Hausu Ghost Cat
Hausu Cat
Used by
TripGoji (owner)
Dancing Skeleton (partner)
Inconnu, anybody it's sent to attack
?? meters
?? meters
Hausu Character

Hausu Ghost Cat (ハウユーキャットゴースト Hauyūkyattogōsuto) is a weird cat spirit and is TripGoji's pet. He is used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Though Hausu Cat Ghost doesn't talk (or at least chooses not to talk) he does have a personality. He likes to hide in dark places and jumpscare people. He also REALLY likes horror films and anything surreal. He also doesn't mind being used as an attack by his owner TripGoji, as he likes go out there and fight.



Hausu Cat Ghost was found by TripGoji sometime ago when TripGoji was traveling a Dark Nebula. TripGoji thought he was cool, so he decided to keep him as his pet.

Debut: Midnight Mayhem II

Hausu Cat Ghost debuted the same time as TripGoji, where he was sent in to attack Darkspace MOGUERA and then later Inconnu. Hausu Cat Ghost then retreated back to his master, just like he always does.

TripGoji in Heck Pt. 1: Welcome to Heck

TripGoji summoned Hausu Cat Ghost along with his skeletal minion to fight against Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan. Jazz Gigan was the first to catch up with TripGoji, toppling down on him and slashing at him a few times with his twin hook-blades. TripGoji had a few tricks up his sleeve though and he threw his pet ghost cat at Jazz Gigan; temporarily defeating Jazz Gigan. Hausu Cat Ghost then retreated back to his master, just like he always does.


  • Intangibility: Hausu Cat Ghost can turn intangible.
  • Invisibility: Hausu Cat Ghost can become invisible.
  • Claws: Despite being a ghost, Hausu Cat Ghost can still use his sharp claws to claw at opponents.
  • Flight: Hausu Cat Ghost can fly, via floating like an actual ghost.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Jumpscaring
  • Being surreal
  • Hiding
  • Being a ghost


  • Boredom


  • He is not Shiro.
  • His real name is unknown.
  • Hausu Ghost Cat come from the 1977 Toho film Hausu. His owner TripGoji comes from the scrapped film A Space Godzilla. This is a reference to the fact that both Hausu and A Space Godzilla were both created by the same production team.

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