Gomira Profile
Used by
Tsutabara (boss) (formerly)
General Heat Island (boss)
Tsuresarila (comrade)
Hittakura, Alien Kamakama, Gold Kamitachi, Dark Warrior Zax
Earth Warrior Zeros
Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Agito, Sailor Fighter, Daiki Kumera
Garbage Monster
2 meters
Earth Warrior Zeros! Character
We are the disciples of destruction! Shoguns of sorrow! We come to unleash unspeakable evil and wreak havoc on this city. „ 

— Gomirah

Gomira (ゴミーラ, Gomila) is a trash-themed kaijin and a major enemy of Earth Warrior Zeros. He is a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Gomira is boisterous and loud thug, and is actually pretty smart, but prefers brawn over brain. He gets along well with his partner Tsuresarila and together the two make an excellent and dangerous tag-team.


Debut: Kamen Rider Faiz vs. Gomira and Tsuresarila

Gomira and Tsuresarila first made their appearance together when they appeared at Nagoya early in the morning to wreck havoc. However, before the deadly duo could go any further, they were intervened by Kamen Rider Faiz. They two fought him off, but were quickly overwhelmed.

As Kamen Rider Faiz was about to finish off him and Tsuresarila, out of nowhere came two Hittakura clones leaping in front of Gomira and Tsuresarila, killing the clones. Gomira and Tsuresarial then hid from the explosion and hid in the bushes were they met Hittakura himself. The trio hid in the bushes for several more minutes to make sure that Kamen Rider Faiz was gone, and then afterwards left, as they were being needed for something very important...

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 1

Gomira and Tsuresarila continued to follow Hittakura into a forest-area where their encountered many bugs swarming, but Tsuresarila didn't seem to mind. Gomirah asked where exactly were they were going, to which Hittakura pointed towards a mountain. As they approached the bottom of the mountain, the steel doors opened up, allowing the three to enter inside.

As they trekked through inside the base more, they were approached by Gold Kamitachi, who said that "Tsutabara had been expecting them". Gomira (along with Hittakura and Tsuresarila) were then led into Tsutabara's lair. Tsutabara spoke about his plan on getting revenge on Sailor Fighter as well as ensuring his species will rise again. Gomira was then coammanded by Tsutabara to attack Sapporo and to kill Sailor Fighter.

Later in Sappporo, Gomira came in along with Hittakura and Tsuresarila to ambush Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter, but then Gomira and the other four kaijin were intervened by their old foe; Earth Warrior Zeros, who had come to assist Sailor Fighter and Kamen Rider Agito. Gomira ordered to attack and fought off Kamen Rider Agito, but he was no match for the Rider who blasted him against the other four defeated kaijins. Just as the three heroes were about finish off Gomira and the kaijins, two giant monsters then burst out from the ground and challenged Sailor Fighter, Kamen Rider Agito and Earth Warrior Zeros, giving Gomira and the other kaijin enough time to escape.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 2

After the defeat of Yamalgon, Umigaron and Muchi and the arrival of the Tsutabarans; Gomira along with the four kaijin met back up with Tsutabara and asked what would happen to them now. Tsutabara then declared that he no longer needed the five, as he had had the rest of his kind to back him up and said that the five of them had outlived their usefulness. With that, Tsutabara grabbed at the five kaijin with his vines and threw them away in the air, sending them flying off.

Daiki Kumera and the Yami Warriors

After Tsutabara's betrayal, Gomira led the rest of the four kaijin onto the shores of Tokyo and started to plan out their revenge. They were then greeted by a mysterious man named Daiki Kumera however. Gomira spoke with the strange man, who in turn, offered to help them out with their plans if they were to help him. Gomira excepted, as well as coined the name "The Yami Warriors" to better address themselves to Daiki.

As the Yami Warriors and Daiki reached their last stop however and once they had given Daiki the jewel he needed, it was then revealed that Gomira and the other four Yami Warriors had been tricked! Daiki Kumera was actually a traitor. The other four Yami Warriors fought on against Daiki first, with Gomira being the last to fight against Daiki Kumera. However, Daiki Kumera ended up defeating all five of the Yami Warriors, including Gomira, who he threw down to the ground against the four kaijin, knocking him out unconscious.

Dark Warrior Zax

Sometime later, Gomira and the other four "Yami Warriors" returned back to meet up with the Bademon general; General Heat Island. Gomira was among the five kaijin to speak with General Heat Island and was introduced to Dark Warrior Zax, who he seemed to think was an interesting individual. 

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Strength: Gomira is very strong kaijin, relying on his strength to take down his opponents and thinks with his fists.
  • Garbage Balls: Gomira can cough up balls made of garbage and can hurl them at his opponents.
  • Sword: Gomira wields a giant odachi-like weapon that he can use to hack and slash at his foes. Is mainly used for more heavier fights.


  • He is not to be confused with Gomira, who is a completely different character.
  • He is Gallibon the Destroyer's third garbage-themed monster.
  • Gomira is seen in the Earth Warrior Zeros theme wielding a huge sword, but he is never actually seen using it in the show.