Gold Satan
Space Monster Gold Satan
Used by
Rudongo, Rarigonika
Garbage Monster, Armor Jack
Alien Insectoid
Not known
90 meters
Tokusatsu Character

Gold Satan (宇宙怪獣ゴールドサタン, Space Monster Gold Satan) is an alien bug monster and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Gold Satan is a bloodthirsty, ferocious and vicious beast who is widely known as one of Heck's most cunning monsters and is utterly brutal in combat. Despite his notoriety, Gold Satan still remains somewhat an enigmatic character, as few have actually come close to encountering Gold Satan alive.


Debut: To Heck with Wangmagwi

Gold Satan made his first appearance when he arrived to fight against Garbage Monster's group and then slaughtered many Narutons. Armor Jack recognized Gold Satan as one of Heck's more deadly monsters known, so Armor Jack and Garbage Monster had to be careful against him.

Gold Satan fought against Garbage Monster, Armor Jack and an alien tribal warrior viciously, tanking their attacks and even picking up Armor Jack and using him as a weapon against Garbage Monster. Gold Satan continued his rampage by firing his flammable gas at them both, setting Garbage Monster and Armor Jack on fire a bit. After the two put out their flames, they continued their counterattack against Gold Satan.

Gold Satan then fought off against the alien tribal warrior who used his best weapons against Gold Satan, then leaping up and slashing Gold Satan's back, making Gold Satan screech loudly. Garbage Monster then blasted his Debris Stream at Gold Satan, but Gold Satan was more bothered by it than damaged. When that didn't work, Garbage Monster then leaped up and slashed at the beast with his jagged wrist blades. Gold Satan slashed back at Garbage Monster with his claws, sending him back a bit.

Finally, through the alien tribal warrior and Garbage Monster's combined efforts against Gold Satan; Gold Satan was then forced to retreat, flying off in the distance. However, because of this, they needed to get a move on quicker now, as Gold Satan could easily return. With that, Garbage Monster's group moved out quickly.


  • Enhanced Strength: Gold Satan is capable of extreme strength; as demonstrated when he picked up Garbage Monster and Armor Jack and threw them around like ragdolls and is very brutal. 
    Space Monster Gold Satan2

    Gold Satan using his Flammable Gas.

  • Enhanced Agility: Gold Satan is very athletic and can leap around at high lengths.
  • Flight: Gold Satan can fly at Mach 5.
  • Claws: Gold Satan's claws are very razor sharp and deadly; capable of even slicing through boulders with ease.
  • Flammable Gas: Gold Satan can fire out a stream of fiery, flammable gas from his mouth and can use it like a flamethrower.


  • Despite being named "Gold Satan", he does not actually have any gold on him.

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