Gojirazaurusu no Shingai, HellGoji
Used by
BirthGoji, Metal Godzilla
His Nemesis
Gomess, Gaigun, Zoa Muruchi, Omega PRGoji, Napalean
Unknown specimen of Godzillasaurus
300 meters
350 meters

HellGoji (地獄ゴジ JigokuGoji) is a Gojiran and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Despite not talking, the daikaiju has his personality. The gojiran goes by no means of either good or evil, and takes the path of his own. His own goal, by defeating HellGhido, flourishes on his own mind as rage flows on the inside of his body. The kaiju, however, doesn't bothers attacking where mankind lives and only sees them as "something that should never be bothered".


Debut: Saving Private Napalean

HellGoji first appeared to help BirthGoji fight against HellGhido, Gomess, Gaigun, and Zoa Muruchi to stop some prison monster riot. Before Omega PRGoji could attack further though, out from the ground came out another hero Gojiran; HellGoji followed by HellGhido's arrival. Omega PRGoji looked on at HellGhido and cackled, seemingly delighted by the presence of the demonic Ghidorah.

HellGhido cackled at Omega PRGoji, saying if he stayed out of his way, he wouldn't harm him; Omega PRGoji accepted. Suddenly a metal clank was heard behind Omega PRGoji; Omega PRGoji turned around to see who it was. A robotic figure then appeared behind Omega PRGoji, it's eyes flashing blue as it raises it's head up; it was Metal Godzilla. Omega PRGoji snarled, waving his tail back and forth; he then blasted his Toxic Beam at around Metal Godzilla's area, creating some explosions. HellGoji fought off HellGhido for a while, up until HellGhido then mysteriously vanished, retreating as it seemed.

Soon as the other villain monsters and Metal Godzilla retreated, soon it was a three way fight between BirthGoji, HellGoji and Omega PRGoji. Omega PRGoji blasted his Toxic Beam down to BirthGoji's and HellGoji's area, creating an explosion. HellGoji emitted hellfire heat around him like an aura and BirthGoji charged through the explosion, smashing into Omega PRGoji head first. Omega PRGoji slashed his claws against BirthGoji, to which BirthGoji then slashed back his own claws at him.

Omega PRRGoji headbutted against BirthGoji in return, to which HellGoji whipped his tail against Omega PRGoji; Omega PRGoji grabbed HellGoji's tail and clawed at HellGoji as well. BirthGoji then used a Nuclear Pulse against Omega PRGoji, followed up by HellGoji blasting his hellfire heat against him, sending Omega PRGoji flying back from both attacks. Omega PRGoji then blasted his Toxic Beam at BirthGoji, to which BirthGoji's scutes flashed with blue, electiricty dancing across his form and fired off his spiral atomic breath against the Toxic Beam, causing a beam fight to occur.

Soon HellGoji blasted his red Atomic Beam into the mix to help BirthGoji, creating a three-way beam fight. The beam fight went on for a while until finally BirthGoji's and HellGoji's beams cutted through Omega PRGoji's toxic beam and hit him; sending him flying high in the sky, Omega PRGoji then flew down and crash-landed against the sea, making an even bigger splash than Zoa Muruchi as he crashed, defeating Omega PRGoji. HellGoji roared and then nodded to BirthGoji, congratulating him on job well done. HellGoji then took off, heading elsewhere.


  • Atomic Breath-a colored red-ish blast from the inside of his energy. The kaiju may do good damage if his beam hits and can rack up to more if it continues.
  • Durability-He's durable, to the point of tanking fire attacks.
  • Hellfire Heat-Heat flows from the inside of his body, steam may come off if he's underwater.
  • Regeneration-As a gojiran, he can easily regenerate his wounds fast. Taking on more critical wounds, like a servered arm, may take a day.


  • HellGoji was originally used by GarudaGoji, and is now used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


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