Used by
Demeking, Inconnu (sometimes)
Zilla Jr., Makia, Heisei Gamera, Astikos, Yuda
Giant Cephalopod
?? meters
?? meters
Viledrodes (formerly)
Mutant Kaiju
Ich mag Boote zu versenken! „ 

— Gualagon

Gualagon is a mutant Kraken-like kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Gualagon is a very menacing but also irrititable and unusual beast. He speaks in a very heavy, thick German accent and always refers to himself in third person. He doesn't say much but whenever he does, it's usually something weird. He's also somewhat delusional and is 


Early Appearances

Very, very little is known about Gualagon. Nobody even knows where he comes from, but it is said he was first seen in 1966.

At some point in time, Xendrax got a hold of him and captured him for the Viledrodes.

Gualagon showed up for Hetzer's attack on Yakarta where he was partnered with Mutant Jellyfish and Ballinger Z. He beat up Makia and Heisei Gamera easily and gave them a really hard time with his water-based attacks. He then drove Makia and Heisei Gamera away with his tsunami blast and helped Hetzer decimate Yakarta.

Gualagon appeared again to wreck a nearby city, but he was interrupted by Zilla Jr.. The fight lasted long with Gualagon torching Zilla Jr. and beating him with his tentacles. Fortunately Zilla Jr. and Iron Rocks were capable of driving him away, Gualagon retreating.

After a few more fights with some other Earth Defenders, Gualagon would not appear for a little while, but eventually returned (along with his pal Demeking) for Inconnu's meeting, which included all of the other Viledrode monsters (sans the Lizard Slayers) for a very important topic. 

Midnight Mayhem III

Main article: Midnight Mayhem III.

The Summoning of Manto

For a while later, Gualagon wouldn't get to do much until the summoning of Manto; where he was one of the many Viledrode monsters who were present to summon him and also fought off against Kunin, but was defeated. After the arrival of Manto, Gualagon left the Viledrodes and is current whereabouts are now unknown.


  • Flamethrower Tentacles: Gualagon can shoot flames out of all his tentacles.
  • Heat Beam: Gualagon can shoot out a very thin, but powerful beam from his mouth.
  • Tentacles: Gualagon's tentacles are very strong and are mainly used for grappling, whipping or strangling enemy kaiju.
  • Mist Cover: White mist always appears around Gualagon when he shows up.


  • Dehydration


  • Gualagon is one of the few Viledrode monsters that also acts independent and can be on his own if he chooses to.
  • In his first earlier appearances, Gualagon could not speak but was revealed later that he could.
  • He was also a lot more bestial in his first appearances and seemed a lot more ominous.
  • Gualagon is also apparently the leader of his own club known as of sea monsters; which also include Demeking  Mutant Jellyfish, Geboras, Hangyolas and Onibaba. Oddly enough, it seems that Hitodah is not part of this club. Huh.

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