Used by
Prowl, Smokescreen
Tank Vehicon, Fearstorm, Jury-Rig, Crackshack, Thunderhoof, Bisk, Scowl, Macabre, Mummy Vehicons, Skrimisher Vehicons, Decepticons
25 ft.
25 ft.
We might wanna attend to that. „ 

— Hardhead

Hit the deck! „ 

— Hardhead on whenever a situation gets out of control.

Hardhead is an Autobot soldier and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a futuristic tank.


Hardhead is a solider to the core. He can be pretty stubborn and can also be pretty rude at times and has a limited social aptitude. He doesn't say much during battle but whenever he does it tends to be blunt and terse. Off the battle-field though, he's slightly more open and likes karaoke. 



Hardhead made his first appearance by showing up to assist Prowl in fight against a wild savage Tank Vehicon. Eventually, Hardhead destroyed the Tank Vehicon. Hardhead then introduced himself to Prowl and said that he came from Cybertron to help Prowl out on his mission. Hardhead then informed Prowl on about the oncoming threat of "Team Destron" and that there was actually another Autobot nearby they had to find. Prowl and Hardhead then took off to find such Autobot.

Rescue Mission: Find Smokescreen

Hardhead and Prowl both went searching for a meteor that crashed in a desert area that they were in, as they believed it contained an Autobot they were looking for. Before they got there though, both of them were intercepted by a gigantic Transformer who approached them. Hardhead took out his shatterblasters and started shooting at it, however unbeknownst to them, the gigantic Transformer was being handled by Capricorn, who then took full control of the giant Transformer and walked away elsewhere. Hardhead and Prowl then continued their journey, only to be then intercepted again by a ominous truck Transformer who proceeded to shoot and blast at them with hot plasma rods. Hardhead got the worst of it, being shot multiple times, but luckily Capricorn came in again to fight off the truck Transformer. Hardhead and Prowl then resumed their mission.

Once Hardhead and Prowl arrived the location though, they found out several Vehicon bounty hunter awaiting for them and attacked them. Hardhead destroyed the most, and then was joined up by newcomer Autobot solider Smokescreen. Before the three Autobots could celebrate though, they were attacked by a large Vehicon known as Fearstorm. Eventually, Hardhead, Prowl, Smokescreen and even Switchback managed to overpower Fearstorm and defeat him. Hardhead, Prowl and Smokescreen then fought off one last opponent known as Jury-Rig, but the fight was very short, as Jury-Rig threw down an EMP Grenade and stormed off. With there now being three Autobots, Hardhead along with Prowl and Smokescreen transformed and rolled away.

Tabriz Tango

Hardhead along with Prowl and Smokescreen showed up to Tabriz to fight off against Team Destron's forces. Hardhead shot some attacking Jet Vehicons down, and then later fought off against the Decepticon bounty hunter Crackshack. Along with Capricorn and MR La Magra, the three put up lethal fight against Crackshack. Hardhead then killed off Crackshack by firing his plasma rifle directly at him. 

Afterwards, Hardhead continued to fight off the invading Destron forces and later reported back to Prowl and Smokescreen that they won the battle. At the end of the day, he left with Prowl and Smokescreen onto their next mission.

Vienna Brawl

Hardhead along with Prowl and Smokescreen showed up in Vienna, Austria to help out Sideswipe takedown the Decepticon brute Scowl. However, before Hardhead could join in the fight against Scowl, Hardhead was intercepted by the Decepticon Thunderhoof. Hardhead and Thunderhoof got into a lengthy and lethal battle, as Thunderhoof was practically unstoppable. Hardhead (and also Smokescreen) were both defeated by a powerful stomp attack from Thunderhoof which sent them flying against a brick wall, but fortunately they survived and were rescued by Prowl. Hardhead, Smokescreen and Prowl then transformed and rolled away.

Meeting Equinox Major


Macabre Strikes



  • Plasma Rifle
  • Tank Turret: A big cannon mounted on Hardhead's left shoulder. It can fire out powerful blasts that can cause some big explosions.
  • Shatterblasters: Two laser-guns that Hardhead carries around with him. Sometimes.


This be the day of the reckoning, I reckon. „ 

— Hardhead

Showtime! „ 

— Hardhead

Sounds about right. „ 

— Hardhead

Old soldier's don't go down easy. „ 

— Hardhead


  • He is not a Headmaster here.
  • He currently has no theme.
  • He is good at karaoke.

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