Used by
Lord Vehk
Redman, Godman, Cherno Alpha, Frankenstein
Evil Monsters
1.85 meters (Human size)
45 meters (Giant size)
Earth Defenders
Toho Kyodai Hero

Greenman (グリーンマン?, Gurīnman) is an RP character used by Lord Vehk. He is the cousin of Redman and has given Akio Tanji his power. With Akio now being Greenman V2, Greenman is often referred to as Greenman V1.


Greenman is kind-hearted and heroic. He is always ready to protect and often tries to make peace with other kaiju, kajin, or mechs. But, do not let his kind nature fool you as he is a skilled fighter, and doesn't walk away from a battle until the enemy is defeated.


Greenman is a strong and skilled fighter, but he also can use his electronics to conjure up a series of weapons and attacks.

Size Changing

Greenman can grow to giant size by saying "Greenman Giant Machine Change".[1] He can also shrink back down to Human size, although it is never seen happening on screen.


Greenman can fly fairly fast, and even travel through space.[1][2]

Greenman Breaster

Greenman can shoot missiles from his chest by saying "Greenman Breaster". This attack is often used as a finisher move.[3]

Ear Boomerangs

Greenman has two red boomerang weapons on either side of his helmet. When taken out, Greenman can throw it. The weapon will explode on contact with anything.[4]

Leg Arrows

Greenman can fire arrows from his knees which impale opponents. This technique is known as Leg Arrow.

Greenman Stick

Greenman can summon a staff by saying the words "Greenman Stick". He can use it to battle his enemies with.[1] Although rarely shown being used, the staff can fire explosive projectiles from its tip.[5]

Mouth Beam

Greenman can fire a beam out of his mouth.[6]

Fire Fighting

Greenman can create a wall of blue flames from his hands. [6] This can also create a smokescreen which temporarily blinds the enemy.[7]

Greenman Shock

Greenman can shoot electricity from his hands. He summons this electricity by saying "Greenman Shock". This attack is also often used as a finisher move. [4]

Boomerang Turn

Greenman can hold his two Ear Boomerangs in an 'X' formation, creating a beam of electricity which blocks enemy attacks.[6]

Eye Beam

Greenman can shoot beams from his eyes.[6]


Greenman can awaken humans from sleep or any state of unconsciousness by waving his arms above them.[1]

Weapon Combine

Greenman can combine his Greenman Stick with Redman's Red Knife to create the Greenman Scythe (Redman can also combine his knife with Greenman's staff to create the Red Axe).


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