Gold Kamitachi
Gold Kamitachi Headshot
Used by
Tsutabara (boss) (formerly)
General Heat Island (boss)
Hittakura, Gomira, Tsuresarila, Alien Kamakama
Earth Warrior Zeros, Kamen Rider Shin, Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin, Sailor Fighter, Kamen Rider Agito
Not known
2 meters
Earth Warrior Zeros! Character
Hittakura, if you really wanted to defeat him, you'd let me do it. „ 

— Gold Kamitachi

Well, I could enjoy fighting you for a while. „ 

— Gold Kamitachi to Kamen Rider Agito

Gold Kamitachi (ゴールドカマイタチが, Gold Kamitachi) is a gold kaijin and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Gold Kamitachi is a savage but sophisticated brute who likes to roughhouse. He likes to threaten and intimidate others and also treats Hittakura like dirt.


Debut: Ganmodoki

Gold Kamitachi first appeared alongside with Hittakura to raid Aomori, but he didn't appear until after Hittakura was defeated. Taunting Hittakura's defeat, Gold Kamitachi attakced Kamen Rider Shin, but even he was overwhelmed by Kamen Rider Shin's might. 

Gold Kamiachi's fight with Kamen Rider Shin came to halt however when the coral monster Ganmodoki rose up from the seas and attacked the city. Gold Kamitachi then retreated along with Hittakura, as they couldn't deal with Ganmodoki.

Zeros! Zeros vs. Hittakura and Gold Kamitachi

Gold Kamitachi reappeared along with Hittakura at Kagoshima to wreak havoc once more at this time, they both believed nobody could stand in their way. Gold Kamitachi ran and chased at some civilians, baring his claws, but he was then stopped by none other than Earth Warrior Zeros. After Hittakura's defeat, it was then Gold Kamitachi's turn to attack Earth Warrior Zeros.

Gold Kamitachi hacked and slashed at Zeros numerous times and did some considerable amount of damage, but he was defeated Zeros kicked him in the chest, sending him flying across the ground and then leaped in the air and body slammed him. Defeated, Gold Kamitachi and Hittakura retreated.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 1

However, it was soon revealed that Gold Kamitachi was working for the plant monster Tsutabara. Gold Kamitachi along with Alien Kamakama stood guard for Tsutabara's base, waiting for Hittakura to come with Tsuresarila and Gomirah. As Hittakura arrived with the two, Gold Kamitachi congratulated Hittakura for successfully bringing the two in and led them to Tsutabara, as he was expecting them.

Gold Kamitachi and the four kaijin soon approached Tsutabara's lair and entered inside, meeting Tsutabara himself. Tsutabara spoke to all of the kaijin, speaking of his plan about getting revenge of Sailor Fighter. Tsutabara then commanded Gold Kamitachi (as well as the other kaijins under his command) to attack Sapporo and kill Sailor Fighter.

Gold Kamitachi appeared along with Alien Kamakama to combat against Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter in Sapporo. Gold Kamitachi fought against Kamen Rider Agito, while Alien Kamakama took care of Sailor Fighter. Gold Kamitachi kicked and slashed at Kamen Rider Agito several times, but Kamen Rider Agito managed to deal with him and threw him in the air, where he also collided with against Alien Kamakama. Gold Kamitachi and Alien Kamakama then both fell down to the ground, but they weren't out. 

Gold Kamitachi got back up and was ready to fight back along with Gomirah, Tsuresarila, and Hittakura. Just as they were about to pummel Sailor Fighter and Kamen Rider Agito though, their old enemy Earth Warrior Zeros returned. Angered, they charged, Gomirah fought Kamen Rider Agito, Alien Kamakama and Hittakura fought Sailor Fighter and Gold Kamitachi himself and Tsuresarila fought Earth Warrior Zeros. Gold Kamitachi was defeated by Zeros when he kicked hims across the ground along with Tsuresarila.

As the five kaijin lay defeated, Earth Warrior Zeros, Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter were ready to pull of their finisher attacks, up until two kaiju appeared out for the ground, giving the kaijin (along with Gold Kamitachi) enough time to make their escape.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 2

After the defeat of Yamalgon, Umigaron and Muchi and the arrival of the Tsutabarans; Gold Kamitachi along with the four kaijin met back up with Tsutabara and asked what would happen to them now. Tsutabara then declared that he no longer needed the five, as he had had the rest of his kind to back him up and said that the five of them had outlived their usefulness. With that, Tsutabara grabbed at the five kaijin with his vines and threw them away in the air, sending them flying off.

Daiki Kumera and The Yami Warriors

Gold Kamitachi was among the five kaijin led by Gomira to meet up with Daiki Kumera to become the Yami Warriors, but ended being betrayed by Daiki once they helped him complete his goal. After fighting Daiki on his own, Gold Kamitachi was the fourth one to be defeated by Daiki and was then thrown against the ground unconscious.

Dark Warrior Zax

Sometime later, the five "Yami Warriors" went up to reunite with the Bademon general, General Heat Island. Gold Kamitachi was among the five to speak with General Heat Island and was introduced to Dark Warrior Zax.

Arsenal & Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Gold Kamitachi doesn't possess too many special abilities, so he mainly relies on his burte strength to combat against his opponents. He is also very durable, capable of withstanding a hard hits.
    Gold Kamitachi
  • Retractable Claws: Gold Kamitachi can extends his razor sharp claws to hack and slash against his enemies in combat.


  • He is tied with Hittakura on being Gallibon the Destroyer's first Earth Warrior Zeros! character.
  • Out of all the four lower-ranking Bademon Soldiers thus far, he is the who speaks the least.
  • His costume was later also used for another Earth Warrior Zeros villain Blackman.