Greek Face
Used by
Mothra Leo, Yeti, Narutons
Irridiated Reptilian Monster
78 meters
Tekkoi Mizuaki Character

Greek (イドムギリーク Giriku) is a mutant lizard monster and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Greek is a destructive and malevolent beast, interested only himself and destroying cities. While not capable of speech, Greek is capable of showing emotion through his animalistic instincts. Despite being something like a wild animal, Greek is actually a savvy and intelligent, which he can use to deceive his foes by making them think he's just another mere dumb brute.


Debut: The Advent of Mothra Leo

Greek made his first appearance as he rose from the waters as an egg, before then "hatching", causing a bright blast of light to appear. Greek then landed down to the ground and roared at the skies. Two Narutons spotted Greek and then blasted their facial maser beams against him. Greek tanked their maser beams and then blasted his energy beam against the the two Narutons, destroying them instantly.

Greek then entered the city, heading to fight Armor Mothra Leo and Yeti. Armor Mothra Leo sped towards Greek at Mach 15, slashing him with his wings. Greek roared and then extended his arms at both Armor Mothra Leo and Yeti, punching them both hard. Yeti then punched Greek in the gut. Greek then blasted his energy beam from his mouth, sweeping it towards many buildings and blowing them up.

Greek then swept his energy beam in around Yeti's and Armor Mothra Leo's area, creating some explosions around them. Armor Mothra Leo glanced between both kaiju, before speeding forward at Greek, flying through the explosions easily with his armor plating, followed up by Yeti hurling his ice boulders against Greek. Greek was hit hard by Mothra Leo's and Yeti's attacks, followed up by Armor Mothra Leo slicing Greek across the chest with his razor-sharp wings.

Greek then extended both of his arms again to smack down Armor Mothra Leo, only for Yeti to jump at him, hitting his chest with his elbow. Armor Mothra Leo quickly spun around, slicing through Greek's arms with his wing. Greek then fell over, screeching in agony. Yeti would then shoot his icebreath at Greek's head, causing Greek to which Greek retaliated by firing his energy beam at Yeti, causing Yeti to be sent flying from the force of that attack. Greek then ran towards Armor Mothra Leo to continue their combat.

Armor Mothra Leo screeched at Greek, gathering energy in his antennae, while Yeti got stronger and let out his roar. Greek jumped up and swung his long tail like a club towards Armor Mothra Leo, only for Yeti to fire his ultimate icebreath at Greek's tail, freezing it. Armor Mothra Leo flew upward, avoiding the tail, before firing several energy blasts at Greek's eyes; causing Greek to fall over. Greek's tail was then shattered. Greek then fired his energy beam from his mouth at Yeti's area, creating explosions around him.

Greek got hit in the back by the energy beams, falling over and then rolling over. Greek made one last attempt to attack Armor Mothra Leo and Yeti; Greek rolled up and then sent out his two stretching arms out to punch at against the two, only for Armor Mothra Leo to spin quickly, once again slicing through the arm while he flies toward Greek. Greek roared in agony and then reeled his arms back. After that, Greek then turned around and retreated to the waters, as he was defeated. Greek then swam away and left.





Greek's Extensive Arms

  • Energy Beam: Greek can fire a powerful energy beam from his mouth. 
  • Regeneration: Greek can regenerate lost limbs at fairly fast rate, such as his arms or his tail.
  • Extensive Arms: Greek can stretch his arms out to punch or grab his opponents from afar.
  • Whip Tail: Greek can use his long whip like tail like a whip and also like a club against his foes. 


  • His name is also sometimes translated into as "Giriiku".
  • Interestingly enough, his roar was a reused Godzilla 1954 roar.

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