Heart Eater
Heart Eater
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Emperor Tazarus, Hetzer, Garbage Monster, Anybody who pays her most
BirthGoji, Jay, Kunin, Anybody she targets
Not known
Not known
95 meters
?? meters
The Viledrodes (most of the time)
Kaiju Combat Kaiju
They can't outrun from my guns. „ 

— Heart Eater

Heart Eater is an alien bounty hunter kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Heart Eater is nothing short; bloodthirsty and psychotic. Heart Eater doesn't like to expose herself during fights she deems unnecessary, but she is also ruthlessly brutal when it comes to attack. Unlike most of the Viledrode's allies, Heart Eater is in it mainly for the thrill of hunt and loves to fight out in the battlefield, especially if it's a bloodbath.



Long ago an alien bounty hunter made her living by tracking and killing dangerous monsters across the galaxy. She had incredibly keen senses and a Hunter's intuition, and so she was known as "The Hunter's Heart". Somehow, she came into possession of an alien artifact which bonded to her, augmenting her powers by allowing her to absorb strength from her opponents. While not exactly a hero, The Hunter's Heart used her increased powers to escalate her hunts and killed many galactic scourges in the process. Over time, as she absorbed the essence of more and more defeated opponents, she lost sight of her original goals and began to devote herself only to the pleasure of the hunt. Eventually, this pleasure turned into need, and then need turned into a desperate drive. People forgot she was ever known as "The Hunter's Heart"- and she only became known only as "Heart Eater". She is constantly moving between the stars- silently stalking new foes.  

Early History

Heart Eater was a notorious alien bounty hunter known from across the galaxies. Emperor Tazarus has stated to have worked with her before.

Modern History 

Heart Eater was first summoned on Earth by Emperor Tazarus to attack Kunin and the Kaijumancers at some city. She exterminated the Kaijumancers there with pleasure, but Kunin managed to escape her wrath. Later on at that same day, she met up with Hetzer and Garbage Monster and attacked California while they also fought against Jay, Kyodai and BirthGoji. After a very long and brutal battle, she, Garbage Monster and Hetzer retreated. She was also presnt for the Viledrodes attack on Malaysia.



Primary Attacks

  • Burst Weapons
  • Hand Blades

Secondary Attacks

  • Arm Scythes

Primary Weapon

  • Blood-infused projectiles

Secondary Weapons

  • Scatter Mines
  • Grappling


  • Heart Eater needs to continiously seek out new foes as she draws her power from opponents in combat.
  • Opponents who can deny her magical attenuation.


  • Heart Eater's theme is "If Looks Could Kill" by Heart.
  • Despite having wings, Heart Eater cannot fly.

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