Heisei Barugon
Heisei Barugon
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Heisei Gamera
Ancient Reptile
?? meters
?? meters
Gamera Kaiju
"I know your scent...." „ 

— Heisei Barugon

Heisei Barugon is an ancient reptile kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


The Rise of Heisei Barugon

A group of mysterious glaciers we're seen floating around at sea, seemingly with no destination. The ominous glaciers acted like no ordinary glaciers, as they growled like a kaiju and glowed radiantly. The Romanian GDF Commander took note of this and decided to act on it. He sent in his military jets to eliminate the strange glaciers. However to his and the Romanian military's shock, the missiles had seemingly no effect on the glaciers. It wasn't until when bombarding the glaciers started to fall apart. Finally making a hit, the Romanian military jets started bombarding the glaciers in a frenzy. After taking so many hits, the glaciers then began to glow red and flash vibrantly. The glaciers then exploded, revealing the monster; Heisei Barugon. Alarmed, the military jets attempted to retreat, but we're all killed by Heisei Barugon's misty ice breath, which froze them and made them fall to their deaths. The Romanian GDF Commander sent in Navy ships and enlisted the help of Emil Jäger to take handle the beast, as the Romanian GDF Commander did not want the beast to get onto dry land. Heisei Barugon destroyed the Navy ships with ease, but then Emil Jäger came to combat the beast with his mech, the Black Kiryu. Heisei Barugon and Black Kiryu dueled for a bit, until Black Kiryu slashed at Heisei Barugon's side, causing him to bleed. Heisei Barugon then retreated, however the battle had almost wrecked the Black Kiryu.

Later that day, Heisei Barugon watched as Trahir conquered Monster Island. Heisei Barugon than swam away underwater, seemingly annoyed by Trahir's presence.

On the next day, he was spotted prowling around the woods, where he engaged Gamoni and Hardshell while they were fighting two Riders. At first they we're startled by Heisei Barugon's appearance, but they continued ignoring him. This was a mistake, as Heisei Barugon blasted at them with his rainbow ray and buried them underneath his ice-cold frost powers. Gamoni and Hardshell survived the ordeal but they we're left in poor condition. Satisfied, Heisei Barugon left and went back to prowling the woods. Breakdown later came by and saved Gamoni and Hardshell from freezing to death. Later at night on that same day, Heisei Barugon was stalking Rozan and then he viciously attacked her. It wasn't until IguanaGoji came in to stop him when Heisei Barugon retreated. Before he left, Heisei Barugon claimed that he knew their scents and that he soon track them down and find them later.

Duels with Heisei Gamera

After a lengthy amount of time, Heisei Barugon stalked and followed his one true rival: Heisei Gamera. He attacked Heisei Gamera while Heisei Gamera was busy fighting with Neo Gyaos. Heisei Barugon rammed his horn into Heisei Gamera's chest, trying to impale him but Heisei Gamera shrugged him off. Heisei Barugon and Heisei Gamera fought each other in a vicious fight, with Heisei Barugon trying to bite Heisei Gamera's arm off. Before Heisei Barugon could fight anymore, he was attacked and shot at by Iron Rocks. He then fled but swore to Heisei Gamera that it was far from over. After a week of following Heisei Gamera, the two collided with each other again and fought each other off in deadly battle with Heisei Gamera getting almost frozen by Heisei Barugon's icy breath and Heisei Barugon getting set on fire by Heisei Gamera's plasma fireballs. After taking so much hits, Heisei Barugon was the first one of the two to leave, making the fight somewhat a tie.

After losing his fight with Heisei Gamera, he traveled to a uninhabited and dormant island that was keeping Jiger. He reawakened her and "Fenrir". Him and Jiger later took off and escaped the island.


Heisei Barugon's behavior is like that of a wild animal, but is actually quite intelligent. He is somewhat of a psycho and stalks his prey. He prefers to harm/kill his opponents slowly and painfully and he also seems to enjoy inflicting terror or scaring others. 


  • Extendable Tongue: Heisei Barugon can fire out his tongue like a battering ram and can hit his opponents or objects with brute force.
  • Icy Mist: Heisei Barugon can project his cold freezing breath at his opponents. It's mainly used as means for defense, however it is capable of freezing his opponents for hours.
  • Death Rainbow: Heisei Barugon can fire a super-heated "Rainbow Ray" from his spikes on his back and is capable of destroying almost anything, such as missiles.
  • Red Lightning: Heisei Barugon can fire red lighting bolts from the gem on his forehead.  


  • He is Heisei Gamera's main rival. 
  • Originally Heisei Barugon was going to be a Viledrode kaiju and then later a Neo Empire member, but then was made a independent villain. 
  • He is one of the few villain kaiju to act independent.  

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