Heck (ヘック, Hekku) is a dark, desolated desert planet out in the galaxy and is home of many strange and unusual alien lifeforms.


Heck is a planet far out in the deepest parts of the galaxies and is said to be a very strange and surreal planet; as it holds many bizarre alien species, still many remain unknown and undiscovered. The planet itself is something of an enigma as very few have traveled there and have escaped to the details of the strange world, therefore making most of it's exact locations unknown.


Climate & Weather

It is said that it's a large desert planet, though it can rain there and it's almost always dark out there.


  • Originally the planet was going to be named the "Hell Planet" but it was changed to "Heck" to be more creative and humorous.
  • While Victory Demon is stated to be the ruler of the planet Heck, it's apparently mainly because no one else bothered to take the position.
  • Heck was conceptulaized by Gallibon the Destroyer.