Used by
Jay's Wing
His girlfriend, Nitrogeon (Rivalry), Other H.O.W.L. Members
5.7 meters - 130 meters
7.8 meters - 150 meters
H.O.W.L. (Formerly)

Goldeon (Full Name: Sergei Phoenix-Valdez) is a genetically modified aberdeen angus from Guadalajara, Mexico. He is the 12th member of H.O.W.L., and a Role-Play-Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Goldeon is reckless and arrogant, often charging into battle and saying things before he thinks. He is also very stubborn, usually quite adamant on his decisions. Despite this, Goldeon is a good guy at heart, and will do anything to protect his friends.


Sergei was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Early in his childhood, his family moved to Phoenix, Arizone, where he grew up. After graduating, he moved to Moscow, Russia, where he became a KGB agent and met his girlfriend, Silveon. When Moscow was destroyed, he was severely injured, and endud up becoming the 12th member of H.O.W.L..


  • Armor - Goldeon has very strong golden armor surrounding most of his body. This armor protects Goldeon from both energy and physical attacks.
  • Speed - Goldeon is quite speedy, and can be extremely fast while charging.
  • Horns - Goldeon has two horns (One made of platinum, one natural). These can be used as piercing weapons. Goldeon can also charge his horns with fire, making them deal fire damage as well, or make a large blast of fire from the horns.
  • Machine Gun - Goldeon has a machine gun on his back. This weapon fires powerful energy blasts at a very fast rate.
  • Regeneration - Goldeon is powered by nanomachines, which repair damage he takes at a fast rate.
  • Mace Tail - Goldeon, like Silveon, has a mace tail. This can be used as an extremely powerful (but slow) blunt and piercing weapon, or the tail can be charged with fire to deal additional burning damage as well.
  • Size Changing - Goldeon isn't very tall, at 5.5 meters. However, Goldeon can change his size to compete with kaiju. This runs on a timer, and Goldeon will shrink back after several hours.
  • Goldeon can switch to his 2.0 form at will.

  • Armor
  • Speed
  • Horns
  • Machine Guns - Goldeon's arms become machine guns in his 2.0 form. He can use these to fire powerful orbs of energy at a fast rate, and can also use them in melee combat.
  • Mace Tail
  • Size Changing
  • Goldeon can switch to his 1.0 form at will.

Goldeon 2.0.


  • Goldeon's first name is inspired by Sergei from DAH!2.
  • Goldeon's last name is inspired by Leo from Heroes of Olympus.

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