Hellghidorah is a Kaiju used by Lord Ghetsis


Hellghidorah resembles Desghidorah except for the fact, his scales are of a darker and more demonic shade. He possesses six heads, six legs, six wings, six eyes on each head, six tails and six pentagram runes on his body hence his sign 666.


He is an evil and ruthless entity though his arrogance can get the better of him. He loves nothing more than destruction and chaos.


He was a primordial demon that was sealed away to keep earth safe.


Fiery Pyre Road- Creates a fissure in the ground that erupts with Hell-fire.

Fiend fire breath- Breathes hell fire.

Can summon firestorms

Deadly body heat

Meteor shower- Summons a storm of meteors

Red Aura- Sets his surroundings on fire.


Basic melee moves

Shock Pulses

Red energy blasts

Hellish abilities

Immune to fire and has some resistance to poison, telekinesis and mental attacks.

Hellhound familiars

Hydreigon swarm summoning

Red electricity and lightning.

Pentagrams allow him to channel dark magic and to absorb any dark-related or hell-related attacks.

Red energy shield- Protects him from magical attacks and projectiles for a limited time before wearing out.