillan/Gamoran Alliance

Gokidon along with the rest of Inconnu's generals appeared to combat against the Godzillans (Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji) and Gamoni's gang to stop them from ruining the summoning of Manto. Gokidon was the first one taken down, being overwhelmed by Kunin and then was thrown down to the ground. After the defeat of both the Godzilans and Gamoni's gang however Gokidon then got back up and cheered, heading back to base, albeit in some pain.

The Summoning of Manto

Gokidon was later present for the summoning of Manto, to an extent. During the preparations, Gokidon found out that Kunin had turned into Super Kunin and began to alert everybody else the Viledrodes base that intruders were coming. However nobody heard his warning, as he then fell underground, where the ground below Gokidon is filled with cans of Iwatani. Gokidon ran for his life, only then to run into a room filled with Raid, to which Gokidon ran away from that room as well.

Gokidon then entered a room with a few thousand toys of him, much to his confusion. However it got the exit to the summoning grounds inside the room, to which Gokidon then ran into, escaping his underground prison. Gokidon then met back up with Mechanical Raban, to show off a figurine of himself to him, which Mechanical Raban was not amused with. Then a whole bunch of Gokidon toys collapsed around them, to which Mechanical Raban then shrieked, whereas Gokidon was amused.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Thick Carapace: Though Gokidon does not posses much special abilities, his exoskeleton is very thick and almost impenetrable, as such he is a very strong opponent. His back can also deflect his foes beams back at them.
  • Endurance: Gokidon can stay on battle for a long time, due to his dedication of doing his job and his brute strength.
  • Earthquake Shuffle: Gokidon can create earthquakes from under his feet by stomping or dancing on the ground.
  • Roach Bazooka: A weapon given to him by the White Martians, the Roach Bazooka is a large bazooka that fires out cockroach-shaped projectiles and that make huge explosions when they hit something.


  • Insecticides: Gokidon is weak to RAID or Iwatani (Insecticides) and will immeadiately retreat just by the sight of it.



Gokidon holds a VERY high opinion of Inconnu, always praising him and his ideas, and even believes Inconnu is the true leader of the Viledrodes. Needless to say, Gokidon isn't going to change his thoughts on Inconnu anytime sooner.

Mechanical Raban

Gokidon sees Mechanical Raban as his partner and a good ally; but is unaware that he annoys his "partner".

Garbage Monster

Gokidon hated Garbage Monster and gladly assisted Inconnu's offer to get him banished. After Garbage Monster left, he was delighted. Why he hated Garbage Monster though isn't too clear, though it's possible that Inconnu most likely played a part on that.


Sure thing boss! „ 

— Gokidon


— Gokidon

I'll crush you both! „ 

— Gokidon threatening Kunin and Gfantis.

HIGH FIVE ME! Oh wait that's right, sorry. „ 

— Gokidon to Gororin.


Gokidon Concept Art

Concept art of Gokidon.

  • Gokidon originates from a 1970's Japanese insecticide commercial, in where he fought the JSDF. 
  • Gokidon's theme is "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne. 
  • Gokidon is the first Viledrode monster to follow Inconnu as well as being Inconnu's first general.
  • Apparently, both he and Gomira both went to college. Huh.
  • He is one of the few Insect-themed kaiju owned by the Viledrodes.

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