Green Kirby
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Jay's Wing
Kirby, White Kirby, Red Kirby, Orange Kirby, Mario
Dr. Doom
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Green Kirby is an RP Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


To Be Revised


When Dr. Doom appeared and attacked Kirby, Green Kirby appeared and attacked him with Mario, although he escaped with Kirby.


Green Kirby
  • Inhaling and copying abilities (After some time, Green Kirby has been able to use common abilities without inhaling)
  • Can fly the Dragoon 
  • Can use her Warp Star
  • Flight
  • Somehow, Green Kirby has the ability to make most Smash Bros. items to appear at will, allowing her to use them.

Wing Ability
  • Can fly much faster.
  • Feather Bomb - can shoot multiple weak feathers at enemies. 

Plasma Ability
  • Plasma Arrow - Fires one electric arrow. Can be used in rapid succession.
  • Plasma Cannon - Launches her Plasma Barrier. Does heavy damage, is fast, and has great range.
  • Plasma Barrier - Can make a barrier that repulses most enemies and destroys oncoming projectiles.

Jet Ability
  • Can fly much faster in the air.

Hi Jump Ability
  • Can jump much higher.

Sword Ability
  • Final Cutter - Green Kirby swings her Cutter up and lands, emitting a shock wave.
  • Twister Slash - Spin Slashes in the air.
  • Sky Energy Sword - Can release energy at the foe when she slashes.

Ghost Ability
  • Possesion - Green Kirby can control enemies and use their powers as her own.
  • Vanish - Can become invisible and invincible, and can freely move around. Once finished, though, Green Kirby will not be able to attack for a short period of time.

Smash Ability
  • Vulcan Jab - Green Kirby jabs at the enemy multiple times. This move comes from Fighter.
  • Stone - Green Kirby turns into a stone, pounding into the ground.
  • Twinkle Star - Green Kirby does a powerful somersault in midair. Any enemy that touches the spinning Kirby is damaged.
  • Hammer - Green Kirby swings her hammer. Although she swings her hammer differently than normal it will still pound in stakes (similar to a flameless-faster Hammer Flip attack).
  • Hammer Spin - Green Kirby spins around in midair, hammer outstretched.
  • Smash Kick - Green Kirby charges up and launches herself forward while spinning. Green Kirby damages any enemy she kicks.

Limited-Use Abilities

Cook Ability
  • When used, Green Kirby dons a chef's hat and summons a pot in which every regular enemy, enemy projectile, defeated mid-boss and star on-screen is pulled in. She then cooks them all, and then magically turns them all into delicious food which Green Kirby can eat for replenishing health.
  • Has a variation which creates SSB items instead of normal food. The pot also explodes shortly after the items come out.

Crash Ability
  • Green Kirby freezes everything on the screen in place before flying across the screen erratically at a rapid pace, doing massive damage to all enemies.
  • Can also simply summon a massive energy surge around him to the achieve the same effect, burning every enemy on-screen.

Light Ability
  • Illuminates a large area. Surprisingly useful for enemies that use the darkness to their advantage.

Mike Ability
  • Green Kirby loves to sing, but her voice is also useful in annihilating all enemies on-screen, which apparently hate it or think it's too loud.
  • Green Kirby doesn't really care, as she is wearing earphones.
  • It can be used three times with increasing power, unlike Crash, Paint and Cook, which can be used only once.

Paint Ability
  • Paint is a rare, one-use ability that lets Green Kirby spray blobs of paint all over, causing damage to any foe on screen.
  • As a side effect, the behavior of some characters will be changed when this power is used against them.

Sleep Ability
  • Somewhat useless, as it just makes Green Kirby fall asleep.
  • However, she heals when she is sleeping with this ability.

Super Abilities

Ultra Sword
  • Hell Striker - Slashes multiple times with her sword, before slashing again, sending the opponent flying.
  • Blazing Cutter - Green Kirby slashes the opponent into the air, before jumping up and slashing them multiple times, then slamming them into the ground with her sword.
  • Tempest Slash - Spin Slashes in the air, making herself a small twister.

Grand Hammer
  • Hammer Smash - Green Kirby enlarges her hammer and performs a powerful overhead swing, smashing it on the ground beneath her, generating a shock wave. Moves objects down one unit.
  • Hammer Plus - Green Kirby enlarges her hammer into a festive, multi-colored form and slams it on the ground, creating larger shock waves and pounding objects down two units.
  • Super Hammer Plus - Green Kirby enlarges her hammer into a golden, star-studded monstrosity before smashing it on the ground, generating a massive shock wave and pounding objects down by three units.

Flare Beam
  • Beam Blast - Summons a massive electrical ball that she can control.

Monster Flame
  • Flame Dragon - Green Kirby summons a massive, fiery dragon that she can control that destroys obstacles and wreaks havoc on enemies.

Snow Bowl
  • Snow Blitz - Green Kirby turns into a huge snowball that absorbs enemies and destroys anything in its path.
  • Snow Crash - Green Kirby reverts back to normal after a massive snowy explosion.


  • Mike Ultra Flaming Icy Slash - Slashes her foe(s) multiple times with her Ultra Sword, while it is enhanced with the power of Snow Bowl and Monster Flame, before slashing a final time with her Mike. This move utterly annihilates most enemies.

Weaknesses & Flaws

  • With so many abilities at her disposal, Green Kirby sometimes gets confused and uses the wrong ability.
  • Has an extreme fear of the dark.


  • Green Kirby's theme original was Target Smash!! from SSBB.
    Target Smash!! - Super Smash Bros

    Target Smash!! - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Music Extended

    Her original theme

Awake and Alive-Skillet

Awake and Alive-Skillet