Red Lightning, Gai
Used by
Friendly Rival of his, Kogasa
Most of the Mad-Gear Gang, M. Bison, Seija Kijin, Akuma
Final Fight/Street Fighter
Like a transient wind... I blow through ranks of foes and dissapear. „ 

— Guy

Guy (ガイ Gai, "Victory") is a character used by GG.


  • TBA


Guy is calm and reaserved, with a sharp mind, a noble spirit and a strong sense of justice. He is a stoic warrior who carries out his duty as a ninja with an almost professional air of detachment; his demeanor is usually standoffish, though his aloofness has given away to politeness recently. His grim face rarely shows emotion, with the most noticeable one being shock, when he saw the fate that befell Cody.


Fighting Style

Ikuzo! (Let's go!) „ 

— Guy

Guy's fighting style is Bushin-Ryu Ninjutsu, which utilizes the tradition of both ninjutsu and modern street fighting. His unique application of Bushin martial arts utilizes speed and rapid attacks to wear down opponents until he can find a opening for his deadly manuevers.


  • Hayagake-He sprints towards the opponent.
    • Sudden Stop-He sprints towards the opponent, and then stops.
      • Shadow Kick-He first sprints forward, before doing a long sliding kick.
        • Neck Flip-He sprints forward, before doing a sidelong wheel kick.
  • Bushin Senpukyaku-He does a whirlwind kick, rising himself upward.
  • Bushin Izuna Otoshi-He does a somersault forward, if he's not near his opponent he'll drop down vertically elbow-first. If he's near, he'll grab and flip them over, landing his feet behind them, and then throwing them by the waist and down into the ground.
  • Hozanto-He first runs forward, before doing an advancing turn and violently jabbing the opponent with his elbow forward.
  • Kamaitachi-He plants a foot on the opponent and then does a backflip kick.
  • Bushin Hasoken-He slightly leaps up and does a jab. If it connects, he'll do a barrage of punches and kicks, juggling the foe into the air for a 7-hit combo.
  • Bushin Gorai Kyaku-Guy performs a barrage with a fast series of punches and kicks.
  • Bushin Goraisenpujin-Guy performs four punches before backflip-kicking the opponent upwards. He then jumps from the sides before grabbing and piledriving them to the ground.
  • Bushin Musou Renge-Guy grabs and gut-punches the foe before roundhouse kicking them away. He sprints behind the foe and strikes with a 5-hit combo, knocking them away before catching up and doing another 5-hit combo. He then finishes the move with 7-lightning-quick blows.


His move, the Kamaitachi, shares the same name as the yōkai's name and the Makamou.


Let's Listen SFA (Arcade) - Guy's Theme (Extended)15:30

Let's Listen SFA (Arcade) - Guy's Theme (Extended)

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